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    Yesterday, 01:20 AM
    "Even in high-crime inner-city neighborhoods, well over 90 percent of children from safe, stable homes do not become delinquents. By contrast only 10 percent of children from unsafe, unstable homes in these neighborhoods avoid crime." Stable= 2 parents, 1 working fulltime, no addiction.
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    Yesterday, 01:16 AM
    But that's where the crime comes from. Males 16-25 raised in a single parent environment. An older study from 1992, 85% of all youths in Texas prisons came from a single parent household. It's about guidance.
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    03-24-2023, 02:30 PM
    "Grant was named the Vikings’ head coach on March 11, 1967 and was part of the brain trust for the draft three days later. After Baltimore took defensive lineman Bubba Smith from Michigan State, the Vikings went with another Spartan, halfback Clint Jones. With the eighth pick in the draft (Minnesota’s own draft choice), the Vikings took end Gene Washington, also from Michigan State. (The Houston Oilers had drafted linebacker George Webster of the Spartans with the fifth choice in the draft, making it four Michigan State players taken in the first eight picks). Now that the Vikings had Jones, halfback Tommy Mason was expendable. The first overall NFL draft choice in 1961, Mason had a number of good years with Minnesota but his knees were giving out. He played in only seven games because of knee problems in 1966and his best years were behind him. At the time of the draft, Mason was in a hospital in Oklahoma City recovering from his most recent knee operation. Even so, the Vikings were able to trade Mason to the Los Angeles Rams for end Marlin McKeever and the Rams’ 1967 first-round draft choice, which was coming up. With Los Angeles’s draft choice—the 15th overall pick—the Vikings selected defensive lineman Alan Page from Notre Dame. Using the second-round pick they had acquired from the Giants, the Vikings took halfback-flanker Bob Grim from Oregon State. In the 1968 draft, the Vikings used the bonus pick from the Giants to draft offensive lineman Ron Yary from the University of Southern California. They also traded McKeever—whom they had acquired from the Rams for Mason—to Washington for safety Paul Krause. A better quarterback was needed and the Vikings pulled it off with another trade with the Giants in early 1972, getting Tarkenton back in exchange for draft picks and a few players. One was Bob Grim, who had first come to Minnesota in 1967 in the initial Tarkenton trade"
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    03-18-2023, 03:07 AM
    Jones screwed up by rewriting his contract and giving him more. DB Stephon Gilmore was a nice signing.
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    03-17-2023, 09:48 AM
    Watching the new Kevin Hart movie, "Die Hart". The premise is Hart wants to be an action hero in his movies so he goes to get trained like an action hero. Halfway through the movie has Kevin Hart not wanting to do a scenario that has a gun with blanks. He says he doesn't trust another actor who is involved as well as the Action Hero trainer because he thinks their guns are loaded with live ammo. hart thinks the trainer is a psycho. I wonder what Alec Baldwin thinks of this scene? Is this an actual smack down of Baldwin by Hollywood?
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    03-14-2023, 09:54 PM
    Can you clarify Trump knew what he was doing with the Pandy vaccine from the getgo in that it was dangerous? Or Kennedy is lying?
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    03-14-2023, 08:01 PM
    1635418049187840001 "Trump got in there and said I'm going to get rid of the swamp. He asked me to be on a vaccine safety commission. When that news got out, Pfizer gave him $1 million for his inaugural party, and he appointed two of Pfizer's lobbyists, Scott Gottlieb and Alex Azar, to run HHS. They killed the vaccine safety commission, and Gottlieb went on to serve on Pfizer's board. The thing that I feel like I have, Jimmy, is that I sued those agencies for forty years; I know how they work, I've written books about them, I've studied them, I know the people in them who are causing the problems, I know how to fix them." True?
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    03-12-2023, 02:17 PM
    "Thielen provided the perfect clutch alternative to Jefferson as teams tried to double the superstar whenever possible. But a $19.97 million cap hit was too much for the Vikings going into 2023. They are projected to be $14 million over the cap as it currently stands and cutting Thielen will now save them nearly $6 million toward their total." What kind of an organization can't manage their money? They budget worse than our Federal government.
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    03-11-2023, 11:29 AM
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    03-06-2023, 11:59 PM
    Winston and the Red Rifle did well enough last year and that was with WRers Landry and Thomas missing 8 and 14 games. Kamara is headed for legal trouble. They need a running back. https://apnews.com/article/alvin-kamara-chris-lammons-nfl-vegas-d646e8f430bc64ef76634a5abf8c9aa4
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    03-06-2023, 11:55 PM
    correct Chiefs in '69 season Dolphins in '73 season Steelers in '74 season That was long ago. Too bad they are going to miss the playoffs this coming season
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    03-06-2023, 08:46 PM
    The Browns going to the AFC in 1970 helped Dallas a ton. From 1965-1970 the Browns played them pretty much even. In 1969 Dallas lost 3 games that year including the playoffs. A 1 point loss to the Rams and 2 losses to Cleveland by 24 and 32 Blanton Collier was the Browns coach from '63-'70. 1 Championship and an overall record of 76-34-2 .691 8th highest winning percentage. 6th highest after WW2. Hardly anyone has heard of him
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    03-06-2023, 12:15 PM
    Trivia question - Name all the Super Bowls the Vikings have won.
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    03-05-2023, 03:48 PM
    https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CRECB-2001-pt12/html/CRECB-2001-pt12-Pg17110-5.htm [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,
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    03-03-2023, 10:53 AM
    The worst thing about all this, the cost of PVC pipe will go up.
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