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    08-26-2016, 02:18 PM
    I struggled with a pickle jar myself last night. Ended up using an old butter knife to pry along the edges of the cap and loosening it up.
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    08-19-2016, 10:59 PM
    History so important they must have trashed the video tapes, right? On the most clearly historic day in modern US history, local news outlets filming insanely controversial footage must have aired it, shrugged, and destroyed all record of it. THAT, according to you, is the most logical thing that happened. THINK ABOUT THAT. Just stop and think, for a second. Now, back to the pettier topic of our bickering: are you ready to apologize for your faux-crude language, since my faux-crude language seemed to faux-offend you so much? Are you going to go back and edit out your FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD POSTs IN THE DAMN THREAD? Or are you going to edit the posts where you call people out for the exact same thing YOU did in those posts? Do you not see the absurdity in pretending to be upset by my language and attitude when you go back and read your 1st three posts? And yeah. I'm a cuck muslim. And I'M the one calling names. Thats why I've been here with you for 9 years. I was just waiting for donald trump to run so I could neg rep his supporters.
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    08-19-2016, 10:28 PM
    So there IS a video. And you, and trump, and your family have seen it. Trump even saw it ON 9/11! (Or was that probably exaggeration, too?) But, darn, in 15 years, no one can find it. Darnit! All I did in my 1st post is post what trump ACTUALLY SAID and highlight how it didn't lineup with any of the defenses you ACTUALLY posted. That's how discussions/debates work. Calling you wrong is not calling you a liar. You imagined that too. Now, however, I will. You're a liar. Trump is a liar. If your family says they saw video of anything that could be exaggerated to become "1000s and 1000s of muslims in NJ cheering 9/11", they're liars too. Your impeccable civility must be why you cursed (oh, but with censorship!) in your VERY FIRST POST IN THIS THREAD! (#3) And "called someone a liar" and cursed 2 (possibly 3) times in your 2nd. And in your 3rd. Because you're so damn civil, right? I seriously have to wonder if I'm being trolled right now. Or if you and I both are: by Trump.
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    08-19-2016, 09:35 PM
    And I'm the one abusing the system. Ok, bud. I guess you rep message was just made up then, too. The lies continue to grow. And please, lay out the math on how small groups reported add up to "thousands and thousands". This'll be interesting for sure :rolleyes: In the very video you post, the largest number I heard mentioned was "10-12... 30, 40", spoken by a man so uninformed Ron had to write him a damn reading list after a debate. It's all mentions of "reports". No footage. Trump says he SAW it. SO WHERE'S THE DAMN FOOTAGE!? He saw video of what he 'probably exaggerated' to be 1000s and 1000s, but that footage, of ALL the footage from that day, is just gone? Footage the bushs would have killed to have on hand to drum up support for their wars... just gone? But TRUMP, YOU, and your FAMILY AND FRIENDS, you guys all definitely saw it. OK. Got it.
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    08-19-2016, 09:05 PM
    This is just too much. We have oldschool forum members not only supporting authoritarians who support torture, murder, and excluding citizens based on religion, but bending over backwards to make their lies seem possibly/plausibly to be 'exaggerations' instead of outright lies (which they were). Sad times.
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    08-19-2016, 08:59 PM
    You neg repped me on my 1st post in the thread, 71, which had no cursing towards you or anyone. Show me where I did so in post 71 and I'll donate $10 to Donald. Stop lying, you're becoming to comfortable at it. I wont hold my breath. You're emulating your hero. (EDIT: Missed a huge irony here! The very paragraph I was responding to had YOU cursing in it! HAHAHA! Get off the forum, chump.)
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    08-19-2016, 08:18 PM
    Kahless, I started by pointing out that the links you provided didn't address trumps ACTUAL claims (thousands and thousands). I reproduced trumps claim. You then knee-jerk neg repped me and said I hadn't read the thread. My next posts were calling you out for it and clarifying my point. (85-86) YOUR next post then accused ME of abusing the rep system, when it had in fact been YOU doing so. You neg repped me based on a fantasy inside your own head that I had replied without reading the thread. You then replied, didn't address the issue, and claimed (falsely) I was calling it "all" a lie that muslims celebrated, when I had specifically said the "thousands and thousands" claim was the lie. You need to grow up or get off the internet. Reply to the damn issue. Did or did not trump lie? Or is turning a handful of people into "thousands and thousands" just "probably an exaggeration"? And if it's a lie, why is THIS a lie he would make? What passions and angers does it ignite? Which of his policies does it advance? His "exaggerations" (read: lies) are well calculated to advance his agenda and you're apparently too blinded by his strongman/pro-torture rhetoric to see it.
