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    Today, 05:16 PM
    How about this title: not "Vaccine Minister" but "Vaccine CZAR"? Is that a gooder word?
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    Today, 05:11 PM
    Yep. Soooo many more messages in there too. Dont listen to Conspiracy Theorists and those that believe "flat earth reptilians will conquer the world with spray cheese just like in Pinky and the Brain." We are the Information Authority, do NOT do any Fact Checking, thats OUR JOB TO THINK FOR YOU! Yup! 2 + 2 = 22! Oh and 1776 was all FICTION, Thomas Jefferson was not a patriot, but a Fictional Character from a famous author Betsy Ross! How dare you doubt is, you are mentally ill and deranged and I dont even bother to fact check the "facts" taht my own bosses tell me to read just like when they said "vaccines are all perfectly safe" and other great well know FACTS like when Jesus invented the Bible in 1984 and Weapons of Mass Destruction oh and Republicans were just put there to challenge the faith of the Trew Beleavers! /funny
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    Today, 05:46 AM
    They ALL Read the exact same script. This is a good watch because it is extremely difficult for a human to watch the same exact news story at the same time. Reminds me of "Conan O'Brien is making a splash in Late Nite television" clip... Which I cant find anymore. If you can find that Conan video, please post it! GET THIS VIDEO BEFORE IT IS DELETED....
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    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
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    11-28-2020, 04:32 PM
    Far far too late. What do you think all the Data Collection by Google and Apple and Fedbook has been about? Advertising? HA HA HA. Yeah. NO. But Trump is NOT THE POINT. What happens when they deem some group that you just happen to be a part of the "next enemy" and come after that group? Odds are we are all already on that list. Its time to prepare for the Jackboots to come in the night. We have precious little time before they are kicking your doors in under the guise of "Vaccine Safety" or whatever the excuse of the week happens to be.
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    11-28-2020, 02:19 PM
    Exactly. Republicans and Libertarians and White Males will be THE NEXT JEWS. I seriously think there is a VERY high probability we are about to see POLITICAL GENOCIDE. So, how can they do it and get away with it? Remember, they need to maintain the ILLUSION that they are not doing exactly what they ARE doing. So they are gonna easily convince the BRAINWASHED MASSES that the Republicans and Whites did this to themselves by not offering their silent blind obedience to the state. Those behind the curtains and in REAL POWER will not have people taken out behind the chemical shed and shoot them. No, their plan is far worse, and keeps "their hands clean". Their plan is STARVATION. You will not be able to work without a VACCINE CHIP. Thus, you do not work and you WILL STARVE. THAT is the plan. As far as the Libertarian Party, its a Label for a group that can function when we are not in a state of war or Martial Law.
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    11-28-2020, 02:12 PM
    I am not in 100% agreement with you. If they rigged this election, then they will rig EVERY election after this one, just in case they lose. I really suspect what they are going after is PERMANENT POLITICAL POWER. The vicious cycle was accurate in the previous paradigm. I think this very well may be a Paradigm Shift, and a very good chance the end of the cycle. Heres, the thing. Once they have power, they DO NOT want to give it up. We know that already. They were controlled by the Real Government, THE PEOPLE on EVERY election because WE THE PEOPLE made them do so. We also know they are willing to resort to any tactic that can get away with in order to hold on to that power. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to have voted out the Nazis when they took control of Germany. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY to vote out the Communist Regime in China.
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    11-28-2020, 11:48 AM
    They have been trying to convince people to get chipped like HUMAN LIVESTOCK for years. Just about nobody bought into it. I think there ended up being two big sides to this. Those that said no. And, those that said YES. Those that said YES are the ones that worry me. Those people may or may not have positions of power. What I would need more data on is whether or not those that said YES are part of another group. Roughly 4% of the population is a Sociopath. Sociopath meaning they have no emotional reaction when they cause someone else to suffer. They tend to have narcissistic qualities. One of the narcissist qualities is that they "do not recognize the natural boundaries of other people". And that is where the defect of their mental illness puts everyone else at risk. The YES MEN genuinely believe they have nothing to hide. So lets get this out of the way. The definition of Secrecy and Privacy has been exchanged. Secrecy is hiding something "wrong", IE murder, theft, etc. Privacy is hiding something "not wrong", your password, your Bank Acct Number, etc. Every person has genitals. We do not call our genitals "Secrets", we call them "Privates". We call them "Privates" because it is normal to have genitals. And it is NOT WRONG to have genitals, despite what the Nazi Transgenders would demand. I need to make a point of clarification here. Not all Transgenders are Nazis and not all Nazis are Transgenders. The two terms are not mutually exclusive. Thus saying one does not imply the other. The ones I am talking about are the Transgenders with Nazi belief systems. They dont identify with their own gender. Thats fine. The Nazi Transgenders demand that the gender of everyone else offends them.
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    11-26-2020, 11:29 PM
    They now consider themselves to be "the authority" of ALL information. You think this is bad NOW? Try waiting 100 years. Thomas Jefferson and every other Antifederalist will be DELETED from history. Control the future by controlling the populations PERCEPTION of the past. Belief, Money, Violence.
