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    Yesterday, 09:35 PM
    Twitter seems to lend itself to Malice's wit and sense of humor. His followers are pretty solid too. He's one the most interesting people to follow on the platform.
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    Yesterday, 09:29 PM
    As the summer of 2020 dawned, left-wing radical groups began rioting and taking over parts of America’s cities. While this specific form of left-wing violence is new, left-wing violence itself is far from new in the United States. Indeed, one of the most hidden and concealed parts of recent American history is the extensive left-wing violence that began in the late 1960s and continued into the 1980s. At first, one might think that these were isolated incidents of small-scale “protest” or even minor violence. However, upon even brief examination, we find out that the outpouring of leftist violence over this time period was anything but minor. The most likely explanation for why you have never heard of this until now is that the events of these years have been consciously buried by those who would prefer you not know about them. As the left once again ratchets up both its rhetoric and its physical violence, it’s time to re-explore this period of American history. What started as a non-violent student movement quickly escalated into a campaign of terrorism against the American people. And while the similarities may not be terribly striking yet, astute readers of this article will quickly see the world in which we live more and more closely resembling the Days of Rage. The Days of Rage The Days of Rage were in fact a short and discrete period of time – three days of demonstrations that took place on October 8 through 11, 1969. Throughout this article we will discuss events that took place both before and after the Days of Rage, but consider this period a sort of “coming out” party for the Weathermen, also known as the Weather Underground. The Weathermen started out as a faction within Students for a Democratic Society. Without getting too much into the weeds, much of what happens during this period of leftist terrorism in the United States has its genesis in a faction fight between the Weathermen, who controlled the national SDS organization, and the rest of their faction (known as the Revolutionary Youth Movement II or RYM II), who were in opposition to the more classically Maoist Worker Student Alliance. Tensions ran high because the stakes were high – nothing less than total control of the largest student radical organization in America and all of the spoils that came along with that. Many within the Weathermen faction of RYM II believed that they were fighting literal fascism coming to America in the form of President Richard Nixon.
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    Yesterday, 06:59 PM
    I thought this was the best response: https://twitter.com/michaelmalice/status/1281648630013685760
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    07-10-2020, 06:42 PM
    Our own Sam Jacobs sat down with Matthew Larosiere. Matthew Larosiere is the Director of Legal Policy at the Firearms Policy Coalition and an unashamed supporter of the Second Amendment without exceptions. He is also an early adopter of the 3D printer, something that he has become very skilled at using to make full firearms, firearms components, and other pieces. He believes that 3D printed guns are not just a Second Amendment issue, but also a First Amendment issue. His position in the FPC brings him into close contact with breaking legal issues and emerging attacks on the Second Amendment. Sam talked with Mr. Larosiere about the reaction of the Michigan Legislature to legally armed protesters, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s move to ban so-called “ghost guns” without due legal process and, of course, 3D printed guns and why they’re so important -- and cool. Listen to the episode here: Matthew Larosiere: Director of Legal Policy at the Firearms Policy Coalition
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    07-10-2020, 05:43 PM
    Foreign technology, no matter how useful, should generally be avoided. We have enough issues with our own government.
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    07-10-2020, 05:14 PM
    Definitely putting this on my watch list. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    07-01-2020, 08:47 PM
    No, I completely get what you mean and it's a fair point. All the sharp edges you get in an adversarial conversation are sanded down. To some extent they're just recycling previous conversations and retracing known territory. It's hard to make that captivating.
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    06-30-2020, 08:42 PM
    I definitely did. :tears: It's an inside joke between him and Michael Malice. He's an interesting character and has been on the podcast numerous times.
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    06-24-2020, 07:37 PM
    I'm a semi-regular listener to the very failed podcaster Tom Woods but didn't know about Gottfried's podcast. Thanks for the link!
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    06-23-2020, 09:29 AM
    Fascism is not well understood and the term is thrown around a bit carelessly. Bookmarked to watch later this week. Hopefully it's something I can share with others when an occasion arrises. Thanks for posting. :up:
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    06-22-2020, 07:16 PM
    Same. "We're going to give it all away but on our own timeline and under our own conditions" is not exactly what gun owners want in an advocate.
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    06-18-2020, 07:01 PM
    The riots of the spring of 2020 are far from without precedent in the United States. Indeed, they seem to happen once a generation at least. The 1992 Los Angeles Riots are such an example of these “generational riots.” And while most people know about the riots, less known – though quite well known at the time – were the phenomenon of the so-called “Roof Koreans.” The Roof Koreans were spontaneous self-defense forces organized by the Korean community of Los Angeles, primarily centered in Koreatown, in response to violent and frequently racist attacks on their communities and businesses by primarily black looters and rioters during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. Despite their best efforts, over 2,200 Korean-owned businesses were looted or burned to the ground during the riots. It is chilling to imagine how many would have suffered the same fate had the Koreans not been armed. Standing on the rooftops of Koreatown shops they and their families owned, clad not in body armor or tactical gear, but instead dressed like someone’s nerdy dad, often smoking cigarettes, but always on alert, the Roof Koreans provide a stirring example of how free Americans of all races can defend their own communities without relying upon outside help. The Koreans of Los Angeles were the ultimate marginalized minority group. They were subject to discrimination and often victimized by the black community of the city. Due to language barriers and other factors, they lacked the political clout of other minority groups, such as the large Mexican community of Los Angeles County. This in spite of their clear economic success in the city beginning in the 1970s and 80s.
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    06-18-2020, 03:32 PM
    These companies are not naive, they are keenly aware of what is in their interest. The thought of self-proclaimed Socialists working to entrench some the largest companies in the country would be really funny if it didn't have such disastrous consequences.
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    06-15-2020, 06:27 PM
    This is crucial. The merits of this specific ruling aside, the methodology is farcical. The courts are indeed acting as de-facto legislators.
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