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Thread: Murray Sabrin: The Insurance Policy

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    Murray Sabrin: The Insurance Policy

    Fellow Patriots,

    I know we are in the midst of Ron Paul season, but as everyone is well aware of, getting Ron Paul to the White House is a most difficult task.

    That being said, like all other things in life, its always good to have an insurance policy. Great for the times when plans happen to fall short of expectations, or other catastrophic failures.

    I offer to you, that insurance policy. Most of you know now that Ron Paul's friend, Murray Sabrin, is running for the U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey against Frank Lautenburg.

    Now, unlike a Congressman, A Senator can definitely stop most legislation in the Senate, unless they can somehow muster together a cloture vote of %60.

    You see it works like this: (taken from Campus

    The filibuster is a 217-year-old Senate tradition. The filibuster, one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Senate, is the right to engage in extended debate. In order to end debate on a piece of legislation or a nominee in the Senate, at least 60 Senators need to agree to move forward to a vote. Without 60 votes to end debate, the legislation or nominee is “filibustered.” When our founding fathers carefully crafted our nation’s government over 200 years ago, they designed the Senate as a deliberative body to check the impulses of the House and the actions of the President. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the Senate was intended to be “a saucer into which the nation’s passions may be poured to cool.” To help achieve this goal, Jefferson and his colleagues created the Senate with longer terms and rules of unlimited debate.

    Now, when Murray does speak about his candidacy locally (right now he's focused on Ron Paul usually) one of the major points he hits home time and time again is that he would be "A firewall against bad legislation.."

    Knowing Dr. Murray Sabrin personally (cause hey, I work for his campaign) I know the man, being a university professor, can talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, (you get the idea).

    Again, from the same website:

    The Filibuster is an important tool in maintaining checks and balances. When our founding fathers designed our great democracy over 200 years ago they were very careful to create a balanced government to prevent any one person or group of people from wielding too much power. Their meticulous plan created a government with three co-equal branches, each checked by the powers of the other two. The Senate filibuster has been an essential component of the “checks and balances” that limit the power of the President and the majority party in Congress. Particularly when the same party controls the Presidency and both houses of Congress, Senate debate is one of the critical checks to protect the rights of the minority and promote bipartisan compromise.

    Murray Sabrin is just the Ron Paul extension of Senate.

    But, theres more....

    Besides being able to help Ron Paul in DC advance real republican values of Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity, Sabrin's election would also make him the highest Republican elected official in New Jersey, thus allowing him to set the party platform in New Jersey...

    Why is this also important? Well, besides benefiting all of the Real Republicans in New Jersey, (the Neo-Cons are often referred to as "Republicrats" here) geographically speaking, we are sandwiched in between New York City and Philadelphia, two of the largest media outlets in the country.

    So assuming the worst case scenario comes to fruition: Hillary Clinton as President (just the thought makes my stomach turn) Having Murray Sabrin in the Senate, along with Ron Paul still in Congress, would definitely be able to keep her and her ilk well in check.

    So Joe, you are asking, how much does this insurance policy costs? (cause lets be realistic, nothing is free these days)

    Well heres the pitch, A senate race in New Jersey is cheap compared to a national campaign for president. The two big competitors right now are Ann Estabrook, Republican, running for the seat, who is a land developer, and has no experiance in politics, but is attempting to "buy" her way into the Senate (and shes Neo-Conservative) with her 1.55 Million of her own money.

    Then theres the incumbent Frank Lautenburg, 84 years old, with 5 million in his war chest.

    Thats what we are running against.

    Can we win in New Jersey, Most Definitely! No matter who polls the states, %60 of the citizens are ready for a change. There are no Democrats challenging Lautenburg, so its just a fight amongst the Republicans and Republicrats as to who will face Lautenburg. Everyone knows Frank won't debate Murray, cause Murray can eviscerate him in debate.

    Plus, New Jersey has one of the best grassroots efforts in the country, and they all are aware that its not just about Ron Paul, its the movement back towards a sensible, limited government. The structure is in place, the boots are ready to continue marching forward, we have the ideal candidate with the right message, we just need your help...

    I encourage all of you reading the forums to please go to and donate today. Compared to the millions that it will cost to run Ron Pauls candidacy, the Murray Sabrin Insurance Policy is inexpensive, and if all else fails, at least Murray will be able to stop bad legislation and buy us some time to get other like-minded elected officials into Congress and Senate over the next few years.

    oh and by the way, Ron Paul has endorsed Murray Sabrin, watch the video if you haven't done so already...

    J. Douglas Fisher,


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    yes Doug, Murray is a great candidate!

    PLEASE support him folks!!

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    I'll do my best to send in something on payday!

