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    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    The powerful want both Money and Power because its their Bad Money that gives them Power to begin with. Once they get their Bad Money, they push out the good money and poison the Real Money anyone else has, which makes those who have little money, either bad or good, hopelessly dependent on those with the power to issue it. That buys their power. They buy violence. They buy off the guy sitting on the fence and bring those people to their side. There are too many people in the world that would willingly trade the life of another for their own cushy life of servitude conducting violence against any who speak out against the principles of tyranny.
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    Yesterday, 03:03 AM
    NZ aint perfect, not by a long shot. Funny how we are #7 after Hong Kong.
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    Yesterday, 02:28 AM
    No longer will people think "they have a job". This is Backwards World. Our Superman is Bizzaro, so try to think of everything as being backwards. Thus, things like "you failed school", thats what youre told, but what really happens is "school failed you". And no longer do we think, "we have a job" or "you have a job", now we will think "A JOB HAS YOU". Slavery is Freedom. Yet, for people to willingly accept their slavery, all that needs to be done is to rephrase it so the person thinks of it as they are benefiting from their situation. Simply inverting the phrase "a job has you" to "you have a job" speaks more to the subconscious, where it implies the idea of owning a position, despite the exact opposite being true.
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    03-23-2019, 07:34 PM
    But, Corporations are People! And people (not corporate people) should obey Corporations! After all, profits are more important than anything! And all those discounts get paid for somehow!
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    03-23-2019, 03:12 AM
    Insurance will decline it citing it as an "unnecessary procedure".
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    03-23-2019, 03:04 AM Welcome to the AI Judge. Add that to Three Felonies Per Day and it is all over.
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    03-23-2019, 02:50 AM Full article at link. And better formatting. --- You dont say!
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    03-23-2019, 02:29 AM
    Silly mundane, only the Rich and Elite get tax breaks. --- This entire country is turning into Communism by Taxation. Tax everything the lower class earns. Lets be realistic and face it, there is NO Middle Class, only the Upper and Lower classes now. And those at the bottom do NOT get the tax breaks the rich and powerful get. Youre even worse off if you get paid so little that your precious Communist govt gives you welfare and food stamps because your employer wont pay you a livable wage while raking in record profits year after year *cough* Walmart / Amazon. The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away too.
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    03-22-2019, 07:58 AM
    NO ONE will be safe on this planet so long as the extremists have this power. It is our responsibility, not only to ourselves, but to every future generation of humanity to make the world a safe place for Freedom. There are three stages to Revolution: Spread of Information Public Dissent Violence
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    03-22-2019, 02:12 AM
    He can say what he wants, but that also enables me the same Freedom to say that I think Bush is a backstabbing traitor who is flat out guilty of Sedition and High Crimes against the United States and its People.
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    03-22-2019, 02:11 AM
    Just like many sites, we have some issues that caused a lot of true lovers of liberty to begin with. I would like to hope that a person leaves the Ron Paul Forums ONLY because they found a place that their is more genuine support of liberty. Reasons that people should not leave is because of Trolls, which every place is getting hammered with. Paid Shills literally paid to promote an agenda of accelerating the Collapse of the US. Many of those people are desperate for the money, and I highly doubt as many people aggressively support tyranny as the MSM would have you believe. But thats for you to decide. Its everyones responsibility to fight Trolls where ever they may exist, including not only our Moderators and Admins, but loyal users who recognize that Freedom is the responsibility of all of us to work together as a whole that our individual differences do not divide us. Pull up a keyboard and stay a while!
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    03-22-2019, 02:06 AM
    There are ALWAYS exceptions for the rulers to circumvent their own rules. Who gets to keep their guns in NZ? Those are the people everyone needs to start taking a MUCH closer look at.
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    03-22-2019, 02:04 AM
    To whom do we supposedly owe all this money to? I say we write them a check.
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    03-22-2019, 02:03 AM
    Elimination of the 4th and 5th Amendments is going to allow them to convict everyone of their average of "three felonies per day". Taxation by Citation, and thats only part of it. They are looking to kill multiple birds with one stone. Taking your money by citations fuels their criminal enterprise. It also modifies behavior, and not for the better. It allows people to be highly controllable as it is NOT just about safety. It IS about voluntarily surrendering all privacy so that a "correction" can be issued AT ANY TIME. How long will it be that a person needs to be "corrected" for simply visiting Ron Paul Forums? Listening to an "alternative" idea? This is how the Thought Police are formed. They get the infrastructure in place by selling it as "for your protection" from whatever their boogeyman of the week is, but eventually, it will be turned against the individuals. In Russia for example, its already illegal to have a VPN and to criticize government. Same thing in China. Eventually, if you do NOT worship your overlords, your number will be shut off and you will not be permitted to travel or even to speak. Compare this to what is already present in China. Being associated with someone that is known to have a "lower Social Credit Score" lowers your own score. You get the sheep to attack each other, and remain slaves to corporations that poison every part of us for a buck. Population Control on a GLOBAL scale.
