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    Today, 12:23 AM
    Btw, you might want to get in touch with the people at reformed.org, to correct them for calling TULIP, "The Five Points of Calvinism." Also wikipedia while you're at it. How dare they refer to those points as the 5 points of Calvinism? Clearly, the people behind reformed.org are stupid and haven't studied church history.
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    Today, 12:06 AM
    Where did I say that John Calvin was the one who wrote the 5 points? You can call it whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. Talk about missing the point. (mod edit)
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    Yesterday, 11:33 PM
    It's not a profound "I don't care!"statement. It's a "I don't really think about it until it's too late" statement.
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    Yesterday, 11:28 PM
    Sounds like a good excuse for some Kool & the Gang ... (not that any excuse is needed ...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M
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    Yesterday, 11:09 PM
    Aw, thank you, hb. :) Abrazos!
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    Yesterday, 10:58 PM
    Thank you. So true that the devil knows scripture, and is good at mixing lies with truth. Which is why we need more than just biblical knowledge, we need discernment and to be vigilant.
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    Yesterday, 10:46 PM
    Heh. When I read what pcosmar said to Sola ("You have NO good news.") I agreed with that so much, that I just had to sum up the 'good news'.... which I don't think is good news, from any standpoint. Well, except for maybe the devil's, now that I think about it. :-/ Thank you for chiming in. :)
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    Yesterday, 10:24 PM
    Or you could look at it as not being an "either-or" dilemma. Both spending and taxes should be reduced. I'm categorical about tax hikes. It's just wrong to take other peoples' stuff. It's more wrong to take more of their stuff. (And it's being "the end of the world" or not hasn't got anything to do with it.)
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    Yesterday, 09:35 PM
    Ha ha - I'd probably have to care first. If I win Powerball I shall hire you to dress me. We shall drink boxed wine and hire Danke to spirit us to second hand stores across the globe.
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    Yesterday, 09:27 PM
    I didn't actually say they were calvinist, however they do agree with the main points of calvinism, according to their own website, here: We adhere to the teachings of the Bible, preach against all form of sin (e.g., fornication, adultery , sodomy), and insist that the sovereignty of God and the doctrines of grace be taught and expounded publicly to all men. These doctrines of grace were well summed up by John Calvin in his 5 points of Calvinism: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints. also here: We believe -- and vigorously preach -- the 5 Points of Calvinism! Anyone preaching otherwise is a Hell-bound false prophet, a messenger of Satan, to whom we say, Anathema Maranatha! and, Let him be accursed of God!
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    Yesterday, 09:23 PM
    Further to which, reductio ad absurdum may be applied here ... The argument as given implies not only that such tax reductions should be opposed, but also that tax increases of the same kind should not be opposed. Consider a proposed tax increase of either "general" or "targeted" variety. Suppose the increase passes and is enacted. At this point, there is no functional difference whatsoever between opposition to the increase and any subsequent support for a decrease of the same variety and of equal magnitude. Thus, if support for the decrease is not to be approved by "free market people," then neither was opposition to the increase - and for exactly the same reasons.
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  • lilymc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:45 PM
    The "Good News" Calvinist Gospel God created puppets on a string, with no free will. God created those puppets to be depraved/sinful (apparently without a conscience) in essence, forcing them to be evil. God randomly picked some depraved puppets to be "the elect" and chose billions of other depraved puppets to burn in hell for eternity, for something they were pre-programmed to be.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
    The author of "End the Fed" certainly cannot be accused of being unaware of the government's ability to fund itself by way of the printing press. Ron Paul has elsewhere repeatedly and explicitly identified three basic ways government funds itself: (1) through "direct" taxation (in various forms) (2) through "indirect" taxation (such as the so-called "inflation tax" inherent in fiat monetary inflation - i.e., the "printing press" option) (3) through borrowing and debt issuance (which must ultimately be paid for via (1) or (2)) In his commentary in the video under consideration, he is concerned solely with (1), as that is the only of the three options which is relevant to the Carrier "tax break" issue. And none of this accounts for his numerous assertions elsewhere of the importance of real and significant spending cuts as a critical element in any effort to shrink the size of government ...
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    Yesterday, 07:17 PM
    In other news new studies suggest prostitutes and cocaine fight global warming
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:08 PM
    I'm 53 years old Not ever gonna get the hang of it. Even when I was rockin' a great body I could not pull a look together. ANd yes, people do treat you better when you dress good. IN the corporate world I always wore suits. Because a suit is hard to do wrong. Although I had a couple....
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  • CaseyJones's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:07 PM
    here you have to ask for it they keep it behind the counter now so maybe they were reaching over or something and the clerk was told not to hand that one out
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    Yesterday, 06:51 PM
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    Yesterday, 06:49 PM
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
    I cannot tell a lie - Douglas Adams plagiarized that phrase from me ... :toady:
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    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:39 PM
    :eek: Maybe Aldrin and Kerry aren't Aldrin and Kerry anymore ...
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    Yesterday, 06:13 PM
    Regardless of how much business you do with whom, you have the "right" not to have your money involuntarily taken from you in the first place - and it having been taken, you have the "right" to get all of it back (not merely "some" of it). Whether you will actually be able to do so is another matter (and there is not anything wrong with lobbying in such an effort - any more than there is anything wrong with lobbying on behalf of the right to keep and bear arms, for example). When something is returned to them that rightfully belonged to them in the first place, they are not being "rewarded." Also, getting "fat government contracts" (on the one hand) and getting "tax breaks" (on the other hand) are two different things. The first can be considered a form of subsidy (depending on how "fat" the contracts in question are). The second cannot.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:20 PM
    Muh federal standards.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:33 PM
    Ron's exact words at that timestamp (emphasis added): "My policy over the years has always been to support anything that looks like a tax abatement or a tax credit even though I didn't like the condition where you're giving it to one not the other ..." I don't like the condition where you're giving it to one but not the other, either. But it's better than the case where you're not giving it to anyone at all. It is always better, ceteris paribus, when less of peoples' stuff is being expropriated. It is always worse, ceteris paribus, when more of peoples' stuff is being expropriated. One cannot achieve "fairness" in any meaningful sense by refusing to steal less of particular peoples' stuff so that people will be robbed more "equally" in general - "fairness" got chucked right out the window the moment any of their stuff was expropriated in the first place. Subsidies are another matter altogether (and I mean REAL subsidies, NOT tax credits/breaks/rebates/abatements/etc.). If Carrier or its parent company is receiving any actual subsidies that were involuntarily mulcted from others, then I will happily criticize them for it. But that is a separate issue. And for the record, I could not care less about this having been promulgated by Trump - or about what Trump's motivations are (Carrier is in no way accountable for Trump's motivations, whatever they might be). I'd be of exactly the same opinion if this occurred under the auspices of Obama, or Bush the Second, or Clinton, or Bush the First, or etc. Nor do I give a fetid dingo's kidney for what this might mean (one way or the other) in regard to "jobs" or whatnot.
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