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    Today, 01:10 AM
    Mises Wire Michael Rectenwald 07/12/2024 Let me begin by stating that I recognize national borders as arbitrary perimeters drawn by and around nation-states. I have no love for the state. In fact, the state should be abolished. I have declared, in no uncertain terms, that the state is a violent parasite that produces nothing—other than misery, that is. The state is an oppressive institution that, among other legitimated crimes, drains the social body of capital, extorts the productive elements of society, interferes in market transactions, distorts markets, and engages in wars to expand its power base and its control over the domestic population. This assessment is especially true of the United States. But I do believe in society. And I believe that society should be protected—from the state and from all others whose actions are inimical to it. The real political opposition and class antagonism is, and has always been, society versus the state, or the people against the state. The state is our enemy. Once these battle lines are clearly understood, we can correctly assess all political phenomena, including immigration policy. In terms of immigration, what we are dealing with today—in the US and in Europe—is an intentionally state-induced, NGO-abetted, and leftist-approved trauma to society. The state gains from a traumatized society, which becomes more helpless in its opposition to state power. Where state-induced immigration is concerned, trauma is experienced in terms of the robbing of taxpayers; the draining of the treasury; increased crime, drug, and human trafficking; and the insecurity that all these elements, combined, produce in the social order. The immigration crisis is not the result of “the unrestricted movement of human capital” across borders but rather an artificially induced assault on the social body. The “market” for immigration is being dramatically distorted by state interference and financial incentivization.
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    Yesterday, 05:08 PM
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    Yesterday, 04:55 PM
    Judge in Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial dismisses case Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer agreed the prosecution had suppressed evidence and the trial could not continue. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/judge-alec-baldwins-involuntary-manslaughter-trial-dismisses-case-rcna161536 {Sumiko Moots & Daniel Arkin | 12 July 2024} SANTE FE, New Mexico — In a stunning turn of events, the judge in Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial dismissed the case Friday, agreeing with the actor's lawyers that prosecutors hid evidence that may have been linked to the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Western movie “Rust” in 2021. "There is no way for the court to right this wrong," said First Judicial District Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer. "The sanction of dismissal is the only warranted remedy." The dismissal was with prejudice, meaning the involuntary manslaughter case against the actor cannot be filed again. Baldwin, 66, sobbed and put his face in his hands as Sommer announced her decision. He then embraced his wife, Hilaria, as lawyers and spectators started filing out of the courtroom.
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    Yesterday, 04:16 PM
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    Yesterday, 03:33 PM
    THREAD: Rand Joins Efforts to Retake Legislative Authority from Unaccountable Administrative State
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    Yesterday, 10:25 AM
    Drinker's Extra Shots - Sound of Hope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2smmdlpdk7Q {Critical Drinker After Hours | 12 July 2024} This one really took me by surprise. The true story of a small town in East Texas that took in kids stranded in the foster care system, and ended up changing hundreds of lives.
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    Yesterday, 10:03 AM
    All's I'm sayin'. :shrugging: Pic tax:
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    Yesterday, 09:28 AM
    TYT RAGES At AOC https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/tyt-rages-at-aoc:b {Actual Justice Warrior | 12 July 2024} In this video I discuss TYT's reaction to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deciding to turn on the left by endorsing Joe Biden. Sources: TYT Video: https://youtu.be/9DrMwpbUEXY Litchman Explains Why Biden Is The Dems Best Choice: https://youtu.be/eYKi0_nlIfQ this post - OB]
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    Yesterday, 09:20 AM
    WTF did they do to him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylRyYbpd2og {Decoy Voice | 12 July 2024} President Joe Biden held a rare press conference, and somehow it was worse than his debate with President Donald Trump. What is happening to him, and why does he seem so drastically different in the same day?
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    Yesterday, 09:01 AM
    I don't recall watching any AtA video in which the cops were not criticized when they were being "condescending, insulting, or impolite" (regardless of whether they "remain within their lawful authority" or not). AtA routinely calls out such behavior (such as in their latest video, uploaded yesterday: "Overall, Officer Austin gets an F, for maintaining a hostile, dismissive, aggressive, and unprofessional demeanor officer should behave as disrespectfully as Officer Austin did when they interact with any citizen ".) I'm not saying they've never missed an opportunity to make such criticisms - but if they have, I haven't noticed it. And in any case ... ... I've never encountered the use of "copsucking" in the sense you have described. I've always understood "copsucking" to indicate things like persistently refusing to say anything significantly critical about cops (even when doing so is clearly warranted), or deliberately trying to downplay, excuse, or even justify any abuses committed by cops. In all the many videos I have seen by AtA, they have never come even remotely close to doing anything like that.
