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    Today, 07:50 PM
    The early response, surprisingly, seems to be split. They did a good job crafting that message. There are a lot of people - even on the left - that don't think they're getting the full story on Covid, but they have been shamed into not questioning it out loud. Maher gave them permission and it seems many of them are going for it. Even the negative comments aren't attacking him as I expected - it's more that they're saying his explanation was off on a few things and is incomplete. But it's not the all-out craziness we usually see. At least not yet - it may take them a day or two to be given their talking points on it. Once that happens, all bets are off. But for now, it seems we're enjoying a little eye-opening event. We should probably be thinking about how to get this to spiral... Getting a few more voices feeling liberated might help.
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    Today, 04:15 PM
    OK, now, seriously, enough is enough. I'll admit to some partisan backing of Trump, ok? But for fuck's sake, this hypocrisy has now gone too fucking far. If Trump had said this, the Marxist media organs around the world, would be calling for his head on a stick.
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    Today, 03:28 PM
    Hold on. Women are crazy? STOP THE PRESSES!!!
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    Today, 03:19 PM
    Lol. Yup, that's what you do. Cower, hide and run away. SMDH.
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    Today, 02:41 PM
    2030 seems incredibly early I think that things will head 90+% electric eventually, regardless of regulation or the lack thereof, but 2030? Nope.
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    Today, 01:53 PM
    Now you see why Biden was inserted. Trump (R), Fascist, initiated and rolled it out, hired Gates people, and funded the Global corps with my tax dollars, Biden gets the democrats on board with the program. Left, Right, march in lock-step.
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    Today, 01:20 PM
    Bus loads of antifa were dropped off by the Capitol.. many of the people who initially broke through the police lines were not Trump supporters - most Trump supporters were listening to the speech when this happened. By the time they got there, people were just being let in to the Capitol, and the Capitol protest was mostly peaceful after they started letting people in. Many of us here thought that they had too few police guarding the Capitol on purposes, and that it was a false flag setup by the left.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 PM
    Does Trump have to make a public statement? He offered to mobilize N.G. for any number of states to maintain law and order during the hooligans reign of terror. But, much like Nancy and the Capitol Sergeant-at-Arms state governors turned him down. To have had N.G. on standby that day would hardly be out of character. And who gives a damn about the bullshit Progressive/ DeepState impeachment agenda? It was a joke just like the Russian Collusion impeachment. And the actors that were the actual perpetrators participated in both.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 PM
    Biden, in his addlepated state, is an enemy of the Republic and the people. This move is just another indication of that. Joe Biden Overrules Staff Plan, Raises Refugee Inflow
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    Today, 12:12 PM
    You're spinning it to your narrative, so.... <shrug>.
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    Today, 11:29 AM
    And on and on it goes, amirite? All those other cases have to be parsed very closely, only because in this day and age if you show any form of aggression toward a cop with weapon of any kind, you're liable to get lit up, no questions asked. In all the stories of police abuse I post, I try as hard as I can to filter out any that could even remotely be construed as being a reasonable response toward a deadly threat. And there are enough of them to indicate a serious problem that we could have gotten in front of instead handing to the Marxist left on silver platter.
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    Today, 11:21 AM
    FWIW its says so in the very first line:
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 11:18 AM
    This goes right here as well... Biden Nears 100-Day Mark With Strong Approval, Positive Rating for Vaccine Rollout
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  • devil21's Avatar
    Today, 11:10 AM
    Just for sake of discussion since I didn't read all the articles, can you point to where it's ever mentioned that any Afghanistan withdrawal means they're coming home? I'm always reminded to listen to what they actually say, not what I think I want to hear. Perhaps Trump at some point said he's bringing them home but I didn't see that mentioned in what I read of the CFR's....err Biden's statements on Afghanistan.
