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    02-17-2020, 04:34 PM
    How long until Amash changes his pronouns?
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    02-15-2020, 11:41 AM
    This for sure. I can recommend Alien Gear Holsters.
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    02-13-2020, 01:20 PM
    Leftists like this are the ultimate enemy of liberty in my opinion.
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    02-05-2020, 04:18 PM
    I'm not sure if you noticed this, but Trump doesn't need donors. Besides $2,700 doesn't excite BILLIONAIRES very much.
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    02-05-2020, 04:11 PM
    I suspect the Democrats will find that this will hurt their re-election efforts more than Trump's.
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    02-05-2020, 01:32 PM
    This is the reality. Not voting doesn't stop the machine. Clearly my best course of action is to attempt to influence the machine. I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 to punish the GOP for nominating the liberal John McCain. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 to punish the GOP for nominating the liberal Mitt Romney. I voted Donald Trump in 2016 to punish the liberal Democrats. My goal is to push the GOP and America away from liberals, socialism and their stupid policies.
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    02-04-2020, 05:40 PM
    The reality is that Democrats are ok with foreign citizens voting in U.S. elections as long as they are from south of our border and not Russia.
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    01-30-2020, 04:27 PM
    After Joe loses in NH and Iowa, people will have to question if he really is a front runner. At the pace he keeps telling people NOT to vote for him, I have to assume he doesn't really want the job.
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    01-30-2020, 04:19 PM
    And still we have members here that don't realize that the corrupt Democrats are actively undermining our Republic and that the Republican party is the only tool for maintaining the rule of law in whatever dilapidated state it exists. The Republican party and all of its members are imperfect, but still the best chance at keeping this Republic alive. The Democrats seeks mob rule. We are no longer living in the days of "2 sides of the same coin". I stand with Rand.
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    01-29-2020, 02:45 PM
    And liberals wonder why anyone would want a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.
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    01-28-2020, 06:27 PM
    In my opinion Trump has caused many Republican voters to love Rand and hate Mitt and McCain. That is a good result. Republican voters are fed up with RINOs and that is good for getting more conservative candidates.
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    01-28-2020, 04:26 PM
    You shouldn't trust the system. It is an out of control monstrosity that is more inclined to infringe on your rights than anything else. Meanwhile you can either disengage and not vote... or do what you can to influence the system to protect your rights as much as it is possible if at all. Personally, watching liberal scream at the sky is enough to keep me engaged. It really is a fun time to watch liberals lose to Trump over and over. Your mileage may vary.
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    01-28-2020, 01:52 PM
    I still want to same things I wanted with Ron Paul back in 2007, but now I am looking at different approaches to achieve such goals. Our 2007-2012 approach didn't turn out as we hoped. I can't expect to get a different result doing the same thing. So what does the quest for more liberty look like going forward? I start with 2 simple facts: Democrats voters and politicians openly despise the Constitution. Republican voters and politicians praise the Constitution. Now Republicans don't actually adhere to the Constitution as much as we would like, but they certainly are much more friendly to the Constitution than Democrats. Democrats = anti-Constitution Republican = pro-Constitution
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    01-28-2020, 09:18 AM
    So you admit it counts as substance and then tear it down and minimize it. Do you see every glass as half empty or is this just something you do with Trump? I can tell you that the Obamacare individual mandate penalty was costing me money every year and that is real money my family is able to keep. This has increased my individual liberty.
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    01-28-2020, 08:44 AM
    Does the elimination of the Obamacare individual mandate penalty count as substance?
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    01-28-2020, 08:00 AM
    Does this count as substance? Trump Is Remaking the Federal Judiciary at a Historic Rate
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    01-27-2020, 04:41 PM
    Unfortunately the Libertarian Party has taken major steps backwards. They are far way from the days of Ron Paul and Harry Browne.
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    01-26-2020, 03:36 PM
    I disagree with you here. I think Trump care more about regular people than the approval of media employees and/or the establishment. That seems super obvious to me. If Bernie isn't a communist then you are splitting tiny hairs. He says he is a democratic socialist. How is that different from a communist? He wants a mob to vote to seize the mean of production? What are these nuances that separate Bernie from Fidel Castro? Even if there is a tiny difference between Bernie and Castro, it seems obvious to me that socialism is just a stepping stone to communism. Am I wrong?
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    01-26-2020, 01:27 PM
    I would say this is accurate. The biggest difference I see in the 2 disrupters is that Bernie and his voters despise the U.S. Constitution, while Trump and his voters support the Constitution at least in part. It is hard to find people outside of libertarians that support the Constitution to the degree that most of us here do. Republican voters are much closer to libertarians than liberals and socialists. Ron Paul asked me to join with Republicans and I am now glad that I did, they are a much better ally than the communist left.
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    01-26-2020, 12:23 PM
    I think this is pretty fair. I was hoping Trump's lack of being a politician would disrupt things and it certainly appears to be the case. The way the media and DC deep state are viciously going after Trumps means he is hurting them. I like that because CNN and the gang are the enemy of liberty.
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    01-26-2020, 09:50 AM
    Don't vote or vote for the Libertarian Party candidate then. Unfortunately the LP has gone backwards and is a complete waste of time. Personally I like Republican voters much more than Democrat voters in general. At least with them it might be possible to force Republican politicians get spending under control. Not likely, but the only chance that I can see. I think Trump is genuine in his love for this country. I also think he is working circle around the typical politicians and they can't handle it.
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    01-26-2020, 12:32 AM
    Something more entertaining than watching liberals cry and scream at the sky? Man you are missing out on on a ton of fun. Just because we will never see someone as great as Ron Paul in the White House doesn't mean there isn't a bright side. Controlling our border matters, saving babies matters, stopping communists maters, exposing FISA abuse matters, exposing the FBI matters, exposing John Brennan matters, exposing CNN matters, etc. Dying in your sleep or dying falling into a wood chipper both end the same, but one is certainly more desirable to me. There is no draining of the swamp, it will always exist but at least causing them some discomfort and setting them back years is something fun to watch. At least millions more Republican voters now see what we were talking about back in 2007 and 2008. I don't know what you were doing but it was painful to learn that we are a tiny minority of voters.
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    01-25-2020, 06:29 PM
    This is much how I look at it. Trump doesn't seem to give much regard to the Constitution, but then none of the other douches in D.C. do either. As far as challenging the status quo, he is doing good work. I can't think of anyone else that actually got Planned Parenthood to withdraw from Title X.
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    01-25-2020, 05:27 PM
    I thought this might be an interesting time for a poll now that we have had some time to see Trump in action. My view back then was, if Trump has just a 5% chance of being decent, that is 5% more than there would be with Hillary Clinton. I can say I am very happy now that Trump beat Clinton. My first presidential vote was 1988 and I chose Bush over Dukakis but the decision making was very immature. Trump was the first time I voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. While Trump is very far from Ron Paul, I still see him as much preferable to today's Democrats. Unfortunately I will never get to see a libertarian president. Meanwhile I get to at least enjoy watching the Democrats and the liberal media freakout as they lose power in America. Sure beats the hell out of more Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama crap.
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    01-25-2020, 05:06 PM
    Bernie is full of crap when it comes to standing up to Wall St just like Elizabeth Warren is. They are all talk. Bernie is nothing like Ron Paul in any way shape or form. Bernie is a looter.
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    01-25-2020, 03:06 PM
    I sure hope that Americans aren't this far gone. Makes me glad that Trump is getting control of the border. More foreign citizens that don't value liberty and instead want socialism... I shudder to think of it. More immigrants from Hong Kong and people that still value freedom is what we should be bringing in. With some luck the voters of CO-NM-NH-MN-MI will agree that jobs and prosperity are better than the Obama food stamp days.
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by Cleaner44 on 09-01-2016 at 08:41 AM
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To all of those who are pretending to believe that Trump can actually beat the Democrat in the general election: Here's your golden opportunity to put your money where your mouth is! The only catch is you have to actually put your money up!

