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    Today, 06:30 PM
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    Today, 06:23 PM
    They will all leave soon, we are leaving Iraq and Turkey and they will have to leave.
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    Today, 06:22 PM
    It's good news, this will get out R votes for POTUS and Senate far more than D votes and if McConnell keeps his promise and confirms a replacement before the election it will seriously demoralize the Demoncrats.
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    Today, 09:39 AM
    Founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab together with his associate Thierry Malleret recently published their book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” to implement the “Great reset” (and/or BlackRock’s “going direct” plan). The 5 aspects of the Great Reset are covered in detail – economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological. They describe that before the COVID-19 “pandemic”, a “broken sense of normalcy prevailed”, while the “pandemic” “marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory”, which in a short time “magnified the fault lines that beset our economies and societies”. Maybe the most interesting is the description of the future of the world in “The Post Pandemic Era”, in which the authors confirm the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development programme is intertwined with the Great Reset. Important topics in the plan are pushing forth new technology (so that Big Brother knows and controls everything) and the “green” agenda (which will of course accelerate the destruction of nature). According to Schwab, Covid-19 offers the opportunity to “embed greater societal equality and sustainability into the recovery”, which would “accelerate rather than delay progress towards 2030 Sustainable Development Goals”. They also describe how this “pandemic” can accelerate implantation of the surveillance state, which “may compel us to act faster by replacing failed institutions, processes and rules with new ones that are better suited to current and future needs”.
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    Today, 08:30 AM
    I still don’t know what technically, formally or informally is the role of the Commonwealth in all of this. According to the following... Barbados “is, however, expected to remain a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the 54-nation club of mostly former British colonies which is led by the queen, and includes India”: https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-why-barbados-wants-to-remove-queen-elizabeth-ii-as-its-head-of-state-6599821/
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    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
    A 90-year-old Sacred Heart of Jesus statue was destroyed during vandalism inside a Texas cathedral, church leaders said. A man suspected of the vandalism has been detained. Authorities identified him as Isaiah Cantrell, 30, of El Paso. He was charged with criminal mischief and possession of marijuana, the El Paso Times reported. He had told police the statue had the wrong skin color, adding, "Jesus was Jewish and therefore should be a darker skin color," KVIA reported. More at: https://www.foxnews.com/us/sacred-heart-of-jesus-statue-destroyed-in-texas-cathedral I told you so. This is exactly what was intended.
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    Yesterday, 10:08 AM
    It could very well be that the Dutch media are the worst in the world, as can be shown by the following article that explains the inflating of coronavirus cases. I expect that similar trickery is performed all over the world... In early August it was reported that the amount of coronavirus infections has doubled compared to the week before – 2588 compared to 1329. That this isn’t double is only a minor exaggeration, as I will try to explain, as nowhere near 2588 COVID-19 infections were established. The article explains that first infections are established as the amount of positives per 100,0000 tests. This means that if 1 in 10,000 is established as infected, this will become 10 out of 100,0000 tests. I can complain about the lack of statistics involved (that should give an estimate with a standard deviation) or more importantly that the used tests are (more than) 90% unreliable, but this isn’t completely ridiculous. Where it gets completely ridiculous is that – as the article explains – that if 1 is positive per 20,0000 in The Hague of roughly 500,000 inhabitants, this is reported as 25 “positives”!
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    Yesterday, 09:22 AM
    For some reason our supposedly “anti-Maduro” media haven’t given much publicity to the Venezuelan Cisneros family or the drug trafficking involving Venezuela all through the 1980s. If this was never even reported it’s obvious that it never stopped! Until 1983, Venezuela didn’t produce narcotics but served as a shipment centre and "banking house" for the drug trade. The “dirty money” was laundered and a large portion was invested in Florida real estate. In 1983 alone, some $5 billion was "washed" through Venezuela. In 1980, Venezuelan real estate assets in Florida were estimated at more than $1.1 billion. Diego Cisneros, after emigrating from Cuba in 1929, started his career at the Royal Bank of Canada (one of the leading money laundering Canadian banks). Diego Cisneros was also a proud member of the elite Mont Pelerin Society. The Cisneros became one of Venezuela's most powerful families (with strong ties in Communist Cuba).
