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    Today, 12:47 AM
    I think that everything you just said is a huge myth promoted by third wave feminists. Marilyn Monroe would be considered fat by today's anorexic model standards, but those women's pictures are mostly featured in magazines that are sold to women. Most men don't care if a woman gains 2 or 5 lbs, some women completely freak out when they do. Most men like women who are relatively fit or thin, or slightly over that, and AF is an outlier.
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    Today, 12:35 AM
    "Why a red background? Because a red background with a hammer and sickle would be much too obvious!!"
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    Yesterday, 10:31 PM
    Hmm.. It might vary from different owners or where Subway's are in the country or if the Subway is close to their supplier. When I was truck driving they had freakin Subways everywhere. Some seemed better than others, but if possible I'd really rather go to a Quizno's or Blimpie's. In general what you're saying is probably right in that over time Subways are getting worse.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:16 PM
    You didn't link to the study. You linked to a biased article about the study. The study is here. It doesn't say what you or the article writer want it to say. Among other things, it defends dairy and non-beef fleshmeat (esp. fish) Notice also the participant choice and method are flawed: I suggest finding something better as evidence. ~hugs~
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    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    Everyone knows not to trust the chinese.
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:04 PM
    Humidity at 88 percent .
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:53 PM
    I'm not saying technically to make them full Citizens, but with that many yeah there could be voter shenanigans. Also, I'm not sure all Mexicans are Leftists. I think many could be Social Conservatives. Again though, for some reason I just think out would be amusing to suck out their population and let Mexico as a nation shrivel up and waste away. Perhaps to be later rebuilt after the Drug Dealers kill eachother off.
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    Yesterday, 08:50 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread For Sale: Feb 01 I expanded space in Marketplace
    I never really have considered it but if I do I will send you a list Glen .
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:47 PM
    Not being serious here, but sometimes I wonder what would happen if we set aside space and just took in all of them. Just put up a big sign that says "All Mexicans Welcome". Just come in and get passed through the gate after some vetting for criminals or drug dealers, but basically take all their decent citizens. There wouldn't be a need for them to send earned money back home either because their family would all be here. If we cut the crap in the Middle East, could we afford to soak up the best of Mexico's population leaving the rest of that country to the Drug Cartels and organized crime basically accelerating things until the place crumbles around this new President? Take them all in and turn Mexico inside out. Maybe even encourage all the displaced Syrians to move to Mexico. Again, not a serious policy proposal, just an amusing thought. It would be like killing them with kindness.
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:41 PM
    The criminal activity of that state against the people needs to be taken that seriously . Good place to start .
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:35 PM
    It has been past time to expel NJ from the union and remove all federal representation from them .
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    Since the dawn of time there has not been a real "right" to invite yourself somewhere you are not desired .
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  • fisharmor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    "Some human rights", meaning they are partially human. I'm not making shit up here, you guys honestly believe there are two classes of human being. You could be consistent by denying rights altogether....
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:15 PM
    I dunno. that Subway is bad, but maybe to basic? I mean they specialize in being a place where you pick basic ingredients from bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and sauce. Maybe they're just mediocre and losing out to other sandwich places like Firehouse or Jimmy Johns? The Jared Fogel thing was certainly a terrible P.R. blow. I also wonder if people really prefer a fixed menu over going to Subway and going over all the individual ingredients. I think other shops offering things like Panini or Roasted Peppers or Tomatoes have better flavor.
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:57 PM
    Subway once served decent food. In the last ten or more years they cut every corner they could and served crap. The fact that they stayed in business so long is a testament to habitual behavior and how long you can live off a formerly good name.
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  • RJB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
    I used an asked to chop down a tree.
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:39 PM
    Okay well people are wishing for an EMP bomb to knock us all out. That's mostly what I was responding to and I think that was AuH20. I'm not sure what your situation is other than being in a more rural community, but I guess you stock up or can adapt to managing with no outside supplies if the lights went out permanently and trucks stop bringing goods to stores? That's cool, self sufficiency is a great thing or being prepared for emergencies. As for me, I've mostly been around small towns and I've seen some rural life. There were Amish near where I used to live so I've seen a little glimpse of the life with no modern technology, though they curiously don't have an issue getting a ride from someone with a car.
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  • The Rebel Poet's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:27 PM
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:21 PM
    I was wondering if these babies growing up in Russia or where ever are functionally Expatriats. My understanding is that if I were to move to another country, I would still have to pay my Taxes as America is one of the few countries that does that to citizens living abroad. I think we could consider leaving the Birth Right Citizenship, but these moms and their kids have to face the reality of the IRS just like good American citizens that they are. When some Russian kid gets their first job at McDonalds in Moscow, a chunk of their money should be owed for Income Tax. If it's not paid then, it should be owed and paid at whatever time they enter America as an adult. I know this forum is against all Taxation, but for now that is the situation we all live under and I think it should apply to these brand new Americans being born in Miami.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:18 PM
    Yes my family would survive, we'd be okay as would the vast majority of rural people. It's not my place to determine who's "soft" or who should perish but do yourself a favor and give the subject more than a fleeting thought.
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:50 PM
    It does seem like a nationally embarrassing stance to have. Nudging the Mexican people to pursue a direction like this could backfire horribly. Will they be exploited by smugglers or will more semi-truck trailers full of dead Mexicans turn up? Even if they make it here they'll probably get crap wages or regularly threatened by employers to work or be turned in for deportation.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
    Great point! Same applies to dairy, I found.
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:59 PM
    Could you survive? Or is there a view that modern people are to soft and need to perish? Okay so this is another side to being Tethered from the dependence point of view that seems to really bother some people. One of my criticisms of technology has been Television which has had a mostly negative effect before we even got into computers like today. I feel like we're in a constant process of growing and developing Newer forms of media and we need to discard Television. So no, not all technology is grand. Maybe Television had it's day, but it should really go away. I don't like Facebook either, but I have liked regular Email that felt more like real correspondence between people. I do hope Books stay though and even they're a product of technology and the printing press. I also think modern Kindle E-Readers are a great tool. Before this we didn't even have literacy, so I'm not sure where that puts our ancestors in terms of a mostly oral education.
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  • VIDEODROME's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:42 PM
    Oops. Double Post.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:00 PM Full article at link at top. Original at link.
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  • tod evans's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:57 PM
    Alexa? Bluetooth enabled toilets, refridge,washer/drier, phones that can be used as streaming devices unknown to the owner.... None of this is new news. Now let's talk about the modern man's inability to think critically or analytically when compared to his non-techie ancestors.... Maybe the physical effects of technology on man.......
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