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    Today, 05:40 AM
    Vehicles are seriously overpriced, which effects abuse of consumers by creditors under a guise of the dealership providing their customers with steals of deals. Then by the time the loan is finally paid the owner finds themselves shelling out large repair bills for their overly complex computer/sensor driven vehicle that requires specialty mechanics to work on it, using specially designed tools just do simple things like change the coolant, while constantly having to spend $550 here or $300 there to repair entire mechanisms all because a little plastic clip or guide broke or because a connector is malfunctioning.
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    Today, 05:18 AM
    Naw, just more ass kicking, much more:
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    Today, 04:25 AM
    When a person's truth is relative, who really gives a crap what they pledge--for their promises hold all the value of a penny.
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    Today, 02:34 AM
    Boy howdy! I seem to have found that "basket of deplorables" that Killary was ranting about last year... 898969341907140608
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    Today, 02:17 AM
    Harvey Weinstein + Georgina Chapman ===
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    Yesterday, 08:01 PM
    I think they knew it would stir people up and get the exact reaction we see on this thread.... that "nobody is taking my bacon and cigarettes!!!!11" reaction. :o That mindset reminds me a lot of my dad, who died a couple years ago of cancer/diabetes/congestive heart failure.
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    Yesterday, 04:46 PM
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    Yesterday, 12:22 PM
    I suspect the real cause of so much cancer is the radio active stuff that comes from all of those nuclear bomb tests they did.
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    Yesterday, 07:29 AM
    To hell with all these people telling me what to eat. Eat what you like, or don't. Leave me out of it.
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    05-24-2018, 08:29 PM
    If governments are truly so great and wonderful, why cannot they even keep their "brown" straight on such matters that should be an agreeable cakewalk among all parties involved, such as promoting the NPT?
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    05-24-2018, 08:08 PM
    Say, this raises a very concerning point, why is there no field for this (state and local taxes) as a deduction provided for on the 1040-set of IRS forms? I really doubt most people actually deduct this from their federal taxes due. (And reciprocally this rule ought to apply also to whatever state income taxes due.) Also, as an additional thought the interest accrued on all federal monies withheld throughout the year on individual and like withholdings should be credited to the taxpayer towards their taxes due or as a refund--this is literally free money the federal government is stealing from every taxpayer each year, in the sum of hundreds to thousands of dollars.
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    05-24-2018, 02:24 PM
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    05-24-2018, 01:22 AM
    You know, I was going to write out a reply to this, but there's just way too much to get into. Whole books have been written on this topic, so it's not something that we can adequately cover in a few paragraphs. I mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. There was a big division in early Christianity, between vegetarians and meat eaters. There is plenty of very compelling evidence that Jesus' brother James and a number of the disciples were vegetarian. Since the student can't be greater than the master, I think it would be very odd if Jesus was not a vegetarian, and I believe that for a number of reasons. You may think this is crazy, but it is argued that certain passages were inserted in order to portray Jesus as carnivorous. That wouldn't surprise me at all, especially when the Bible itself states that lying scribes changed things. And when you consider that the heart of God – a heart of love, mercy and compassion – does not go along with putting ones tastebuds first, above the life of an animal who wants to live. But again, there's way too much to this topic, and we are already way way way off the original topic.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-24-2018, 12:48 AM
    Swordsmyth, you're much smarter than this. Let's make this as simple as possible. Which one of these is more demonic: a) exploitation, violence, torture and killing, for selfish reasons… Or b) loving, valuing, and protecting all life? Please answer honestly.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-24-2018, 12:43 AM
    Swordsmyth, I've noticed that you are either ignoring or quickly glossing over numerous points I've brought up, but then you keep throwing up the same handful of scriptures that meat eaters always use. If you're not going to take much time to address the things I've said, then I'm not going to take the time to go over each of these points you brought up. There are certain things that are undeniable. God commands us to be merciful. God commands us to love and treat others the way we want to be treated. You can argue that he meant that only for humans… But God created the animals too, they live here with us. We treat our dogs and cats like members of our family, we love and cherish them. Why would you apply love, kindness and the golden rule to your beloved dog, but not to another animal who is equally as intelligent and emotional? The Bible states that God's mercy extends to all creation. So why do we limit our mercy only to cats and dogs?
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-24-2018, 12:35 AM
    I'm sure you know that it's logical fallacy to dismiss a claim based on a person who states it. And that was just one example, the article talks about a number of early Christians who wrote the same thing, including Josephus and others. Not to get too off topic here, but many people do not know that there was a big division in early Christianity, between vegetarians and meat eaters. We know who won out. But again, we're getting into other topics… And since this originally was a thread on eggs, I'm not going to get into all that here and now.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-24-2018, 12:18 AM
    We're really not though. In fact, that may the reason (or one of the reasons) that after the flood, the lifespan of man went down from several hundreds of years, to only 120 years, and then down from there. And now, things like cancer, heart disease and other illnesses are near epidemics… We are clearly not living the way we should be living. Perhaps we should go back to how God originally designed us? Also, here's a video to watch:
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 11:40 PM
    Do you really believe that God would endorse killing and meat-eating shortly after saying the exact opposite? God does not change, if He designed us to live in peace and harmony and nonviolence… Why assume that all the sudden he did a complete turnaround? First of all, it was an offering or gift, not quite the same thing as the animal sacrifices you have mind. Secondly, the word that you are hinging your entire argument on, the word translated as "fat", does not automatically mean what you (and many others who grew up eating meat) assume it means. I'm going to post an excerpt from an article on this passage, and I will bold some of the pertinent parts. However, some early Christians such as the Montanists apparently thought Abel offered the dairy products of his flock: In the second century the African Montanists were sometimes called the "Artotyrites" because they added cheese, instead of wine, to the bread in the Eucharist on the ground that the Aquarii, and first men offered the fruits both of the earth and of their flocks (Gen. iv. 3, 4).