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    11-26-2020, 11:12 PM
    Ive rather liked Ben Swann since he gave fair and unbiased coverage to Ron Paul, and has even posted here...
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    11-26-2020, 10:55 PM
    They play the role of Platform when someone accuses them of not censoring their users. They then play the role of Publisher when they DO censor their own users. They have their cake and are eating it too. No cake for you. Or ANYONE who is not fond of the idea of living in a GOOGLAG.
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    11-26-2020, 09:56 PM
    White / American privilege?
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    11-26-2020, 07:40 AM
    Does anyone remember Ben Swann?
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    11-25-2020, 11:17 PM
    If its doomed to split, then lets CUT OUT THE CANCER OF AMERICA. Cut out every single traitor, saboteur, agent provocateur, insurrectionist, Socialist and Nazi and hold them accountable for WAR CRIMES. This includes MOST of the MSM, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Tyrant wannabes. If we fail, we will make the rise of Nazi Germany look like a JOKE...
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    11-25-2020, 11:11 PM
    They have no more of a RIGHT to forcibly vaccinate ANYONE than I have a Right to forcibly stick my dick in their butt.
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    11-25-2020, 11:04 PM
    If a Revolution starts, I hope like fuck that the US Military is on OUR side! They would be VERY scary to try to take on in armed conflict. I think that the powers that be are PUSHING for violence. Why? Because they are GOOD at violence. They WANT it. It is quite obvious. The whole BLM thing was supposed to provoke people into larger conflicts with the BLM Rioters. Ive said this before that BLM and Protestors are NOT the same people. We ALL want to be able to PEACEFULLY protest. The RIOTERS are NOT PROTESTORS. But we are supposed to engage in ARMED CONFLICT with them. We didnt fall for it then tho. What they want is ANY EXCUSE TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW. Really that is up to the President tho, isnt it? Cuz if Biden gets in, thats probably the FIRST thing he will do. How else can MARTIAL LAW be declared? Im not super familiar with all of those different ways...
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    11-24-2020, 06:48 PM
    When Communism comes to the US, you WILL NOT BE GIVEN A CHOICE. Well guess what folks, ITS HERE.
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    11-24-2020, 11:53 AM
    Elections mean nothing when your vote counts look like this: Nope! No evidence of Election Fraud here!
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    11-21-2020, 09:52 PM
    Nothing to hide, nothing to fear... right? RIGHT?
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    11-21-2020, 11:51 AM
    First of all, since this has been planned for YEARS now, they were manufacturing the tests in 2016. If they did the tests like AngryCanadian said, they could do more accurate tests. They would do a swab then a culture and allow anything in there to grow. With more modern techniques, they dont test for specific viruses themselves anymore, they test for enzymes that are produced uniquely* by the infectious body they are looking for. THE TESTS ARE PROPAGANDA Now, I put a * next to "uniquely". Thats what we are told. It can work for things like Strep, where they no longer need to wait 10 days for the culture to grow because scientists have figured out how to look for very specific enzymes / materials produced by Strep. With COVID it is a POINT OF VULNERABILITY. The tests are KNOWN to come back testing positive on pretty much anything. This is part of the plan because those in power need the Medical Industry to believe in the accuracy of the tests. Once the Doctors and Medical Professionals have been tricked, they become sources of Propaganda themselves and tell people "the virus is real". I believe those doctors believe that the virus is real, but that is ALL I believe.
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    11-20-2020, 10:57 PM
    We are not that likely to fall for it here, but how many people have you met in your life that DO fall for the propaganda? Hook Line and Sinker? That is where the REAL DANGER is, and our responsibility to them is to teach them HOW they are lied to. Its a painful part of waking up that we all went thru, that we may have also forgotten how hard it is for them to admit they have been DUPED. How many? What is the right thing to do?
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    11-20-2020, 10:48 AM
    His math was WAY OFF. Population reduction of 80% isnt close. 500m / 7500m = 0.06667 repeating.
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    11-20-2020, 10:44 AM
    Lets make a LIE and convince the SUBCONSCIOUS to believe it exists. You cant see a virus. But you CAN see a mask. Looking at masks confirms to the SUBCONSCIOUS that the virus is real. It doesnt matter what a person believes consciously if the subconscious does because the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND ALWAYS WINS.
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    11-20-2020, 10:36 AM
    Its a TRAP. Here is what they do. Release a non lethal virus (to healthy people), and put the Propaganda Machine in HYPER-OVERDRIVE. Cause everyone to go into LOCKDOWN. This crashes the GLOBAL ECONOMY. When the economy crashes, the "ONLY" way to "SAVE" everyone is by NATIONALIZING ALL COMPANIES.
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    11-20-2020, 10:25 AM
    Here is my theory. Current Population: about 7.5 billion Georgia Guidestone Population: 500 million. 500 billion divided by 7.5 billion: 0.06667 Hmmm.
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    11-19-2020, 11:32 AM
    Fox News? Really? Oh, and we are supposed to also believe it when ANY of the MSM mouthpieces that Trump has conceded the election? And 911 wasnt an Inside Job? Conspiracy Theorists are all crazy?
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