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Thread: Need a youtube video commenting team , who can help?

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    I won't be able to help out until I get out of work this evening.

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    Default Ron Paul co-authored book with Michael Minns

    For those who are unaware, Michael Minns, a noted tax attorney, battler of the IRS, and author, wrote 2 books on the IRS which feature a great forward and endorsement by Ron Paul. Michael Minns is noted for being one of the few attorneys to win for citizens against the IRS and their goon lawyers. We have posted some videos and will continue to, on Youtube recently. Anyone can find these find videos via the keywords: "Michael Minns" most readily, among others less readily. Please come by and give a comment and 5-star rating! We already have been commenting on and rating (5-star) Ron Paul videos in kind. because we naturally already agree with what Ron says about the IRS, which Minns has also been saying. Ron and Mike agree on the IRS and we would like your support in trying to raise awareness about the books Mike put out and the videos on youtube as a springboard for that.
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    Thumbs up Michael Minns

    Hey guys, just want to note here that Ron Paul supporter and co-author, Michael Louis Minns, has been fighting IRS and tax code injustices on behalf of the little guy for decades now. Minns debated Sheldon Cohen, former IRS Commissioner and since then a paid IRS spokesman who has also debated with Aaron Russo and other leaders of the IRS reform movement. See the videos on Michael Minns interview/debate with the IRS on youtube.
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    Exclamation Michael Minns

    Michael Minns defended the Morans in the IRS v. Morans tax trial and proved them innocent. The IRS smeared them in the local media in and around their own hometown of Montrose, Colorado. When they were vindicated of ALL 30-something charges, the IRS would not even acknowledge publically that they had made a mistake. The Morans continue to be affected by the media smear campaign to this day. Michael Minns has demanded that the IRS apologize to these people they have ravaged in their PR campaign to support the idea of fearing the IRS.

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