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    Yesterday, 03:01 AM
    There are hundreds of miles of wall built and there will soon be hundreds more, he got most of the troops out of Syria and he will get the rest out just like he is getting them out of Afghanistan and Iraq, he will have to when he gets the troops out of Iraq. He has accomplished an extraordinary amount of what he promised and will accomplish far more in his second term. It is YOU who is trying to play us but it won't work, the more lies you tell the more people will support him.
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    09-16-2020, 10:32 PM
    Virginia Roberts Giuffre clutched the letter as she traversed a California highway overlooking the Pacific Ocean. That February morning, she was en route to a Manhattan Beach home she hoped belonged to a celebrity chef she once knew. A survivor of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex ring, Giuffre was on a cross-country mission to doorknock the financier’s former employees after his death. She hoped these acquaintances could be witnesses now, without fear of retribution from Epstein, and lend support to her court battle with Epstein’s onetime lawyer Alan Dershowitz, whom she accused of sexual abuse. (Dershowitz adamantly denies Giuffre’s claims.) On this particular day, Giuffre was looking for Adam Perry Lang, the chef and barbecue expert behind eponymous Hollywood steakhouse APL. Lang’s hot spot is backed by one of his besties, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, and Community actor Joel McHale. His résumé includes appearances on Kimmel’s show, nods from Oprah Winfrey, and a spot on the New York Times bestseller list for his book Serious Barbecue. But to Giuffre, Lang was Epstein’s personal chef and someone she considered a friend. Lang sneaked pizza to her after Epstein—who controlled the diets of women he abused to keep them prepubescent-thin—fell asleep upstairs. “Justice comes in many forms. In my case, justice is holding the various perpetrators that participated, enabled or looked the other way accountable,” said Giuffre’s letter to Lang, which she read aloud during a road trip with investigative reporter Tara Palmeri. The moment is captured in Season Two of the podcast Broken: Seeking Justice, wherein Palmeri and Giuffre track down Epstein’s household staff who’ve long kept silent about the hedge funder’s activities in New York, Florida, New Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. “I’m not here to ruin your life,” Giuffre read. “You have so much knowledge of the various people on the planes and his homes and anywhere you would have been with him. You truly can’t say you didn’t know or you can’t remember.”
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    09-16-2020, 10:20 PM
    I don't care, the CCP is the greater evil and it is good that the people of HK want to be free of them. Also China has been trying to destroy us so we should destroy them first and we should stop their attempts to destroy us. We are the good guys and they are the bad guys, it really is that simple until they are no longer a threat.
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    09-16-2020, 10:18 PM
    President Trump has tapped a climate skeptic to help run the federal agency charged with overseeing the government’s research on climate change. David Legates, a professor of climatology at the University of Delaware and a member of the Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank that denies climate change represents a serious threat to the world, was appointed last week to serve as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s deputy assistant secretary of commerce for environmental observation and prediction, NPR reported. In April, Legates published a piece that appeared on the Heartland Institute’s website which summed up his skepticism on climate change. “Natural forces have caused climate changes and extreme weather events throughout history. What proof is there that what we see today is due to fossil fuel emissions and not to those same natural forces?” Legates and co-author Paul Driessen wrote. In 2019, Legates spoke at a hearing before the House Natural Resources Committee and denied what is now accepted scientific fact, that adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere leads to the greenhouse effect, trapping solar radiation and warming the atmosphere.
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    09-16-2020, 02:39 PM
    The Black Futures Lab, a venture of Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza, is sponsored by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), an organization that works with China’s communist government to push its agenda in the United States, according to an investigation by the Heritage Foundation’s Mike Gonzalez. Gonzalez discovered that the Black Futures Lab donation page explicitly states they are “a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association,” explaining where donations to Black Futures Lab are funneled. Gonzalez explains the history of the CPA in the United States, documenting the activities the group sponsors on behalf of the Chinese government, including one instance in which the People’s Republic of China flag was flown over Boston’s City Hall to honor the takeover of China by the Chinese Communist Party. The CPA is routinely praised for its work in the U.S. by China’s official mouthpiece, China Daily.
