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    03-27-2017, 08:05 PM
    I have a feeling they are more like Actors trying to make all "Conspiracy Theorists" look stupid. True Patriots are True Conspiracy Theorists who question everything that comes out of governments and media, and accept those that are truly suited and belong in the world and do their best to call out the nonsense they try to sneak by. By damaging the Reputation of Patriots, people are taught to not question authority because anyone that does must be as dumb as the character conspiracy theorists that opposing actors play part of. Control the opposition to destroy them from the inside.
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    03-27-2017, 07:59 PM
    Maybe 1 in 100, or even 1000? I think most people are utterly clueless when it comes to even the most basic form of network management tools. Aside from that, considering it was all the GOP that voted FOR and Democrats that voted against the bill, it just shows how far the Republicans themselves, not the whole party but the Republicans have truly fallen. They ARE the fucking Swamp that needs desperately to be drained.
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    03-27-2017, 01:01 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread Get Out in Open Discussion
    Could be worse, you may have actually seen this festering anal evacuation that somehow passed for a movie in its entirety: Under The Skin (2013) - Scarlett Johansson This mountain of a hemorrhoid is #1 on my personal list of worst movies of all fucking time. Im relatively certain that if a remake of Clockwork Orange is ever made, this will be the video that the victim of brainwashing is subjected to while having their eyelids strapped open as it is absolute torture to watch. I think I'd rather shave my back with a rusty cheesegrater than to ever see even a single fucking clip of this involuntary gag reflex inducing mental crotchfruit of a movie ever again.
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    03-24-2017, 01:39 PM
    No, what you suggest is a continuation of the problem, and exacerbation of it.
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    03-24-2017, 01:35 PM
    Youre sooooooo right. We should just give up and let them take all our Medical Privacy, not for actual medical usefulness, but so each of us can pay our "fair share" based on information gathered from that same Medical Invasion of Privacy for BILLING purposes. And we should pay 90,000 for drugs if we have MS, be denied for anything and everything for any form of Preexisting Medical Condition, allow medical marijuana to be made illegal once again as it should be, obey our reptillian overlords, ground our Tinfoil Hats so they dont act as amplifiers, consume Roundup With Glyphosate, not actually treat medical conditions, and shoulder the financial burdens despite having some sort of Mandatory Health Insurance and not Health Care (in its current evolving form), and have no control of our persons what so ever. Please go take a long hike off a short dock.
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    03-24-2017, 01:28 PM
    Population Replacement. At least for the time being...
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    03-24-2017, 01:22 PM
    True that. Also, Illusion of Choice. That applies to Congress as well, but the methods are a bit more akin to what you said. The truth is that the outcome of the vote does not matter. Devil is in the details. No matter which way the vote goes, the people lose.
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    03-24-2017, 01:12 PM
    The recount of 100 million votes is understandable. How the fuck can they say "too close to call" in Congress? Did their math skillz suddenly drop to their collective IQ's?
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    03-24-2017, 01:09 PM I wonder why people, not just Millenials, are trying to avoid the doctor? Oh, and I wonder what happens when there is no Medical Privacy? Pay more for illnesses that are beyond your control to do anything about? Sounds about right. When all Medical Privacy is completely eliminated, do you think that those costs will get better, or worse? Hint: this is 'murika where the rich make more by providing lower quality services and products for as high of a possible cost as can be achieved... --- Related RPF Thread:
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    03-24-2017, 01:06 PM 'murika! We're #1! We're #1! ...for all the wrong reasons...
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    03-24-2017, 01:03 PM Automatic fines of any sort are nothing more than a Taxation by Citation racket.
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    03-24-2017, 01:11 AM
    Then get a good VPN that does not hold any logs of your activity or connections. Nothing there for the subpoena to reveal. Sadly, that type of tech is still quite easily defeated with the most primitive of web tracking: the Cookie.
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    03-24-2017, 01:10 AM
    Maybe not a disaster from their point of view. People who work and put into Social(ist) (in)Security then die well before they collect it can fatten someones coffers...
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    03-24-2017, 01:02 AM
    Very few options left. Mostly any decent internet by current standards are, as you said Matt, government-created cartel/monopolies, and far too often there is only one option available for a lot of people. Thus, either have internet, or none at all. Im starting to think none at all is the real choice people should lean towards.
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    03-23-2017, 08:48 AM
    My fear is that even talking about freedom from oppression of the status quo in general will get you slapped with a flag on a computer database in the event of an actual revolution. Any form of resistance, even discussing it will not be tolerated by the Status Quo / Deep State.
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    03-21-2017, 05:38 PM
    Is it true that Rockefellers daddy was the actual "Snake Oil Salesman" that we continue to use the term today to refer to someone that is shady and misleading and highly deceptive in all their business practices?
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    03-21-2017, 08:44 AM
    The real consequence of characters such as this destroys the image of strong male leaders in the minds of the children that will watch the power rangers. Its cooler now to be gay according to hollywood. Thinking: Population Control.
