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    Today, 03:02 AM
    Perhaps the real intent is to push people back to riding bikes or horses? Or walking? Nah, couldnt be that simple. I think there are several real goals here. First, bolster their own funds by passing yet another law that converts an honest person into a criminal with the flip of a pen. Next is it destroys a persons ability to be independent and travel at will. One of their agendas is to push for all transportation to be forcibly shoved towards public transit systems, where they can deny Dissenters like us here the ability to get on a bus to go to work. Next, more Fearmongering and Propaganda. Blah blah blah vaping deaths be afraid protect us so on and so on. So what really happened? Morons tried to vape edible CBD products. Sure, cheeseburgers can sometimes taste great, but would you roll one up and smoke it directly into your lungs? Geez, I wonder why they got sick! They are making the cause sound much much more complicated by saying Vitamin E Acetate, which basically means you were supposed to fucking eat it, not smoke it.
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    Today, 02:40 AM
    (title altered due to length, wouldn't fit) Supreme Court rules gun maker may be held responsible for death of children in mass shooting, even though VACCINE makers have zero liability Full article at link. ---
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    Yesterday, 09:27 AM
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    11-17-2019, 03:51 AM
    Not even when the Gestapo comes to slash their own throats in the middle of the night. Oh, maybe privacy WAS important after all. Those should not be famous last words before being put down like a rabid pit bull, or a Jew by the Nazis.
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    11-16-2019, 02:27 AM
    This is not just a slippery slope, its a landslide into absolute Tyranny. What they are doing is slowly building a foundation so that they can deem anyone who does not meet their criteria "mentally ill" and remove their Rights without the Due Process of Law. Its not much different than a village that worships some sacred patch of dirt "mentally ill" because someone realizes that all life did not come from fucking scratch of weeds. It has been said that men slowly go mad when they live in herds, and just as slowly regain their sanity once they realize it is the group that is insane. Group Psychology. Next thing on their agenda is to go after Alex Jones himself. After that, anyone that has even listened to Alex Jones will be declared "mentally unstable" and "a danger to themselves and / or others". I would say "mark my words" but I dont think that needs to be said. So, um, anyone want to please mark my own words for me? Those words being "Next, they will go after Alex Jones. Then they will go after his Listeners."
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    11-16-2019, 02:22 AM
    The Elites know to never let a good spectacle go to waste. Its a perfect opportunity to get shit done that would normally be Front Page News.
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    11-16-2019, 02:19 AM What could go wrong? Does Fuckerberg know you visit Yeah, you could end up "Epsteined" like is probably about to happen to Roger Stone. And no one will give a fuck when you are murdered by your own Govt / Technocracy / Elite.
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    11-15-2019, 09:19 AM
    So +Rep worthy, but alas I am out! Fully agree. Its a dangerous attitude, symptomatic of narcissism where by she refuses to see the equal rights of others as "boundaries" that she should not cross. I think we can agree that "we do not own her body" so we have quite literally zero authority to control what she does to herself. It seems she does not see the same natural boundaries in others.
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    11-15-2019, 02:00 AM
    Then go move to Germany.
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    11-15-2019, 01:59 AM
    Anyone over 30 might give a fuck, but so many are so distracted and lazy to learn anything about how to defend their privacy on a technical level they have just given up. Younger people seem to be the exact opposite, yet, just as ignorant. The younguns think they understand technology because they can tap an icon on a fucking screen. Most seem to be hopelessly brainwashed to think Privacy Bad Orange Man Bad Socialism Naziism Good. They think privacy is only a thing that gets in their way of communicating with "their friends" who wouldnt bother to piss on them if they were on fire, all the while Google watches every single fucking thing a person does, and compiles a list of "who is Googlag's REAL Enemies" and how to take them out. Google, with its data on individuals, essentially acts as judge jury and executioner of anyone who does not repeat the propaganda they spew forth.
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    11-12-2019, 02:57 AM Google thinks its fine to censor anything "natural" or does not make it money, but your health records wont be censored when they sell your data to your Insurance Company / Church / School / Employer / Hobos with two pennies to rub together. What could possibly go wrong?
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    11-07-2019, 01:57 AM
    Lets say the headline is true. What will matter is those with the power to decide who lives and who dies are probably the ones that need to die more than any other human. Same thing as voting. Voting does NOT matter. He who counts the vote has ALL the power. This is most likely not true, however, its another delusional rationalization for people to kill themselves off, which seems to be the most likely outcome. As a species, it seems we are collectively insane.
