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    Today, 04:04 AM
    Theres two words that come to mind about the whole fucking thing. WOODS and THROW They are NOT making things last longer. They are not releasing new models that fix existing problems. They are not trying to make things better. They are not interested in making things that break less. What they are trying to do is even worse. They are trying to design everything to become obsolete as soon as possible. They are trying to make things interconnected so they can sell data that is collected. They are trying to use everything as an advertising platform. They are trying to make things crappy and cheap so they break intentionally. They are trying to overcharge for cheaper and cheaper crap. They are not giving us useful features while overloading us with things we dont want. This is not the way the future is supposed to be. The future is supposed to be actually better than what we had before, not worse. If we ever do make a star ship, we will be lucky if it makes it as far as the moon without needing to be hauled back in for a major repair. Their machines make us dumber than we ever have been. They try to recommend we buy products, not because we need them, but purely so they can make money on selling us shit we dont need and cant afford that is actually worse than the previous model. These self driving cars are merely surveillance tools that will be shut off at the first sign of revolution against the Corporation State.
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    Yesterday, 06:20 PM
    I just want to show you guys where SJWs in the Gaming Industry and at Warner Bros. have taken Middle Earth: The rape really begins @ 5:20 or thereabouts. Chinese. Women. Ring Wraiths. One of these things is not like the others...
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    Yesterday, 05:49 PM
    Features are fine. Taking control away from drivers is not. If you turn your car left and the cars computer decides you should be turning right and the car goes right, that is dangerous. If you decide you dont have enough time to safely stop for a yellow light and the car disagrees with your decision and slams on the brakes, that is dangerous. If you decide to park your new car on your gravel driveway and the car wont let you because its not GPS mapped, thats dangerous. The real danger to freedom is the individuality that goes along with it. Stripping a person of individual choices and determining the course of their lives for them will always result in less benefits to those who are not allowed to think for themselves. This is control. They decide for you, not on what is best for you, but what is best for them. You are given an Illusion of Choice. Choose between Coke or Pepsi. McDonalds or Burger King. The choice you are never offered is to not buy either. Why? They dont care about you, they care about them. You are given a choice between which ads to watch, but never are allowed to choose no ads at all. You are given a choice of which city or state to pay taxes to, but are never allowed to choose to not pay taxes. The very idea that you have any choice at all itself is now under attack. Google decides what the temperature in your house should be. Amazon decides when it is time to go to the store and buy more milk. Now, the very choices that determine where you go are systematically being taken away until the only thing left to do is to watch the giant TV spout propaganda against the enemy of the week while you profess your eternal obedience to your overlords.
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    Yesterday, 05:31 PM
    Or maybe not drugs, but their employer went out of business?
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    Yesterday, 05:22 PM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-18/why-police-are-quietly-turning-google-find-criminals Full article on link. --- Why not just have Google do everything? Google Police, Google Prison, Google Tax, Google Food, Google Think?
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    Yesterday, 05:17 PM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-18/edward-snowden-facebook-surveillance-company-rebranded-social-media Full article on link. --- Without privacy, all data can be used against you.
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  • Raginfridus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:18 PM
    Wouldn't that be a good thing?
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    Yesterday, 02:17 PM
    Or just personal responsibility and pride in such.
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    Yesterday, 01:39 PM
    Feature Creep! Its as bad as operating systems.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 PM
    Yeah, yeah, yeah...same ol' BS, different day. I bet you are so perfect you never make a complete ass out of yourself, at any point of your life, right? The highbrow / stiffneck intellect is so boring. *YAWN*
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    Yesterday, 12:23 PM
    I am into researching ALL things, especially from propagandist hellbent in trying to discredit and assassinate people's characters. This way you know what you're up against. The Good Book says: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
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    Yesterday, 12:10 PM
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    Yesterday, 11:44 AM
    I bet Donna Brazile knows.
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  • Raginfridus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:33 AM
    Usually he doesn't name leaks, but I suppose a murder - excuse me - robbery gone wrong merits disclosure. If Assange and Rich were the only people who knew he was the leak, was the hit random luck after narrowing down possibilities? If I was Assange, I wouldn't have named him, because I don't necessarily know who killed Rich. Instead of a reward, wait for the msm clusterfuck to clear and approach the mother or family somehow with evidence that Rich was the leak.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:31 AM
    This needs to be posted right here.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:27 AM
    You're videos just get more comical. Seriously, if all you're going to do is post nonsense then there is no cogent discussion that can take place.
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    Yesterday, 11:15 AM
    yup. and you're fucked if you destroy one.
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    Yesterday, 11:02 AM
    lilymc From Geoffrey:
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    Yesterday, 10:37 AM
    LOL! Is that all you got? Seriously? I have heard all this bologna before--it has been addressed repeatedly on this site alone. They wrap information with disinformation into a 14 minute video claiming he is a Zionist agent. Seriously? It is insulting to my intelligence to even sit through such tripe. However, i gave you the benefit of the doubt. This kind of stuff is why the country is so divided, and it isn't solely because of Alex Jones. :rolleyes:
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    Just wanted to say thank you for the +rep and kind words about my video. (That was the second upload...slightly revised. The first one had over 5,000 views and was starting to get a lot of traffic, then youtube suddenly removed it.) Anyway... keep searching for the truth and thanks again.
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    You're right, I am hateful. I hate liberal and progressive bullshit and I hate when people promote taxation.
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    Thanks for the +rep!
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United States Enumerated Causes of Death per Annum