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    Yesterday, 08:10 AM
    See my Post #41 , and ClaytonB responses above.
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    Yesterday, 08:03 AM
    You sound just like the person I was speaking with concerning the 2nd Amendment. She said when the whole world is crime and murder-free then you can talk to me about the right to own guns. Of course, you will rationalize/politicize why I should have my right to travel freely restricted the same that she does concerning guns. I don't buy either of your bologna. I have also noticed that you have avoided mentioning/rejecting the Federally-funded Nationalized Stop-and-Frisk that Trump openly wants to roll out in his second term.
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    Yesterday, 04:43 AM
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    Yesterday, 03:41 AM
    Mises University: index of threads] Mises University 2024 SUNDAY 28 JULY 2024 to SATURDAY 03 AUGUST 2024 LIVE STREAMS / VIDEOS / AUDIO / etc. NOTES:
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    Yesterday, 02:04 AM
    I've seen almost every video AtA has done over the last two years since I subscribed to their channel, as well as quite a few of their videos from since before then. I haven't seen them do anything I would describe as "copsucking". They do give good (and sometimes excellent) grades to cops who understand the law, who behave in a courteous, respectful, and professional manner, and who refrain from violating the rights of others (at least, outside the scope of what the law allows). In fact, they most frequently give the cops in their videos an "F" grade, since those are the kinds of interactions that are most likely to come to their attention. Welcome to Audit the Audit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbTqo1BqnXg {Audit the Audit | 14 June 2020} Welcome to Audit the Audit, where we sort out the who and what and the right and wrong of police interactions! Join us as we explore the laws, regulations, and violations showcased in first amendment audits, police interactions, and legislation.
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    Yesterday, 01:45 AM
    The Welcomed Collapse of the Conservative Party https://odysee.com/@mises:1/the-welcomed-collapse-of-the:d {Mises Media | 11 July 2024} On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Connor O'Keeffe fills in for Ryan McMaken for a conversation with Tho Bishop and William Yarwood about last week's British election. What caused the collapse of the Tories, what might come from a new Labor regime, and what is the future for Nigel Farage? Tune in for answers to these questions and more. “The Bank of England Made Liz Truss a Scapegoat” by Daniel Lacalle: https://Mises.org/RR_194_A “Why Did Trussonomics Fail So Quickly?” by Kevin Dowd: https://Mises.org/RR_194_B “British Sound Money MP Replaced by Labor Party Apparatchik: A Sign of the Times” by Jack Watt: https://Mises.org/RR_194_C
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    Yesterday, 01:26 AM
    New Yorkers ATTACK Murder Suspect https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/new-yorkers-attack-murder-suspect:a {Actual Justice Warrior | 11 July 2024} In this video I discuss New Yorkers attacking a homicide suspect as he was being taken away by the police. Sources: Local News Video: https://youtu.be/4iBf16V9NS8 Raw Video: https://twitter.com/ScooterCasterNY/status/1810444426960900301 NYPost Article: https://nypost.com/2024/07/09/us-news/chad-irish-person-if-interest-in-killing-of-yazmeen-williams-whose-body-was-found-in-sleeping-bag-idd-as-parolee-with-long-rap-sheet/
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    Yesterday, 01:21 AM
    CLIPS from SYSTEM UPDATE #295: George Clooney and Media Admit About Biden What Americans Have Known for a Long Time https://rumble.com/v56ipbb-george-clooney-and-media-admit-about-biden-what-americans-have-known-for-a-.html {Glenn Greenwald | 11 July 2024} v546gmn Is Joe Biden a "Good and Decent Man?" https://rumble.com/v56j00a-is-joe-biden-a-good-and-decent-man.html
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    Yesterday, 01:12 AM
    Russia did it. Putin is to blame. CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #294: Biden Admin Blames Russia for Biden Age Concerns; Corporate Media Parrots Unsupported Claims https://rumble.com/v56csmf-biden-admin-blames-russia-for-biden-age-concerns-corporate-media-parrots-un.html {Glenn Greenwald | 10 July 2024} v540jxr
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    Yesterday, 01:04 AM
    THREAD: Biden's post-debate "Big Boy" press conference
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    Yesterday, 01:03 AM
    THREAD: Biden's post-debate "Big Boy" press conference
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    Yesterday, 12:40 AM
    Mayor Blames Richard Nixon For Black Crime https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/mayor-blames-richard-nixon-for-black:4 {Actual Justice Warrior | 10 July 2024} In this video I discuss Brandon Johnson, Mayor of Chicago blaming Richard Nixon for violence over 4th of July weekend. Sources: Press Conference Full: https://youtu.be/n4DGbQt0iHQ My Video On Walmarts Closing: https://youtu.be/VuIoPmK2zD4 this post - OB]
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    07-11-2024, 11:18 PM
    Just exactly so. "Representative democracy requires the ability to elect someone capable of representing the population." Which is utterly impossible in a continent-spanning nation of a third of a billion people. "We're seeing the limits of that now. The U.S. is composed of radically different populations, who under voluntary arrangements would have nothing to do with each other."
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    07-11-2024, 10:06 PM
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    07-10-2024, 12:07 PM
    THREAD: James Freeman - Flipping the Script on Activism
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North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetos HB2 Health Care Freedom