    I want many MANY more "Ron Paul Republicans" to start signing up to run. I'd like to see significant change in this country IN MY LIFETIME!!
    We have two major parties [in America], the stupid party and the evil party. Every once in a while they manage to work together and we call it "bipartisanship".
    ~Thomas Woods, Rally for the Republic

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    I'm maxed out to RP... and boy do I wish I had some more cash :-) cause Murray would get it next.... well that and I'm saving to donate to RP's general election fund

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    Has there been a Ron Paul Republican PAC started yet to fund these candidates?

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    No, but there are talks about better organizing our movement in general.. I know several people are talking with the Republican Liberty Caucus to find out A.) Why haven't we heard about them sooner, B.) Why have they remained silent, and C.) Are they ready for a large influx of members...

    But as for a PAC, no, not yet..


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    STICKY PLEASE... People need to know this stuff.

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    For the OP, any report on how fundraising and overall campaigning is going so far?

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    OP? Can you explain that so I can understand it???


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    Quote Originally Posted by JDouglasFisher View Post
    OP? Can you explain that so I can understand it???

    OP = Original poster

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    Well, for starters,

    We have a 3000 Sq. Foot office in Jersey City, (one block west of Exchange Place), Amongst our 9 paid staff we have a campaign manager, press secretary, regular secretary, political consulting firm, volunteer coordinator (which is myself) (plus some who I cannot name yet... stay tuned)

    As of right now, Murray has been stumping for Ron Paul, (as well as using his HQ for the Ron Paul movement) but we're gearing up for the Senate Run, and will shift gears after the Feb 5th primary blows over.

    We're running a very serious campaign as we are very well aware that we can win in New Jersey. Currently, we're doing the $31.00 by the 31st fund raiser, with others already in the works and we're planning on raising a few million altogether. Our campaign has enlisted the help of all the meet-ups in the tri-state area, and we take all suggestions into consideration.

    (cause hey, its the Grass Roots that pick up on things that would otherwise be unseen during a conventional campaign)

    There will be other fun projects in the pipeline that I hope EVERYONE here will participate in. Currently, the project being developed is a Lawn Sign Design Contest, with the winner having their sign professionally copied several thousand times. When the details are finalized and the primaries pass, the information will be put out here to all the forums, and we'll be encouraging EVERYONE ACROSS THE COUNTRY to participate. The goal is to fill our HQ with 12000 homemade lawn signs, so we can judge them, meanwhile use the opportunity to attract media attention. (how would the media explain the all out across the country support of a candidate in NJ????)

    And of course, for anyone who is really curious (cause we've had a few doubting Thomas' already) you can visit us:

    Murray Sabrin for Senate '08 HQ
    30 Montgomery Street,
    1st Floor (corner unit)
    Jersey City, NJ 07302

    Currently, we're here Monday through Friday 9am till about 6pm, though sometimes we stay a little later.

    J. Douglas Fisher
    Last edited by JDouglasFisher; 01-29-2008 at 04:09 PM. Reason: had to add the phone number...

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    I met Murray at the rally in Fort Lee, he is a scholar and a gentleman to be sure.
    When I look at New Jersey, I see an illustration of the lost potential nationwide.
    NJ is about to hit a financial brick wall, and much like the rest of the US, NJ citizens are becoming more and more interested in fiscal conservatism. The corrupt welfare-cronyist state has not only not worked, but has led us to the brink of bankruptcy.
    NJ has the third largest deficit, behind NY and CA, not pull out your map, GEEZ NJ IS TINY!
    I predict that NJ will be the first State to default on municipal bonds, our credit rating will immediately go to JUNK, and there will be no more money to borrow for under %20 yield, all spending will come to a screeching halt, whether we like it or not.

    Murray will find many receptive Jerseyans right now, we are hurting and it is going to get worse. We have a real blue collar society here, and the middle class is being destroyed. I think alot of people in NJ just want to get headed in the right direction, even if it means some pain in the near term.

    I suggest that Murray cozy up to Jim Gearheart, Dennis Milloy, and the Jersey Guys on 101.5
    They all HATE Lautenberg, and Dennis is a dyed in the wool libertarian, as a matter of fact Dennis just interviewed the good Dr.

    I am putting all my energy into canvassing my precinct for RP right now, but I will be in contact for Murray Sabrin slim jims very soon.

    On another note, I'd like to draft Mike Doherty for Congress!
    "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be."
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Guys, I think we overlooked the actual power of the moneybombs.

    Looks like it actually could be a weapon we can use to further our cause in the Republican party.

    Murray is a perfect example.

