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    Yesterday, 07:36 PM
    "Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake." Only trouble with the video is that people dont recognize Socialism as a mistake, and Fox News watchers dont question the validity of the lopsided statements they hear. They are trained to be Parrots, and only repeat what they hear, and dont challenge ideas as they are presented to them. I believe our job, like Danke did, is to call out the mistakes. So kudos to Danke on that! Thats when we mop the floor!
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    Yesterday, 05:18 PM
    Agreed. I didnt post it to be pro socialism. Free education has big problems. The reason I posted was because Fox News is full of shit. Back on "Free Education" for a second. Lets say education is "free" but not paid for by taxes, instead, by big corporations. Would those corporations not have an undue level of influence on what is taught in schools? Now, if education isnt free, then the people can "vote" with how much money they have. Same problem, colleges will listen to those with the most money, and they will listen to big corporations over anyone taking out student loans to pay for that education. On the "isnt free" side, big corporations can still buy any politician with campaign contributions and control how education works indirectly. Im not agreeing or disagreeing with your statement, but trying to identify all possible avenues of problems. And, as usual, I think the best solution is a Free Market Economy with truly privatized schools, or flat out Home Schooling and Education, where children may even learn the Trade Skills of their parents, which are completely unrecognized by anyone who buys into "you need a college degree" media hype.
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    Yesterday, 05:08 PM Perhaps the REAL solution is to get Govt OUT of telling people what to eat? If Govt continues to have "authority to regulate what you eat recognized" while simultaneously only recognizing big corporations, everyone will end up on a diet of pure Brawndo.
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    Yesterday, 04:57 PM Meanwhile in the US, people are only granted the Right (Permission) to throw shit away well before its time in order to make them buy a new product and keep the giants afloat. If US companies had their druthers, there would be little if any repair at all. Dont get me wrong, there is true obsolescence and planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence is quite destructive to the people and only benefits big companies. Real obsolescence is making way to better technology and ideas, and inspires genuine innovation.
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    Yesterday, 04:53 PM
    First two videos appear to be gone or censored.
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    Yesterday, 04:52 PM
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    08-17-2018, 04:09 PM Full article at link. --- Meanwhile, Google wants to break into the Chinese market so they are tweaking their search algorithms to comply with Chinese Laws (which is fine), but try to apply the Chinese Censorship in the US and use Chinese Tracking in the EU?
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    08-16-2018, 05:56 PM
    It might be nice if Trump funded a Ron Paul campaign! Or even put Ron Paul in a high position in power. I think most of us still genuinely believe in liberty, and Trump is more of a distraction from Ron Paul. We all should be able to recognize that it isnt just about Ron Paul, but the fundamental ideas he carries. Trump does not carry those ideas well enough for me. We are still alive, but quite disorganized without a strong figurehead to carry that proverbial torch. With the outright attacks on Free Speech now being authorized, we have a very big problem if we have no place we can organize and discuss problems and solutions.
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    08-16-2018, 04:05 PM
    War on White Men while claiming White Privilege.
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    08-16-2018, 03:22 AM
    Self Censorship is what this country is about to come to. Except for those with no filter, and need a Mouth Diaper, like most of the MSM...
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    08-15-2018, 04:34 PM
    Great! Can we start with the political leaders?
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    08-15-2018, 03:14 PM
    But people who work for the govt can do what ever they want with "their" money! Its "fraud" if a person uses food stamps to pay rent, but not fraud if an elected govt official uses "taxpayer dollars" to fund the drug cartel!
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    08-15-2018, 02:37 AM Poor have no Rights. Not that Im a fan of welfare, but Rights are the one thing that should equalize both rich and poor.
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    08-15-2018, 02:27 AM
    Doesnt Google own Wordpress? Googlag?
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    08-14-2018, 07:33 PM
    For each document probably. --- If this isnt proof that they are committing psychological warfare, I dont know what is!
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    08-14-2018, 06:56 PM
    I think there may be some sexism. At the same time, if women really are equal and can do anything mentally a man can do, then is it sexism that keeps women off the boards, or is there news bias and women are already on the board, but its a full woman take over?
