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    Today, 06:55 AM
    Of course it will be mandatory. That's why the mask mandate is being pushed so hard and the lockdown was pushed before that. It's all about getting everybody aclimitized and getting one half of America hating the other half for "not doing their part to end the pandemic." I don't know how many times I have hard the lie repeated "This would have been over in two weeks if everyone had just stayed in their homes." BS! Even Dr. Fauci disagreed with that. It was supposedly about "flattening the curve." A "flattened curve" IS A LONGER CURVE meaning that the pandemic goes LONGER than it would have had it been allowed to burn itself out.
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    Today, 06:45 AM
    Imagine the uproar if someone suggested a law saying gay or bisexual men who had sex without a condom, regardless of whether or not they knew they had HIV were guilty of attempted murder.
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    Today, 06:32 AM
    Because everybody knows that if you say I can't breath that means you can and regardless the proper first aid for someone who can't breath is to put your knee on his neck. /sarcasm
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    Today, 06:17 AM
    Colin Noir on his split with the NRA. I can't believe the screwed this up. Then again...I do. One of the biggest NRA-TV stars "I learned about NRA-TV going down through an article." SMH! Colin Noir while he was still with the NRA.
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    Today, 05:34 AM
    It's the principle and the precedent. This was done by executive order and over the objection of the ATF. Yeah you can "bump fire" with a belt loop. So what's to stop the next democratic president from saying "Any gun that you can bump fire with a belt loop is in effect a machine gun?" Don't say that can't happen. We have a SCOTUS that just declare "sexual orientation" to equal gender for the purposes of the 1964 civil rights law.
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    Yesterday, 05:40 PM
    If you have to pay the same amount of tax it's not "lowered."
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    Yesterday, 05:38 PM
    You still end up with millions of "delinquent" tax payers every year.
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    Yesterday, 01:33 PM
    That's when bait piles will show up.
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    08-09-2020, 02:46 PM
    I am watching Erdogan of Turkey. Pretty good candidate.
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    08-09-2020, 11:08 AM
    So....having to pay the same taxes off into the future = lowering taxes?
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    08-09-2020, 10:12 AM
    And here is where my Christian morality trumps my libertarian ideals. The NAP is a moral argument. As long as you have not initiated force you are within libertarian morality. You see a child drowning in pool? Even if you could save his life by simply extending a pole to him, under strictly a NAP principle as long as you didn't push him in the pool you have no moral duty to intervene. But from the Christian principle "Whatsoever you would that men would do to you, do you also unto him", you have a moral duty to save a life if you can do so without risk to yourself or others. The Christian Bible doesn't call me to use force against those who don't want to follow its precepts. But it calls me to shun them. "Have no fellowship with unbelievers. For what fellowship has light with darkness?" As a Christian I fully expect God to take care of those who refuse in this life to "Do unto the least of these My brothers" because that's what He said he would do. My job is to "shake the dust off my feet" and go to another town, not just to find people more friendly to "me" but to find people who are truly Christian and friendly to everyone. That's how I see Jo Jorgenson's call to "anti-racism." There shouldn't be thought crime laws against racists. But people who aspire to an ideal greater than NAP, a Christian ideal (that's how I define it) don't need to associate themselves with people who use NAP as an excuse to be a$$holes. There are things in this life more important than NAP. Being anti-racist doesn't mean you have to kick in people's doors and burn their copies of mein kampf. I'm not a fan of the confedaracy or confederate statutes though I support other people's right to be fans but that support wouldn't have extended to my going to Charlottesville to protest alongside neonazis and klansman. Yes there is a culture war. And our culture is, and has been for a long time, f'cked up. I am no more a fan of the rightest "Let's keep up statues of civil-war criminals and post-war racial terrorists like Nathan Bedford Forrest because...history" than I am of leftest "Let's let dudes with beards go into the ladies room as long as they throw on a wig and say they are women" culture. Both are morally bankrupt IMO.
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    08-08-2020, 05:41 PM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Anti Globalist again.
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    08-08-2020, 05:40 PM
    She must secretly be a Trump supporter.
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    08-08-2020, 05:39 PM
    If it is later proven that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for covid 19 9/11 is an inside job....Jeffery Epbstein didn't kill himself....fill-in-the-blank, should all the social media "fact" checkers be held legally responsible for the massive numbers of unnecessary deaths that they caused? They are not just expressing a different opinion, they are shutting down any opinion that is not favorable to Big Pharma/Bill Gates/Dr. Fauxi military industrial complex. You underestimate the power of the MSM (whom the social media "fact" checkers ultimately work for) to suppress dissenting opinions no matter how documented. They will not get caught until at least 20 to 50 years later after which time there will be some lame "apology" that gets swept under the rug. I was listening to a right wing radio host who said this: "Did you hear that the CIA admitted that they put drugs in black communties? But it's not the 'conspiracy theory' that black people talk about. They didn't put the drugs in the black community to kill black people. They put it in the black community to fund fighting communism. And of course we NEEDED to fight communism!" So, a horrible evil conspiracy by the government that caused the needless deaths of tens of thousands of black people and led to mass incarceration got admitted to years later and "excused" as being done for the "greater good" all by a jackass on the radio that doesn't understand why "blacks don't just pull themselves up by their bootstraps." But this doesn't just happen along racial lines. Look at the white soildiers that the government later admitted doing radiation experiments on. Does that cause mass protests? Demands for defunding of the agencies that did this? Nope. It's all swept under the rug. As Hillary Clinton said "At this point what difference does it make?"
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    08-08-2020, 05:26 PM
