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    Today, 06:13 PM
    I keep my cell phone inside a sock inside a box with the battery out and I hardly ever use it. I have an old land line phone. Nobody's cell phone will work at my house because there are no cell towers around. I know it is rare to not live near a cell tower when I get around them I can feel the micro waves. I get head aches and feel generally bad. My instincts tell me that cell phones and towers are no good.
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    Today, 05:59 PM
    I don't see myself considering using this. I just don't trust big pharma enough to take one of their drugs.
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    Today, 05:42 PM
    Part 2, had to split due to forum limit of 50k characters per post:
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    Today, 05:42 PM
    I just used online tools. Kind of a pain tho, but its converted to text. There are some grammatical inconsistencies so may want to mention that OCR was used which is not always perfect.
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    Today, 05:39 PM
    I think if I had totally understood what I was doing at the time I might have wanted to do some volunteer work for the cause or, I may have not wanted to be a part of it if I had known what it was going to turn into. I am not even really sure who I was working for at the time I thought I was working for a textile company but I have never been able to find any information on them. I believed what I was told about what I was doing and the pay was good. I was young and broke and did not know any better. I tell ya I am glad that the area I am in does not have any cell towers. The frequencies of wifi really make me feel ill and I try to avoid them at all cost cell phones as well. My dogs don't like wifi either my male acts like he hurts when he get around it. But I can live without the internet and if it becomes too expensive for my budget I will stop using it. I have had several financial crises that caused me to have to give up the internet. I find I am spending less time on the internet it is becoming very boring to me. I check my email every couple of days and come here and read and reply and watch a few youtubes here and there. I work a lot and come home very tired, too tired to spend much time on it. I have a land line phone if I want to talk to someone.
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    Today, 05:31 PM
    I've noticed that just about everything I buy online is accompanied by a label somewhere declaring that it contains materials "known to the state of California" to cause cancer or birth defects or what-have-you. I'm increasingly of the suspicion that it is the state of California itself that causes cancer or birth defects or what-have-you, and that they're just confusing the actual source of the problem with the things that pass through or end up there ...
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    Today, 04:59 PM
    You may luv RP, but why do you hate America? :p;)
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    Today, 04:39 PM
    *yawn* ... How 'bout dem Bears? ... *burp*
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    Today, 04:29 PM
    Perhaps try digging around in a Printer / Scanner Driver... The Drivers used by a lot of the Document Scanners actually should have some sort of OCR built in as an added "feature". Best part is that they are usually free, or at least "trial" versions which at least temporarily can suit your needs.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 04:12 PM
    Honestly, first, I would talk to them about it. Next, I'd try to come up with positive solutions. Help build a shelter, give a blanket, heater, whatever works that brings people together instead of pushing people apart. Anything beyond that only validates the reason for govt intrusion into all of our lives. Im really tempted to say "throw them to the wolves", but that would be much more reserved for those that actively torture their animals for amusement as opposed to neglect.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Today, 04:10 PM
    https://hardware.slashdot.org/story/17/12/16/0259240/china-will-spend-33-billion-to-research-molten-salt-nuclear-powered-drones No no no! We must demand the other type of Nuclear Reactor must be used because its way more dangerous! We have to make the people believe the dangerous things we give them are perfectly safe despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary! Now lets denounce the Chinese findings by claiming their science is flawed due to top ramen causing hallucinations in laboratory animals, but only in the State of Kalifornia!
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    Today, 04:06 PM
    https://hardware.slashdot.org/story/17/12/15/2247201/dont-keep-cellphones-next-to-your-body-california-health-department-warns References on Slashdot Link. --- Welcome to Kalifornia, where talking bad about the "elected" officials are known to cause cancer in laboratory animals.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
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    Today, 01:30 PM
    Marsh v. Alabama https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsh_v._Alabama The town of Chickasaw, Alabama was owned by the Gulf Shipbuilding Company (the Company), a private corporation. With the exception of its private ownership, the town operated as any other and was closely bordered by and virtually indistinguishable from surrounding municipalities. Marsh (defendant) was a Jehovah’s Witness who stood on a Chickasaw sidewalk owned by the Company and proceeded to distribute religious literature. She was told she could not distribute literature without a permit and that no permit would be issued to her. When she protested, she was arrested and charged with violating Alabama (plaintiff) state law. She argued that her activities were protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, but her argument was rejected and she was convicted. Marsh appealed to the United States Supreme Court. Decision
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Today, 01:12 PM
