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    07-18-2024, 05:32 AM
    I wasn't trying to speak for you and I definitely know how you stand on issues. However that tactic he uses gives me a headache. Early on on this forum that tactic worked to distract and shut down good debate on a number of issues. It still works to a degree outside the forum. It needs to stop. It's not just race that they use to distract from the point. They use other dishonest terms such as calling nonneocons neocons ect. Heck in this instant he called me a cheerleader as a tactical diversion to change the subject from his original tactical diversion. He was correct in noting that it is ironically the working class issues that are bring people together and his instinct is to divide it with race, but that's how they operate. Do I feel like I am using their tactics when I label them marxists? No. Marxist have no true ideology. They want to destroy the cultural "olds" anyway, with any means, with any people necessary. They can't debate the issues so they use any diversionary tactics from Rules for Radicals and other sources. It's worked well for them. Our society is falling because people don't speak their mind. I deteste seeing it happen. I no longer discuss politics with people who do that. I point out what they are doing and move on. It's better to debate with a snake.
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    07-17-2024, 06:54 PM
    At 1:05 the newscaster says, "He joined the Marines right out of highschool which is crazy...". What's crazy about that? Naive, most likely, but crazy? Seeking adventure is what young men are wired for.
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    07-17-2024, 05:49 PM
    RJB replied to a thread Biden has COVID in U.S. Political News
    Of course he does :rolleyes:
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    07-17-2024, 05:15 PM
    I'm not cheering him. I'm simply telling you that the shtick that you've used for the last decade under different accounts doesn't work anymore. And I am sure that you know that marxist never were for the working class. Hell they don't give them lip service anymore. As you know, intesectionality is the currrent concept to divide and silence people.
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    07-17-2024, 04:43 PM
    Making everything racial to silence an opponent... That's just so 2010. No one cares anymore if you accuse someone who is not racist a racist and frankly no one cares if someone actually is one. We're just trying to survive in this crappy economy. Making things racial just comes across clumsy. It just falls flat. I think these days they are telling us not to vote, but rather demand freedom harder or something. I don't get the memos, but that's what others seem to be doing. Yeah that's it. Demand harder, that's what you are supposed to be saying.
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    07-17-2024, 03:51 PM
    AF said that the right should go after the "working man's vote." With your marxist language, are you implying that immigrants and people of color aren't working men?
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    07-17-2024, 02:41 PM
    Because she couldn't hear when people were honking their horn at her?
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    07-17-2024, 01:14 PM
    Because they may have stopped the shooter?
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    07-16-2024, 05:57 PM
    So what is the proper solution?
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    07-16-2024, 05:13 PM
    So what are we doing here? Just wasting our time talking about it?
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    07-16-2024, 04:45 PM
    So what's your solution to this problem? Don't vote or just vote some somebody who can't win?
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    07-15-2024, 06:46 PM
    It kind of makes one pause doesn't it? I wasn't a big fan of this pic.
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    07-13-2024, 08:21 PM
    a white guy
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    07-13-2024, 07:24 PM
    I am too. When I am walking down the street I am aware of places for someone to hide. I keep my eyes open for shifty people a block away from me. I was mostly talking about most people. The crowd was also in a celebratory mood and not as alert. Also when packed in stands, running can turn into a stampede. I guess what I am trying to say is that the crowd reacted as most crowds react in similar situations.
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    07-13-2024, 06:52 PM
    Trump sent out a tweet that says it was just an ear shot. He was very fortunate.
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    07-13-2024, 06:38 PM
    I'd react about the same at 53 years old. I mentioned how he looked, because I have seen people say it was faked. To me, that is the way a defiant 75 year old man looks when he gets shot. I can't see someone faking shock that well. It also looks like he was being held up by the SS.
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    07-13-2024, 06:22 PM
    Although he was raising his fist, he looked like the wind was knocked out of him. I'm guessing he was hit somewhere else, and I'm with antiFed. If it wasn't a .22 it had to be another small caliber.
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    07-13-2024, 06:15 PM
    I just posted something similar. But just to add to what you said Freezing isn't always bad. You don't want to run in a random direction because you might accidentally run in the direction of the shooter. It isn't always apparent where shots are coming from in a lot of cases, and sometimes there are multiple shooters. In that case, they should have hit the deck, but it's easy for me to say this sitting on my ass typing on my phone. Once I froze in place when I almost stepped on a rattle snake. It was a good thing I didn't because I would have stepped on a bigger one just to my side.
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  • RJB's Avatar
    07-13-2024, 06:00 PM
    It's called shock. Deer in the headlight response. I've seen many good men freeze from my time as a Marine and then as a firefighter/first responder. Based on the way you caricature people vs CaptUSA actually knowing these people, I will take Capt's opinion
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    07-13-2024, 05:58 PM
    Must have been true. I see it's been scrubbed.
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    07-13-2024, 10:43 AM
    So will people start identifying as birds to keep from being drafted?
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    07-11-2024, 03:51 AM
    Just to be clear, in my hammer analogy, if someone is attacking me with a hammer, there is nothing wrong with taking the hammer away and returning it where it belongs, across the border in this case. My main point is that they hate all people and will grind anyone down in there way. Because of that everything out of their mouths are lies.
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    07-09-2024, 07:00 AM
    Thank you! That's the perfect summation of marxism. It's not an economic system. It's simply a system against YOU, no matter who you are. They hate foreign invaders as much as they hate us. Foreign invaders are simply their useful idiots.
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    07-05-2024, 07:40 PM
    To be honest, for years when I watched politicians avoid answering questions by talking about completely unrelated subjects, I wondered how you could tell the difference if they were just avoiding the question or if they were demented or batshit crazy. I guess I know now.
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    07-05-2024, 07:36 PM
    Yeah, despite my gripes. We are a different breed. There still are a lot of cool people here. I hung out with a bunch of them yesterday
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    07-04-2024, 01:47 PM
    RJB replied to a thread Happy Independence Day in Open Discussion
    I went paddle boarding a mile and a half up a creek, went swimming, and floated back down with my sons. Now I am bbqing St. Louis style pork steaks, chicken, and a brisket for the hell of it Today I celebrate it as a an FU to anyone who uses the words systematic, patriarchy etc. And as an FU to those sour pusses on this forum who wish they could use such language but know they would be mocked mercilessly and deservedly. Cheers
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    07-01-2024, 09:55 PM
    The company appealed to the Supreme Court. The administration had urged the court to uphold the dismissal because otherwise, governmental agencies would be subject to endless challenges. Oh the horror! What gives here? Is the pendulum FINALLY starting to swing back? Interesting times. Well, I see the quote function still doesn't work for me here.
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    07-01-2024, 02:06 PM
    It's a perversion and mockery of everything good. It is the force that has pushed this. They have leapt over every line of decency. It is a sign of the collective goodness and tolerance of Christianity that there hasn't been a true pushback until now. It's painfully obvious to see those who hate Christianity the most appeal to Christian virtue as they destroy our home. Most people just want to live their lives in peace. Anti-fascism is a misnomer. Fascism is the extreme backlash to Marxism. If the Marxists truly want to stop Fascism, all they have to do is stand down, but that is not in their nature. ETA By the way. I agree with you. I hope It didn't come out as a lecture. I am more of just venting.
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    06-30-2024, 05:38 PM
    Depressing beyond words.
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