by Weston White on 09-01-2014 at 05:49 PM
  • 38,325 DIE every year in America from drug related overdoses (30,006 are determined to have been intential SUICIDES); and another 2,463,020 are treated in hospital ER’ for drug abuse
  • Smoking related illness: 480,000 DEAD
  • Abortions: 266,000 DEAD
  • Accidental mishaps: 126,438 DEAD
  • Automotive collisions: 33,783 DEAD
  • Redlight collisions: 893 DEAD
  • Intersection collisions: 8,706 DEAD
  • Falling: 27,483 DEAD
  • Poisoning: 36,280 DEAD
  • Medical error: 195,000 DEAD
  • Heart disease: 597,689 DEAD

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To Keep & Bear Arms

A Discourse on the Crux of the Federal Taxation of Individuals

by Weston White on 08-03-2013 at 09:30 AM
After have worked full-ahead over the last two-months I have finally completed a massive undertaking that I’ve wanted to accomplish for at least the last couple of years. Basically, I compiled much researching along with articles I have written over the course of the last many years; revising, expanding, and cleaning them up as I went. The final result is the preliminary edition of what I have entitled: “A Discourse on the Crux of the Federal Taxation of Individuals”. I plan on actually completing

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Let Us NOT Give Up on the Constitution

by Weston White on 01-15-2013 at 01:02 PM
This is my personal response to Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman's "OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR LET’S GIVE UP ON THE CONSTITUTION" article.

Countering Evilness, Hypocrisy, and Lunacy: Giving Up on Progressivism

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Ashes Over York

by Weston White on 09-09-2012 at 05:22 PM
~ Ashes Over York ~

Quietness unto
The clandestineness havoc
Approaching without kindness nor cause
Visions within, seizing and stilled
Moments throughout ennoble
Those myriads of many
Responders serve timely and just
Their tact turned heroically fable
With lives lorn and lost, beneath imploring ash
Pith be the corps; newly banded, now entrenched
Tasking singly endured, for if a gloam more

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Instituting National Carrying of Arms Rights: A Congressional Bill Proposal

by Weston White on 08-19-2012 at 09:54 AM
Concerning, is that presently there are several pieces of pending legislation seeking to further impede rights to gun and ammunition purchasing, possession, and ownership, etc.

The following is an initial final draft copy of a proposal intended to be sent to your Representative in Congress (including forwarding it to several potentially interested third-parties). Please feel free to download and modify it to your own linking.

Please, notice that this proposal is not at

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To Keep & Bear Arms




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