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    Today, 10:16 AM
    How far back can they track in terms of years?
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    Today, 05:52 AM
    So the photo that non-interventionists have used to show what life was like under the pro-Soviet government that the U.S. under president Jimmy Carter undermined by supporting jihadists is now being used to promote interventionism? :confused:
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    Today, 04:56 AM
    Notice that "passing laws that hold police accountable when an innocent person is killed" isn't on the list.
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    Today, 04:46 AM
    LOL. Bannon (who isn't racist) is out. Racists went wild in Charlottesville. Trump it pumping war in Afghanistan, with North Korea, he bombed Syria, and he's threatening freaking Venezuela. Our best hope for liberty is now for Rand to primary Trump in 2020.
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    Today, 04:42 AM
    ^ This. ^ and this. *yawn*
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    Today, 04:39 AM
    Not sure who is more deplorable at this point. Before Alex went trumpalumpa he was cool.
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    Today, 04:35 AM
    ^This. When Tom Metzger advocated violence against blacks, and praised a skinhead who carried out the deed, he was ultimately held responsible and should have been. "Yo Vinnie....send out a press conference that I wish the judge and prosecutor in the case against me are assassinated and if it is done I'm sure the family of the person who did the deed will be greatly rewarded somehow."
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    Today, 04:24 AM
    :rolleyes: 1) Trump's Afghan speech is a complete betrayal of anyone who thought he might be non-interventionist and to try to find some "silver lining" from it is wishful thinking. 2) The media has not stopped talking about white supremacy. 3) Trump's Arizona speech erased any goodwill he was getting from the media based on their love affair with war from his Afghan speech. 4) The Bundy standoff has never been successfully tied to white supremacy.
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    Today, 04:03 AM
    Thanks for the silver lining in all of the war clouds.
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    Today, 04:01 AM
    I'm not a bitcoin user so I pose this question in ignorance. What's to stop me from having, say, 1000 digital wallets and cashing them out on different exchanges? I'm guess then subpoenas aren't triggered for small transactions, or else the gubmit would have to subpoena everything.
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    Today, 03:50 AM
    Yeah Thomas Massie! (See 3:05 in).
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    Today, 03:44 AM
    Enough said.
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    Today, 03:34 AM
    Seriously. I have the cash in hand. Go for it. Here are the parameters. Pointing out that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization that kills millions of babies is neither racist nor anti-woman, especially considering that most women support restrictions on abortion. Posting articles written by non-whites who fled radical Islam that there is a problem with radical Islam is not racist. I disagree with the "We can't let Muslims in the country" because that is a fear reaction to what should be a faith issue. (Do you have faith in the power of the gospel? If you don't you aren't a Christian anyway.) But simply pointing out obvious problems in a minority voice in Islam is no more racist than pointing out that "Christian Identity" Christians are racists. Posting articles that show that some gays like Milo I-can't-spell-his-last-name-and-I'm-to-lazy-to-look-it-up and radical lesbian TERF feminists hate each other with a passion is not racist. It's not even LGBTQABCDEFG phobic.
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    Today, 03:25 AM
    jmdrake replied to a thread Bannon's Out in U.S. Political News
    Can you please show me one example of racist content on Breitbart? I ask in all sincerity. I've been looking for some time now and I have not been able to find any. Looking at the left smear jobs of Breitbart, whenever a brown person who's not a Muslim writes about his legitimate fears about radical Islam that is "racist." Attack Planned Parenthood, that's also somehow racist. Point out the fact that all is not as it seems in the LGBTQABCDEFG community and that gay conservative Milo I-won't-try-to-spell-his-last-name hates the radical lesbian feminists who hate transgenders (I think that's funny as hell), and that's somehow racist.
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    Today, 03:19 AM
    Ummmm.....kinda...not exactly. I don't give a flip about David Duke or how he's portrayed in the media. He just showed himself to be dumb as hell. I do care about white people in general finally getting the message that police brutality isn't just a "black problem." It's a human problem.
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    Today, 03:17 AM
    You think he's not going to slide? And for the record, if he doesn't slide, that will prove this country is racist. If he does slide that will prove that this country is insufferably pro cop. He has the exact same defense as the cop who murdered Philando Castile had. "I was afraid so I shot." It's not one individual cop that needs to hang or slide. It's a system of laws that need to change. Police should no longer be able to hide behind a subjective fear defense but instead they should be held to the same objective "reasonable person" standard that any other gun owner would be under. A reasonable person would not assume that someone who just announced to you that he is a concealed carry holder is reaching for his gun. If he was going to shoot you he wouldn't tell you about his gun before pulling it out. A reasonable person also would not blindly shoot out of his car just because he heard a bang. So, by all means, the waters in this latest case need to be "muddied."
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 03:12 AM
    Except the people doing the nazi salutes are inherently racist and anti American. I's not like we didn't fight a freaking war against the confederacy. And on top of that the nazis lost. Hey, I get it now! The Charlottesville rally was really a losers rally! Nazi losers marching in solidarity over a statue of a confederate loser! Whites shouldn't just protest when a white woman is killed by a black cop. They should protest when a white person is killed by a white cop. They get all butt hurt when a white person is killed by an illegal immigrant afterall. And who gives a rats ass about the media? Make the media expose it's bias by its reaction.
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    Today, 03:03 AM
    Now is not 2020.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 03:02 AM
    He should do it even if he is the only challenger. Hell, he should do it especially if he is the only challenger. If there are multiple challengers then Rand will be seen as just another "establishment republican." If he is the only challenger then he will reclaim the title of "anti-establishment" from that phony, pro war, anti liberty, pro asset forfeiture, race baiting, toupee' wearing, smirking, loudmouthed, jackass, POS, POTUS we currently have. The liberty movement will not survive another 4 years of Donald J. Trump. I seriously wish Steve Bannon were president instead of Trump. In doing all of my research I have found zero evidence that Steve Bannon is racist. Post Charlottesville Steve Bannon simply called the nazi thugs "clowns" and said the left is engaging in "identity politics." Had Trump said that, this Charlottesville nonsense would be over. Steve Bannon in that same interview said that a military option against North Korea is unthinkable because North Korea's conventional arsenal could wipe out our armed forces in South Korea. The only way to take out North Korea would be to withdraw our forces from South Korea first. Guess what? He's freaking right! Trump got rid of the only sensible person in his entire cabinet. The time for going along with Trump because he's "sticking it to the establishment" IS OVER! He is doing more damage to us and our brand than he is doing to the establishment. Wake up and smell the tyranny.
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  • DGambler's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:39 PM
    Wish people would learn to understand the difference between racist and bigoted. I'm getting triggered by a lot of shit lately.
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  • uncharted's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:34 PM
    @r3volution 3.0, Good eye. I grew up in Nebraska but he draws a blank for me (he wasn't acknowledged very often there, at least in my town). @Swordsmyth, Trump views Zuckerberg as 2020 opponent - Note: I would keep an eye on Chris Kennedy. The whole "Kennedy family" + "businessman" will probably appeal to voters, especially since the former isn't tainted like the Clinton, Bush, and (soon to be) Trump name.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:58 PM
    Guess it wouldn't play as well if the title were.... 10 "Requests" of white people from George Soros.
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  • Lamp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:55 PM
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  • uncharted's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:44 PM
    r3volution 3.0, Yes. That said, with Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Mark Zuckerberg, and possibly Chris Kennedy. I reckon that Trump would be the least of his concerns.
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  • DGambler's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:04 PM
    Everyone that I have met that is successful, regardless of race, has one common characteristic... They work their ass off for what they have... As one gets lazier, the less well off they are. Pretty simple, if you want it, go get it. Oh, and live within your means and actually follow a damn budget.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    08-21-2017, 08:12 PM
    Yeah, USSR went bankrupt there.... and the media says it was "Star Wars" that dun it.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    08-21-2017, 07:52 PM
    Gone on vacation my azz... Bet he got replaced. :p
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    08-21-2017, 06:23 PM
    I'll bet they are really scratching their heads at how precisely the event was able to be predicted.
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  • DGambler's Avatar
    08-21-2017, 06:12 PM
    I'm in let's get going... Start a fund me and let's go hire a marketing firm.
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    Please stop trying to "out" Erowe1. Let it go.
  2. I know. Like I said I was going to yank your chain but realized that in the current circumstances it would be bad taste even for me.
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    At least until every county or so willingly decided to submit to Christ, which I think will happen eventually because I'm a postmillennialist.
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    I wish things were a lot more local too. I'm really not looking for a country of 300 million at all. I think that's too big. Those who didn't want to live by Christian law could live somewhere else and choose God's judgment over his blessings.
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    And while I do believe the BIble requires civil authorities to punish homosexuality, and with death as the maximum penalty, I don't think it would be legitimate even for the government to just round up people in a gay bar.