    I wonder who pays for the lines and servers in China and Russia? Probably the people I would imagine. We pay for these things as well. Things are getting just too complicated for me. I lived for many years without the internet or a cell phone. I don't think my life has gotten any better since they have been around. If things get too expensive or weird I guess people might start reading real books and news papers and sending letters to people in far away places again. If it gets too expensive certain people will stop buying it altogether then how will google and amazon be able to collect their data? I suppose I could continue doing so if the cost goes up so much that I refuse to pay it. I did help to set up one of the first telephone modems between two large computers in the 70's it was very interesting work and paid very well for the times.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Today, 12:59 PM
    Russian MoD accuses US-led coalition of creating militant ‘New Syrian Army’ https://www.rt.com/newsline/413395-russian-mod-accuses-us/ Russia’s Reconciliation Center for Syria has issued a statement accusing the US-led coalition of creating the so-called ‘New Syrian Army.’ The group comprises remnants of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), the Al-Nusra Front and others, and is based at a refugee camp in north-east Syria which is located 20 kilometers from Al-Shaddadah town. Local refugees, returning to areas freed from IS, say the refugee camp has been used by the coalition
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Today, 12:40 PM
    TurkStream Pipeline: Greece Out - Bulgaria In (then to Romania/Hungry/Austria) Victor Kuhnovets- The route of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline will be changed - from Turkey the pipeline will not go to Greece, as stated earlier, but to Bulgaria and further to Romania, Hungary, Austria. This was reported on December 14 by the Turkish newspaper Habertürk.
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    Today, 11:39 AM
    Pelosi is much more qualified to clean toilets.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Today, 09:03 AM
    I don't mind their being a free public internet I wish it were free. It seems like it should be free to all. Surely this is all about money and speed of the internet. The regulation is what makes it cost something. From what I understand other countries such as Russia and China have a faster and free internet. I would not doubt that they have stricter controls on what content they can view. But it is still faster. We in USA can see more content but our speeds are slowed down. Why can't we have both speed and freedom?
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Today, 08:23 AM
    Does this have a snowball's change in hell of passing? There are 10 Dems and 5 Repubs co-sponsoring this. Here is the bill's overview and the link: Sponsor:Rep. Garrett, Thomas A., Jr. (Introduced 02/27/2017) Committees: House - Energy and Commerce; Judiciary Latest Action: House - 03/16/2017 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. (All Actions) https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1227/cosponsors?overview=closed
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  • Todd's Avatar
    Today, 08:16 AM
    So I admit I'm pretty ignorant of the whole thing. I lean towards the evidence that the internet did just fine before the regulation went into place and it's only been enacted for two years and it seems like things are the same or a bit worse with blocking content. This video purports that companies will restrict speeds and offer varying ones. Why should I believe this is not scaremongering?
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  • Todd's Avatar
    Today, 08:12 AM
    Wasnt' Google and Facebook already hiding and blocking stuff under the Obama administration Net Neutrality laws?
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:38 PM
    This is methodical not serendipity. We all know that right? If I had to guess.... it's the 'white hats' turned loose by Wray doing damage control.. (or maybe despite him.. idk) Spook agencies/Pentagon ALL doing it 'quietly'.. McMaster/NSA included... scraping the 'Clinton Era' off their systems.. quietly shutting down ratlines... evicting participants.. and destroying records... murders we'll never hear about. doing 'quiet' surgery on 'black hat' filth while the public 'sleeps'. Luke Rosiak did not come by this pronouncement through diligent research. He got a tip from inside.... same as Thomas Paine.
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  • Root's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    Why should any of these companies commit to block, throttle, speed up, or pretty much anything related to this subject area? They have no idea what new telecommunications technologies will be out in 5-10 years. Or new competition from new innovations.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:37 PM
    The 'Mueller Investigation' is a punch and judy show... meant to attract and distract then exhaust the public appetite for justice. It's meant to grab the narrative and define it as a 'partisan' issue.. criminal actions btw Dem vs. Pub involving some rogue agents and minor infractions in 'oversight' and nitpicking over 'possible' hatch act violations (which law has NEVER convicted anybody of anything.) It's smoke and mirrors and most of us know it. Whether wittingly or unwittingly (borrowing a Clapper phrase.. haha) Judge Nap parsing the smoke is part of the side show.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:03 PM
    Weapons Went From The CIA To ISIS In Less Than Two Months http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-15/weapons-went-cia-isis-less-two-months-new-study-reveals Using Cut Outs... an age old tradecraft The extensive report confirms what former MI6 spy and British diplomat Alastair Crooke once stated - that the CIA established the basis of a “jihadi Wal-Mart” of sorts - to which ISIS had immediate and easy access. Crooke noted that the weapons program was set up with "plausible deniability" in mind, which would allow its American intelligence sponsors to be shielded from any potential future legal prosecution or public embarrassment. Crooke noted in a 2015 BBC interview that, “The West does not actually hand the weapons to al-Qaida, let alone to ISIS…, but the system they’ve constructed leads precisely to that end.” This is what enables Buzzfeed, USA Today, and others to report the bombshell findings yet continue to soft peddle the significance by emphasizing things like "weaknesses in oversight and regulation" while also highlighting the "accidental" nature of US-supplied missiles "ending up" in the hands of ISIS terrorists.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:25 PM
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North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetos HB2 Health Care Freedom

