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Thread: Discuss Iraq: Mission Accomplished, the surge worked, JUST COME HOME

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    Iraq talking points: Mission Accomplished, the surge worked, JUST COME HOME

    We need to understand that a large number of Americans have a problem with just leaving Iraq because it hurts too much to admit that we let 4000 of our own die for nothing. Luckily there is a much better way to frame the situation in Iraq, and still just come home.

    Mission Accomplished: Our goal was to rid Iraq of WMD and to remove a horrible dictator and we did that. (Don't worry about the real reasons) That's one success we can be proud of. (Again, just go with it)

    The surge is working: It's true that the violence has been greatly reduced in Iraq lately, let's just say the surge worked. Wonderful. This gives meaning to the sacrifice in American lives. (People need to hear this to feel ok about the next part)

    Just come home: Now is the time to come home. We accomplished our mission and we stabilized the country. Americans can be satisfied that our brave soldiers served the world well, and they can now come home as heroes.

    Then we can ask people why do the remaining candidates want to stay in Iraq for several, or in one case 100 years? There isn't a good reason to stay anymore and there are several good reasons to leave. Bush said "when Iraqis stand up , we will stand down". Well, they've been taking control of their own defense lately so according to the plan it's time for us to stand down. We have our victory and honor.

    I heard something on the news the other day about the Iraqi government wanting to have more control over their own security. I believe they made an announcement about wanting US troops to stay on our bases and not patrol the streets anymore. I looked briefly for articles about this but couldn't find any. If someone can find references to that or other info about Iraqis wanting to run their own country I would appreciate it.
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    Fell off the first page without one view (except mine).

    I just thought that with McCain's win in Florida it might be wise to refine our position on Iraq.

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