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Thread: Dennis Kucinich loves Ron Paul supporters

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    Smile Dennis Kucinich loves Ron Paul supporters

    Here's a story of an incident that occured in New Hampshire just days before their election. A group of Ron Paul supporters were hanging out in Manchester sign waving and protesting Fox's choice to keep Dr Paul out of their forum. We were on the same street as Dennis Kucinich's headquarters, which was right above the establishment Fox's focus group for that night's debate was broadcasting from. Dennis Kucinich's bus drove past a few times and honked for us, then the bus stopped and out popped Dennis, his wife, Viggo, and some of DK's campaign staff(I'm assuming). Campaign staff was offering pocket Constitutions to the assembled Ron Paul supporters,


    We already had pocket Constitutions of our own! So we pulled ours out and we had a collective chuckle. Dennis Kucinich took a moment to thank everyone for supporting the Constitution, nothing over the top just a sincere thanks from what appeared to be a sincere man. During my stay in NH, Dennis Kucinich supporters and Ron Paul supporters were friendly right off the bat every time, debating their differences on issues not candidates when differences arose, unlike supporters of other democratic candidates who tended to be very confrontative and brash if you didn't support "their guy".

    As a musician and long-time Beatles fan, I need to mention that Kucinich had a "John Lennon" vibe about him. I saw him, mostly from a distance, three times while in NH and he was always smiling,shaking,signing and always moving. Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich seemed to employ the "don't stop, don't run" mentality that John Lennon and Yoko used to be able to walk the streets of New York during the height of their popularity.

    If you intend to join us, welcome to the rEVOLution

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    Nice story.

    Hope the Kucinich supporters now decide to completely join us . . .
    " Let it not be said that we did nothing." -- Ron Paul

    "Truth is treason in the empire of lies." -- Ron Paul

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    And Paul supporters like Dennis Kucinich!

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