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    Yesterday, 02:59 PM
    Here's another long story on the Chabad, Donald Trump and Freemasonry (and more)... Donald's grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf (who changed his name to Fred Trump), married his own niece Elizabeth (daughter of Christ Christ and Anna Maria Rathon). Their son Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump (father of lying Donald) married Mary Anne Macleod (Donald's mother) of the Macleod Clan from the Isles of Lewis in Scotland. The Macleod Clan descended from Olaf the Black, a mid 13th century sea king who ruled the Isle of Man (Mann) and parts of the Hebrides. Olaf the Black was not just a Viking, he was Scottish, native Celtic, and the last of the Norse kings. See the Donald and a Statue of Olaf the Black, with the secret diamond-Masonic triangle gesture. The MacLeods originally featured the Black Galley in their arms, which was the symbol of the old Norse Kings of Man. In the seventeenth century, they adopted the “Three Legs of Man” - the Tryskelion. An Aryan pagan rune is often called “Triskeleon” and is also referred to as a three legged swastika or “Drei Bein Hakenkreuz". The first examples of this symbol were found in Asia, a vase from the 12th century BC., where a warrior has the symbol of the Tryskelion on his shield.
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    Yesterday, 02:54 PM
    I sort of agree... THE insiders decide what happens. Then tell their selected "investors" what will happen, so they can make a profit (which ultimately benefits the insiders). Where it gets strange is that the biggest investor - BlackRock - wrote the "going direct" bailout plan in August 2019, that just needed the right "crisis" to come along (the corona pandemic that started in March 2020). Maybe even stranger is that we now have evidence that the biggest (?) big pharma vaccine "insider" - the Wellcome Trust - tells selected investors, starting in January 2020, what is going to happen? Now who told BlackRock what was going to happen before the "going direct" plan was published?
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    Yesterday, 09:22 AM
    Well i'm tired bros, but here's what i can add. The 45-cycle PCR test is completely insane. What you get each cycle is a doubling of sensitivity. To actually detect a thing that's actually there you use something like 30 cycles. 45 just pings positive on any noise, it's completely useless. And this fraud german fuck whose name i forgot pushed this, and the WHO accepted it. It's fucking clown world. As to 'no isolated virus' i don't know what that fucking means. They've sequenced it. They fucking created it. Just because no quantitative isolate is available to a particular group at a particular time doesn't mean it was never isoldated. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/coronavirus-covid-19-virus-isolate-canada-scientists-mutations-strains-a9399226.html
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    Yesterday, 09:06 AM
    well that's a damn fine post donnay. removed from ignore list. Yeah check out the plandemic movie. I know people in genetics and cell biology. Gain of function viral tinkering is generally understood to be bad, with little or no medical value. Ivor Cummins also had a very good researcher on the show who reviewed all the 'coincidences' about the virus that make it almost impossible to be natural. These people deserve to be prosecuted, for real. big salute to RPF. One of the last places i'm not banned.
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    Yesterday, 08:45 AM
    The Wellcome Trust is one of the co-founders of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) in 2017. The Wellcome Trust controls the British Eugenics Society (called Galton Institute since 1989). The lead developer of Oxford-AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, Adrian Hill, held a senior position at the Wellcome Trust’s Centre for Human Genetics and is also closely affiliated to the Galton Institute: Does-COVID-19-vaccine-cause-infertility#post7009559 In January 2020, a couple of months after the August 2019 BlackRock going direct plan, but before the start of the "pandemic" on March 11, the Director of the $33 billion Wellcome Trust, Jeremy Farrar, started warning money managers about the shape of things to come in several briefing calls. In this way selected investors could reorganise their portfolios, to make maximum financial gains. Investors from the venture-capital firms Benchmark, Sequoia Capital and Thrive Capital, and hedge funds the Blackstone Group Inc., Citadel and Valiant Capital Management were notified, and with this inside information became big winners. On 31 January, Farrar stated in a briefing call:
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    Yesterday, 03:28 AM
    I guess that big pharma can come up with a much better explanation than that COVID vaccines, compromise the immune system, which results in old people "dropping like flies"... See what happened in Portugal with daily COVID deaths, after COVID vaccination started on 29 December 2020 (why did it suddenly rise and then drop?). EDIT - I guess big pharma can explain that it's just another one of those strange coincidences that the COVID daily deaths suddenly dropped, when the amount of daily doses of vaccines dropped on 30 January...