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 10:44 PM
    That is one study, I could show you hundreds of studies that show meat is linked to numerous health problems. Also keep in mind that many of those "studies" which say animal products are healthy are funded by those very industries. Also, it should be pointed out that the protein or other nutrients that you can get from animal flesh you can also get from much healthier, cruelty-free plant-based foods. In fact, that is where the dead animal got his protein from… Plants. So you're getting those nutrients second-hand. Why not just cut out the middleman and go straight to the original source? I know the answer to that. :) Because we all grew up eating hamburgers, steaks, etc.… And we love those things, and it is extremely hard – incomprehensible, even – to consider giving those things up. But actually, it is not hard at all when you have that lightbulb "aha" moment after seeing the reality of what the animals go through. The horror of it, to the point of it being almost diabolical. And what for? Not for survival, but to satisfy our selfish personal desires.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 10:30 PM
    No, that is contradictory and nonsensical. God did not design us to be omnivores when the first chapter of the first book of the Bible clearly states that our original diet and way of living was plant-based, peaceful and non-violent. It has been said that the fallen angels (written about in Genesis 6 and in several extra-biblical texts) taught man to eat animal flesh. If that is true, then the origin of meat eating is demonic. Think about this…. Why would God design creations that he loves only to be brutally and selfishly eaten by another one of his creations? If God originally designed animals to be food, why would he create them with the ability to think, feel, love, have families and enjoy life? Do you really think that a loving God would create beings with the ability to feel pain and suffering… if he meant for them to be killed as food? That would be sadistic, completely cruel and devilish. No, we were not originally created as omnivores. Genesis 1 makes that perfectly clear.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 10:20 PM
    What pre-flood Scriptures are you referring to in your claim that they were sacrificing animals? Genesis 9 has a few different interpretations, but that could be a topic in and of itself. God permits many things in this fallen world that he does not like and were never part of his original design/intent. Divorce, for example. Polygamy. And many other things. Here are some things that can't be denied: 1) God's original design was for us to be herbivores and live in peace and harmony with the animals.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 09:55 PM
    That's not what I was objecting to in that post. I was objecting to his claim that God designed us to be omnivores. It could be debated that we evolved to be omnivores (I'm not saying I believe that, I'm saying that the argument could be made)...but the claim that we were originally designed to be omnivores is what I was arguing against. BTW, Swordsmyth is more than capable of handling himself. I don't want to be rude but it's not necessary for you to reply for him. :) Especially if you misunderstand my points and what I'm arguing.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 09:38 PM
    Desires? That's ironic, because it seems to me that many Christians are twisting God's heart and character, all because of their fleshly desires for things they love to eat and can't ever imagine giving up… (putting their stomach and desires above all else) even if it means supporting cruelty, torture and the animal industries' complete disregard for God's creation.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 09:32 PM
    Where? If you're going to make a claim, be specific. Are you denying that the word 'meat' used in the King James version simply means food?
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 09:30 PM
    Oh my gosh, you're being so needlessly argumentative. Let me say this again, in a different way. My point was that the idea that meat is healthy comes from a lie.... A lie we've been told for many, many years. That's really the bottom line. I also said that that lie was in the government food pyramid, which now pretty much everyone knows is a joke. So what? Do you disagree with that? Now if you want to extrapolate that into this, that or the other, go ahead, but the main point was that it is a long-standing lie. It's clear to me that you are just being argumentative and accusatory… Because for some reason this issue is very, very personal for you.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 09:10 PM
    I hope you're not thinking that the word meat in Genesis 1 means animal flesh. The word "meat" originally meant food, and that is why in most translations it says food. God's heart is and always has been for peace and harmony among all living beings, love, gentleness, respect for life. Not a brutal, selfish, bloody slaughterhouse in paradise. So to even imply otherwise is absurd. Keeping sheep doesn't mean that they're killing and eating them. If that's what you think, then you are adding on to the text. God did not permit meat eating until after the flood, and even that is something that can be interpreted in different ways that, but that's another topic.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 08:56 PM
    I didn't say that that was his argument, I was merely saying that his idea that meat is healthy comes from the lie we've been told, which was in that food pyramid.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 08:54 PM
    Why give rep for a demonstrably false statement? God's original design is clear in Genesis 1, we were herbivores in the beginning. This is not even debatable, even mainstream meat eating Christian scholars will tell you that.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 08:51 PM
    No, that is absolutely false. Genesis 1:29–30 clearly states that God originally created us all (animals and humans) as herbivores. God defined food in chapter 1 of the first book of the Bible to be fruits and vegetables and food from the ground, not meat! Meat eating did not come till much later, and only due to the depravity that God gave us over to in this fallen world
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  • Weston White's Avatar
    05-23-2018, 08:42 PM
    Well, humans are mammals; and the legal definition of a human is a human animal. ...But, certainly, Congress should still pass the All People are Angel-cakes and Sweetie-pies Act (hereby to be known as: APASA) that will certainly protect everyone's sensitive feelings and other mushy stuffs.
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    Please stop trying to "out" Erowe1. Let it go.
  2. I know. Like I said I was going to yank your chain but realized that in the current circumstances it would be bad taste even for me.
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    At least until every county or so willingly decided to submit to Christ, which I think will happen eventually because I'm a postmillennialist.
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    I wish things were a lot more local too. I'm really not looking for a country of 300 million at all. I think that's too big. Those who didn't want to live by Christian law could live somewhere else and choose God's judgment over his blessings.
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    And while I do believe the BIble requires civil authorities to punish homosexuality, and with death as the maximum penalty, I don't think it would be legitimate even for the government to just round up people in a gay bar.

