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    Today, 05:20 PM
    Thread title immediately makes me think of this news article: Remember The CIA’s Heart Attack Gun? CNN Predicts That President Trump Will Die From A Heart Attack
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    Today, 05:17 PM
    Not really, its the same thing every leader before Trump has done, what Trump is doing, and what will continue on long after Trump, if we even still have a country... Topic itself doesnt seem to matter either. War. Tax Reform / Money. Healthcare. Education. We just continue our same trends and occasionally change actors but ALWAYS spit shine something bad as something good.
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    Today, 05:07 PM
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    Today, 05:01 PM
    I did. Trouble is that any time a tool is built to be used against an "enemy", that same tool inevitably is always used to control its own citizens. This did absolutely nothing to prevent those tools from being either created or used. It only temporarily isnt enabling unlimited surveillance on us, but the more damaging thing is that the infrastructure will be in place for Trumps replacement to come in, and with the flip of a pen, have all that spy tech turned directly against the American people.
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    Today, 04:47 PM Yeah, way to continue making things unbetter.
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    Today, 04:10 AM
    Its a vagina, not a fucking Clown Car!
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    Today, 03:42 AM
    Maybe the Sh*thole country that Trump was referring to was the US itself?
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    Today, 03:20 AM
    The truth is sometimes offensive, and always so when it robs the status quo of power. "Free Speech and the ability to tolerate offense are the hallmarks of a free and open society."
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    Today, 03:16 AM
    Try something a bit more fun here. Post trailers to upcoming movies that you might be interested. Anything goes, so it can be ANY movie! Yes, even giant shitfests, comedies, sequels, another knockoff idea, reboot, unoriginal garbage, or even something thats unique and truly interesting! Maybe even a Documentary? Okay, I liked the original. So I am interested in seeing the sequel, even if I only watch it at home... Super Troopers 2: Official Red Band Trailer So post a Movie Trailer to something you might be interested in watching!
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    Today, 03:00 AM
    Walmart (Sam Walton) and Bezos (Amazon) both get Federal Subsidies indirectly. Those low low prices you get are done so by employee exploitation. How many at Walmart do you know that work FULL TIME? They dont. Amazon? Almost exclusively Temp Labor that is hired by Integrity Staffing, who is owned by Amazon, but shields Amazon from lawsuits. The Federal assistance they get comes from Welfare, that the people get when they dont earn enough money to make ends meet. How bout Medicaid? Neither of those companies offer most of their employees insurance. A few get insurance, but most do not. Especially not the temp labor. Now, the one thing that eludes most people is how this is paid for. We always hear that "we" have to pay for this, but Ive never gotten a bill for someone elses welfare or medicaid. And heres the TRICK. We all pay for it, thru the Hidden Tax of Inflation. Govt "just borrows" the money into existence to pay its bills while looking like the "good guy" because no ones taxes go up. We're still paying for it, and its that price manipulation thru the inflation of money that made the Koch brothers their riches. Microsoft did get started by making a product. Thing is, when Bill Gates originally made his sales pitch to sell DOS, he did NOT have legal rights to DOS. He bought it off a guy with the money he made thru that first sales pitch. After that, their business practices have been nothing but anti competitive. Dont get me wrong, the diversity of Windows has allowed some great achievements in the tech field, but they have had some stumbling blocks as well. I like Windows 7, but can not stand the spyware heavy Windows 10 always online know everything you do horseshit. Im sure that Bill Gates never used his money to influence votes, or even have a personal army of Lobbyists ready to twist the arms of every politician in the District of Criminals, a.k.a. Washington D.C. for those that didnt get that part of the joke. Seriously dude, usually youre way more aware than this. I really expected you to have taken a much more libertarian attitude. What is up with this new Zippy level of monopoly worship, or are you playing my game of Devils Advocate? (to which I do admit that I occasionally do...) -----
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    Today, 02:46 AM
    Exactly. M.A.D.D. operates the same way as the rest of Crony Capitalism; manipulating and distorting numbers to put bias on where you want to shift blame. Its no different than a guy who chokes to death swallowing a whole piece of carrot that becomes lodged in his windpipe and blaming the death on tobacco because he is a smoker. Manipulate the statistics to say what you want them to say. Same way as Unemployment came down, same way as we have a Balanced Budget, same way as Tobacco is the #1 killer, same way as Global Warming, same way as money doesnt ever seem to go as far as it used to (because it dont) and same way they rationalize every single shred of individuality to bring us fully under their control grid. Someone please +Rep AF, Im outta Rep...
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    Yesterday, 05:23 PM
    Q: Whats the difference between a Philosopher and a Pizza? A: A Pizza can feed a family for a night.