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    03-05-2021, 02:12 PM
    Biden's Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is expected to push full steam ahead with the green energy scam, including wind energy. Like she did as Rhode Island governor. "She believes in offshore wind, promotes it and is 110% behind it. That is why Biden wants her". At her confirmation hearing, Raimondo told the committee that "we need to recognize that tackling climate change goes hand in hand with creating good-paying jobs": https://www.eenews.net/stories/1063725041 Who will profit from the "good-paying" wind energy fraud? I guess that it won't be the average Joe: Green-energy-is-big-business
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    03-05-2021, 11:56 AM
    Poor Jeff Bezos! After years of Bill Gates, finally becoming the "richest man in the world", and then being replaced by Elon Musk... So the UK is now helping Bezos, by introducing a £25 billion “super-deduction” tax break that could “entirely wipe out” Amazon's tax bill in the UK. Of course Amazon had already benefited from the complete lockdown, with sales going up 50%. The super-deduction announced by Rishi Sunak, will allow companies to deduct 130% of investment spending on plant and machinery against profits for the next 2 years. If a company for example spends £10 million on new equipment, its taxable income would be reduced by £13 million. Amazon’s UK tax bill is already low because it officially collects a lot of its UK sales in Luxembourg (already tax free - see Luxleaks). In 2019, Amazon’s UK operations made profits of £102 million and paid £6.3 million in taxes. The company also spent £66.8 million on plant and machinery, £80.4 million on office equipment and £15.3 million on computer equipment. . https://www.taxwatchuk.org/amazon_tax_cut/ (https://archive.is/21a79)
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    03-05-2021, 11:52 AM
    The horrors... I sort of agree with @Krugminator2. Although, being such a dangerous thoughtcriminal, I take it one step further that left and right wing propaganda are 2 sides of the same coin (Fabian?). Some guy named Foster Friess financed Tucker Carlson's website Daily Caller. Foster Friess also donated to Mike Gabbard and his "socialist" daughter Tulsi Gabbard, who not very surprisingly has been pushed into the spotlight by Tucker Carlson. Foster Friess also financed (the "extreme" right?) Rand Paul, Mike Pence, and John Bolton's super PAC: https://www.opensecrets.org/donor-lookup/results?cand=&cycle=&employ=&name=Foster+Friess&page=2&state=&zip=
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    03-04-2021, 02:58 PM
    The hypocritical Bono (of U2 fame, KBE) has been supporting the mass murdering dictator of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. See Kagame with Bono, 2015. In 2002, Drummond and Bono were among the founders of the publicity seeking, do nothing DATA – Debt, Aids, Trade, Africa – that later became One. Bono and Co., in support of Kagame, "so far raised almost €290 million" in partnership with organisations like Apple, Bank of America and Starbucks. The money went to the Geneva-based not-for-profit organisation Global Fund, with close ties the genocide-supporting UN and the World Health Organisation. From 2001 to 2013, Ireland contributed €163 million to the Global Fund. The fund has spent more than €700 million in Rwanda, of which €70 million came from Red. Most of the €700 has been spent to fight Rwandans with AIDS: https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/into-africa-with-bono-1.2340451
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    03-04-2021, 02:00 PM
    Last month at Dundee Sheriff Court, the Earl of Strathmore, Simon Bowes Lyon, was sentenced to 10 months prison for trying to rape a woman in February 2020. Bowes Lyon is a first cousin twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II. Sheriff Carmichael accused Bowes Lyon: Bowes-Lyon pleaded guilty to forcing his way into her room at Glamis Castle and groping her so viciously that he injured her breasts. In June 2020, Durham Police contacted Bowes-Lyon for violating the COVID-19 travel restrictions: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9290297/Queens-cousin-jailed-10-months-sex-attack.html
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    03-04-2021, 01:50 PM
    I wouldn't rate the following looong New York Times piece as good, but there some genuinely interesting information can be found in it. Paul Kagame’s tidy little Rwanda, has become one of the most straitjacketed in the world. Few people inside Rwanda dare to ciritcise president Kagame. Many Rwandans feel that Big Brother is watching them all the time: “It’s like there’s an invisible eye everywhere, Kagame’s eye”. Many aspects of Rwandan (open prison) life are dictated by the government, including an “eradication campaign” of all grass-roofed huts. In some areas, it's prohibited to dress in dirty clothes or share straws when drinking from a traditional pot of beer. There are no large slums in Kigali anymore, because the government won’t allow them. Kagame has also made an end to homeless youth sleeping on the sidewalks. Rwandan young vagrants and petty criminals have been arrested and sent to a youth “rehabilitation center” on an island in the middle of Lake Kivu that some people in Kigali compare to Alcatraz. Kagame’s government has reportedly reduced child mortality by 70%; by reducing the amount of children being born. Kagame has explained that he will make an end to overpopulation, by stopping (prohibiting?) women having many children: “We educated the woman both in school and generally in society to say: ‘No, go for something else. You deserve better'”.
