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    Today, 09:22 AM
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    Today, 09:18 AM
    They are in my prayers.
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    Today, 08:34 AM
    GALATIANS 4:4-5 (KJV) “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” http://worldeventsandthebible.com/2017/12/bible-verse-day-galatians-44-5-2.html#more-45472
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    Today, 01:35 AM
    You can love your govt. Youre also "allowed" to even hate it. You could even organize protests and meaningful resistance to govt policies. All that matters is you pay your fucking taxes.
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    Yesterday, 11:29 PM
    Flash Back: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/03/22/aluminum-toxicity-alzheimers.aspx https://universityhealthnews.com/daily/memory/aluminum-linked-to-alzheimers-disease/
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    Yesterday, 10:14 PM
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    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    That's why the hysteria had to climb. Nobody gives a shit if Trump "inappropriately" touches women, that's so 1998 we're done, but as long as the hype train builds steam and the public hear more famous people (who will get their jobs back, or better ones) are being offered up (for nothing at all, or stuff MSM have concealed for decades), their bet is people will want him impeached. If not, that he'll be a one termer. Its bs and I think Trump's safe, but that's their bet.
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    Yesterday, 09:11 PM
    Mortal Kombat: FATAL Bureaukracy IRS VS ATF FBI VS CIA FEMA VS NSA ICE VS BLM The winner fights PENTAGON
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    Yesterday, 09:04 PM
    I'd be OK volunteering as a space dummy, as long as I can drink whatever I want.
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    Yesterday, 08:42 PM
    Lets kill all the birds w one stone and send the whole DoJ, DoD, DoS, etc. to Mars with limited rations and forget about them.
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    Yesterday, 08:24 PM
    Does South Korea never launch missiles?
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    Yesterday, 08:16 PM
    If DoD and DoS want a turf war, they best get their shit together and follow through next time. I'm tired of Brave New 1984; just leave me out of your social engineering dumsterfuck. And don't neglect torching the DoJ!
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    Yesterday, 07:57 PM
    http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?517017-This-Is-What-700-Quintillion-Could-Buy-You I just think private companies should be spearheading this and footing the costs themselves. Why should the State have to be shock-absorber for their risks? /brokenrecord
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    Yesterday, 07:25 PM
    D Company maintains some degree of relation with Pakistan's ISI, which everybody knows is just a regional hub for CIA. Dawood's mob seems quiet now, but as Pakistan distances itself from USG and the Awan case possibly unfolds next year, he'll be a name to listen for.
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    Yesterday, 07:24 PM
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ovW86L8K4U&list=PLpq-fVpS7yY-loBGnaUwsglihq5TH4844 (I havent seen this episode yet, but figured might as well start at the beginning) We've probably all seen video compilations of idiots doing stupid things on the road and see them constantly on the roads ourselves. One of the issues with those types of videos is the same thing we say every time we see an idiot driver: "What were they thinking"? So thats something I actually do like about this show so far in that we actually get to see the drivers in action instead of only being able to look at the results of their stupidity. Show is Canadian so Ive never heard of it before. If you havent seen it, enjoy, if youre interested... But, be forewarned, these people are true idiots. Next video is MUCH more interesting since it shows how much of a true idiot people can be. Its the first one of the series I watched...
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    Yesterday, 07:13 PM
    The same people that want knives to be dull, yet, still be perfectly sharp to cut avocados with.
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  • Raginfridus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:13 PM
    http://www.news18.com/news/india/d-company-casts-world-wide-web-how-dawoods-business-empire-is-thriving-1488153.html (Dawood keeps his head down in Pakistan.) https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/dawood-is-in-pakistan-avoids-calls-to-family-fears-tapping-says-brother-1753628 (Dawood was a peer of Osama's back when CIA were pulling gangsters all over Islamic world into Afghanistan to fight Russia. He's another creation of ours, but he's way richer and has had ISI protecting him for decades. Not sure what that relationship's like now days.) https://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2010/01/dawood_ibrahim_al_qaeda_and_th.php
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:11 PM
    Many of the troubles you mention are valid, and exactly what will happen if either Govt or Federal Reserve Bank (or any Central Bank) becomes involved in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is not necessarily the only cryptocurrency out there. There are several. Another one is Ethereum. If Central Banks ever claim authority over cryptocurrency, you can guarantee that we are all fucked as a result. Other thing is that many people that dont fully understand Bitcoin also dont know of the 21 million limit, so the explanation is more for everyone else.
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  • Raginfridus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:42 PM
    I know seks sells, but so do boom boom scary and "Man blows his dick off for hot dog". So what makes him a terr'ist, is he claiming to be ISIS? Did he shout aloha snackbar before blowing off his pecker, or did he just want to rob a hot dog store, because he knows people never expect shit in the mornings? (Do they have stores in subways you can rob?)
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    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    I had no idea avocados were a problem. Are people seriously just in that much a hurry all the time to go nowhere? I know they spoil fast if left on the counter, but I don't think a couple minutes will make a huge difference...
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    Yesterday, 06:23 PM
    That Australian needs to keep his yap and his notebook shut.
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    Yesterday, 06:05 PM
    Jeeeeezuzzz, "As a woman standing up there, have you ever been shekshully harashed?" Not, "If this bomber was in any way affiliated with ISIS, will the President order our Syrian bases to remain open, despite Iran's warnings to close our base?" "Does the President regret continuing to equip and serve a terrorist organization, namely ISIS, whether they had anything to do with this bombing or not, despite the NY bomber's probable excuse for the attack being our middle East presence?" "Why do the State Dept. and Defense Dept. continue to fund, train, and equip the very kind of people who think its their religious duty to kill us?" "Are we leaving Syria?" ....
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:30 PM
    I think it is already here... Amazon's 75,000 New Robots Are Your Answer To No Wage Inflation http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/amazons-75000-new-robots-are-your-answer-no-wage-inflation Amazons main shipping facility is here in my home town, so I meet people that have worked for Amazon all the time. I also see a saturation of job postings for warehouse workers as well. Thing is, most of the warehouse jobs for Amazon are temp jobs that are handled by a Temp Agency so Amazons reputation is protected. These are Temporary Jobs, and not even directly employed by Amazon. Sadly, what this all confirms is that Amazon views the majority of its workforce to be disposable. When robots and drones replace the disposable human workforce, the true state of the economy will become visible. We dont produce anything here any more. A good portion of what we do produce is already handled by machines, and that has the potential to also be fully automated. The robots and drones will be manufactured overseas. Maintenance will be handled by very few people. Then we will truly see how far we have fallen.
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    Yesterday, 04:36 PM
    Man: "Let's do it Doggy Style!" Woman: "You mean where you get on all fours and beg for sex and I'll just play dead?"
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    Yesterday, 04:34 PM
    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/i-feel-tremendous-guilt-former-facebook-exec-says-company-ripping-apart-social-fabri Full article on link.
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    Yesterday, 04:20 PM
    This video went viral a couple days ago. Universal Basic Income Explained - Free Money for Everybody? Im also not expressing an opinion here either way, neither pro, nor con. I'll leave that up to you guys to rip it apart. ... and, there's this thread... 'We Could Fund a Universal Basic Income With the Data We Give Away To Facebook and Google'
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    Just wanted to say thank you for the +rep and kind words about my video. (That was the second upload...slightly revised. The first one had over 5,000 views and was starting to get a lot of traffic, then youtube suddenly removed it.) Anyway... keep searching for the truth and thanks again.
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    You're right, I am hateful. I hate liberal and progressive bullshit and I hate when people promote taxation.
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    Thanks for the +rep!
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United States Enumerated Causes of Death per Annum

