I would like to see Ron Paul scare the hell out of people and make it clear what Ron Paul stands to prevent. Show a scene of decrepid sidewalks, pot holes, abandoned streets, looted stores, burnt cars, old people dying in the streets, turned away from medicare, young people stomping over them. "This is America, 2022, America for the first time in history defaulted on its debt of $50 trillion. But there was one man who could have prevented this, who has stood for a balanced budget for 30 years, who warned against exactly this occuring. This man is Ron Paul. You can prevent this from happening."

Just like republicans used the fear of terrorism, Ron Paul needs to use the fear of economic collapse, which is actually more probable and would do more harm to Americans. No one's talking about the big elephant in the living room, it's a perfect opportunity for RP. He can use quotes from famous economists like Kotlikoff, or our own GAO, who predict that we will have to hike taxes by 100% if we don't balance the budget.

Another ad could depict the wonders of hyperinflation. Your parking meter no longer reports how much you owe in dollars, but in tabs, with each tab worth $.10 or $2 or $20, as inflation goes up.

Perhaps have another ad with a living room and an elephant in the center. "This is our national debt."

Make it urgent, use the plethora of quotes talking about the fact that the more we delay action, the more debt we accumulate and the more dire the consequences. People respond to urgency. But don't just say 'consequences', show the consequences. Then at the end of the commercial show a happy future where there is no debt and children play, make it positive.