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    08-19-2016, 06:30 PM
    So your telekenisis told you I didn't read the thread, and you negged me for it? If you don't like "bad language", by the way, you're voting for the wrong guy. Or do you not think I read the thread/your post because I didn't address your "evidence" of "thousands and thousands of muslims" celebrating 9/11 in NJ because it was NOT evidence of that? All you can say is he was "exaggerating". The scant evidence you provided doesn't implicate more than a handful of individuals. Saying 1000s and 1000s when it was a handful of people is, again, NOT AN EXAGGERATION. IT IS A LIE. A self serving lie to support his unconstitutional positions. Just like your claim that I "didn't read it all" is a self serving lie to justify your current ongoing tantrum. So, care to explain how or where trump saw anything even close to 1000s and 1000s of muslims in NJ celebrating 9/11? Or are you going to keep avoiding the issue for a 4th post in a row?
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    08-19-2016, 02:02 PM
    I said because you neg repped me for not reading the thread when I had. Then you lied about it. (Note how I divided each of my posts into replying to the actual issue being discussed and to your baseless neg rep, which has now evolved into a neg rep, a lie, and a pouting session when called on it.) Now care to explain how trump saw thousands and thousands of people cheering? Or maybe he's exaggerating, maybe it was just hundreds and hundreds. How did he see them? Or anyone? Was it with his own eyes? If so, where were they that he could see them, their mood, and their movements a mile or more away? Clearly the above scenario is impossible, so he must have seen it on TV. Show me the footage of 1000s of 1000s, or even 100s and 100s, of muslims in NJ celebrating on 9/11 and you win. I'll donate $10 to trump, too. (EDIT: Seeing a few people celebrating and then claiming you saw 'thousands and thousands' is not exaggerating, it's lying. That's the crux of this issue. Just admit Trump lied if you can't find the footage.)
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    08-19-2016, 01:24 PM
    Your exact rep comment was "For replying before reading the thread which shows proof." "Probably exaggerating"? A handful of people not seen on video turning into "thousand and thousands" is not someone "probably exaggerating". You still haven't explained HOW he saw them. Was it with his OWN EYES? If so, EXPLAIN HOW. Answer my damn question: can YOU identify individual people across the hudson river? By race, ethnicity, AND mood? You can tell who is celebrating, and who is reacting in horror, from over a mile away? Maybe trump has a telescope in his apartment... And he chose to scan the banks of the hudson river on the day downtown burned? Hmmm. Or was it on TV? If so, WHERE IS THE DAMN FOOTAGE?
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    08-19-2016, 12:24 PM
    You neg repped me for "not reading the thread" when I had in fact read the thread, but I am the one "abusing the system"? I am not saying "it's all a lie". I'm saying TRUMP is lying. He claims he SAW THOUSANDS OF MUSLIMS CELEBRATING. Please explain how. Was it on TV? Show me the footage. Was it across the river? Explain the optics of that. Have you ever tried to look across the hudson to NJ? Can YOU pick out the race/religion of individuals on the other side? Can you even SEE them? What street would they have had to be on to be visible from Manhattan? My point being, Trump claiming he saw THOUSANDS of people celebrating IS A BOLD FACED LIE! Had he said "some people saw a few people celebrating", or "I saw a few people on TV in NJ celebrating", that wouldn't be the case. He's been confronted with this fact and refused to back down on his "thousands and thousands" statements. If you, your friends, or family claim they saw "thousands and thousands" of people in NJ celebrating, you're all a bunch of liars too. Well, we already know you are, at least.
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    08-19-2016, 10:30 AM
    Did you post this earnestly?
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    08-19-2016, 10:13 AM
    lol it sounds exactly like a shorter version of a track from their LAST album. That said, THAT album DID sound like older Metallica and was pretty damn good. I'll check the names when I'm home and can get on spotify.
