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    Yesterday, 01:53 PM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #281: AOC and Rachel Maddow's Delusional Fears of Being Imprisoned By Trump Illustrate Media Derangement https://rumble.com/v517aje-aoc-and-rachel-maddows-delusional-fears-of-being-imprisoned-by-trump-illust.html {Glenn Greenwald | 12 June 2024} v4yv1jw
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    Yesterday, 01:53 PM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #281: Biden's Approval Ratings Reach Record Low After Trump Verdict; Media Denies Election Year Realities https://rumble.com/v517uyj-bidens-approval-ratings-reach-record-low-after-trump-verdict-media-denies-e.html {Glenn Greenwald | 12 June 2024} v4yvlz1
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    Yesterday, 01:53 PM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #281: Hunter Biden's Gun Charges Conviction Exposes Media Lies About "Russian Disinfo" Campaign https://rumble.com/v517kri-hunter-bidens-gun-charges-conviction-exposes-media-lies-about-russian-disin.html {Glenn Greenwald | 12 June 2024} v4yvbs0
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    Yesterday, 01:31 PM
    THREAD: Growing populism and neoliberal losses in the EU election
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    Yesterday, 01:30 PM
    THREAD: Le Pen's nationalist party wins big in EU vote, Macron responds by dissolving parliament
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    Yesterday, 01:30 PM
    E.U. Politics Scholar Explains Populism's Surge in Europe While Western Media Warns of Threats to Democracy | SYSTEM UPDATE #280 https://rumble.com/v50tha3-system-update-280.html?playlist_id=watch-history {Glenn Greenwald | 10 June 2024} v4yh856 CLIP: Populism's Surge in the U.S. and Europe: Political Scientist Sheri Berman Explains https://rumble.com/v512g4d-political-scientist-explains-populist-surge-in-europe-and-what-it-means-for.html
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    Yesterday, 01:14 PM
    Man Saved After Video & GPS Shows Woman Lied About Assault. She Is Now Charged https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYCSXVAYyww {Nate The Lawyer | 12 June 2024}
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    Yesterday, 12:32 PM
    In that case, they are not free at all - and they are slaves to those against whom they are not free to discriminate. (And what is the point of telling people they are "free to hold their beliefs", but not free to exercise those beliefs?)
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    06-11-2024, 05:06 PM
    Gang of Cops Bully & Arrest 17-year-old Girl on the Drive Home From School https://thecivilrightslawyer.com/2024/06/10/gang-of-cops-bully-arrest-17-year-old-girl-on-the-drive-home-from-school/ {John H. Bryan | 10 June 2024} This footage was documented by The Real News Network in a great video, where they interviewed the family involved. It’s a perfect illustration of these “gangs” of drug task force type cops, who like to wear backward ball caps, cover their bodies with tattoos, and otherwise attempt to NOT look like cops. Often that causes problems when they go to do cop things, like pull people over for traffic stops. This footage shows just one instance of that. Then, when they don’t find what they were looking for, they often resort to lying and fabricating charges. Gang of Cops Bully & Arrest 17-year-old Girl on the Drive Home From School https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ihJnerdDs4 {The Civil Rights Lawyer | 10 June 2024}
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    06-11-2024, 03:49 PM
    Another State Bans 'Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVHTF5W-15M {Steve Lehto | 10 June 2024} But the rule has no remedy.
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    06-11-2024, 03:42 PM
    No Taxes On Tips | Part of The Problem 1131 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5T60igN2EY {Dave Smith | 11 June 2024} On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie take a look at Trumps latest claim that he will remove income tax from tip earning jobs, and then we hear about the settlement against Alex Jones, and we hear from the former head of the CDC about their reactions to Covid.
    70 replies | 1208 view(s)
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    06-11-2024, 03:06 PM
    "Defend the Guard" is a phrase used to identify state-level legislation that forbids the deployment (or allows the recall) of a state's National Guard contingent to (or from) war zones when there has been no formal declaration of war made by Congress. For example, see this thread: Defend The Guard Pic tax:
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    06-10-2024, 10:08 PM
    The genetics of the damn virus prove that it came from a lab! There is 0 question. They have the SOB dead to rights. And the emails to prove the cover up. But, you know as well as I do, either they wait to do anything until he dies from old age, or they do nothing at all. So sick of this crap. In the meantime, he is getting a huge pension.
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    06-10-2024, 09:39 PM
    Not the old definition for a vaccine, but they actually changed the definition of a vaccine during this thing. It was amazing what you saw by following the FDA website closely.
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    06-10-2024, 09:21 PM
    According to the FDA website during all this, for an experimental vaccine to be released, there can be no viable alternatives. Which explains why they lied about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Because if they had not been smeared, they never would have been able to release the experimental vaccines. I can’t attest to the validity of this, but I remember reading that Birx said in her book that she intentionally misled/lied to Trump many times in order to get her desired outcome. Rand seems to have Fauci dead to rights on his funding the creation of the virus and lying about it. Then he went on to lie about hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and the experimental vaccines and covered up how many people were dying from them. Our government silenced anyone who didn’t agree with what they were doing and the Twitter Files are evidence of that. If we let them get away with this, they are going to do it again and probably even worse.
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    06-10-2024, 08:48 PM
    I guess it is not going to happen, but I thought that Biden would drop out and Obama’s wife would run. If that isn’t going to happen, I am concerned they are going to release another man-made virus or get us into WW3, so that there is no election, or massive mail in ballots again. Note: This may sound nuts, but as good as the CIA is with disguises, I have often wondered if they have ever used a body double for Biden.
