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    Today, 01:37 PM more and links at article
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    Today, 12:20 PM
    My favorite...and what will happen in the end.
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    Today, 11:56 AM
    Wahhhhh. Yellow journalism is alive and well. William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer II would be proud.
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    Today, 11:41 AM
    Government gives the other beggars in their mega churches a permit and they make millions so those are these people's role models.
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    Today, 11:06 AM
    I believe the naysayers are in for a big surprise. Spot lights are beaming on the cockroaches and a sleeping giant will awake.
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    Today, 09:08 AM
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    Today, 08:36 AM
    If Trump wins there will be riots, if Hillary wins there will be Wacos. and maybe WW3.
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    Today, 07:21 AM
    if trump somehow wins yes if as likely she wins no
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    Today, 07:05 AM
    She is spending the night below a glass ceiling. Maybe she will whack her head on it and pass out.
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    Yesterday, 10:22 PM
    You are mixing up two unrelated incidents - one in which Trump describes being able to do stuff with women, and another where he was not (rebuffed as you said). Clearly he was not referring to this incident when he was referring to doing things to women, and they let him do it, because she did not let him do it. Not to mention, at least half of these allegations have been found to be dubious at minimum and quite possibly entirely faked or lied about. The man across the isle on the airplane came out and said the lady was all over him, she was flirting with him, he thought she "wanted to marry him" and Trump had to go to the bathroom to get a break from her.. She is simply an attention whore. Women throw themselves at men all the time, and they do things like touch without prior consent all the time because they know they are going to get it after - so if you say it is always wrong for men because they might be wrong sometimes, you HAVE to say the same thing about women.. In the unusual event the guy doesn't consent after, the guy understands because 99% of the time he realizes that he was leading her on to think she would be able to do something like that because rarely do women ever start out with that, it is something you gauge.. women like attention, so sometimes they will receive inappropriate attention and it escalates and they realize that they should have done something earlier, but they were caught up with their ego. You see, usually these things don't just start with a grope. If they do, and the grope is in an area like the breast or genitals then it can be assault. If a women says no in a serious tone and tries to stop the man physically and he pushes forward with more groping then that can be assault. But we have no evidence that Trump ever did these things, even with his statements. With Trump's locker room talk, even though it may have sounded that way we aren't necessarily talking about Trump just walking up to some random girl he doesn't know and doing it, these very well could be descriptions of what occurs eventually after they have spent at least a short time together so it is presumptuous to think otherwise when there isn't really any hard evidence for it.
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    Yesterday, 09:52 PM
    Ahhhh man that's a long ways away from airing..
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    Yesterday, 09:26 PM
    So it sounds like if I have my own system-level proxy that does not slow me down at all, then I can use this browser with out engaging ITS proxy, and thus have all the protection with none of the slowdown.
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    Yesterday, 04:42 PM
    More horse shit.. Sorry, that doesn't fly. That is called playing the "whore card". If you don't want somebody to make advances on you, then you say NO. PERIOD. If you don't say no because you think you might have something to gain, then you are being a whore. I have no problem with that, it is what it is.. The fact is hot women can get what they want from men, they have tons of advantages in life, we don't need people like you giving them even more advantages and more power than they already have, they usually don't really have the mind or the skills to deserve it except that they are fun to have sex with. I didn't see that in the video, but if what you are saying is correct then you are right - a lot of women will allow men to advance sexually and then stop them at some point. That is totally normal and natural. Clearly if they are allowing it to happen without giving a clear "No" in a serious tone, or pushing them away then they are consenting.
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    Yesterday, 04:09 PM
    What a bunch of horse shit. I let the government steal my taxes because if I don't, then there is the threat of violence against me. These women did not insinuate that Trump threatened violence against them, so this comparison is totally bogus and has no merit.
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  • dannno's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:03 PM
    Ok, first of all, you're mixing up two completely opposite scenarios - she pushed his arm away, and that is what is called "NOT letting someone do something". So that was not consensual. Trump said they let him do it, so that would be the opposite of what happened here. For a conviction against Bill Clinton here, I would need some more context, what happened before and after, audio would be helpful and a description of the events by both parties. A prosecution would be unlikely, because from what I can tell he went to grope her, she pushed him away immediately and he stopped. These type of scenarios are difficult because a lot of women like men who are forward and confident and they are rewarded with sex. Other women don't like it, or don't like it from certain guys, but there is no way to tell until you try it. If women as a whole are really against this type of behavior, then they need to come together and decide that it isn't ok and stop rewarding guys with sex who are aggressive, because right now being confident and forward is one of the best ways for men to get laid. If women want this behavior to end, then they need to do two things - stop rewarding guys with sex who are aggressive and start being more sexually aggressive with guys who are not. Overnight, pretty much every guy would stop being sexually aggressive because they know it won't get them laid.
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    Yesterday, 02:13 PM
    donnay replied to a thread Prayer Needed in Open Discussion
    That brought tears to my eyes. I had a similar experience with my Dad and it literally changed my life. Great scripture. God is GREAT!!
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    Yesterday, 12:37 PM
    What the hell are you talking about?? He specifically said they let him do it. If a woman lets a man kiss her or something, then it's called consensual. If you disagree, then humanity as a whole is too spontaneous for you, maybe you should hide under a rock.
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    Yesterday, 12:08 PM
    torchbearer replied to a thread >>>>hold!!!<<<< in Ron Paul Forum
    I would have said there were 2 million of us because that is how many votes Ron got during the primary, but in reality only about 400,000 people in this country truly want liberty and have the understanding to seek it. that is about 12/100ths of 1 percent.
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    Yesterday, 11:55 AM
    torchbearer replied to a thread >>>>hold!!!<<<< in Ron Paul Forum
    Electoral College map done with State by State polling, current on 10-26-2016. Note- Clinton had 272 electoral votes before swing states.
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    Yesterday, 09:23 AM
    donnay replied to a thread Prayer Needed in Open Discussion
    Those photos are beautiful--what a beautiful couple and family. Much love sent your way. 2 Corinthians 1:3 - 1:4 (KJV) 3 Blessed God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; 4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. Matthew 5:4 (KJV) Blessed they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
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    Yesterday, 09:15 AM
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    Is it not acceptable to theorize (based on the hundreds of years of history of Roman Catholic persecution) about who might be the victims of that persecution today? If not, then I won't do it. But just remember....Jews, Atheists, and Christians were all victims of this tyranny.
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    Can you name anyone else off the top of your head?
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    That's cool, I am also. We are pretty uncommon here.
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