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    08-19-2016, 10:11 AM
    SO again, multiple thousands of people? SO many that Trump could see them from across the river? Have you been to manhattan? I live there. You cannot make out individual people on the other side of the hudson without binoculars. As a hawk watcher in northern manhattan I even have trouble making out people on the other side of the river with my nice military surplus binoculars; forget seeing if they're dancing, or if they're muslims. Or did he mean he saw them on TV? If he saw these thousands on TV there's a video. If he saw them across the river 1000s of people must have seen it; no one got a picture or video or record of this? On the most photographed and videoed day in US history? All right. You've confirmed your level of delusion. I see why you're a trump supporter; you have the same fantasies. I got you. But either way, it was not 1000s and 1000s.
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  • jonhowe's Avatar
    08-19-2016, 10:01 AM
    No sir I read the whole thread. Show me the VIDEOS of thousands of thousands of NJ muslims celebrating. I've read of "small pockets", I've read "witness reports". Trump said he SAW them protesting, THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of them. Such an event does not go undocumented on the most documented day in US history. You posted a load of BS supporting a load of BS and then neg repped me for calling you on your BS. Go pull the lever for your new overlord, chump.
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    08-18-2016, 02:02 PM
    Oh? So THIS is accurate? "And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering... Now, I know they don't like to talk about it, but it was well covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good." Care to find ANY record of this? I can't find any. Nor can anyone on the internet.
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    You're seriously demented.
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    "How does one "look" mean or vindictive? You just hate women"

    That's interesting, since I am a woman.

    It's called woman's intuition you ought to try it sometime. It's in her eyes--I have seen many more like her in my lifetime.
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    In the same way that I allow mitigating factors for cops who don't realize their crimes are crimes, I do sort of make a mitigating factor for people who are so screwed over by the police state that they decide to get back at it in the ultimate manner, by lashing out and killing one of the State's own. Mind you, I didn't say it was OK. Only that its a mitigating factor
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    To put it another way, I am not at the Cantwellian "its great when a cop dies" level. Its a tragedy when it happens, most of them are brainwashed drones who don't really know any better. At the same time, they are all hired muscle for the government and they have all, through their actions, created a perception that it is us against them. The absolute BEST thing a cop can be is an ignorant professional armed robber who is genuinely brainwashed enough to think he has a right to take what he takes. Do I think that means he deserves to die? No, I don't. But I also recognize that he's not innocent, that his crime is "legal", and that a lot of people have truly been screwed over by the gang he works for. To be continued.
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    I guess I'm probably somewhere between you and AF. If that cop specifically was involved in smething egregious, I wouldn't even think about it, I would just automatically vote "not guilty." If it wasn't that particular cop, but some other cops, I'd honestly feel somewhat conflicted, because on the one hand, I would agree with you that such a random action would be wrong, but on the other hand, I wouldn't feel threatened by Frein, and to some extent it really is "us against them" and I want to side with my fellow citizens. Mind you, I don't think its "us against them" to quite the same absolute level that some people here think it is. But I think its undeniable that its true to some extent. That fact is at least partially, if not mostly, the fault of the police. I have a hard time with the idea of sending a man to prison for the rest of his life, or executing him, for a situation that is quite frankly at least partially the fault of the police.
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    I agree that it was a crime, but for some reason (half-rational and half maybe not) I would be more upset had the victim been a civilian. I'm hesitant to say what the penalty should be without info. If he had been wronged by police in the past and that sparked this I might consider pardoning him or at least substantially reducing his sentence from what I'd normally support.
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    jon, for the record, I'm actually on your side with regards to the discussion you are having with AF. I'm still working out my views but I lean toward agreement with you.

    I just brought up the kidnapping thing as a possible counter-point. In the OT it was a capital crime, and I don't see anywhere where that was abroggated like I do with the consensual sexual crimes and blasphemy and so forth. Mind you, I am not going to die on the hill of that particular penalty, but the point is that its at least questionable. Its not like kidnapping is something that is so minor that it would be unthinkable to deserve a death penalty.

    I agree on being against random violence. Revolution I could support in certain circumstances, although I think it would have to be of a secessionary nature for me to really get behind it. I could also get behind vigilantism against specific aggressors in specific instances, though I'm reluctant. I agree they shouldn't be targeted just for being cops.
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    You got a lot of neg rep for that post because this forum is ate up with trolls. Fuck 'em...
  9. loved that poem on the gary johnson forum, why does age matter its about principles
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    You said you were at the Hofstra Protesting? Where do you live man? I live in East Meadow, literally just down the road.
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