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    Today, 04:56 AM
    UN fodder... 1087153314536587265 https://twitter.com/OpForPlay/status/1087153314536587265
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    Today, 04:52 AM
    Russian Market‏@russian_market that very karma moment for @wef when its leaders refused to invite Russians and in the end nobody significant is coming and many world leaders cancelled their trips to Davos.
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    Today, 04:42 AM
    1087470391151546369 https://twitter.com/Joyce_Karam/status/1087470391151546369
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    Today, 04:17 AM
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    Today, 03:53 AM
    Its unfortunate the Manipulated Stream Media made this event such a national focus in CNN/MSNBC's quest for their own PC virtue signaling. After watching multiple videos, it is readily apparent that CNN, MSNBC lied, and that Nathan Phillips is a lying, disrespectful, cowardly fool. The self labelled “Black Hebrew Israelites” portrayed themselves are imbecilic fanatical nutcases, and that’s putting it gently. Seriously, they acted like they came straight out of the psycho ward for lunatic zealots. From the videos, a group that calls themselves the “Black Hebrew Israelites” were harassing the Native Americans with such taunts as:“You not supposed to worship eagles, buffalos, rams, all types of animals! This is the reason the Lord took away your land!” “You think there’s Uncle Tom? You’re an Uncle Tomahawk. You got your head up the white man’s ass! You say peace? There ain’t gonna be no peace!” When a native American woman refuted the “Black Hebrew Israelite” lunatics they respond to her with such rationale dialogue as,“This is the problem, Israel; it’s always our women coming up with they loud mouth…thinking they can come and distract things with they loud-ass mouth, cause they not used to dealing with no real men.”
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    Today, 03:02 AM
    Some unfortunate people fall into the fallacy that because some vaccines are life saving godsends and so effective, then every vaccine rolling off the pipeline of big pharmacy is automatically just as great and can't possibly pose any possible health risk despite any evidence and regardless of when or how frequent these injections are given, and therefore all vaccines must be pushed on everyone, and half of the vaccines even mandated by state governments under CDC "persuasion". The ultimate issue with vaccines is that they should always be a personal choice. No government mandates. It should always be up to the individual to weigh the benefits and risks in an open and free market. Some vaccines are virtual godsends in saving lives - i.e. polio, smallpox. A huge benefit. Some vaccines are more an issue of convenience - measles, chicken pox, rubella. Sure it is a convenience not to have to go through the childhood right of passage of measles or chicken pox, or German measles, but not a big deal for those of us who did. Other vaccines are a bad joke - Gardasil's HPV, the eternal train of infinite flu vaccines. The government of India suspended the of Gardasil of too many serious adverse reactions including deaths and disablement. In the US, the US government's VAERS lists over 54,000 adverse reactions to Gardasil, with 833 life threatening, 343 associated deaths, and 14,000 Gardasil reaction emergency room visits.
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    Today, 02:43 AM
    These are some of the most nonsensical statements ever. It's like the mental sophistry of a two year old "They are stupid evidenced by the fact they exist." - huh? Its logically retarded. Its like saying "anti-statists are stupid evidenced by the fact that they exist." or Anti-taxers are stupid evidenced by the fact that they exist, or anti gun-controllers are stupid evidenced by the fact that they exist . It is an emotional outburst. There is no reasoning to these statements whatsoever. Also medical professionals do sit on juries.
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    Today, 02:30 AM
    Leave it Zippy to latch on to the most ridiculous fallacies. If it doesn't kill everyone on the planet then it must be safe. Idiotic hyperbole fallacy. Also Zippy quoting that the amount of aluminum neurotoxins injection into the body with the vaccines is , "so low, that the human body wouldn’t notice it." Yet, at the same time the pharmaceuticals specifically put the aluminum neurotoxic compounds into the vaccines because they are of sufficient dosage to suppress the human immune system to allow the vaccine to remain in the body long enough to develop sufficient quantities of antibodies. So it is simultaneously enough neurotoxic aluminum compounds to affect the body, but not enough of a dosage to affect the body.
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    Today, 02:15 AM
    Sarah Palin of the left.
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    Yesterday, 11:03 PM
    At some point people will need to figure out that Israel doesn't care.