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    09-16-2020, 02:28 PM
    Trump signs spending bills that pass by veto proof margins, that's not news, he wants to keep some influence on the budget. But he has been the most pro-life POTUS since Roe v. Wade so far and he continues to do more and more.
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    09-16-2020, 02:26 PM
    LOL That's some nice CCP propaganda.
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    09-16-2020, 02:22 PM
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    09-16-2020, 02:20 PM
    The problem is that the bad guys will always create superorganization and the only way to protect yourself is to make your own.
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    09-16-2020, 02:18 PM
    Thank Trump for appointing this judge.
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    09-16-2020, 02:15 PM
    We will be glad to help promote them at http://libertyauthors.com/ It sounds like you are self publishing or already have a publisher but we also have a list of publishers that accept submissions if you are interested. :)
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  • Firestarter's Avatar
    09-16-2020, 10:22 AM
    This is another interesting tale that involves Donald Trump, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Prince Andrew and money laundering... Michael Cohen was involved in at least 3 attempts to build Trump properties in the former Soviet Union. Cohen was the main force behind the failed attempt to construct a Trump tower in Batumi, Georgia, through his “dear friend” Giorgi Rtskhiladze, the head of the Silk Road Transatlantic Alliance. Cohen, among others, met Yerkin Tatishev, a board member of Silk Road Group suspected of illegally funnelling money to another company he owned, and Georgia’s president, Mikhail Saakashvili. The Silk Road Group got most of its funds from the Kazakh government-owned BTA Bank, whose assets were directed by Timur Kulibayev, the son-in-law of Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev: https://themoscowproject.org/explainers/everything-you-need-to-know-about-michael-cohen-contextualized/
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    09-16-2020, 10:21 AM
    That couldn't by chance be the same network that named itself after the Young Turks that massacred millions of Christians in the coup and destruction of the Ottoman Empire?!? http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?511383-The-Genocide-of-Ottoman-Greeks-1914-1923
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    09-16-2020, 01:35 AM
    There will be no war, China will collapse instead. But a shooting war would be preferable to accepting conquest by infiltration and Chinese communism.
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    09-15-2020, 11:34 PM
    The state Court of Appeals has overturned a trial-court ruling voiding amendments to North Carolina's constitution that voters approved two years ago, calling for people to present photo identification at the polls and lowering the cap on the state income tax rate. Four of six amendments on the ballot in November 2018 passed, but the NAACP challenged only the voter ID and the 7 percent income tax cap. The group argued that the proposals never should have gone to a referendum because dozens of the lawmakers who put the amendments on the ballot were elected in illegally gerrymandered districts. Wake County Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins agreed with the NAACP last year, putting the amendments on hold. But the Court of Appeals threw out his decision in a 2-1 ruling that will next go to the state Supreme Court. "We conclude that the Superior Court erred in holding that our General Assembly lost its power granted by our state constitution ... simply because a federal court had determined that the maps contained too many majority-minority districts, such that some members elected to that body were from districts that were illegally gerrymandered based on race," Judge Chris Dillon wrote for the majority. "It is simply beyond our power to thwart the otherwise lawful exercise of constitutional power by our legislative branch to pass bills proposing amendments." Judge Donna Stroud wrote in a concurring opinion that declaring the General Assembly invalid because of some gerrymandered districts wouldn't allow any legislative action – even drawing new voting districts – which would create chaos.
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    09-15-2020, 11:32 PM
    How much does the failing leftist website known as drudge pay e_d?
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    09-15-2020, 11:27 PM
    When someone commits acts of war against you they generally forfeit their assets in your country, it was no longer their money and it was going to be (and was) used to finance the killing of Americans, O'Bummer did not extract any peace deal with Iran in return for the money and he implemented the deal illegally by going around Congress. There will be no war with Iran, Trump already stopped the attack in response to the downing of the drone which was his chance if he wanted one.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    09-15-2020, 11:22 PM
    "They say", sure. He was meeting with the leaders of the groups attacking the embassy. Irrelevant, who else he may have fought doesn't change the fact that he was killing Americans in Iraq and we had every right to kill him in to defend our people. Iran brags about killing Americans so when we kill one of theirs to stop it they only have themselves to blame. That is bunk, Trump has helped to destroy ISIS which has directly helped Assad.
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