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    Today, 04:26 AM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-17/supreme-court-takes-case-could-end-internet-censorship-expand-first-amendment This should obviously be watched VERY closely... Full article at link.
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    Today, 04:08 AM
    Demonizing NORMAL Behavior is a sales tactic. Same thing as having DOUBT in corrupt politicians must be some sort of abnormal behavior. Guess what, it ISNT. Not trusting people who have REPEATEDLY LIED to you IS the fucking NORM.
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    Today, 04:04 AM
    Well, I think the Doctors themselves are flat out fucking crazy for falling for the well crafted propaganda to trick them into prescribing drugs to solve everything. The drug companies make huge contributions and payoffs and kickbacks to the Docs, as well as education just so they can get a say so in what Student Doctors are taught. Are you depressed? Yeah, its not the fact youre broke and society is fucking retarded, it must be a chemical imbalance! Um, maybe the chemical imbalance is CAUSED by the fucking retarded society and being flat broke! So whats their solution? Take MORE money from you and put you on a healthy diet of pills!
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    Today, 03:57 AM
    Exactly. They are soaking us for as much as they can before they bail out when the whole thing comes crashing down on us.
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    Today, 02:31 AM
    Dont be surprised. People are unemployed because the jobs that were created since 2008 treat people as Disposable Humans. Far too many very low paying jobs and temp work. The REAL Unemployment rate is still in the 20% range, despite the utter horseshit that comes out of Zippy's fingers. He will probably post if he reads this and immediately point directly to the Bureau of Lies. The only reason the Unemployment Rate has gone down is Smoke and Mirrors. Obama changed the law so the legal definition of long term unemployed went from 2 years to 1 year. It doesnt mean those people found jobs.
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    Today, 02:28 AM
    Very. Its intended to test the knowledge of our newcomers.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:47 PM
    I get it. We can agree to disagree. For anyone who is interested, I want to share this excellent documentary that just came out. I think everyone in the world should watch it. It's satanic, what is going on. And completely unnecessary.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:34 PM
    Yes you can. Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes. Plant-based diets are more environmentally sustainable than diets rich in animal products because they use fewer natural resources and are associated with much less environmental damage. Vegetarians and vegans are at reduced risk of certain health conditions, including ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, certain types of cancer, and obesity. https://jandonline.org/article/S2212-2672(16)31192-3/fulltext
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:20 PM
    Yes, he absolutely should have resigned. But he didn't because the Clintons have zero shame. Sociopathic behavior.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    I was with you for the first few paragraphs, until you got to the part about needing to eat animals because of protein. There is protein in tons of plant-based foods, and you can get everything you need nutritionally from a whole food plant-based diet. Apart from someone who is starving on a desert island, there is absolutely no need to eat dead animals in this day and age. Especially in a country like the US, where there are tons of options.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
    ==== 1052570288838365184 https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1052570288838365184 CBS News @CBSNews Trump defends stance on climate change: "I have a natural instinct for science"
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:42 PM
    So, legalize weed to make GUNS ILLEGAL? Is that their plan? Do they really think that people who smoke pot are going to be more inclined to shoot people? Or, as usual, an EXCUSE to attack gun rights? For the record, Hawaii is also on that Pot = NO Guns list...
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:04 PM
    I dont think it will happen. It would be no different than trying to sue the Federal Government for not allowing the people to vote on the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank, or even its existence. Its a lawsuit that will be quite literally laughed out of court. If voting made any meaningful change, it would be illegal. Just as it pretty much is illegal to try to assert any authority over Govt that they do not expressly let you. The policies and structures in place are there to maintain the Illusion of a Republic as it casts zero meaningful change but makes people feel like they do.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:00 PM
    Legislation wont help, Legislation genuinely believes taking more money from you for more bandwidth is a good thing because it stimulates the economy. Its nothing more than Artificial Scarcity in order to drive up prices so they can take more money from you. You also might want to uninstall a few hundred apps that all send data back about everything you do every second. It may also be a good time to stop using the default phone browser and start using something like Firefox, so you can use plugins to stop every fucking video ad from playing. Youre paying for them to advertise to you.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:53 PM
    Theres about a BILLION things that you have to do in order to take responsibility for your own privacy. #1 - You CAN NOT trust these companies with your data, PERIOD. #2 - Stop using Google Chrome. Everything you do goes back to Google. #3 - Stop signing in to use ANY Google Services #4 - Block all Cookies by DEFAULT and ONLY allow Cookies for sites you log into. #5 - DONT fall into temptation of singing up for anything because its FREE. NOTHING is free. #6 - DO start looking at other ways you are tracked, such as DOM Storage, Flash Cookies, and Canvas Fingerprinting #7 - DO start using other technologies such as VPNs, HOSTS files, UBlock Origin, NoScript or variants #8 - DO start LEARNING about which plugins are no longer useful, such as AdBlock, which sold out
