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    02-01-2020, 12:34 AM
    Some of what is written in Gulag Archipelago has already come, or rather the sociological propaganda necessary to precipitate such events has already begun: Now, the parallels should be obvious here, but just incase they are not: Firearms, me too, hate crimes (smirking kid, all the busy bodies that wound up on twitter etc)--all deliberately linked to zombie white supremacy. The mass arrests, obviously, have not begun yet. It isn't time, and the force isn't available--yet. What these waves of violations do accomplish is to integrate people into an ideological framework that will minimize, rationalize, or ignore the waves when they begin. Don't believe me? Well, I direct you to the war on drugs--deliberately linked to so-called black criminality. It wasn't just 'waged' one day. First, they had the SCARE THE SHIT out of people. This is the kicker: The same organizations that are responsible for the war on drugs, red lining, and cultural violence THE MEDIA GOVERNMENT COMPLEX are now gathering and directing the righteous fury engendered by those enormities at the ordinary people whose complicity may be summed up as, "they literally scared the shit out of us." CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS are the same organizations that mongered the Iraq war. That market is bearish, so they monger other things now. People, being people, are fairly astute at detecting changes in the wind. I know more than a few characters of low character who, in this change in the wind, smelled redemption. An ointment for their rotten consciences: "I've done bad things, but it wasn't me, it was the system, man." How kind, then, of that very system to offer a way of return, "you may be forgiven, only if you tear down the thing that made you evil." Thus, Bernie Sanders campaign contains at least four murderous Marxist (Lenin and Stalin were Marxists, that talked as Marxists, even in private according to Stephen Kotkin).
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    02-01-2020, 12:09 AM
    Enemy at the gates? I suppose the Pacific Ocean could be viewed as a kind of big ass fucking gate. re abolishment. No, not that. Consolidation of private property is the aim, not abolishment. That ideologically laden term is for the useful idiots.
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    01-29-2020, 10:36 AM
    I'll never understand how the actions of the urban ruling class get sublimated onto an entire pigment. I think that is why there is more concern with slavery and colonization, because if the contemporary causes of apparent racial inequities were honestly appraised the culprit would be identified as the group that parade about 'neath the mantle of saviors. This country needs a coalition of the middle and lower classes, both rural and urban--that is progress. I've always found it funny how Marxism emerged so closely on the heels of the ascension of Natural law. The (re)emerging coalition of the ruling class and the lower class is pure regression. Alas for myopia. The desperate lower classes, in their degenerated state, are more interested in alleviation than in progress thus it is that the middle classes, or in Alinsky speak "Have a littles," become natural targets: Having enough to take, and not enough to protect what they have. Obviously, this competition is stacked against progress by the ruling classes monopoly on education, media, courts, and other so-called 'ideological' institutions.
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