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    08-14-2018, 06:16 PM
    I think it is an extension of Affirmative Action, extended to women. If women do a good job, they will be on the board with or without the law. The law can only hurt the companies. What this really also says if you read between the lines is that Men deserve NO Rights and are disposable. The war on Men, the ones who die in wars, will continue until the men are weakened to the point they can no longer be what they were meant to be, free and independent.
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    08-14-2018, 04:57 PM
    Easy enough to beat. The guys at the top just claim being "transgender" in court!
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    08-14-2018, 04:52 PM
    Just one helmet? The modest mandatory Two Helmet Law while sleeping would not only protect people from death by bed, but increase profit margins!
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    08-14-2018, 04:47 PM
    They want ALL your Data, period. EVERYTHING. Why? In today's age, he who controls access to the Data controls the Market. Companies now make more money on selling data about people than selling products to people. Again, why? Because that data can be used to permanently increase prices for individuals using that data as an excuse. For employers, we are gonna get rid of you or not give you a raise or simply not hire you because "bad genetics". Insurers, same thing, charge more, give you less. Manufacturers, exact same thing, charge more, give less. The information they sell about you is valuable because it allows them to subjectively find something wrong, a rationalized excuse. On a small scale, it is used to micromanage the individual to death. Human Livestock. On a large scale, it exists only to protect the Status Quo from Public Dissent. Make no mistake, this is NOT about Public Health. This IS about Human Farming and TOTAL Control.
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    08-14-2018, 06:42 AM
    Im sure if wages (not just minimum wage) kept up with inflation, the minimum wage would be about $30 an hour. What would that mean for everyone else that doesnt make minimum wage? Or are we ALL getting fucked by the Fed and Fractional Reserve Banking? Ron Paul defined Inflation as a Hidden Tax on the value of money.
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    08-14-2018, 02:17 AM
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    08-13-2018, 06:54 PM And the morons will say "so what, can i still use Fedbook"?
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    08-13-2018, 05:18 PM
    Typical California lunacy. Trying to make people safer by making sure the law abiding citizen is unable to defend themselves against the criminal who could give two shits less about making sure their guns they intend on using to hurt people with are "safe". The whole point of a gun is to be the opposite of safe. The law can not stop or prevent a determined criminal. The idea of a visual indicator for when a bullet is in the chamber might be a half decent idea, but the burden should be on the manufacturers to innovate without the interference of the law. If they innovate and incorporate those visual indicators into guns, fine, if they dont, also fine. The clip idea does nothing for me, either as a feature, and especially not as a govt mandate.
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    08-13-2018, 04:58 PM Full article at link. --- Innocent Until Proven Guilty Guilty Until Proven Innocent
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    08-13-2018, 04:34 PM
    In other news... a "Dyslexia for Cure" may have also been found! Uh, wait...
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    08-13-2018, 04:32 PM
    Im not. To me, it is as much of a form of Free Speech as Flag Burning. Although I dont like it, I have to respect it as much as I want my own Free Speech to remain protected. I understand why they do it however. They are disgusted with the Politics of the US, as much as any of us are. However, there is a difference between the Politics of the US, and the US as a People. The other side of the story is that any National Anthem is as much of a form of Tribalism and Pavlovian Behaviors as anything else, in any country. Off topic for a sec, then coming back, our Educational Model is intended to create "Fixed Habits of reaction to authority", and standing for a National Anthem is a form of expression of those Fixed Habits. A big problem is that one is taught to love only their own country and offer ZERO respect for other countries. It is one of the reasons Americans are considered very stupid when it comes to the cultures of other countries. National Narcissism. I think what is more important than standing for the National Anthem of ANY country is what the founders of this country endured, so we may show respect for what they have given us. Although the Founding Fathers did not grant us Rights, they gave us the Bill of Rights which enumerated some of our many Rights. I believe it may be more important to respect Free Speech than either the country or our politics, so if I am to take the moral high road, I would need to be supportive of BOTH those who stand and those who kneel. Historically, by turning the US Flag upside down, it is a Call Sign of Distress. "We need help". Inverting the flag is not intended as a form of disrespect, it is intended as a form of saying "emergency". That has long been forgotten by far too many however. Inverting the Stars and Stripes is as much of a form of Free Speech as either flag burning or kneeling. I may not like what they are saying, but they still have a right to say it, so go ahead and say it. What worries me however is how many of those people who are kneeling seem to want to replace what we had and what it has turned into with something that is far worse.
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