by GunnyFreedom on 03-05-2011 at 06:05 PM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
She lectures the State and then posts her veto on YouTube.

See our brazen Governor lecturing us on why government knows best. A mandate of wage slavery to Big Corporate HMO is now pursuant to the US Constitution (never actually explaining how) and illegitimately invokes Article 6 to veto the Healthcare Freedom Act. Support HB2 for healthy government!

I will be the first to stand for a veto override.

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Glen Bradley Webdomain Update 12/23

by GunnyFreedom on 12-23-2010 at 07:00 PM
We are working on a community network that enhances the services, duties, and abilities of a State Legislator to affect the will of his district into law.

By developing a community caucus and integrating it with physical town halls and events, a new level of transparency will be achieved that will hopefully lead America back into the 21st century of Freedom.

Your help is vital to this project. We will need volunteers and funding. This is technically a "campaign activity"

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Updated 12-23-2010 at 07:01 PM by GunnyFreedom


S.510 Food Safety LIVES!

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 09:19 PM
Beware! Using a procedural trick, the US Senate late Sunday night unanimously added the Food Safety Bill back into the new Continuing budget resolution. It returns to the House in the exact text they sent it for consideration and a vote.

So says Jamie Dupree.

A major food safety bill that had almost been given up for dead was suddenly revived in the Senate late on Sunday evening, and may be ready for House approval as early as Tuesday.

In a parliamentary

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Glen Bradley Legislative Agenda Strategy 2.0

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 06:31 PM
Bouncing off the Liberty community, and given the death of S.510, I have refined the proposed agenda another step. I think it's now about one refinement prior to press release, and dissemination.

Quote Originally Posted by Glen Bradley
Food Safety Modernization just died in the Senate Omnibus bill, but I think Farmer's Freedom Protection Act is still critical. Rather than blocking a given law, let's define the relationship between State food producers and Federal regulatory power.
NC Electoral Freedom Act, An Act enabling

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Updated 12-19-2010 at 07:48 PM by GunnyFreedom


North Carolina Farmer's Freedom Protection Act

by GunnyFreedom on 12-13-2010 at 04:18 AM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
I just submitted a bill to the Bill Drafting department. They are waiting until the finalized version of S.510 is produced in order to detail what protections exactly are needed, but we should have the NCFFPA ready to file extremely early -- during the first week if not on the first day.

The basic idea is to specify via the 10th Amendment that all foodstuffs produced in and remaining within the borders of the State of North Carolina are not subject to Federal law or Federal regulation.

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