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    03-04-2021, 01:48 PM
    Couldn't they come up with something better, preferably fake... Woman #2 I believed that Cuomo wanted to have sex with me, because he asked me personal questions. Woman #3 I came on to Cuomo, but then he... touched my back and... kissed me on the cheek. Can't we get some headline grabbing story that Cuomo eats babies in a ping-pong pizzeria or something? Cuomo has repeatedly met Jay-Z in his office. How hard would it be to claim they are part of the illuminati, or are spirit cooking with Marina Abramovic?
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    03-04-2021, 10:47 AM
    No less than 5 of the 12 Oxford alumni in the Biden administration have worked at the infamous Aspen institute. Pete Buttigieg Susan Rice Bruce Reed Gina Raimondo is also a member of the CFR and the Milken Institute. Her father Joseph Raimondo was childhood friends with U.S. Senator Jack Reed (no relation of Bruce?). Kurt Campbell was also a senior vice-president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies think-tank.
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    03-04-2021, 08:18 AM
    It isn't quite clear to me what was so terrible here, but propably #Metoo women can relate.. At a September 2019 wedding reception, Anna Ruch came on to Andrew Cuomo in an open-back dress to thank him for his toast to the newlyweds, and in response he put his hand on her back... Then Cuomo asked if he could kiss her, and according to Ruch's friend, "I don't think she said anything, but she definitely did not say yes. And then (Cuomo) proceeded to give her a big kiss on the cheek". This was supposedly taken after the kis, when Cuomo "put his hands on her face". So once again, a woman looks and gets her 15 minutes of fame, for something that isn't worth the attention (flirting?); especially not compared to the genocide in NY nursing homes and blatant Cuomo corruption: https://nypost.com/2021/03/01/gov-cuomo-accused-of-making-unwanted-advances-at-wedding/
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    03-04-2021, 04:00 AM
    The following is an interesting collection of information on Cecil Rhodes, the Round Table (a.k.a. Milner's Kindergarten) and the Rhodes scholarship that were started to expand the power of the British Empire. It even includes President Donald's getting rid of the Rhodes Scholars in Washington DC! The following Cecil Rhodes quotes show the true purpose of his Rhodes Scholarship program: . Rhodes Scholar William Yandell Elliot counted among his proteges none other than Henry Kissinger KBE, who in 1981 at a Chatham House event stated admiringly: . See Rhodes Scholar William Yandell Elliot, at the center, surrounded by a few of his disciples, including Kissinger and Pierre Trudeau.
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    03-04-2021, 01:59 AM
    We can always count on our wonderful media to create new "scandals" that are a whole lot damaging for a cover-up! To me it looks like this is the bigger corruption scandal. FOIA-released records show how Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and her husband Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell prioritises requests from Kentucky – home state of McConnell, where he´s running for reelection in 2020. Secretary Chao “met at least 10 times” with politicians and business leaders from Kentucky at the requests of McConnell’s office. The Transportation department has even established a special liaison, Chao’s chief of staff, Kentucky resident, Todd Inman, “to help with grant applications and other priorities…paving the way for grants totaling at least $78 million for favored projects as McConnell prepared to campaign for reelection”. Inman worked on McConnell’s campaigns in 2008 and 2014 and then became the deputy state director for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in Kentucky.