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    Today, 10:56 AM
    I don't know if the stats in the OP are accurate but I hear about it often. My SO is pretty socially progressive (and fiscally conservative) and even she complains constantly about her 29 year old super-woke blond white female employee. According to the stories I hear, the super-woke is basically just a passive-aggressive narcissist who uses her super-woke status to bully others and avoid any criticisms of her own work and productivity. The other day, super-woke was receiving criticism from my SO about her lack of productivity. Super-woke immediately avoided the topic by accusing the C-level of the org, which my SO is a member of, of not being diverse enough and what does my SO plan to do about it? It was her immediate response to the direct criticism. These super-wokester females use it a defense mechanism to immediately switch their "opponent" to the defensive position, instead of themselves, so the wokester never has to address their own shortcomings and just skates along. I don't think they really even care about equality or the other buzzwords. It's just a defense mechanism for the extreme narcissism that social media has successfully cultivated in that demographic group.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 10:12 AM
    The only “national defense” I would advocate is against statists like you. But, to save a tax dime, enter my property, I can demonstrate what property rights really mean. No ICE, DHS, or Wall necessary ;-) Trump “sent by God” my ass.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 10:00 AM
    Perhaps the study needs more study. In my experience, many a “conservative white women” are equally as Mentally Ill, kicking and screaming for the likes of Romney 2012, chanting Trump was “sent by God”, and chastise me in front of everybody at committee meetings when I call for an end to TSA, state that Operation Warp speed is a Gates agenda, and more Debt and Police State Apparatus are implemented during Republican administrations. They view me as a liberal plant, and refuse to even glance at the On the Records that I take the time to compile, print and pass out - they end up balled up and thrown into the garbage can. That’s my 12 year study. And it is sound.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 09:58 AM
    This news isn't 'new.' Trump wasn't "backing" over anyone. Trump was an 'law and order' POTUS. Given the propensity of the deep state for false flags and agent provocateurs it was a good call. One that Pelosi turned down.
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    Today, 09:51 AM
    Nicely done! That is some professional-level Compliance. Learn something new every day.
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  • TheTexan's Avatar
    Today, 09:46 AM
    Cops generally don't ask people to strip anymore. Though I suppose if they did, it would provide a conundrum: how do you take off your pants, without making it look like you are reaching for a weapon in your pants? In this scenario, the best compliance in this case would be to keep your hands in the air regardless of the command. Eventually you will be beaten for non-compliance, but you will probably be alive. Interesting predicament, I wonder what societal factors would lead to such a bizarre situation.
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  • TheTexan's Avatar
    Today, 09:32 AM
    The 13 yo boy complied way too quickly. He executed the "hands in the air" and "turn around" moves simultaneously (bad idea), and did so in a fraction of a second (another bad idea). This isn't to excuse the Officer, but in no way can it be compared to Kyle's very calm walking with his hands in the air and rifle slinged on his back. Kyle clearly has attended one of my Compliance 101 courses. Adam Toledo unfortunately, did not.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 09:26 AM
    "The Eugenics Crusade," a two-hour documentary written and directed by Michelle Ferrari, tells the largely unknown story of America's quest to breed healthy babies — the impulse to perfect humanity — beginning in the late 19th century. By the mid-1920s, eugenics was mainstream and codified by laws that restricted immigration and allowed for the sterilization of tens of thousands of American citizens deemed to be "morons," "unfit," or poor, illiterate or promiscuous. As the film narrates, in Buck v. Bell, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a Virginia statute in 1927 that permitted the forced (without consent) sterilization of those deemed unfit and a burden to society if they procreated. It was a "fake" case, actually; the attorney representing Carrie Buck was hired by and took orders from attorneys for the Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and the Feebleminded. This institution created this test case to insure they could continue to carry out their policies and procedures to purify populations. This decision by the Supreme Court has never been overturned and still stands. In fact, forced sterilization is permitted in half the states in America by laws that have not been challenged or overturned. . .
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    Today, 09:26 AM
    Another pro-tip, when an Officer issues you a command, stop what you are doing, take a brief moment to pause, and then slowly put your hands in your air. The command could be "drop the weapon" and still the very first thing you should do is pause, and put your hands in the air. Then pause again, and only after that, do you drop the weapon. This is considered best practice amongst my other colleagues who teach Compliance 101 courses. There is some debate as to whether kneeling down should actually be the first move to comply.
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    Today, 08:45 AM
    white su·prem·a·cy noun the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, in particular black or Jewish people. I would however redefine it as: the belief that white people constitute a superior race and will therefore naturally dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, through no intentional fault of their own.
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