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    Today, 06:07 PM
    Whats really funny about Zippys beloved graphs showing what he wants to show is that even the chart you quoted uses inconsistent definitions of "Illegal Immigrants" by fucking with the way the terms are defined. Basically, oooh Illegal Immigration is high when everyone uses that specific phrase, but as soon as they are "undocumented workers", the numbers DROP, despite the number of people crossing the border going UP? Manipulative Win Strategy known as "Moving The Goal Post" which is one of many ways Zippy tries to hide the truth.
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    Today, 05:57 PM
    NOTE: SATIRE Yeah, get help before they MAKE you get help. You should aspire to be a feminized transgender soy boy who needs someone else to tell you how to live. If you are female, be careful that you are not Enabling males to become MEN because MEN are the only real threat to tyranny, and we Tyrants do not like any opposition to your power. Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you saw a Drag Queen Tranny Crybully holding a battle rifle making informed decisions on how to enact a battle plan during combat? We the Tyrants only have your best interests in heart. We want to control you for your own good, which is even better for us. You should be so afraid of the tiny number of us that the rest of your herd should bite your nipples off if you start thinking ways that we did not approve of. Oh shit, I think I forgot to take my pills for my No Filter Between Brain and Mouth Syndrome! Yes, its absolutely real, and you werent supposed to know that, or read any of what I wrote above! Please forget everything I just wrote, it isnt authorized or conducive to Proper Tyranny. Although I blame you all for my shortcomings, you are hereby ordered to immediately forget and disregard everything that was stated in the previous paragraph, although most of you are too ignorant to even know what a paragraph actually is due to the fact it isnt a form of communication that you are familiar with which only contains "lol" and "rofl" and poop emojis, which is the level of intellect we have reduced you all to in order to make you controllable! Ugh! this NFBB&M Syndrome is really kicking in at this time! Okay, you all need to forget everything written in this paragraph too!
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    Today, 04:51 AM
    As long as we dont do it like Hawaii did it. Smoking Pot does NOT revoke GUN RIGHTS. Bet thats gonna be the avenue try to take tho, guns kill people, joints dont. Well, maybe stupid people with guns kill people, not the guns themselves since guns dont fire themselves...
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    Yesterday, 10:19 PM
    It also proves that the effects of Brainwashing work. Brainwashing isnt just about MK Ultra, but Education as well. School makes our children stupider. It also shows the pervasiveness of Propaganda to which most people are unable to think beyond what they are told to think. Lots and lots of repeating without comprehension. TRUE LEARNING is based on what the Greeks called "The Trivium" which was Input -> Logic -> Output. Our Educational System is modeled after the Prussian Education System, which created Obedient Workers over Thinkers. That type of Education focuses on Input Output ONLY and fully eliminates the step of LOGIC. Logic is what we need. And a lack of it can be seen by many who cant come up with a unique or independent thought of their own. What they do is fight tooth and nail to protect the rhetoric uttered by the MSM mouth breathers. The most destructive consequence of Brainwashing is that it eliminates a persons ability to think for themselves, which makes them controllable, but only so long as the brainwashed morons serve their purpose. Once they fail to provide a meaningful resource to their owners, they are systematically culled from the herd by isolation and other means in order to prevent them from draining the resources of their owners, and away from the business of the world. Old Slaves are not profitable, and kept around only so long as they are useful. Even the Immigrant Caravans represent the same level of non thinking parroting. It is always easy to promise to give something that belongs to someone else. Thus, they come here with the expectation of a better life for themselves, but fail to understand that by demanding welfare from our country, they will cause its collapse and they will be right back where they started. We can handle some immigration, and we are willing to take honest and hard working immigrants. We have rules about who we will take, and how many. EVERY other country in the world has much stricter immigration laws than the US. The perceptions of US Immigration Laws being either Immoral or Impractical, on either side of the border, are a continued example of Brainwashing, which only validates the existence of both MK Ultra and the effectiveness of Propaganda.
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    Yesterday, 05:47 PM
    The real question here isnt about the Lightbulbs, its about the REFUSAL to TRY. If they wont even try to change a lightbulb, then they will also not put ANY effort into THINKING. This is where you end up with SOCIALISTS. They think ONLY what they are told to think because they do not bother to think for themselves. They expect someone else to do their thinking for them. Part of Entitlements. Now, that was also an old article, and it was UK. How many HERE can not change a lightbulb due to STUPIDITY?
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    Yesterday, 05:42 PM
    A lot of these alternative search engines run on Amazon Hardware, so you know that at least Amazon has access to all your search history too.
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    Yesterday, 05:41 PM Full article at link. Also, Vote of No Confidence for Theresa May up next. Guess the Brits are pissed about funny money...
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    Yesterday, 02:57 PM
    Im gonna be engaging in some fucking toxic masculinity...
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    Yesterday, 06:47 AM
    Then lets try this quote. "No Borders. No Walls. No U.S.A. AT ALL!"
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    Yesterday, 06:27 AM
    SHOCK: Millennial generation overwhelmingly unable to do basic household tasks This is BASIC shit. Education wins again!
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    Yesterday, 06:15 AM
    Where is it encrypted? If its in "the cloud" they already have the keys to their own locks. If its on your computer and your hardware, thats a lot safer, but not impossible if they have full access to your computer. Easiest encryption is to use actual paper. You cant hack paper.
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    Yesterday, 05:37 AM
    That is one mistake constantly make about Cryptocurrency, is that it is not trackable. It very much is, which is why the Fed and other Mega Banks, including the IMF, are trying to kick off their own version. Every transaction will be FULLY trackable due to the unique signature of each digital coin or unit of currency has. Crypto is Trackable by design, at least the ones that the Banks want. Are Bitcoin Transactions Traceable?