by GunnyFreedom on 03-05-2011 at 06:05 PM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
She lectures the State and then posts her veto on YouTube.

See our brazen Governor lecturing us on why government knows best. A mandate of wage slavery to Big Corporate HMO is now pursuant to the US Constitution (never actually explaining how) and illegitimately invokes Article 6 to veto the Healthcare Freedom Act. Support HB2 for healthy government!

I will be the first to stand for a veto override.

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Glen Bradley Webdomain Update 12/23

by GunnyFreedom on 12-23-2010 at 07:00 PM
We are working on a community network that enhances the services, duties, and abilities of a State Legislator to affect the will of his district into law.

By developing a community caucus and integrating it with physical town halls and events, a new level of transparency will be achieved that will hopefully lead America back into the 21st century of Freedom.

Your help is vital to this project. We will need volunteers and funding. This is technically a "campaign activity"

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Updated 12-23-2010 at 07:01 PM by GunnyFreedom


S.510 Food Safety LIVES!

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 09:19 PM
Beware! Using a procedural trick, the US Senate late Sunday night unanimously added the Food Safety Bill back into the new Continuing budget resolution. It returns to the House in the exact text they sent it for consideration and a vote.

So says Jamie Dupree.

A major food safety bill that had almost been given up for dead was suddenly revived in the Senate late on Sunday evening, and may be ready for House approval as early as Tuesday.

In a parliamentary

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Glen Bradley Legislative Agenda Strategy 2.0

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 06:31 PM
Bouncing off the Liberty community, and given the death of S.510, I have refined the proposed agenda another step. I think it's now about one refinement prior to press release, and dissemination.

Quote Originally Posted by Glen Bradley
Food Safety Modernization just died in the Senate Omnibus bill, but I think Farmer's Freedom Protection Act is still critical. Rather than blocking a given law, let's define the relationship between State food producers and Federal regulatory power.
NC Electoral Freedom Act, An Act enabling

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Updated 12-19-2010 at 07:48 PM by GunnyFreedom


North Carolina Farmer's Freedom Protection Act

by GunnyFreedom on 12-13-2010 at 04:18 AM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
I just submitted a bill to the Bill Drafting department. They are waiting until the finalized version of S.510 is produced in order to detail what protections exactly are needed, but we should have the NCFFPA ready to file extremely early -- during the first week if not on the first day.

The basic idea is to specify via the 10th Amendment that all foodstuffs produced in and remaining within the borders of the State of North Carolina are not subject to Federal law or Federal regulation.

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