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    01-14-2017, 08:03 AM
    /sigh et tu Suzanimal?
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    01-14-2017, 07:28 AM
    We should have a RPF backpacking trip or camp out somewhere around Blue Ridge, Georgia.
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    01-09-2017, 07:36 PM
    Seems like for $12 billion a year we could get better security. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/10/washington/10identity.html
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    01-09-2017, 06:50 PM
    Sounds like this is a Bush era department? Or at most, very end of Clinton era? If that's the case and Obama didn't replace the Bush appointees until the end of his first and on into his second term, this sounds like much ado about nothing. How did we ever get by for the previous 50+ years when our Nuclear arsenal was even larger?
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    01-07-2017, 07:37 AM
    This guy claims he was threatened by Alefantis for making a "KILL ROOM FOUND" video. https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@gizmosia/james-alefantis-threatens-kill-room-finder-breaking-news
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    01-07-2017, 06:34 AM
    I mean, you'd think by the way everyone is acting, these "Russian Hackers" bribed/blackmailed or otherwise manipulated people in the media to favor one candidate over the other by always giving them positive news coverage and trashing the other person running. Or maybe leaking debate questions to one candidate and not the other...
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    01-03-2017, 10:32 AM
    At least have the courtesy to inform those around you that you may have a communicable virus/disease so they can stay away and disinfect the area when you leave. Fortunately, I can work from home, and in fact have been, pretty much non-stop since 8 AM Jan 1 with the exception of sleep and eating. Also, maybe I'm wrong, but if you work outside you're probably ok to come to work with some sort of bug because nature has a way of dealing with such things, but in an enclosed office environment those controls aren't there. I've seen times when 30% of my office building was out with the flu. For some reason, I don't typically get the flu. I've had it maybe twice in 40 years and i don't do the flu shot, but if there's a stomach bug going around, I'm going to get it and I'm pretty good about washing my hands.
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    01-03-2017, 08:37 AM
    Or you could wait until the go to the shitter and turn the lights out in the bathroom while they're in the stall. Not that I've ever done that or anything.
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    01-03-2017, 08:35 AM
    I used to work with a guy that would do that shit. He'd show up with the flu and the next thing you know over half of my team would be out with it. We get 1 day a month of sick leave but it counts towards retirement if you don't take it, so people just come in sick so they can retire early. He retired early and died within 3 years of lung cancer oddly enough. He was a good guy and I miss him but that shit got old. My boss started making him go home. I do enjoy yelling shit over the cube walls like 'Go home you sick fucker!' and chasing them around with disinfectant. No one has ever said anything to me about cursing at the plague-bringers, I guess they feel the same way. I've got kids and my wife works at a school so we're always getting stomach viruses and colds, etc. They sent one kid home from school because he had a fever and his grandmother brought him back the next day and said there was nothing wrong with him. I guess she had shit to do that didn't involve him. He was out the next day with Strepp throat. His teacher texted my wife the day before Christmas and said that she had it now and had to cancel her family Christmas. It's fucking selfish and inconsiderate. I understand if you've got a cough and no fever, but if you're sitting at your keyboard sweating, sneezing and coughing, go the fuck home, asshole.
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    01-02-2017, 05:43 PM
    He's already been asked that and said he would not. He's given some cues to it being Seth Rich but I doubt he'll say anything else. His word is his bond and if he breaks it, whistle blowers won't trust Wikileaks in the future.
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    01-01-2017, 10:05 AM
    That’s no sun…it’s a space station.
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    12-27-2016, 07:00 AM
    83D chess.
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    12-26-2016, 07:06 AM
    FunkBuddha replied to a thread Raising Fish in Freedom Living
    I've got a few catfish living out in my workshop. I can't say that I'm raising them though because I've killed (23) way more than I've harvested (0). The 7 I have left should be of spawning age this spring so I'm curious to see what happens. I have a big bucket in the bottom of the tank they like to hang out in. I also think I keep the water too clean for them. I may get some trout fingerlings in the spring and see if I can raise them. They prefer the cleaner water and can tolerate the colder temps.
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    12-23-2016, 03:19 PM
    This kills me. I could watch it for hours.
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    12-23-2016, 11:27 AM
    I think you can turn on file and object tracking in the local security policy and that will do the trick. It's been a while though.
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    12-22-2016, 10:22 AM
    Best advice I can give for an aspiring alcoholic, find a good, reasonably priced bottle of your favorite poison and don't ever drink anything better. Another piece of advice, along with your good bottle, keep a slightly lower quality bottle on hand. Switch to that after one or two glasses and keep the good bottle hid when company comes over. GlenLivet 12 or 18 for the good stuff and big bottle of Dewar's for the company. And Jack Daniels if you please, knock me to my knees. You're the only friend, that has ever been, that didn't do me wrong. Jack Daniels on the rocks will never leave you hung over and if you have chest congestion, nothing else will make you cough up the phlegm like a couple of ounces over the rocks.
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    12-20-2016, 03:45 PM
    Well, she does kill people...
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