by Weston White on 09-01-2014 at 05:49 PM
  • 38,325 DIE every year in America from drug related overdoses (30,006 are determined to have been intential SUICIDES); and another 2,463,020 are treated in hospital ER’ for drug abuse
  • Smoking related illness: 480,000 DEAD
  • Abortions: 266,000 DEAD
  • Accidental mishaps: 126,438 DEAD
  • Automotive collisions: 33,783 DEAD
  • Redlight collisions: 893 DEAD
  • Intersection collisions: 8,706 DEAD
  • Falling: 27,483 DEAD
  • Poisoning: 36,280 DEAD
  • Medical error: 195,000 DEAD
  • Heart disease: 597,689 DEAD

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To Keep & Bear Arms

A Discourse on the Crux of the Federal Taxation of Individuals

by Weston White on 08-03-2013 at 09:30 AM
After have worked full-ahead over the last two-months I have finally completed a massive undertaking that I’ve wanted to accomplish for at least the last couple of years. Basically, I compiled much researching along with articles I have written over the course of the last many years; revising, expanding, and cleaning them up as I went. The final result is the preliminary edition of what I have entitled: “A Discourse on the Crux of the Federal Taxation of Individuals”. I plan on actually completing

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Let Us NOT Give Up on the Constitution

by Weston White on 01-15-2013 at 01:02 PM
This is my personal response to Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman's "OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR LET’S GIVE UP ON THE CONSTITUTION" article.

Countering Evilness, Hypocrisy, and Lunacy: Giving Up on Progressivism

Updated 01-15-2013 at 01:05 PM by Weston White


Ashes Over York

by Weston White on 09-09-2012 at 05:22 PM
~ Ashes Over York ~

Quietness unto
The clandestineness havoc
Approaching without kindness nor cause
Visions within, seizing and stilled
Moments throughout ennoble
Those myriads of many
Responders serve timely and just
Their tact turned heroically fable
With lives lorn and lost, beneath imploring ash
Pith be the corps; newly banded, now entrenched
Tasking singly endured, for if a gloam more

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Instituting National Carrying of Arms Rights: A Congressional Bill Proposal

by Weston White on 08-19-2012 at 09:54 AM
Concerning, is that presently there are several pieces of pending legislation seeking to further impede rights to gun and ammunition purchasing, possession, and ownership, etc.

The following is an initial final draft copy of a proposal intended to be sent to your Representative in Congress (including forwarding it to several potentially interested third-parties). Please feel free to download and modify it to your own linking.

Please, notice that this proposal is not at

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To Keep & Bear Arms




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