Come on, fools. Shell it out!

For those of you not stupid enough to take this bet, please bookmark this thread and bring those who run around blathering how Trump is going to skunk Clinton right here! Thank you so much!

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After Speech, Trump Loses Key Texas Hispanic Backer

by Cleaner44 on 09-01-2016 at 08:34 AM
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I will bet you, but not that amount. I just am not into gambling but I will put my money where my mouth is.

No odds needed. How about $10 straight up? My money is on Trump.
I will take it, maybe loser donates the money to RPF?

Foreign Aid to Israel puts the U.S. deeper in debt and is bad Foreign Policy

by Cleaner44 on 07-12-2011 at 11:47 PM
When the United States government gives foreign aid to any nation, it throws the concept of Fiscal Responsibility completely out the window.

The U.S. is deeply in debt and must continually borrow money from nations such as China just to operate on a daily basis. Borrowing money to give away to foreign nations that do not pay into our national treasury is fiscally irresponsible. Borrowing money to give to Israel is a heavy burden on the American taxpayer and we simply can not afford

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Fiscal Responsibility: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney

by Cleaner44 on 06-25-2011 at 04:00 PM
When it comes to the issue of fiscal responsibility both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney understand that the spending of the U.S. federal government is out of control. The annual budget deficits are leading to an ever increasing national debt that is unsustainable. The federal spending must be cut massively in order to balance the budget and that means massive cuts to the size of the federal government.

There are three steps that must be taken in order to get to a point of fiscal responsibility.

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