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    Yesterday, 09:19 PM
    AFRICOM (setting up proxies & pretext to 'rescue' targeted resources for 'National Security'. MAGA.) @Zulmai_Afghan #Somalia: 82 Ethiopian troops killed in Al-Shabab ambush between Baidoa and Burhakaba on friday, dead bodies transfered to Baidoa airport in south-west of Somalia. Al-Shabab increased attacks against the enemies, in latest attack they killed 21 including US citizens in Nairobi. Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project
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    Yesterday, 08:58 PM
    Sky News Breaking An Afghanistan defence ministry official says an attack carried out by the Taliban on a military base in central Afghanistan has killed more than 100 security force members 1087379808600932352 https://twitter.com/RisboLensky/status/1087379808600932352
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    Yesterday, 08:47 PM
    Within Syria Two new Syrian officers died from wounds they sustained as a result of the recent Israeli attack, Lt. Ahman Fllah and Lt. Osama al-Rif'ai. Total number is now four killed and more than six injured. Iranian forces didn't lose any personal. 1087373438157811712 https://twitter.com/WithinSyriaBlog/status/1087373438157811712
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    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
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    Yesterday, 07:37 PM
    There's our answer. Liberals have no shame.
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    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    LOL! I have a youtube guy that keeps me in working apps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G7uA1zDoSY
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  • TheCount's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:15 PM
    Your PMs are full. I tried to send you the super duper secret 100% big money shill plan but couldn't.
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    Yesterday, 07:09 PM
    This. The hundred fifty years of propaganda doesn't even pretend government "participation" in the market isn't evil. The official line merely has people convinced that it's a necessary evil. Of course, Coolidge proved otherwise. But people reject those lessons out of hand because Coolidge didn't do anything. He actually did quite a lot. He protected us from government corruption by preventing government participation. Then Hoover, a major progressive, screwed everything up and Coolidge was framed for half the blame because they were both Republicans (though Coolidge considered Hoover an idiot). We all want to believe the truth will out. But we're clearly going to have to help it out.
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    Yesterday, 06:59 PM
    Porn still works.
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    Yesterday, 06:55 PM
    And it still can't get passed...SMDH
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    Yesterday, 06:52 PM
    COLD. I'm ready for global warming. I had an old one legged man come in the bar today and get drunk. He asked me if I wanted a sugar daddy and when I told him I was married, he asked if I wanted a side pee. I told him I'd consider it. He called me his Boo. When he left he told me to go home and tell my husband I had a one legged old black man as a side pee, lol. He was so sweet. He was celebrating getting a foot. It'll be here in three weeks. I couldn't help but think of the 3D printed limbs and told him about them.
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    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
    Feds / taxpayer bailout?
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  • Zippyjuan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:36 PM
    Green bars just means you run with whatever the crowd does. Popularity doesn't necessarily mean honesty.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:28 PM
    I really don't know what you do about all this in the long run. All of this seems too abstract. Okay, the government is spying. What are you going to do about it? This is not exactly the same thing, but I say drill down to the details. If someone is messing with you, then you have to get down to the nitty gritty. If you can fuck their ass up good, then do it.. This website called TheNewspaper.com reports on all the cases of citizens destroying these cameras with ball bats, paint, etc. The only downside is that you, the taxpayer, just pay more. It's not like torching an individual's house, but the I think the response is measured. Hopefully, it sends some kind of message. I don't know. Here's the thread I made about people destroying cameras in Europe and Australia. There's even a few cases in the United States. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?508496-European-citizens-destroy-and-disable-traffic-camera-tickets
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  • Zippyjuan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:08 PM
    What is the demand for Fed funds? Current outstanding borrowing is $97 million. Million- not billions. Is that a "high demand for Fed funds"? https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/DISCBORR (Zerohedge always says things suck and are on the verge of collapse). They used to complain that the Fed policy was too loose- QE, zero interest rates. Now that they are raising rates and slowly lowering their holdings, that too becomes proof that a crash is about to happen.
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    Yesterday, 06:03 PM
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  • Zippyjuan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:00 PM
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:59 PM
    I didn't think the topic of this thread was patting oneself on the back. And I think I'd know if it was.
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  • Zippyjuan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:50 PM
    Trump is a big talker. He is is not that great on following it up with real actions. He just wants to get his picture taken. End NAFTA? Still in effect and New NAFTA is basically the same thing (and will still need to be ratified by all three countries). End Obamacare? Nope. $1 trillion infrastructure plan? Where did that go? Totally forgotten. Korea Disarmament? All that was accomplished was the photo-op. the Wall? He will accept whatever he can get at this point to cross it off his list. He wanted $20 billion for a 2000 mile wall. Latest proposal is for $5.7 trillion for up to 500 miles (that figure includes updating existing wall- not all new wall). He did get Congress to pass tax cuts (and add $1 trillion to the national debt). Leave Syria in 30 days? Time ran out for that and now there is no deadline to leave. And that was with a Republican Congress. It gets much harder with the Democrats running the House now.
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