    There are plenty of supporters out here that have a good income and certainly don't mind putting a payment into a Ron Paul Republican's campaign. Our moneybombs are pretty big. One of them could definitely get Murray the public's ear and defeat any local bias in the region's media. They said it - Murray's race is cheap compared to Ron's. Our just-barely-adequate Presidential race moneybombs would be epic, unprecedented madness dropped into local campaigns. The local news coverage alone would make people sit up and take real notice. Remember that the MSM only control the top of the media chain, Local affiliates are far less likely to be biased and we can make a much greater impact there with the same amount of effort we've seen for Ron already.

    We should do a moneybomb for him, and give him a boost. If he can turn around NJ using "Ron Paul Economics" it'll give us some real proof that those ideas work. That helps the whole movement in the long run.

    If we can get Murray elected now, he's that much closer to being one of our next Ron Paul Republican presidential candidates if we need him to do it. This is very important. This is a game of chess and Murray is a valuable piece.
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    Keep this upped thru at least the 31st. It will remind me to throw down on my payday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilNight View Post

    We should do a moneybomb for him, and give him a boost. If he can turn around NJ using "Ron Paul Economics" it'll give us some real proof that those ideas work. That helps the whole movement in the long run.

    I'm all for using the RP grassroots for Senate and House seats, we should definitely help his campaign. I don't see how he will be turning around NJ though? He is running for a federal Senate seat, not governor.

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    Even if the unthinkable happens, and Ron Paul doesnt win the presidency, we can at least elect lots of Ron Paul Republicans on local and state and congressional and senate levels to still affect some kind of positive change.

    This movement will NOT be over when January 09 comes around. This is JUST THE BEGINNING!

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    Can we set up a money bomb tracking website or forum (or even just a sticky thread), and get all of the worthy money bomb targets listed in one place? We need some centralization for this... maybe it's already there and I just don't know the link, so feel free to link it for those of us who don't have it yet.

    Don't stop this idea with just Murray. Let's put up the targets on the firing range and start burying them in money bombs!

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    I've been trying to get this stickied, but for some reason the forum moderator doesn't like me. :-(

    That being said, theres a lot a Senator can do for a state.

    1.) He has the ear of the Governor. In our case, Corzine, who is selling NJ short, spending us into oblivion while our infrastructure is falling apart, raising tolls on the Turnpike, Parkway, and Expressway %800 while firing the toll takers, FORCING drivers to use EZ-Pass... Its bad enough as governor when the public hates you, but when you get your very own senator on your case as well, YOU DO CHANGE YOUR MIND ON HOW THINGS ARE DONE...

    2.) NJ only gets 0.55 cents back on every dollar it sends to DC (Thanks FRANK).. Yet, NJ is the Portal for international trade, and is the MAJOR CORRIDOR for all freight traffic North, South and West. When they say NJ has the worst roads in the Nation, they are not kidding...

    3.) Sabrin gets elected, and he can set the party agenda in NJ from the top down. MEANWHILE, many of the grassroots supporters are going to get schooled on County Committee, what it is, why its important, and that will enable our meetup members to affect change from the bottom up..

    4.) He can definitely stop most of the bad legislation in the Senate, and unless they go Cloture Vote, it will die on the floor. This will buy us time to get others like Jim Forsythe, Ted Terbolizard, Dean Santoro, etc. elected as well. As I said, and INSURANCE POLICY..

    5.) And yes, we run a professional campaign, trying to get Murray in front of the camera every opportunity we can get...

    6.) Plus Trevor Lyman sent out an email asking his supporters to donate to Murray as well...

    J. Douglas Fisher


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    My name is Richard Matthews and I am a Ron Paul Republican running in Maryland for Congress in District Two. I have locked up the Republican nomination as I am running unopposed in the primary. There are many of us out there running and several who will be in the general election.

    Murray Sabrin excites me with his chances in New Jersey.
    "Liberty, Peace and Prosperity"

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    Bump. This is important. The movement is bigger than just one man..its about reshaping what SHOULD be the Republican Party for years to come!

    Go Ron Go!
    Go Murray Go!
    Last edited by CGMike; 01-29-2008 at 10:21 PM. Reason: clarity
    "We hear about constitutional rights, free speech and the free press. Every time I hear these words I say to myself, That man is a Red, that man is a Communist. You never hear a real American talk like that" -- Frank "I Am The Law" Hague, Mayor of Jersey City 1917-1947

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilNight View Post
    Can we set up a money bomb tracking website or forum (or even just a sticky thread), and get all of the worthy money bomb targets listed in one place? We need some centralization for this... maybe it's already there and I just don't know the link, so feel free to link it for those of us who don't have it yet.

    Don't stop this idea with just Murray. Let's put up the targets on the firing range and start burying them in money bombs!
    Folks we're doing this!!! ( is going to list in one place all the candidates running around the country, and let you donate to all of them *immediately*!! The site is going to be launched in a few weeks.

    Please contact the team running this effort and show them your support with a small donation, or let them know how you can provide assistance!

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