I just did some reading on Wikipedia about the neoconservative movement. Basically the neocons are a casualty of the two party system the same as us. They have the additional handicap of being clueless about economics and ambivalent to constitutional issues.

The GOP is now home to three distinct ideologies: Neoconservatism, conservatism and libertarianism. It's difficult to pin down the ideologies of the other candidates; they all seem to be opportunistic shapeshifters. Even Dr. Paul is a blend of old-school conservative and libertarian.

According to Wikipedia, The neocons are former leftists that rejected communism while not entirely embracing free markets or natural rights theory. Many of the neocons are Jews, which might explain the otherwise bizzarre accusation that we are anti-semites. It may not even be intentional on their part. They simply can't see that disagreement with the Israel lobby is not the same as hatred of Jews.

Some neocons are smart enough to understand that this is an ideological conflict not a ethnic or cultural one. These neocons intentionally muddy the waters and paint us as racist straw men in the press. These are the same motherfuckers that planned the Iraq war and are now singing the praises of John Boots-on-the-ground McCain. They are the ones driving the wedges: the paleolibertarian/neolibertarian (Mises institute vs. CATO) rift and threatening the paleoconservative/paleolibertarian (Buchanan/Rockwell) alliance.