    True. The issue IMO isn't "Can a racist ever make money in a truly free market." Rather, "can a person affected by racism nonetheless find somebody willing to take him on as a customer with full customer service and benefits in a free market?" Again the Uber/Lyft model. As a black person I have never had to wait what I considered a long time for a rideshare. I've never had one cancel on me. As a driver I've had riders cancel on me but I never chalked that up to racism. Even if race was a factor I was not concerned because most of the time I got a new rider in minutes. I have not had the "I'm black and I can't get a taxi" experience, but then I've only ridden in a taxi twice in my life that I can recall, but I've heard those stories enough and seen enough stats to accept that is a thing. But taxis operate off of government licenses and an artificially created monopoly.
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    08-08-2020, 02:04 PM
    Very powerful.
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    08-08-2020, 09:15 AM Okay....not really. I love having a common name though.
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    08-08-2020, 09:04 AM
    Wow! All of a sudden that Nazi cake doesn't look so bad. Edit: And the idea that we had to nuke Japan because "They would not surrender" is moronic! Japan is a island nation. Their navy was destoryed. Their air force was destroyed. The were completely surrounded and contained. But even if you go with that argument, what was the execuse for Nagasaki? Here's the truth. We had two different bomb designs and we wanted to test both to see which did the most damage.
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    08-08-2020, 08:45 AM
    I can see that happening because it happened! Greyhound, a private interstate bus company, had a segregation policy that was challenged by the "freedom riders" including the late John Lewis. See: Now why was this private bus company segregated? A combination of racist laws and white terror in the South. When the racist laws were overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, Greyhound still had to deal with the white terror which was supported by local law enforcement. If you owned a bus company and if the only thing you were worried about was profit, what would you think when you saw this? The libertarian free market ideal is based on the protection of property rights correct? But when the property of black people and/or those who would serve them without discrimination were not protected simply due to racism, you did not have a free market. From a strictly accounting calculation, any business, public or private, had a decision to make. How much money will I gain by best serving all customers versus how much will I lose from A) biggoted customers no longer using my services and worse B) setting fire to my business? The role of the state should be to at the very least prevent B. Problem A cannot be prevented, but when desegregation became the law, business owners could at least say "Don't blame me for serving blacks inside my resturant. I have to. It's the law."
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    08-08-2020, 07:29 AM
    Hmmmmm....thank you for that information on New York. Even the liberal website Slate had to admit that was a disaster. The liberal website Slate has called the mail in voting in New York a "disaster." Votes were thrown out because the ballots weren't signed (so much for "secret ballot") and they were also thrown out because they weren't postmarked. (The fault of the post office, not the voter.) Governor Cuomo also misled people when he said that you could just drop your ballot off on election day. Not true! You needed to make sure it got postmarked before the deadline! Voter suppression or just stupidity?
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    08-08-2020, 07:20 AM
    An educated guess based on recent trends? Or let me put the question to you. Do you believe that Papa Johns would not have lost significant market share if the respose to their CEO using the N-word was "So f'ing what? We can be racist if we want to!" In the 1950s that would have gained Papa Johns market share especially in the South. But not in the 21st century. On to her more subtle point, the racism that sparked the Montgomery bus boycott was subsidized as all public mass transit was subsidized. And "private" taxi companies have been subsidized by the medalion system which only allows so many taxis in the same area. Uber and Lyft totally disrputed that. The phenomenom of "not being able to hail a taxi while black" is much less of an issue on Uber or Lyft. No matter what race you are, somebody is going to give you a ride. While driving Lyft (or Uber, I don't remember which), I once picked up a drunk gay guy who was SURE he didn't get picked up because he was gay and he wanted the customer service number. (There isn't one to my knowledge). I didn't argue with him but I thought "I wouldn't know that you were gay if you hadn't told me" and "You're still getting a ride home aren't you?" The free market in the country has never been free! Government has in large part caused the racial ecconomic disparities that now exist. And I'm not just talking about slavery or overt Jim Crow. There were the federal government drawn up "red-line" maps that denied favorable lending to black owned neighborhoods regardless of the economic status of the people living there. And that's just part of the picture. One thing that the CATO institute and Alexandria Ortega Cortez can agree on is that the New Deal itself was racist. But she wants to sell people on the idea that somehow the "Green New Deal" won't be. I, for one, am not buying that.
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    08-08-2020, 06:57 AM
    I haven't seen the movie so I don't know anything about it other than bits and pieces. I've always had a problem with libertarians associating themselves with Guy Fawkes. I honestly don't get it. He was a religious terrorist seeking to return England to Vatican rule.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    08-07-2020, 08:12 PM
    Looks to me like it's been pretty much inflation since 1950... By Lalala666 - Wikipedia EN, Public Domain,
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    08-07-2020, 07:39 PM
    Gun Owner's Lives Matter.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    08-07-2020, 05:42 PM
    Wasn't one of the main characters in that movie a suppressed lesbian angry at the church?
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  2. I know. Like I said I was going to yank your chain but realized that in the current circumstances it would be bad taste even for me.
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    At least until every county or so willingly decided to submit to Christ, which I think will happen eventually because I'm a postmillennialist.
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    I wish things were a lot more local too. I'm really not looking for a country of 300 million at all. I think that's too big. Those who didn't want to live by Christian law could live somewhere else and choose God's judgment over his blessings.
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    And while I do believe the BIble requires civil authorities to punish homosexuality, and with death as the maximum penalty, I don't think it would be legitimate even for the government to just round up people in a gay bar.