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    Yesterday, 04:53 PM
    Middle class is all but gone. And for the record, it is those at the bottom (bottom 90%, which includes both middle and lower class) that always produced true value. True value is something of actual benefit to society such as goods or services. Those at the bottom are the ones that do the physical work to grow crops, fix cars, build apartments, houses and roads, make our smartphones (yes, mostly done in China or overseas), create our clothing, furniture, and every object and item that lasts both short term and long term. The people at the top produce nothing except policies that benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else lower than themselves on the food chain. It is the ones at the top that do produce one thing, a thing that is exceptionally destructive to any society as a whole, and that thing is DEBT. They do NOT loan us money they have, the make us BORROW that DEBT from nothing that existed before into existence and we are expected to repay something they never had to begin with. They have paywalled knowledge and wisdom and almost all information. We are dependent on them for everything we consume and produce even though we are the ones doing the work to create those things of actual value. We are also the ones that do the work to move it all around in a way that we have no power to negotiate prices. They have set up a system that if we produce something, we owe them even more than what we produced. This idea of "Wealth Redistribution", which is exactly what IS happening in California and HAS happened in other cities like DETROIT MICHIGAN causes the system to become so top heavy that eventually it will collapse under its own weight. So why is Liberal California the Poverty Capital of America? Because Wealth Redistribution and Socialist Programs always turn out the exact same way, those at the top benefit at the expense of the bottom. California is simply Detroit Michigan on a state wide scale. Perhaps it is a more fair question to ask how Liberal Policies are ANYTHING BUT Wealth Redistribution to benefit those at the top? Wealth Redistribution has ALWAYS benefitted those at the top at the expense of the poor, and has had many names. Even in the USSR, Communist Russia, people would be paid the same if you were a Farmer or Doctor, despite the most extreme polar opposites of necessary skills to do both jobs. Wealth Redistribution and a Fiat Currency took down the USSR, just as our Socialist loving Liberal policies destroyed Detroit, it WILL destroy California. It doesnt come as much of a surprise to me that California is splitting down the middle with the MSM push of New California.
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    Yesterday, 03:10 PM Full article at link. --- Yeah, cuz tightening the noose always nets more scofflaws, which means more money via fines on YOU.
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    Yesterday, 03:07 PM
    Simply put: Wealth Redistribution always flows to the top and away from the bottom. They just play with the numbers to make it look like its going the other way.
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    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
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    01-17-2018, 05:00 PM
    Jeff Sessions obviously has never read the 9th or 10th Amendments of the Bill of Rights. JUST SAY NO! TO JEFF SESSIONS!
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    01-16-2018, 04:29 PM
    Ron Paul: Trump To Embrace Nuclear First Strike Title is a little misleading, Ron talks about Nuclear Policies and modernizing our current arsenal. Title itself is what was put on the Ron Paul Institute site, so Im not trying to change things to create fear, or say Ron Paul is saying something he is not. I just wanted to make that clear.
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    01-16-2018, 04:28 PM
    Ron Paul: Trump To Embrace Nuclear First Strike
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    01-15-2018, 07:32 PM
    Planning scenarios is one thing. Moving bombers to Guam and a bunch of aircraft carriers within strike distance of NK is not "planning scenarios", its provocation to get them to attack us first, so the people know who the "enemy" is. US gets its war with NK and Iran at the same time in their typical asymetric warfare fashion.. dannno - Even if I did have any faith in Trump, its the rest of the deep state swamp that I still expect to push things so they can enact a Coup against Trump. There are NO MISTAKES in politics.
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    01-15-2018, 05:06 PM
    Other side of this that is a real possibility is a Coup against Trump. Not that I have love for the guy but propping up nuclear war is a way of making people afraid of Trump. MSM tells us what to feel, so when they say 'be afraid of nuclear war', they are saying 'be afraid of Trump and support removing him from office'. Whatever happens, we lose.
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    01-15-2018, 04:46 PM
    That is why it has the potential to turn into a World War. If we attack North Korea for ANY reason, China attacks us. I have a strong gut feeling that the powers that be are trying to get North Korea to attack us first, so it is clear who the 'enemy' is. NK is already pissed about bombers being moved to Guam. Sanctions. Everything. However, if total destruction is planned and we are not intended to survive, they may 'push the button' anyway and wont care if we know we are the enemy because we wont be around much longer. I swear that is their intent, to get us all killed.
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    01-15-2018, 04:42 PM
    I blame technology: Why a 'Loneliness Epidemic' is Upon Us Loneliness is a major contributing factor to Depression. Other massive contributing factors are situational. Like students that are in $100,000 worth of debt. Some of which dont even have a degree, but they sure have to repay all that borrowed money. Others find their job situations depressing, knowing they have no opportunity to advance at a low paying job and there are very few other jobs available. Many people have no one to talk to that can genuinely help, not prescribe pills, I mean help like get a friend a better job, find ways to get rid of that student debt, not feel like an outcast for being a straight white male. But what does Big Pharma say? You need to take our drugs and make sure we are given lots of money for it and all your worries of all your problems will disappear. What they dont tell you is the worries go away because youre too stoned to be aware of them but the problems themselves always remain. SOMA
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    01-15-2018, 04:16 PM
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    01-15-2018, 04:06 PM
    So right back to what the MSM does. Telling people what to think and shutting down anyone who doesnt express points of view they approve of.
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    01-15-2018, 04:00 PM
    If anyone can find alternate links, please post them if you come across them. NY Times is usually paywalled. Full article on link, looking for alt sources due to paywalling and linking policies.
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    01-15-2018, 03:56 PM
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    01-15-2018, 03:54 PM
    :rolleyes: funny Sad part is so many people still believe voting works. Voting is just the Illusion of Choice.
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    01-14-2018, 04:20 PM Full article on link --- Is this really the sign of a good healthy and strong economy for those that have no other choice but to live on Main Street?
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