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    Yesterday, 05:33 AM
    I think its time to do this: BOYCOTT GILETTE I might suggest this be exacerbated by GROWING SOME FUCKING FACIAL HAIR.
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    01-14-2019, 10:37 PM
    Funny how in days of old, they could do those jobs just fine by getting a WARRANT when suspicion of Wrongdoing was present. Today, we have the Inverse. Today, you are GUILTY until YOU PROVE YOURSELF INNOCENT. All this data, and the concept of THREE FELONIES PER DAY, every single person is now a Criminal, except those who are vetted by the Criminals in office, or if one presents themselves to the Status Quo as not being a threat to either the system itself or their Authority.
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    01-14-2019, 10:20 PM
    Yep. Its exactly how Govt circumvents the 4th Amendment. By getting companies to do their dirty work for them, then paying those companies with money they print, money that steals the value of the money in your pocket, keeping the Slaves Enslaved. And its not just from here, its EVERYWHERE. There is now no doubt in my mind that we are heading toward a MAJOR POLITCAL PARADIGM SHIFT, towards an exceptionally oppressive system of rule.
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    01-14-2019, 10:18 PM
    They are still trying to say the Puzzle doesnt even exist, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They might as well try to come out and say "There is No MOON" also because their Reputations precede them.
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    01-14-2019, 10:16 PM
    This is REAL FREEDOM. The Freedom to take RESPONSIBILITY, not Authority.
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    01-14-2019, 10:11 PM
    Although I am not religious myself, what worries me is that it seems the Church has been co-opted by the Elite to be turned against the people establishing or expressing their own beliefs and perspectives. Same that Cookie Cutter Mindset thats promoted in Education, MSM, Marxism, and damn near everywhere else the Elite have gotten their meddling fingers into.
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    01-14-2019, 06:20 PM
    Two alternatives: #1 - Use his own website, on his own servers #2 - Ron Paul Forums! He may have a few more people check him out on his own website than on the latter tho...
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    01-14-2019, 06:16 PM
    A bit? The Image of Good Men is being attacked from EVERY SIDE that the Elitist have control over. Dig deeper. Why do they want to attack Men? Because Men will be the ones that fight and die in the wars against the elite. The elite are not scared of women or children or immigrants or those whose minds they control. They fear MEN. And MEN will not be able to fight against the elite if they are continuously stabbed in the back by those they fight to protect.
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    01-14-2019, 06:05 PM A Judge in California? Im actually more shocked by a Californian upholding Privacy than by a Judge upholding Privacy.
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    01-14-2019, 06:01 PM
    Hispanics have made themselves look bad. I have nothing against the color of their skin, its the application of their beliefs that have offended me. "We will break your laws, come and take your welfare, and outbreed you. Your own culture and values mean nothing to us."
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    01-14-2019, 06:00 PM
    I need to spread some Rep around first...
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    01-14-2019, 05:59 PM
    +Rep Sharing opinions allows us all to look at topics from other perspectives we have not considered. The ideas that help us grow are often the ideas that challenge existing beliefs. Further examination of challenging ideas will either show us a better idea, or show us how things dont work. It is our differences that can unite us and make us strong. On ideas, it is the Idea that we all need to be Cookie Cutter Voters with the same mindset that causes conflict.
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    01-14-2019, 05:55 PM An Extremists view on "how to keep the world perfectly safe" would be to put every person in Solitary Confinement, in PRISON.
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    01-14-2019, 06:15 AM
    *ahem* Mass Shootings pretty much everywhere and normalized? Think MK Ultra might have something to do with that? People are Brainwashed to think that Brainwashing can ONLY occur as portrayed in movies where its obvious. Brainwashing is NOT OBVIOUS. Psychopathic behaviors are normalized by repeatedly showing images "at viewers choice" to observe these things. Watching the NEWS is Brainwashing. Reading MSM News IS Brainwashing. They DO NOT tape your eyes wide open while strapped to a chair and show you pretty pictures. REAL Brainwashing is the Weaponized Application of Modern Psychology.
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    01-13-2019, 07:18 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread Roku in Science & Technology
    I wish. Maybe a jailbroken one. The company that succeeds is not always the one that is the most honest or most respectful of its customers. Sadly, its the exact opposite. The company that tends to succeed is the one that gets away with charging more than its bottom line allows, and it does not mean either a quality or respectful business operation. Just look at cell phone and cable companies with their cancellations. Utter nightmare. The ability to share information while free of Interference or Actions from Censors is paramount to Freedom because Freedom begins in the mind. Having the ability to see what you are doing is the ability to interfere with your thinking, and every effort is being made to prevent Freedom from being thought of as a good idea. People are taught to FEAR Freedom. Oh noes theyre free and wont vaccinate their kids or might set off my kids allergies or might just come in and take all my shit! Please someone come in and save me from those horrible free people! Censorship prevents good ideas about Freedom from being shared, and gives Oppressors cause to go directly after those who are under Surveillance that they may be silenced by what ever means necessary. Privacy is nearly at the point where it is Outlawed, which makes our current set of laws in direct conflict with Morality. When Privacy is Outlawed, only Outlaws will have Privacy. And being the Outlaw may very well become the only moral choice a person can make, but it will be a choice never to be offered by those in power. People associate morality with obedience to laws, however, when the law itself is the greatest threat against a free people, it becomes a moral obligation to disobey the dishonest laws. It may very well be time to start taking privacy much more seriously as it will be a critical factor in resisting oppression and securing Freedom for generations to come.
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Very few people are looking toward the Future when Privacy is Impossible. But if Privacy is completely gone, will a Revolution even be possible?

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