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    11-03-2019, 08:18 PM
    First they go after Trump. Then they take out Pence because he will also be implicated. Hmm, who is the next person in line for the Presidency? Oh yeah, none other than Speaker of the House Pelosi herself. Regardless if Trump is great or he is a piece of shit, the outcome is the same. The Demoncrats want PERMANENT POLITICAL POWER. This is a Coup De Taut.
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    10-30-2019, 08:03 PM So I read another article today about a guy that rented a ford, and tied it to his smartphone, and a week after he returned the ford, he was still able to remotely unlock, start, and find its exact location. He told both Ford and the rental company. Nothing happened. Told them both again and again, and six months later, absolutely nothing. I have bigtime software issues at work. Shit is programmed by people overseas, and their license prohibits me from fixing their garbage code. Planes crash because of software. Intel chips have massive security issues. Banks breached daily. So instead of fixing stuff like real world problems, they want to make The Onion come to life, and program an AI to use Facial Recognition on both your brown eye AND your poops. Well, now we know why things dont ever get fixed.
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    10-30-2019, 12:41 AM
    Well of course! Why do you think so many want Unlimited Illegal Immigration? Let poor whitey die off because they know they cant afford to raise even a single child, and replace the population with ready made Demoncrats!
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    10-30-2019, 12:39 AM So just imagine for a second someone hacks your webcam and threatens to publicly shame you by showing your O Face while spanking to donkey blowjobs in pepto bismol hot tubs and basically blackmails you. Now, go kill this assigned target or your friendly hackers will make sure your O Face video goes viral. Well, so much for that raise or promotion or better job, hell, ANY job! Forget the loan. Forget buying that house. Forget making friends. Forget about even eating. In the very near future, others will be punished for even knowing you.
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    10-29-2019, 08:22 AM
    The ability to detect Thought Crimes against the beloved State is here. Now they can skip profiling and go directly into your brain to find out if you might even become a Public Dissenter.
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    10-29-2019, 08:20 AM
    Coming False Flag? Is he in on it? Does he make money on it? Bet your sweet ass he is and does!
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    10-29-2019, 01:56 AM
    Were they elected? Bureaucracy?
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    10-28-2019, 02:06 AM
    The first amendment exists to protect the people from ANY regulations of free speech. It does NOT exist to protect sissies from comments that hurt their feelings.
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    10-26-2019, 11:47 AM
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    10-24-2019, 03:40 AM The real purpose of the absolute elimination of privacy is the total enslavement of mankind. THIS is a MAJOR STEP towards that. The controllers, rulers, status quo, techocrats, whatever you want to call them, they dont give two squirts of piss about helping some old lady that got robbed to find out who robbed her. Their real intent is to crush public dissent before it gains any traction. Thats the elimination of the First Amendment altogether, which is the first because it was considered at the time to be more important than any other possible Right to be recognized. When we have lost the First, freedom will be gone, possibly forever. Crushing public dissent also comes in stages. First, they go after the "crazies". Well, anyone the MSM basically accuses of being "crazy". Then they go after the Unions. You know, the groups of people who stand up to the exploitation by employers. Finally, they come for you. When you call out for help to anyone that might listen, there will be NO ONE. Why? Because far too many people willingly handed Googlag and those like it the keys to their kingdoms. Google thinks its better to have people just get in line and blindly obey. Hell, even Eric Schmidt, the guy that wrote the Google Algorithm said that having "multiple search results is a bug" because there should be just one answer for every question, which means no one can have a dissenting opinion about anything. Since Google now pretty much controls history, will your grandchildren even be able to learn about American History without immediately being flagged as a Terrorist or whatever the trigger word / phrase is? Thought Crimes. Here. NOW. You were warned.
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    10-22-2019, 09:12 PM So, uh, what happens when it isnt just your face that gets scanned, but EVERY shred of data, and getting the job is really up to the AI? Guess what? Those pesky disobedient people, or really, anyone the powers that be dont like, yeah, they arent getting jobs. Then what? Starve? Welfare? Control through dependency. You asked for it. Maybe now some of you wish you hadnt...
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    10-21-2019, 06:32 PM Wow! I'd say thats actually a "good" thing! So whats the catch?
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    10-21-2019, 08:20 AM
    If voting worked, it would be outlawed immediately.
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    10-21-2019, 01:37 AM Full article at link.
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    10-19-2019, 08:15 PM
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Very few people are looking toward the Future when Privacy is Impossible. But if Privacy is completely gone, will a Revolution even be possible?

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