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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Today, 10:51 AM
    You're a Biden/Hillary/Obama voter who is paid to post on RPF, so it's ironic you would make that comment. I've seen you people on another website doing that same thing you do on RPF. I am sure you're elsewhere because paid posting is common (e.g., You people see information as a sort of battleground. No, one person might not make a difference, but it's the accumulation of all this paid posting and information that makes the difference.
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  • phill4paul's Avatar
    Today, 10:20 AM
    My understanding is that the purpose of the XL brings the pipe closer to the Bakken and Pierre fields and the refineries in that area.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 09:47 AM
    Excuse? Really? Gutless would be giving himself a pardon of which he did not. Easy enough to sit in your Ivory Tower and point fingers eh? For over four years this man has taken on more threats of prosecution and persecution than most and you call him gutless? SMDH
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 09:34 AM
    Galatians 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:56 AM
    God damn it, will you people please post a fucking summary paragraph in your OPs??!! For fuck's sake...
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:54 AM
    Here is a good thumbnail of what the accord is and does.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 08:46 AM
    As requested by jmdrake Paris Climate Agreement January 20, 2021 • Statements and Releases ACCEPTANCE ON BEHALF OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I, Joseph R. Biden Jr., President of the United States of America, having seen and considered the Paris Agreement, done at Paris on December 12, 2015, do hereby accept the said Agreement and every article and clause thereof on behalf of the United States of America.
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 08:45 AM
    January 21, 2021 Article:
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  • PAF's Avatar
    Today, 08:30 AM
    Free-market, property rights, have little say in the matter. The "plandemic" has been long in the making and is key to transforming the world. Regardless of political leanings and who "holds office", lobbyists (oil, green energy, big-pharm, big-tech, etc.) all need to be expelled/made illegal, which we know will never happen, before talk of The People's personal rights/freedom can begin. Perhaps the oil "lobby" didn't have enough weight to go against the Gates and Schwabs of the world - oil is way down:
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    Today, 07:28 AM
    2049 Nation cheers inclusivity as first avowed cannibal is selected to head the Environmental Protection Agency
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  • osan's Avatar
    Today, 06:05 AM
    I've had an idea kicking around in my head going on nearly thirty years, that of the formal algebraic definition and subsequent proof of the concept of "equality" as it applies to the interrelationships between individual human beings. The inauguration of the frauds Biden and Harris have lead to my being so rudely awakened at 4 AM by my nagging brain which so abruptly and forcefully shouted at my unconscious self that the time for this is suddenly upon us. Years ago I formulated the Canon of Proper Human Relations, which deals directly with the idea of what it means in point of objective fact for people to be "equal". It is, however, a very informal specification, lacking any formal proof of validity, relying instead on its intuitive obviousness for its power. While the underlying logic is valid, so far as I am able to tell, because of its lack of mathematical formalilty and therefore the absence of a formal proof of said validity, it can be attacked by opponents with success. Humans, being what we tend, are readily swayed with the most inanely fallacious reasonings imaginable. Truly I say that the effectiveness of the most rank idiocies that accord with the innermost desires of given individuals that lay contrary to truths they for which they do not care, has been almost universally staggering. The current state of the so-called "left" is all the example anyone should need to prove with blunt and brutal force the dolorous extent and manner of this truth. The production of a mathematically rigorous definition, using a property-oriented algebraic spefication language such as ASL, SPECTRE, and so forth, plus the formal proof of the definition's validity, could go a very long way toward sealing off the invalid, yet emotionally compelling avenues of denial that people use to deny truths they find inconvenient or otherwise objectionable. The motivations for such corruptions of thought, opinion, and expression may be manifold, but they are nonetheless irrelevant, constituting noise in the stream of valid logic that in this case would lead humanity to a deep truth upon which all may rely as a vital cognitive anchor. Staunching the flow of politically motivated stupidity could in theory provide immense benefit to humanity and I will assert with non-equivocation that a vast plirality of our outward corruptions of thought and opinion on such maters stems from the various incorrect notions that people hold regarding the idea of "equality".
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    Today, 05:08 AM
    Honesty. It's so rare these days. Greenwald is that rare leftist that is not swayed by feelings, but looks at the facts. Whatever you think of his politics, he's a treasure.
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  • TheTexan's Avatar
    Today, 04:45 AM
    Bernie lives matter
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 02:44 AM
    Yeah, trouble is we still have to live in the same world as them. In all seriousness, what do we do when better than 20% of our population is flat out BRAINWASHED by the Radicalized MSM when we are literally SILENCED?
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Today, 02:27 AM
    Another good take on the whole censorship issue.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:49 PM
    Well, left, since antifa are just "anti-fascists", I guess that makes Biden a fascist, by definition, right?
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  • TheCount's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 PM
    Why do you assume that he cared about Assange in the first place?
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:08 PM
    This is exactly the kind of denial, or maybe just niavete, that's landed us in the position we're currently in. Liberty advocates really need to learn better.
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  • TheCount's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:51 PM
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  • TheCount's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:32 PM
    Oh wow, that'll show 'em
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    If they are known to be Leftists, the Left will of course let them trash anything that belongs to people that even moderately lean to the right. --- I was having a conversation with someone about what "Privilege" we really have. The REAL Privilege of the Right is having a FUNCTIONAL SOCIETY where everyone has an Opportunity to succeed and thrive in life. But when you introduce the Welfare Warfare paradigm plus all the rest of the shit they attack us with, like Non Gender Binary Pronoun language now REQUIRED BY LAW in all bills, and stupid shit like that, you end up with a bunch of morons with their hands out. When Rome fell, the people were still running around DEMANDING Bread and Circuses. But we are ALL bad racist people who hate anyone who has a "different skin color" and are LITERALLY calling for us to be sent to REEDUCATION CAMPS? Oh and if you voted for Trump and went to Harvard, they now want to REVOKE YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE because of Political Affiliation?
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