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    03-22-2019, 01:54 AM
    They need us, not the other way around. But to keep bringing in as many as possible, with the only possible outcome is to collapse what is left of the US, they have to sell it like "we need immigrants", which we dont.
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    03-21-2019, 09:30 AM
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    03-21-2019, 08:05 AM
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    03-21-2019, 08:00 AM
    Hannity: Democrats attempt to control the lives of Americans Video starts off talking about the Electoral College, with bias, so be forewarned. For once I actually at least partly agree with Hannity. But lets hear YOUR opinions on the Electoral College!
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    03-21-2019, 07:36 AM
    How about Area 51 before they let it go public?
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    03-21-2019, 02:51 AM
    If that really is true, shouldnt we be doing our very best to inspire compassionate behaviors? You know... like the OPPOSITE of what so many Pit Bull owners do? Not all, but far too many...
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    03-19-2019, 09:13 PM
    Sadly I do agree with you about Putin. His people love him mostly. Russia is not what I would call a Free Country. What we can do is try to observe them as objectively as possible and see whether or not we see the outcome as being either "good" or "bad" for what we have here. What worries me is that we have become almost just as Statist, maybe not in our form of government, but definitely in our Application and Culture. All these damn Snowflakes claiming "should not have a right to hurt my feelings", like the ass mongers that get all butt hurt when they cross dress and the person talking to them literally does not know wheter to call them Sir or Ma'am or whatever their bullshit words are to describe in between.
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    03-19-2019, 09:09 PM
    Effects of Propaganda and Brainwashing. It also shows why governments continue to use these tactics, which is because THEY WORK.
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    03-19-2019, 09:07 PM
    Raisins too! Lot of stuff they cant eat because its VERY toxic. One big thing to watch out for... oddly is GUM! A common sweetener in these sugar free gums is called Xylotol, and it WILL put a dog into seizures. Lot of people do not know that.
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    03-19-2019, 09:04 PM Well, its Russia. But make no mistake the way they are going is the SAME way as WE are going. But what is important is that controlling the flow of information is the primary reason we need the First Amendment. Its there to protect the Right of people to express the Controversial things, not the things everyone doesnt give a shit about.
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    03-19-2019, 07:50 AM
    Why? Because being gay has more impact on history than... oh, say, something like FREEDOM, or Taxation Without Representation, Marxism, yeah, being gay is so much more important. Whats important here is that it should be blatantly obvious that schools of ANY kind are no longer about Education, but obedience and thinking what students are told to think, thus, what is important is not Fiat Currencies or the significance of the Magna Carta, but wanting to go for a ride on the Baloney Pony. Think only about what you are told to think about, and nothing else. There is only one point of view, and that is the point of view of Authority. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Nightly Fear Report so you get all hysterical if Trump says something about "dont ask dont tell dont hump my leg" or some such nonsensory bullshit.
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    03-19-2019, 05:28 AM
    Yes they do. They have their own personalities and quirks and so many things that we can not even begin to understand because we cant "just ask" them. I think one learned leaving a bit of food a lot thru my interactions with them. I free-feed both of them in order to build Food Confidence. They eat dog food until they are full, and have learned to stop and control their own eating habits. I have done my best to make sure that neither one of my dogs ever had a fear of not knowing where the next meal is coming from. At dinner, I leave something on my plate and put some food down for both of them equally and fairly. They are both older dogs, and I think they may have learned to share with each other as a lot of dog behavioral problems come from food. They are brother and sister, so I couldnt breed them. They came from different litters so I dont really know if they know they are brother and sister, but one thing is for sure, they have bonded with each other.
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    03-19-2019, 03:54 AM Full article at link. --- So what happens when a fully armed T-800 shows up at your door foreclosing on your house for an outstanding payment of $0.03 cents on your very last payment? Bankers wet dream?
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    03-19-2019, 03:47 AM
    DamianTV replied to a thread Stocks: Market Crash Looming in Economy & Markets
    What could go wrong? ;) If wages and pay for Main Street went up at the same curve, perhaps people could pay the bills. But they arent. And Zipmonster ought be along shortly to throw some fluff our way about how it is and flat out lie to us as usual. So why are credit card balances continuing to go up up up? Because people are using credit cards to pay for their monthly expenses. Some recovery.
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    03-14-2019, 07:02 AM
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