• lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:42 PM
    I'm not distressed, it's not about me. It’s that unbelievers or people who are on the fence are continually being misled by this religion section. There's a lot more to be said about that, but the last thing I feel like doing right now is getting into an argument with you. Thank you for sharing your testimony. And thank you for speaking out on these threads. You're absolutely right that God is not a capricious, monster control freak puppetmaster, as Calvinists portray him. The funny thing is, they sound exactly like Christian hating hard-core atheists. Exactly.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:00 PM
    As usual with this type of controversial subject, I'll keep my big mouth shut until later in the thread so I dont edge anyone elses opinion out in the OP, or cause unintentional bias. Debate!
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:25 PM
    Russia has started airdrops of weapons and supplies to the courageous Jamaican freedom fighters and have condemned the oppressive Jamaican regime.. Lavrov has called for emergency UN Security Council meeting tomorrow as Russian aircraft have now secured a base on the small Caribbean island. "We stand with the people of Jamaica and condemn the unilateral actions of the regime." Plans for establishing diplomatic relations with the separatists have begun and Russia plans on budgeting $1B for reconstruction efforts in the 'freedom zone'.
    15 replies | 135 view(s)
  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:09 PM
    Dear Assad, I see what you're doing here. hahaha :) (feeding Afrin)
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    Mick Mulvaney: Government Shutdown Update Press Briefing Director of the Office of Management and Budget OMB
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:25 PM
    BOOM! Top Democrat Becerra Is Caught Giving Cops a Fake Server on Imran Awan Scandal http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/09/boom-top-democrat-becerra-caught-giving-cops-fake-server-imran-awan-scandal/ California AG Xavier Becerra Tried To Block Server Admin Over Red Flags, But Logins Continued, With Muted Reaction. NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE THAT OUR CONGRESS WAS HACKED, but instead the whole LEFT is Whining about Fact-free Spectres of a DNC hack http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/11/becerra-tried-to-block-server-admin-over-red-flags-but-logins-continued-with-muted-reaction/ California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra And The Awan Scandal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1ETstBKIFc Awan Brothers Cover Up: Caliornia AG Xavier BECERRA Refused To Give Police Awan Brothers Server...
    10 replies | 440 view(s)
  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:04 PM
    This is McMaster erasing any and all footprints anywhere/everywhere he can find them within the NSA. He started weeks ago.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:48 PM
    member the jihaddi warehouse in Idlib City? well they're shipping out to join in 'Operation Olive Branch' against the US-Kurds/Afrin 954816788088451078 EHSANI2 IMPORTANT: Nearly a week ago, meeting between Russian officials and Kurdish leaders took place. Moscow suggested Syrian State becomes only entity in charge of the northern border.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    Dems are having a field day with this on social media... 954582373303308294
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:22 PM
    Turkish air force strikes Syrian airport used by US to supply weapons to YPG forces which hold the Menagh airbase. (tick tock...) Turkish Jets Hit Menagh Airbase Used by US to Supply Arms to Kurds https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201801201060923848-syria-turkey-minning-airport-kurds-us-weapons/?utm_source=USE-FULL-LINK-SMHX3KmV6W&utm_medium=short_url&utm_content=g6bp&utm_campaign=URL_shortening Steve Herman According to the foreign ministry of Russia there's been a Lavrov-Tillerson phone call to discuss stability in northern #Syria.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    90 replies | 712 view(s)
  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
    I'm thinking NC was right and that we should throw out the whole religion section. It likely does more harm than it does good. And things never change around here.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:40 PM
    Sooooo full of shiit... as they whisper sweet nothings in your rear. Take the wholesale release of ISIS headchoppers/christian killers back into 'the Syrian people whom we love...' "We made a peace deal with the US and SDF and they gave us buses to leave“ - Swedish ISIS Terrorist explains how he was able to flee Raqqa https://www.svt.se/nyheter/utrikes/sms-kommunikation-sa-tog-sig-kand-is-svensk-ut-ur-raqqa US stands by Syrian deal to release ISIS fighters in Raqqa http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/syria/141120171
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:20 PM
    Yeah, I've been hoping for a smaller government. It's too bad this isn't really one of those things that causes smaller government. They just say they are shutting down, but they keep spending the money anyway.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:19 PM
    Max Blumenthal Rex Tillerson cites dying and starving North Koreans as a sign US strategy is working. In the same speech, he promised to deepen America’s economic war on Syria, ensuring that many refugees won’t be able to return. Pure sadism. Dying North Koreans a sign US diplomatic strategy works, Tillerson says https://www.rt.com/usa/416354-tillerson-un-sanctions-north-korea/
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:18 PM