    My reasons on the bearing arms bit are much closer to yours (resistance against tyranny.)
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    To be perfectly clear, I absolutely oppose vigilantism. I know you were joking around but I just want you to be clear on where I stand.
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    Will you kindly give a tongue lashing to the racist of the board, AmericanSpartan? Thank you. I'd like to see it.
  8. Sorry, but you have failed. That verse does not contain the words "Grace is irresistible." You can interpret it that way, but that's not what the verse says. You had to admit there was "relational language" in the Bible. Yet you have stuck to your guns that there isn't a verse that says "Have a relationship with Jesus." Likewise there is no verse that says "Grace is irresistible." If you were honest you would simply admit that. But you aren't honest.
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    Acts 13:48
    And when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord, and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.
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How Ron Paul could smack down Iran critics

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:34 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
Ron needs to quit playing defense and go on offense. It's not enough to say "the Soviet Union was worse than Iran." If he could point out the following documented facts it would shut the naysayer up for good or at least make them back-peddle.

1) In 2003 Iran was the only Muslim country to help us fight and remove the Taliban from power.

See: Jane's Defense Weekly India joins anti-Taliban coalition. "India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA

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The new bill of rights.

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:33 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
This parody is an attempt to "rewrite" the bill of rights in keeping with the current application by our criminal government. Original text will be in italics followed by a list of possible options.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government

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Federal Reserve advised gold standard for Russia

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:32 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
I ran across this information by accident (providence?) while looking for something else. The first link is an essay from Jude Wanniski who went with fed governor Wayne Angell to Moscow right after the collapse of the soviet union. Note that Angell advocated the new Russia to go to a gold backed currency! The second link is an online Google book from the Mises institute that talks about the same essay. I've excerpted the essay bellow. (It's too long to post directly). It's interesting to note

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Washington Post 2002 : The U.S. pushed jihad on Afghan schoolchildren.

by jmdrake on 09-13-2011 at 01:15 PM
Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad
Violent Soviet-Era Textbooks Complicate Afghan Education Efforts

By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, March 23, 2002; Page A01

In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

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