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    Today, 01:09 AM Yeah, I know, a gaming and hardware website... Well, yet another reason to hate EA as a company.
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    Yesterday, 12:46 PM
    They claim the Right to Free Speech, but what they are really doing is claiming the Right to Censor YOU.
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    Yesterday, 10:20 AM
    He actually seemed to think about what he said. I didnt agree with everything he said, but he said what he said in a respectful way of other peoples opinions for the most part. That is probably why he is getting blacklisted. You know, same thing as Martin Luther King Jr said "stand together with people of different color" and he got gunned down. Banning, Shadow Banning, and Blacklisting are the modern day equivalent of assassination when someone expresses statements that empower peace. The only reason that they must hate peace that much tho is peace is what destroys the Elite. If we have peace, then the people may very well realize WE DO NOT NEED THE ELITE.
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    06-02-2020, 05:42 PM
    Just give some Rep to other people first. --- AngryCanadian - I rather like Tim Pool.
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    06-02-2020, 01:50 PM
    Notice that not once in that story was the term SELF DEFENSE uttered.
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    06-02-2020, 01:45 PM
    People are also shamed not only for voting for Trump but being Republican.
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    06-02-2020, 01:35 PM
    FEAR Virus: Stay inside and be afraid because if you resist you are BAD. Riots: Stay outside and be brave because if you do you are GOOD. Encourage behavior they want and use negative reinforcement on behavior they dont want. They do NOT want people resisting control, only WHITE people. They are trying to start CIVIL WAR, or at least Martial Law.
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    06-02-2020, 10:41 AM
    +REP because you show factual evidence that contradicts the way they report their concluded "facts". Just because we have a new disease, it does NOT mean that flu, the common cold, and other diseases "just go away", which is exactly what your statistics show, and it shows they are flat out LYING in order to terrify the masses into giving up their rights, then putting up with the normalization of even more perverse intrusions in to the basic human rights. So let me back you up even further and explain how their misconclusions are drawn: SIMPSONS PARADOX
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    06-02-2020, 08:54 AM
    Invading Armies get RESISTED. We have been systematically taught they are not INVADERS, they are IMMIGRANTS. Then they move the goalpost by changing the terminology from Illegal Alien to "Undocumented Citizen". Pay attention to the Tactics, not the Terms. You will NEVER win against an opponent who you give the privilege to MOVE THE GOALPOST. But they had to make their real goals as unclear as possible. So they include anyone who is not in their real target group in their protected class. Lets face it, the real target is white people or people of European Descent. So they will include ALL Latinos, Muslims, Blacks, Chinese, Gays, Disabled, and everyone else they can factor in for a societal assault on whites. They operate on Confusion and Emotional Bias. They manufacture Double Think faster than Wrigley can mass produce Doublemint Gum. The Left is pushing this Oppressor vs Oppressed paradigm as everyone. Modern Day Scarlett A (witchcraft). They paint Whitey as the Oppressor and anyone who is not white as the Oppressed. They paint more pictures using this Intersectionalism shit, which for those not in the know, basically means any difference. Women, Sexual Orientation, Political Affiliation, Nationality, Language, Religion, and Disability. Look at what the US Military uses as a baseline to qualify people for service in the US Military. The Military does not care about the things that wont and should not affect the direct safety of the population. The Military does not care about skin color. They do care about education and language and nationality and disability, the very things that Intersectionalism teaches the leftists to establish a Self View as "they are oppressed". The the RAGE that has been driving the Riots, over George Floyd very simply because he is a symbol of White Oppression. But take a step back in time. Rodney King. They have been at this for a while. Go back further. Martin Luther King. They WILL silence anyone in the "Oppressed" class who calls for Unity between skin colors, and will hold up anyone who is a Victim of the Oppressors as a Martyr.
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    06-02-2020, 08:34 AM
    The Elite do NOT want an actual pandemic. They want a manufactured phoney catastrophe so they can benefit from taking all the Rights they can take away from the FEAR that pandemics generate. And... its NOT working! Bring in the RIOTS, then, maybe a REAL PANDEMIC.
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    06-02-2020, 01:26 AM
    I dont believe it either. What I do believe is they are purposefully miscategorizing as many patients as they can get away with Corona / Covid as they can get away with, which is why they are hiding their data.
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    05-31-2020, 07:40 PM
    Anyone else notice that the Terms are being exchanged? MSM trying to exchange the terms to confuse the simple minded? By creating the confusion with the way they exchange their definitions of words, those who arent paying attention literally begin to manufacture unrealistic associations in their minds and start to believe that the only thing Protesters do is Loot and Riot, and it simply is not true. What appears to be under attack here by the MSM is the section of the First Amendment where the People can Peaceably Assemble. To achieve this goal, any physical groups of people who want to protest will be thought of by the victims of the MSM Brainwashing and Hysteria as ONLY being people that intend on Looting and Rioting. The MSM's real goal is to make sure NO ONE ELSE CAN SPEAK EXCEPT THEM. Dont fall for their trickery. Has anyone else noticed the MSM doing this?