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    06-10-2024, 08:38 PM
    He didn’t start any new wars. Nor did he try to dissolve our sovereignty by running a task force to do same, as your chosen candidates did. Next? While rather entertaining, please try harder. This is really much too easy. lol
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    06-10-2024, 08:15 PM
    I don’t think you are correct that he passed something worse than TPP or show me what it was. https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/what-trans-pacific-partnership-tpp Actually, what he agreed to on NAFTA was worse than the one we had. As opposed to you, I had no problem calling him out on the things I disagreed with and still do. That doesn’t change the fact that as lacking as he was, he was still probably one of the best Presidents we have had in my lifetime. I, like you, wanted Ron Paul and spent one hell of a lot of money and time to make that happen. Rand was my guy until he fumbled the ball badly and dropped out. Trump was the only one left that I could stomach and he took several stands that I actually liked. Say what you want, but I don’t think he is a traitor. Clearly not a litmus test that you applied to the Johnson/Weld ticket. Seriously Tulsa, if you think for one minute that you can bully me into acquiescing, you don’t know me very well.
    261 replies | 11623 view(s)
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    06-10-2024, 04:21 PM
    Woke DA REFUSES To Prosecute Murder https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/woke-da-refuses-to-prosecute-murder:6 {Actual Justice Warrior | 10 June 2024} In this video I discuss the recent decision by a Washington DC State's Attorney to drop Felony Murder charges supposedly based on evidence from the medical examiners report. However as I explain in this video the cause of death is completely irrelevant to the charges at hand and there is 0 explanation for dropping the kidnapping charges/ Sources: Local News Segment 1: https://youtu.be/k9Ka13-F3xI Charges Dropped Segment: https://youtu.be/RoKOx9kDvI4
    20 replies | 1152 view(s)
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    06-10-2024, 04:21 PM
    Social Worker ATTACKED By Criminal https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/social-worker-attacked-by-criminal:d {Actual Justice Warrior | 10 June 2024} In this video I discuss a terrible case out of New York state where a social worker accidentally encountered a criminal when she knocked on the wrong door & discuss how that error nearly cost her life. I explain how even tho she was not deployed to deal with the criminal in this instance, this is the exact reason why social workers cannot replace police. Sources: Local News Segment: https://youtu.be/jaO3tm1HFM8 NYPost Article: https://nypost.com/2024/06/08/us-news/ny-social-worker-56-clinging-to-life-after-savage-beating-during-home-visit/
    20 replies | 1152 view(s)
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    06-10-2024, 04:11 PM
    Bannon Behind Bars? - Razör Rants https://odysee.com/@RazorFist:1/bannon-behind-bars-raz%C3%B6r-rants:4 {The Rageaholic | 10 June 2024} Jailing your political enemies: Yet more "Lowering the Temperature" courtesy of Uncle Bad-Touch. Rant originally aired in RazörForce Offensive #40 - Watch here: https://odysee.com/@RazorFist:1/the-rectal-regime!-raz%C3%B6rforce-offensive:a @RazorFist:1/bannon-behind-bars-raz%C3%B6r-rants:4
    25 replies | 2664 view(s)
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    06-10-2024, 02:41 PM
    I haven't seen Everything Everywhere All at Once, so I can't comment on the quality of the Drinker's review. But I have seen the new Shogun mini-series. I've also seen the old mini-series and read the book (several times for each). While the new series was disappointing and I didn't particularly care for it - unlike the Drinker and others, and in part due to its inadequacies when compared to the old series (which had its flaws, as well) - I didn't notice that is was "woke" in any significant way, so I have to agree with the Drinker on that point, at least.
    64 replies | 5685 view(s)
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    71563 replies | 1722422 view(s)
  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    06-09-2024, 08:58 PM
    Migrants SHUTDOWN Times Square https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/migrants-shutdown-times-square:b {Actual Justice Warrior | 09 June 2024} In this video I discuss the recent migrant protest in NYC where these asylum fraudsters decided to block traffic in Times Square due to minimal proposed restrictions on those defrauding the system at the border. Sources: CBS Segment: https://youtu.be/7EqQbuQD-rk Migrants Block Traffic Freedom News: https://youtu.be/UUSxD48PV3w
    73 replies | 2590 view(s)
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    06-09-2024, 08:29 PM
    Trump just went off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeoJ-SvHhQM {Decoy Voice | 29 May 2024} President Donald Trump just went on Timcast IRL with Tim Pool to over 100,000 live viewers. A million people will eventually see this, but does the former Republican POTUS appearing on a podcast sway your opinion on him? 00:00 - Trumpcast IRL 00:12 - Immigration 02:04 - Draining the Swamp 03:30 - The War
    135 replies | 2247 view(s)
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    06-09-2024, 08:26 PM
    Trump Destroyed at Libertarian National Convention - Live Stream Commentary https://odysee.com/@Anarchast:2/TrumpDestroyedatLibertarianNationalConvention-LiveStreamCommentary:a {TheAnarchast | 02 June 2024} We watched Trump try to speak to the Libertarian Pahtay and the Libertarian National Convention. It was every bit the dumpster fire we were expecting. Enjoy pointing and laughing along with us in this video! @Anarchast:2/TrumpDestroyedatLibertarianNationalConvention-LiveStreamCommentary:a
    188 replies | 9285 view(s)
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