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:11 PM
    "2,539 views Published on Jul 27, 2015" There should be a few more zeros behind that. Thanks for distorting the truth as usual Google. It would appear John Gatto ABSOLUTELY agrees with you Anti Federalist. At the end of the video, a bit of information expressing the same exact sentiment. ---
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:55 PM
    Anyone remember a few years back when we had several US companies that were forcing their employees to train H1B Visa REPLACEMENTS or risk losing all their benefits? American companies that did NOT want American Employees?
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:52 PM
    There is NO AGENCY or branch of Govt which has ANY authority over the Federal Reserve Bank. The idea that Trump is going to correct economic woes by meddling in the affairs of the Fed are nothing more than a dog and pony show for the unaware who know better. Trump has NO MEANINGFUL POWER over the Federal Reserve. If Trump was instead undermining the very existence of the Fed itself, then I would be a Trump supporter, but as it stands, his true colors bleed thru. Its not that he is an idiot, its that he benefits from getting rid of the old Status Quo to benefit the new Status Quo. Trump in this regard is a Puppet since the more things change, the more things stay the same. People watch him and are all entertained by his latest musings while never addressing the real threats to civilization, but puts on a very good show for the unaware so he sure looks like it.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:59 AM
    Vladislav Roslyakov https://twitter.com/ASLuhn/status/1052549510273138688 18 year-old student of the college who police now say shot himself on the second floor of the building after carrying out his rampage. at least 19 lives classification changed from terror attack to multiple homicide.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:05 AM
    Russian Market U.S. TO IMPOSE SANCTIONS ON RUSSIAN COMPANIES WORKING ON SYRIA RECONSTRUCTION - NBC (evil & sick... humanitarian CRIME) On Tuesday, the U.S. warned that any companies participating in the reconstruction of Syria would be slapped with sanctions. Russia will respond to any US sanctions on companies participating in Syria’s reconstruction: official https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/russia-will-respond-to-any-us-sanctions-on-companies-participating-in-syrias-reconstruction-official/ Yeni Şafak English US security adviser Bolton to meet Lavrov next week
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:28 AM
    Crystal#PutinTeam‏ @CRSTAL_52 · 14 sek. 18 now have died, 'alleged perpetrator' of the terrorist attack in Kerch committed suicide Dan McLaughlin‏ DanMcL99 · 2 min. Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov says attack on Kerch college was carried out by a 22-year-old who studied there, and who killed himself afterwards.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:51 AM
    Russian Market‏@russian_market · 1 min. Explosion occurred on the first floor, shooting heard on the second floor - report Crimea Photo of alleged attacker from Kerch school: https://twitter.com/Borisich_glass/status/1052522712114098176/photo/1
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:34 AM
    Franz Schubert‏ Two eyewitnesses in Kerch college have told RT there was intensive gunfire around the time a bomb explosion in a college, with multiple masked gunmen running around the building and killing students. Crimea bloodbath: Attack on college involved masked gunmen shooting at people, witnesses tell RT https://www.rt.com/news/441495-crimea-attack-shooting-witnesses/
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:15 AM
    Russian Market‏ RUSSIA SAYS EXPLOSIVE DEVICE WENT OFF IN KERCH SCHOOL - RIA BREAKING: Blast in Crimea's Kerch Was a Terrorist Act - Russia's Investigative Committee According to investigators, an unidentified explosive device filled with metal objects detonated in a cafeteria at a tech college in Kerch.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:05 AM
    ====== 1052284955949117440 https://twitter.com/Ozkok_/status/1052284955949117440 Ali Özkök Turkish pro-government media reports that Khashoggi’s fingers were allegedly cut off during the interrogation process before he was decapitated. https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/recordings-reveal-khashoggi-tortured-then-dismembered-while-still-alive-3463764
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:07 AM
    Someone wanna cover me? -- I think thats one of the biggest reasons so many people supported Ron Paul, not Trump. This isnt DonaldTrumpForums.com, its RonPaulForums.com, and Ron Paul was the ONLY politician I have EVER witnessed tell the TRUTH about the Dangers of Central Banking. Central Banking = Money in the Belief Money Violence paradigm that enslaves all of humanity.
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  • goldenequity's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:35 AM
    The Empire has no Clothes. (the 'end' of Western Civilization & the beginning of Idiocracy.) Pro Tip: 'Loose popcorn kernels can last indefinitely if placed in an airtight container and stored in a cool, dry cabinet.' ========= Cuban diplomats banging on tables and voices screaming, "Cuba yes, blockade no" across a large conference room, a reference to the US economic embargo against the island nation. 'The "Jailed for What?" event was an attempt by the United States to hoodwink the international community into ignoring its own human rights violations at home and abroad,'
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:18 AM
    Why not? Canada just did. Nation wide.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:17 AM
    Need to do MANY things: #1 - Stiff and END the Fed #2 - End Income Tax One without the other unbalances the system, and we either end up with Hyperinflation or Currency Collapse. We need to do several other things also. #3 - Abolish Fractional Reserve Lending #4 - Gold Standard (or at least some sort of standard that prevent unlimited money printing) #5 - Abolish Interest where possible
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    Just out of curioisity, what exactly about "anarchism" do you disagree with? Mind you, I'm talking about philosophical anarcho-capitalism, not "anarchism" in the sense of no law and order of any kind. Were you using the term in the latter sense when you said you disagreed with it?