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    05-31-2020, 02:39 PM
    So now with Social Distancing and mass unemployment and COVID and Riots and National Guard deployed to multiple states, does anyone think this is getting better?
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    05-31-2020, 12:57 PM
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    05-31-2020, 01:01 AM
    Hmmm... perhaps if they can all be identified as the anti privacy cell phone wearing morons that they are, and we REVOKE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE, they will scatter like roaches?
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    05-31-2020, 12:31 AM
    If it was a requirement for anyone on a Police Force to be ELECTED (like Sheriffs), could this still have happened? Where are our Oathkeepers?
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    05-30-2020, 09:56 PM
    Just got two EAS Texts: #1 - Public Safety Alert (1 hour ago) Reno Curfew in effect. Heavy police presence downtown. Citizens avoid area & stay home. #2 - Public Safety Alert (Just Now) County Sheriff & Sparks Police Chief extend curfew countywide. Citizens stay home tonite. Fires set in Reno City Hall; mayor declares citywide curfew
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    05-30-2020, 02:51 PM Double Standard. We have ZERO Privacy. Everything we do is recorded and made for sale. They have TOTAL Privacy. We are prohibited from knowing what they know about us.
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    05-30-2020, 01:50 AM
    When we had 9/11, we all suddenly became afraid of flying and brown people. That was the goal then. But today, people are completely numb to yet another war, yet another terrorizer attack, yet another school shooter, etc, etc, etc. The Pattern is what to watch here. They control us by manipulating the emotions of the majority of people, because that is the way they have been taught to think: Emotionally, then Logically. Be Afraid Of... That is ALWAYS the Pattern. Some new enemy they dream up and tell us that we should be so afraid that not only should we voluntarily give up our own rights, we should demand that other sheeple give up their rights as well, all under the bullshit guise of Safety. Save us from Brown People, people of other religions, people of other cultures, now it is both be afraid of EACH OTHER, and be afraid of FREEDOM. Only government can keep you safe so you should practice your premeditated mantras to follow the only religion they teach, the WORSHIP OF GOVERNMENT. How this is achieved is a Marxist Four Step Process:
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    05-29-2020, 07:28 PM WHEN youtube takes this video down, use the BitChute address...
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    05-29-2020, 06:37 PM
    Great. And since they are now the largest employer, they will NOT hire you UNLESS you get your mandatory forced vaccine. Blah blah blah, company policy. Oh, and gonna get chipped too. Amazon will start telling GOVT who they can and can not hire.
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    05-29-2020, 02:18 PM
    Yup. Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy
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    05-29-2020, 10:51 AM
    How about a Libertarian approach? Dont shop there! Pretty easy right? What happens when there is only one place to shop, like the govt run Dept of
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    05-29-2020, 10:44 AM
    Rockefeller... Great. Known Eugenicists. Totally trustworthy. NOT!!!
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    05-29-2020, 10:42 AM
    Shingles virus is the Chicken Pox Virus, 2nd Phase. I thought that Chicken Pox / Shingles was only contagious during the first phase? Video related: The author also (sarcastically) has advised that the Corona Virus can be transmitted via photons and electrons online too, so better wear your facemask on your computer / phone! --- Fully agree, hypoxia and overheating can create more of a safety hazard than not wearing a mask. Masks really have become a sign of obedience to Group Think Psychology.
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    05-29-2020, 01:07 AM
    I am no fan of government intrusions into business, but the opposite side of the coin is that these Social Media Giants ARE flat out censoring conservatives or any expressed opinion they do not approve of. So, if we can have an FDA (also, again, not a fan) for Food and Drugs, and despite Twitter being a private business, since they have become a Public Platform, even if illegitimate, should Trump step in and do what he is doing? I fear this is not the proper solution, but if nothing is done, then NO ONE will have Free Speech anymore. Slippery slope...
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    05-29-2020, 12:56 AM
    Basically, it is an intended Crisis (which is what COVID is all about) in order to put as many people on the Welfare System, which overloads the system completely to the point of collapse, after which, the proposed solution (again, first post, Hegalian Dialectic, or Problem Reaction Solution) is to have no choice but to fully implement Socialism / Communism.
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    05-28-2020, 08:41 PM
    Pretty simple, but very very important question. I left the poll as Private so those of you who dont know do not need to feel ashamed. If you do not know, there is a reason, and that is they do NOT want you to know. You were never taught about it in school just like school probably did not teach you a single damn thing about the real world. Everyone else, lets explain to folks what exactly it is, and how it plays a major part in the Hegalian Dialectic, and the Sovietization of a country (Demoralization, Destablization, CRISIS, Normalization).
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    05-28-2020, 08:12 PM
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