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    03-21-2017, 08:42 AM
    People create money by "borrowing" it into existence from banks. Every US dollar in existence represents someones unpaid debt to someone else. Thus, when loans are paid off, currency is "destroyed". Monetary Policy - Borrowing money into existence Fiscal Policy - Destroying money by paying back the loan via Taxation There is no possible way we could have the same Monetary / Fiscal Policy as we do right now if we were on a Gold Standard because although loans are still possible, gold cant be simply destroyed. I think the lack of a gold standard / honest money system is coupled together deeply with fractional reserve lending practices and the very existence of the Federal Reserve, to which, fractional reserve lending pretty much does not apply.
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    03-20-2017, 08:31 AM Its a Buzzfeed story so I didnt think it was quite credible enough to post in the Family and Education forum.
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    03-20-2017, 01:45 AM
    also here:
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    03-19-2017, 01:02 AM "Computers now lip read better than humans." I'll bet Advertisers would have a field day if only they could data-parse everything you ever say, ever...
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    03-17-2017, 09:43 PM
    I never really got what all the hubbub was about. St Patty was celebrated for ousting the "snakes" from Ireland, referring to non-christians, as it was told to me... Feel free to fill me in if that info is wrong, cuz I rather suspect it probably is...
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    03-17-2017, 05:07 PM
    Hmm, St. Pattys Day, need something GREEN, how about smokin a bowl? (lighter green too hard to read)
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    03-17-2017, 01:41 PM
    Einstein once said that only two things were infinite, the universe, and human stupidity, and he said he wasnt really sure if the universe was truly infinite. Human stupidity on the other hand...
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    03-17-2017, 01:38 PM
    What sucks is govt involvement has practically ruined healthcare in this country. The medical industry is just as subsidized as higher education, home loans, the sugar industry, and so many other places we need less govt and less interference.
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    03-17-2017, 01:25 PM
    Boy, it sure would be bad news if the banks were given information as to what the purchase was for, not just transfer money to X Business... Oh, wait... Didnt PayPal have something in their policy that no money would be transferred for guns / firearms? Without Financial Privacy, every transaction is subject to approval. That means you can be judged and transactions rejected if information about the purchase had more information in it, such as specifically what you are buying. The things they are going to deny, but are not illegal will be things such as Marijuana, Firearms, and sexually questionable items, even condoms. When this type of authority is applied to you, you now live in a Fascist State. You will be permitted (as if it is within the scope of their authority to grant or deny permission) to buy things such as orange juice, but nothing that could challenge the ultimate power of the state itself, such as guns or ammunition. This is absolute Behavioral Modification. Once you are powerless to resist their will, their encroachments into your life will continue until you are left with nothing. A government big enough to give you what ever you want is big enough to take it all away. Now, specifically relating to this article, this startup may very easily be immediately shut down and founders jailed if the Status Quo decides that what they are doing is trying to legalize a form of "Money Laundering". Financial Privacy is not Money Laundering, its just another excuse to control your life.
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    03-17-2017, 01:04 PM
    Q: What do you call a thousand dead lobbyists at the bottom of the sea? A: A good start! --- Ok, heres something I rarely talk about. For as much as I rant about ordinary people being susceptible to psychological manipulations of fear mongering, manufactured hatred, propaganda, etc, I dont talk quite as much about Lobbyists doing the very same things to politicians as I think many people, including myself, expecting they are the source of the phoney baloney that gets spewed all over the MSM like eating last nights leftovers after it went bad. Lobbyists use just as many mental perversions on those who have power to change the laws as they do on everyone else. The unique leaders like Ron Paul are easily able to see their BS for what it is and tend to call it out. But no one is perfect and those powerful manipulations still have an effect on every human being, but to varying degrees. Lobbyists use Propaganda on politicians as much as MSM uses propaganda on the sheeple to get what they want, more money and more power, at the expense of the mundanes or those who they want to be powerless to resist their will. The Police State is the inevitable result of this because power and authority are granted to those who claim to protect you from whatever boogeyman is shown.
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    03-17-2017, 12:36 AM
    Yup. But like I said, exchange of complications. All smoke and mirrors, a big fat spectacle of turbulence and contention. They arent after money any more, their goal is more power over us. Money has power, but they want something much much more, and put on massive displays to achieve their goals. If that means Trump acts like he is in opposition to the Deep State / Status Quo, then it is exactly as you described, and all an act for the mundanes to fall prey to.
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    03-16-2017, 08:45 PM
    Regardless of any personal opinions of Trump, we can pretty well agree that the current status quo does not like him. That does not necessarily mean he is good for the people however, just an exchange of complications. Now, that having been said, do you think the current status quo would purposefully crash the stock market and / or economy just to try to get Trump out of office? Explain if you feel like it.
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Very few people are looking toward the Future when Privacy is Impossible. But if Privacy is completely gone, will a Revolution even be possible?

Google GlASS might be able to record what you do right now as a video, but this will only be the first in a long series of progressively privacy invading advancements. One of them inevitably will be Google Contact Lenses. However,

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