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    Today, 03:46 PM Why would ANYONE want to share ALL of their Browsing History with Google? At first, Google only tracked you on their site. Ok, not that big of a deal. Then they rolled out Analytics, offering it as Tracking for people that didnt know how to do tracking. Problem is, Google has access to EVERYONES website that used their Analytics, while the people running websites using Google Analytics only got access to data on people that visited their site. Then they default everything to allow you to be tracked (actually, been that way since the beginning). Now, they want access to other sites that dont use Google Analytics by using Psychographics on your Cloud and Sync stuff. There is an Opt Out, but how long until that is MANDATORY? Friends dont let Friends use Google.
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    Today, 02:30 PM I dont and wont use Chrome, is this true? I still say Firefox, but even the folks at Mozilla try REALLY hard to shove the "Sync" feature down your throats. Since I wont install anything Google, what can you guys that know about it have to say about it?
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    Yesterday, 03:33 PM /facepalm Can idiots get any dumber? Or should I not even bother to ask?
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    09-22-2018, 01:51 AM
    And the thing that makes you MOST trackable is Javascript. Hence NoScript and UBlock Origin.
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    09-21-2018, 03:15 PM
    Oh how convenient the one thing they use to look for to find Terrorists, they wont use to find the people that keep invading our country! For fucks sake, why not just make everyone in both North Korea and the whole damn middle east CITIZENS so they can just come in and blow our asses up?
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    09-21-2018, 03:12 PM
    Learn to block cookies. Although ancient by computer standards, they are still used heavily for tracking. Add to that flash cookies, (Local Shared Objects, or LSOs) and DOM Storage.
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    09-21-2018, 07:34 AM
    Thread Winner Dont use ANYTHING google while logged in and get a "HOSTS" file to block google tracking on most websites. --- Yep, be sure to always tell the Nazis if you are Jewish! You can trust them! And besides, if youre doing something wrong, like being Jewish, maybe you shouldnt be Jewish to begin with!
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    09-20-2018, 02:43 PM
    Agreed. And all the time, like you said, a bad cop, they are NEVER held accountable!
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    09-19-2018, 03:31 PM As much as working at a 7-11 sucks, can you imagine a world where once you get screwed at a Convenience Store, there is ZERO recourse? Zero refunds? No one to voice valid complaints to? AI can not do everything. Amazon is not seeking a foothold in the market, Amazon is seeking to BECOME the ENTIRE market. There is NO Free Market here either. Free Market should be the correction mechanism necessary, but lets face it, we do NOT have a Free Market any longer.
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    09-19-2018, 03:27 PM Republicans are more Facist, Democrats are more Communist. If that is inaccurate, does it really matter? None of them have the best interest of the people in mind.
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    09-19-2018, 03:25 PM
    I'd like tod evans to weigh in on this... Cant force any Behavior from anyone. Two sides on that. First is the freedom to hire the best candidate free of govt interference. That means some discrimination against ex felons. I would not want to be forced to hire someone with a pattern and history of aggravated assault either. Other side is Three Felonies Per Day. Some people are just flat out unlucky in dealing with cops. They (like me) get arrested for retarded shit. Like making a snowman on christmas in my friends front yard and being charged with Violation of Curfew. I think a real solution here requires multiple corrections. First, get rid of the Plea Bargain. People are pleading guilty to charges when they are truly innocent just to avoid longer sentences. Bully says "give me your lunch money". You usually respond with a prompt "fuck off". Then they bloody your face, and say "give me your lunch money" again. Youre more likely to give them your lunch money after each successive punch. Next big correction to our justice system is to get Govt the fuck out of hiring practices. Cant discriminate. Cant hire someone without a license. Must hire someone that is unable to do a job. This is also a double edged sword, as we have a genuine need to have some discrimination, which I think is one of many things needed to quit giving illegal immigrants American jobs. Cant speak english should be valid cause to not hire someone. Remember always that the Govt Solution to ANY problem is far too often WORSE than the original problem itself.
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    09-18-2018, 04:16 AM
    They wont. But they are more than happy to sell your data to someone who might burn your house down. Google would have been more than happy to sell info on who was Jewish to the Nazis if they had existed back then. There is no right or wrong. Its all subjective. The ones that subjectively interpret what you do right as wrong are the ones you have to watch out for.
