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Thread: The Paradox of Ron Paul, Kick Ass Article!,38mins ago

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    Default The Paradox of Ron Paul, Kick Ass Article!,38mins ago

    Hot off the Press, Excellent Article.

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    I was sweeping my bedroom passively watching the Republican debates, when, somewhere between Romney's "I'd double the size of Guantanamo" and Guiliani's 37th invocation of 9-11, a soft spoken man you'd only know from C-SPAN2 started talking about the Constitution.
    Good stuff.

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    Fantastic article. All must read. It will boost your spirits.

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    Ron Paul should just read that to the audience in the debates.

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    this is an awesome article!

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    Push it up on reddit too:
    First take back the Republican Party: Join the GOP Rising!
    Next become a Precinct Leader
    Then donate to RP's presidential or congressional campaign

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    Drop this story at every house in your precinct, along with a Slim Jim!

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    I blurted out something that sounded like "wrudafuk."

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    This is my favorite article in weeks..i voted it up everywhere..

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