    What distinction do you see between voluntarism and anarcho-capitalism, if any?
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    Yes, it does. And it will for a short spell, and then they'll go right back to it. Correct; Attack; Claim Victimhood - that is the M.O. They've admitted that Christianity is a warzone, and they believe that they aren't doing God's work unless they are sowing discord and reviled.

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    G. Edward Griffin still has you on his unfiltered news under Campaigns for Freedom!:

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    I do have to wonder how far up your ass your shorts would be if you *didn't* agree with me on the Subway thing.
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North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetos HB2 Health Care Freedom

by GunnyFreedom on 03-05-2011 at 06:05 PM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
She lectures the State and then posts her veto on YouTube.

See our brazen Governor lecturing us on why government knows best. A mandate of wage slavery to Big Corporate HMO is now pursuant to the US Constitution (never actually explaining how) and illegitimately invokes Article 6 to veto the Healthcare Freedom Act. Support HB2 for healthy government!

I will be the first to stand for a veto override.

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Glen Bradley Webdomain Update 12/23

by GunnyFreedom on 12-23-2010 at 07:00 PM
We are working on a community network that enhances the services, duties, and abilities of a State Legislator to affect the will of his district into law.

By developing a community caucus and integrating it with physical town halls and events, a new level of transparency will be achieved that will hopefully lead America back into the 21st century of Freedom.

Your help is vital to this project. We will need volunteers and funding. This is technically a "campaign activity"

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Updated 12-23-2010 at 07:01 PM by GunnyFreedom


S.510 Food Safety LIVES!

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 09:19 PM
Beware! Using a procedural trick, the US Senate late Sunday night unanimously added the Food Safety Bill back into the new Continuing budget resolution. It returns to the House in the exact text they sent it for consideration and a vote.

So says Jamie Dupree.

A major food safety bill that had almost been given up for dead was suddenly revived in the Senate late on Sunday evening, and may be ready for House approval as early as Tuesday.

In a parliamentary

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Glen Bradley Legislative Agenda Strategy 2.0

by GunnyFreedom on 12-19-2010 at 06:31 PM
Bouncing off the Liberty community, and given the death of S.510, I have refined the proposed agenda another step. I think it's now about one refinement prior to press release, and dissemination.

Quote Originally Posted by Glen Bradley
Food Safety Modernization just died in the Senate Omnibus bill, but I think Farmer's Freedom Protection Act is still critical. Rather than blocking a given law, let's define the relationship between State food producers and Federal regulatory power.
NC Electoral Freedom Act, An Act enabling

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Updated 12-19-2010 at 07:48 PM by GunnyFreedom


North Carolina Farmer's Freedom Protection Act

by GunnyFreedom on 12-13-2010 at 04:18 AM
Quote Originally Posted by GunnyFreedom View Post
I just submitted a bill to the Bill Drafting department. They are waiting until the finalized version of S.510 is produced in order to detail what protections exactly are needed, but we should have the NCFFPA ready to file extremely early -- during the first week if not on the first day.

The basic idea is to specify via the 10th Amendment that all foodstuffs produced in and remaining within the borders of the State of North Carolina are not subject to Federal law or Federal regulation.

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