    My reasons on the bearing arms bit are much closer to yours (resistance against tyranny.)
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    To be perfectly clear, I absolutely oppose vigilantism. I know you were joking around but I just want you to be clear on where I stand.
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    Will you kindly give a tongue lashing to the racist of the board, AmericanSpartan? Thank you. I'd like to see it.
  8. Sorry, but you have failed. That verse does not contain the words "Grace is irresistible." You can interpret it that way, but that's not what the verse says. You had to admit there was "relational language" in the Bible. Yet you have stuck to your guns that there isn't a verse that says "Have a relationship with Jesus." Likewise there is no verse that says "Grace is irresistible." If you were honest you would simply admit that. But you aren't honest.
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    Acts 13:48
    And when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord, and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.
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How Ron Paul could smack down Iran critics

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:34 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
Ron needs to quit playing defense and go on offense. It's not enough to say "the Soviet Union was worse than Iran." If he could point out the following documented facts it would shut the naysayer up for good or at least make them back-peddle.

1) In 2003 Iran was the only Muslim country to help us fight and remove the Taliban from power.

See: Jane's Defense Weekly India joins anti-Taliban coalition. "India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA

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The new bill of rights.

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:33 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
This parody is an attempt to "rewrite" the bill of rights in keeping with the current application by our criminal government. Original text will be in italics followed by a list of possible options.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government

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Federal Reserve advised gold standard for Russia

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:32 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
I ran across this information by accident (providence?) while looking for something else. The first link is an essay from Jude Wanniski who went with fed governor Wayne Angell to Moscow right after the collapse of the soviet union. Note that Angell advocated the new Russia to go to a gold backed currency! The second link is an online Google book from the Mises institute that talks about the same essay. I've excerpted the essay bellow. (It's too long to post directly). It's interesting to note

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Washington Post 2002 : The U.S. pushed jihad on Afghan schoolchildren.

by jmdrake on 09-13-2011 at 01:15 PM
Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad
Violent Soviet-Era Textbooks Complicate Afghan Education Efforts

By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, March 23, 2002; Page A01

In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

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