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    Today, 08:07 AM
    Technically, I didn't start from my house. I made a few out of the way stops before that have nothing to do with My True Calling. How would I figure that up? For example, I took my son to the eye doctor to pick up his new glasses and then we passed the thrift store to grab a bite and then we went to the thrift store on the way home. I'm fairly certain the errands added about 10 miles to the drive.
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    Today, 07:52 AM
    1 John 1:7 (KJV) 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.
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    Today, 07:48 AM
    I was in the Navy when this beard ban came down. There were a lot of men that decided it was time to part ways and didn't re-up.
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    Today, 07:23 AM
    I woke up this morning to another sale. Yay! The girl didn't even try to bargain with me. She straight up paid my asking price. :cool: My asking price was very reasonable but I would've gone down a few bucks. Nine sales to go!!! I'm not counting the first sale because that happened last weekend. I count the new week starting Monday. I've made a little headway on my list for the week. Last night I managed to source two plus sized items - a beautiful red wool coat with a fur trimmed hood (reminded me of little red riding hood) and a nice bodysuit blouse (I love those things - your shirt stays neatly tucked). It's hard to find nice plus sized clothes second hand. I paid 2.25 for each item. They both look brand new. The coat is really cool because the hood is removable and you really get two totally different looks from the same coat. I would keep it if it fit me. I also found a fancy top. It wasn't plus sized but it was new with tags and retailed for 128.00. I thought it was worth a 2.25 gamble. My son was with me and tried to help but he has really bad taste in womens clothes. He was picking up hooker clothes. o_O He did find himself a new pair of Converse and a funky tie with a toaster on it. I still want to find 8 more Plus Sized items. I think I'll get it done Saturday. I'm riding intown with Mr A because he's cutting out early and taking me to an Atlanta United soccer game. I'll be near a few really good thrift stores and plan on doing some sourcing whilst he's getting his work done. I called our accountant and he said he would take me to lunch next week and discuss My True Calling. I suggested Pappadeaux but I couldn't get him to commit to it. I told him I was flexible on the restaurant but he'd have to woo me if he wants the business for My True Calling. He laughed and told me not to worry he'd take me somewhere with a bar. He doesn't drink and he's cheap and uptight. I like to watch him try not to laugh at my nonsense. I haven't put anything in my spreadsheet. That's gonna be a fiasco. I should probably get that done before my nerdy accountant lunch date.
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    Today, 07:17 AM
    Sailors tell the US Navy, 'We want beards' Associated Press JENNIFER McDERMOTT ,Associated Press•July 20, 2018 PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Now that women in the Navy can wear ponytails, men want beards.
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    Today, 07:13 AM
    13 dead after duck boat capsized on Table Rock Lake; 4 remain missing 13 dead after duck boat capsized on Table Rock Lake; 4 remain missing BY MAX LONDBERG, MATT CAMPBELL, LAURA BAUER AND JUDY L. THOMAS
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    Today, 06:31 AM
    Sadly, some that thought they were awoken never really were. And others have been hypnotized back to sleep.
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    Today, 05:51 AM
    How do we end Idiocracy? Or, do you know where the time masheen is located?
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    Today, 05:44 AM
    I get it - and I think Amash gets it, too. In the long view, Trump is doing the right thing here and Amash said as much. But I find it troubling how very few of us are acknowledging how "imperfect" his push for peace really is. Ron and Rand would have done the right thing, too, and would have received much of the same flavor of criticism, but the ensuing conversation would be MUCH different. The fact is this: Trump placated Russia in an obvious denial of the truth. Neither Ron nor Rand would have done that. Does Russia try to influence our elections? Of course they do. (notice I use "influence" or "meddle" and not the media's term, "interfere") All major nations try to influence elections in other countries. Hell, we have Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Asia to do that very thing! And that says nothing about our clandestine activities! The idea that Russia didn't try to influence us by sharing information is laughable. And yet, when given the opportunity to talk about this, he totally whiffed. If Obama would have done this, most of us would be able to recognize it. Amash is just giving us a reminder to take off the partisan blinders. Ron and Rand are choosing to ignore it for the larger picture - that it's better than trying to ramp up tensions like the media wants us to do.
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    Today, 05:40 AM
    ^^^^Great question!!^^^^ I think all B4L's questions are good.
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    Today, 05:19 AM
    Why would they need to prep for something that has already happened?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 02:18 AM
    Well, of course we just want people to die! --- Here's the thing. They claim they are making us safer. The definition of "safer" is as subjective as "good". They are offering a temporary decrease to risks from "terrorists" while increasing the risk that individuals will face from EVERY other type of faction that would use the information gathered for less than honorable means. Every single one of those group affiliations will cause harm to other individuals in many various forms, not all of which are physical, but all are done with a clear conscious that they are "doing the right thing". So make people safe by disabling peoples ability to protect themselves from government intrusions into their lives is only a temporary means due to the Turnkey Nature of Surveillance. When you get a political party into office that will have you dead because you are white or brown or the wrong religion or wrong political affiliation, that same Surveillance they used to temporarily "keep you safe" from groups of people the US itself armed and now defines as "enemy" will be used against the American People. Who watches the Watchmen?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 AM
    Have you ever been a member of the Lucky's Rewards Club? Do you have Amazon Prime :confused:
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    Today, 12:31 AM
    Why wouldn't they support it? Encryption isn't protected by the constitution. It's certainly not protected by the 2nd amendment. Although encryption has military use, it has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, and isnt protected.
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  • TheTexan's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 AM
    We need to ban encryption to save lives. Unless of course you just want people to die.
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    Yesterday, 11:57 PM
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    Yesterday, 11:45 PM
    Luckily for him, the Supreme Court that is being built will support these sorts of measures.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:43 PM
    Maybe not, but he can discuss classified info with other intelligence officers.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    LOL, how stoned is Joe Rogan during this interview :D
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    Yesterday, 10:59 PM
    Do you really want Senator Paul to be on record as to saying that he's visited this site? Think about the damage to his career that would cause.
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  • TheTexan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:57 PM
    If I had the chance to ask Rand a question, I would ask what Trump's favorite beverage is. Does Trump still drink a lot of Diet Coke or has he moved onto something else?
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:40 PM
    I would thank him for everything he has done and tell him how grateful I am that he is using his talents to further the cause of liberty even in the face of eminent danger to his personal safety and wish him and his family the best.
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    Yesterday, 10:13 PM There is no greater threat to the Status Quo than those people who can communicate unsurveilled and promote self conclusions.
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    Yesterday, 09:31 PM
    From both ends.
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    Yesterday, 09:18 PM
    Who's the biggest scumbag in the Senate? *I won't tell them you told me.
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    Yesterday, 08:59 PM
    I suspect that's why the strippers get mad at Danke, too. Good thinking.
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