    The Comey Memos ►Understand that the 'Comey memos'; his 'interview with Trump' birthed the Mueller investigation. ►Understand that the 'Comey memos' have never seen the light of day. ►Understand That New York justice system is obstructing...
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:54 AM
    Update(s): January 10, 2018 Court Order Confirms DNC Fraud Lawsuit Appeal Will Proceed https://disobedientmedia.com/2018/01/breaking-court-order-confirms-dnc-fraud-lawsuit-appeal-will-proceed/ Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit received good news from the 11th Circuit Court of Federal Appeals earlier today. The Becks stated via social media that “After posing two separate jurisdictional questions, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has found jurisdiction sufficient for the case to proceed on appeal.
    288 replies | 15658 view(s)
  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:16 AM
    Feds to retry Senator Bob Menendez in bribery case https://truepundit.com/feds-retry-senator-bob-menendez-bribery-case/ 954760499203276800
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:13 AM
    this morning/True Pundit... 954380611808088064
    57 replies | 1044 view(s)
  • Wooden Indian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:48 AM
    I keep trying to remember to use Duck Duck Go but I'm so brainwashed, i find myself at google half the time. My wife and I did some comparison searches between the two engines and was amazed at Google's obvious slant. Search things like "women are trash, women are worthless", craps like that. Not only do they filter out thousands of thoughts, they instead deliver the opposite, and tell you why men are trash, why your wife wants to leave you because you suck, and oh hell, lots of junk.... just so obvious. Anyway we had fun with it for a good while and found DDG actually delivered the correct and unbiased result.
    16 replies | 418 view(s)
  • KingNothing's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:43 AM
    I agree with all of this, and I'd add that the beauty of things from Trump's perspective is that he really doesn't have to be a genius to do anything that he's done so far in politics. He simply needs to be clean and aware of how those around him are not. If he just holds his cards close to his vest and never overplays his hand, sooner or later his opponents are forced to reveal theirs -- and because they've got literally decades of corruption and incompetence behind them, they can NEVER actually win.
    57 replies | 1044 view(s)
  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:41 AM
    George arguing for transparency and open/public document release/critical thinking/self correcting 'public' analyses...
    15 replies | 395 view(s)
  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:57 AM
    I don't know who first made the analogy to the 'ring' in the tower trilogy but it's absolutely identical. The 'first thought' upon 'capturing' the 702 'ring' is: 'I can use this for GOOD!.... TWO can play this 'game'... I will 'reverse' the 'database of corruption'. then 'Why use the court system?' (enter justification here:) "It's slow. Dysfunctional. Filled with loopholes. Corrupt Lawyers and Judges. etc etc"
    15 replies | 395 view(s)
  • Root's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:47 AM
    Awwww poor liberals. What ever happened to the “see something, say something” mantra? Bunch of hypocrite snitches.
    4 replies | 158 view(s)
  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:07 AM
    and what does the 8th sound like? Exodus 21 23-27. The crime shall fit the punishment and the punishment shall not exceed the crime. . If you believe the death penalty was outlawed in early america i suggest you are not ready to talk on this subject. The issues is with what you see as the 8th as contrary to capital punishment that the bible and founders do not. Here is a sermon on the subject from 1848 https://wallbuilders.com/sermon-execution-1848/ This thread should clear up any misconceptions on the bible and capital punishment including the passages you brought up. Responding to Common Objections to the Bible-OT Death Penalty Laws and Similar Objections http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?516330-Responding-to-Common-Objections-to-the-Bible-OT-Death-Penalty-Laws-and-Similar-Objections
    20 replies | 347 view(s)
  • 1stvermont's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:48 AM
    Once more please read my common responses on post 2. Good sir you are confusing two separate issues. also once more we were never a theocracy, other religions were allowed freedom as well by the federal though usually not by the states. Delawares “Every person appointed to public office shall say I do profess faith in god the father and in Jesus Christ his only son and in the holy ghost and i acknowledge the holy scriptures of the old and new testament to be given by divine inspiration.” Tennessee 1796 “no person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this State.”
    20 replies | 347 view(s)
  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:33 AM
    CNN, so take it with a grain of salt... http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/19/politics/government-shutdown-trump-congress-latest/index.html Full article on link. Yes, a CNN link, so feel free to post every other outlet that covers the topic. Year added to title because they do the same shit to us every year.
    42 replies | 685 view(s)
  • Kotin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:16 AM
    Ngannou is nuts.. raw talent and brute but Stipe is so skilled at boxing and striking.. if Ngannou lands he may win but it might be tough
    2 replies | 106 view(s)
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North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetos HB2 Health Care Freedom