    My reasons on the bearing arms bit are much closer to yours (resistance against tyranny.)
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    To be perfectly clear, I absolutely oppose vigilantism. I know you were joking around but I just want you to be clear on where I stand.
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    Will you kindly give a tongue lashing to the racist of the board, AmericanSpartan? Thank you. I'd like to see it.
  8. Sorry, but you have failed. That verse does not contain the words "Grace is irresistible." You can interpret it that way, but that's not what the verse says. You had to admit there was "relational language" in the Bible. Yet you have stuck to your guns that there isn't a verse that says "Have a relationship with Jesus." Likewise there is no verse that says "Grace is irresistible." If you were honest you would simply admit that. But you aren't honest.
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    Acts 13:48
    And when the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord, and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.
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How Ron Paul could smack down Iran critics

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:34 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
Ron needs to quit playing defense and go on offense. It's not enough to say "the Soviet Union was worse than Iran." If he could point out the following documented facts it would shut the naysayer up for good or at least make them back-peddle.

1) In 2003 Iran was the only Muslim country to help us fight and remove the Taliban from power.

See: Jane's Defense Weekly India joins anti-Taliban coalition. "India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA

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The new bill of rights.

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:33 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
This parody is an attempt to "rewrite" the bill of rights in keeping with the current application by our criminal government. Original text will be in italics followed by a list of possible options.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government

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Federal Reserve advised gold standard for Russia

by jmdrake on 05-15-2013 at 08:32 AM
Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
I ran across this information by accident (providence?) while looking for something else. The first link is an essay from Jude Wanniski who went with fed governor Wayne Angell to Moscow right after the collapse of the soviet union. Note that Angell advocated the new Russia to go to a gold backed currency! The second link is an online Google book from the Mises institute that talks about the same essay. I've excerpted the essay bellow. (It's too long to post directly). It's interesting to note

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Washington Post 2002 : The U.S. pushed jihad on Afghan schoolchildren.

by jmdrake on 09-13-2011 at 01:15 PM
Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad
Violent Soviet-Era Textbooks Complicate Afghan Education Efforts

By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, March 23, 2002; Page A01

In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

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