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    09-15-2018, 04:00 PM
    Theres a video, but its blocked in my Ad Blocking stuff, so I couldnt embed it. Feel free to post it if it comes up for you. Full article and video at link. ---
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    09-15-2018, 07:20 AM I is the IRS letting you know that if you donut go to CBS and buy a Monee Ordar, that u will be under a rest.
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    09-13-2018, 09:45 AM Full article at link. --- Im sure Zippy will fully disagree on #2 and #4.
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    09-13-2018, 09:05 AM
    Ditto. Absolutely no media unions here what so ever.
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    09-13-2018, 06:29 AM
    Oddly, the people with those worthless college degrees (not ones of real value), look at ALL trade skills as useless and worth less than their own uselessness.
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    09-13-2018, 05:11 AM
    The only trouble is the purchasing power of the dollar is far less than it was in 1999.
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    09-13-2018, 05:09 AM Full article at link. --- This is how the human race is entirely enslaved. If you want to see a glimpse of the future, imagine a boot stepping on the face of mankind, forever.
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    09-12-2018, 04:42 PM Are any fucks given? Not just by congress but by people here?
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    09-11-2018, 03:45 PM The very tools we have created to protect our freedoms have been turned against freedom itself. If this is the case, the terrorists have won. Either that, or it is NOT the terrorists we should be most afraid of. Like Privacy, our tenancy to be honest has weaponized honesty against us, so everyone can charge more money. Instead of being more free, the consequence of their protection is to criminalize every single one of us. We are NOT Free. We are NOT Safe.
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    09-11-2018, 03:39 PM Same as Telemarketing, we say OPT OUT MEANS OPT OUT. Telemarketers say that means "dont call me for one week". No, it doesnt. It means OPT the fuck OUT. Do NOT share Location Data means DO NOT FUCKING SHARE LOCATION DATA, PERIOD. Only exception is absolute minimum for specific things to work, such as routing phone calls and 911, but NOT share it with every goddamn advertiser and marketer on the planet.
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    09-11-2018, 03:36 PM
    Yep. Both are dangerous. Data can always be used against you. But. Censorship keeps people from learning and overcoming real problems. Such as the balancing act between privacy and having a search engine with good and unbiased search results. I have forever said I would be just fine with Online Advertising if they were not trying to use Ads as a means to invade everyones privacy. Id prefer the untargetted non tracking ads. But companies with power simply do not want that, and dont care if they ruin your life by disclosing your religious or political affiliations to your employers.
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    09-11-2018, 03:08 PM All your data are belong to Googlag.
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    09-11-2018, 08:13 AM
    Ok, big question here is WILL THEY DO IT AGAIN?
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    09-10-2018, 03:49 PM
    Worthless to us, but a powerful weapon of the Elite.
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    09-10-2018, 03:48 PM
    The Constitution was designed to restrict our government. Since government is no longer reigned in, they seek to exploit the citizens as a source of revenue to expand their ever expanding bureaucracy. As always, they will place blame on their victims for harming themselves because they take ZERO responsibility Anti Federalist - You posted something about the difference between True Alphas, and the asshats we have in office. Our elected officials will never place themselves in harms way to protect their people, thus, they do not deserve the majority of breadwinning. Until they are willing to take even an iota of Responsibility for our own protection by placing themselves in harms way, they do not deserve to be shown respect. Every time they twist facts to shift blame to their own victims, those specific individuals need to be shunned and all of us should turn our backs on them.
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    09-10-2018, 03:43 PM
    Where is that old video of the newscaster saying "We need to think of children as Property of the Community, and NOT their parents"? Probably paraphrased that...
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    09-10-2018, 03:41 PM
    Yep. Here is the thing tho, Google has way too much control over the internet. - Webmaster: If you dont build your website according to Googles design requirements, youre ranking suffers, basically delisted - Analytics: Too many websites rely on Google Analytics, they ALL sold YOU to Googlag - Browsers: Too much data is sent back on you, Google Analytics is used as a backup, this is their Primary Tracking - Advertising: Googles anti competitive nature has resulted in a Monopoly. If you are competition, they delist you - Politics: Google goes out of their way to buy off politicians who are more than happy to sell you out - Surveillance: Googles relationship with Govts has allowed them profits by selling the tools of your control
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    09-10-2018, 03:31 PM
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