by GunnyFreedom on 03-05-2011 at 06:05 PM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
She lectures the State and then posts her veto on YouTube.

See our brazen Governor lecturing us on why government knows best. A mandate of wage slavery to Big Corporate HMO is now pursuant to the US Constitution (never actually explaining how) and illegitimately invokes Article 6 to veto the Healthcare Freedom Act. Support HB2 for healthy government!

I will be the first to stand for a veto override.

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Glen Bradley Webdomain Update 12/23

by GunnyFreedom on 12-23-2010 at 07:00 PM
We are working on a community network that enhances the services, duties, and abilities of a State Legislator to affect the will of his district into law.

By developing a community caucus and integrating it with physical town halls and events, a new level of transparency will be achieved that will hopefully lead America back into the 21st century of Freedom.

Your help is vital to this project. We will need volunteers and funding. This is technically a "campaign activity"

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Updated 12-23-2010 at 07:01 PM by GunnyFreedom


S.510 Food Safety LIVES!

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 09:19 PM
Beware! Using a procedural trick, the US Senate late Sunday night unanimously added the Food Safety Bill back into the new Continuing budget resolution. It returns to the House in the exact text they sent it for consideration and a vote.

So says Jamie Dupree.

A major food safety bill that had almost been given up for dead was suddenly revived in the Senate late on Sunday evening, and may be ready for House approval as early as Tuesday.

In a parliamentary

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Glen Bradley Legislative Agenda Strategy 2.0

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 06:31 PM
Bouncing off the Liberty community, and given the death of S.510, I have refined the proposed agenda another step. I think it's now about one refinement prior to press release, and dissemination.

Quote Originally Posted by Glen Bradley
Food Safety Modernization just died in the Senate Omnibus bill, but I think Farmer's Freedom Protection Act is still critical. Rather than blocking a given law, let's define the relationship between State food producers and Federal regulatory power.
NC Electoral Freedom Act, An Act enabling

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Updated 12-19-2010 at 07:48 PM by GunnyFreedom


North Carolina Farmer's Freedom Protection Act

by GunnyFreedom on 12-13-2010 at 04:18 AM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
I just submitted a bill to the Bill Drafting department. They are waiting until the finalized version of S.510 is produced in order to detail what protections exactly are needed, but we should have the NCFFPA ready to file extremely early -- during the first week if not on the first day.

The basic idea is to specify via the 10th Amendment that all foodstuffs produced in and remaining within the borders of the State of North Carolina are not subject to Federal law or Federal regulation.

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