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    03-03-2021, 03:05 PM
    Joe Biden selected the decorated, controversial (eu)geneticist, Human Genome Project co-leader Eric Lander as presidential science adviser. Lander had previously been an adviser to president Barack Obama. In 2003, he founded and now leads the Broad Institute. Lander has donated thousands of dollars to Biden and Massachusetts senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren (one of his sons worked for Warren's 2020 presidential campaign). Another geneticist, Michael Eisen, wrote about Lander’s appointment: . Lander was heavily criticized after he gave a birthday toast to James Watson in 2018. Watson was also a geneticist, who expressed sexist and racist views. Maria Zuber (also from MIT), who will co-chair Biden’s scientific advisory council, has also feted Watson.
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    03-03-2021, 11:15 AM
    There are more connections between Susan Rice and Pete Buttigieg than (only) going to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. Buttigieg also worked on Bonesman John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign. In 2014, Buttigieg became a 2014 Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow. While he was mayor, Buttigieg served for 7 months in Afghanistan in the U.S. Navy Reserve, returning to the US in September 2014. In June 2015, Buttigieg came out as gay. Buttigieg supports "abortion rights" and the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal funding for abortion in most circumstances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Buttigieg
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    03-03-2021, 11:13 AM
    I really don't care about you if you don't post any worthwhile information... Please investigate the Rhodes Scholarship for yourself (CHECK the links in the following thread). Dragon-court#post6827474
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    03-03-2021, 08:35 AM
    Maybe my "favourite" Rhodes Scholar in the Biden administration, is Susan Rice, who in the 1990s in the Clinton administration orchestrated the Rwandan genocide for which Paul Kagame was used, who was later made into the hero for "stopping" the genocide and installed as de facto dictator of Rwanda. Rice has continued to cover up what happened to this very day. She later became Obama's Ambassador to the UN before being promoted to National Security Advisor from 2013-2017. From 2002 to 2009, Rice was a Brookings Institution fellow. During the 2004 presidential campaign, Rice served as a foreign policy adviser to Bonesman John Kerry Rice is also a member of the CFR. See the genocidal Susan E. Rice (then State Department official) and Paul Kagame (not yet crowned president), 1998.
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    03-03-2021, 08:32 AM
    It should come as no surprise that the Biden administration is literally swamped with Oxford alumni, including my "favourite" Rhodes Scholar, is Susan Rice, who in the 1990s in the Clinton administration orchestrated the Rwandan genocide for which Paul Kagame was used, who was later made into the hero for "stopping" the genocide and installed as de facto dictator of Rwanda. Rice has continued to cover up what happened to this very day. She later became Obama's Ambassador to the UN before being promoted to National Security Advisor from 2013-2017. See the genocidal Susan E. Rice (then State Department official) and Paul Kagame (not yet crowned president), 1998. Biden-administration-includes-12-Oxford-alumni
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  • merkelstan's Avatar
    03-03-2021, 04:46 AM
    There's another one.
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  • merkelstan's Avatar
    03-03-2021, 04:44 AM
    It's at least nice to be able to spot the shills here.
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  • Firestarter's Avatar
    03-03-2021, 03:21 AM
    I've previously posted about the US effectively remaining a British colony and that Oxford rules the British Empire and with it the world: Dictator-of-the-British-Empire#post6398907 You never would have guessed that a disproportionate amount of Joe Biden's appointees are Oxford alumni - no less than 12 (of which 6 Rhodes Scholars)! Oxford University in England to colonise the USA... Out of the 25 members of the President’s cabinet, 3 are also Rhodes scholars. A further 9 Oxford alumni hold non-cabinet leadership positions, like White House staff. The openly gay Rhodes Scholar Pete Buttigieg will be President Biden’s Secretary of Transportation. He also ran for President in 2020. Rhodes Scholar Gina Raimondo will serve as Secretary of Commerce.
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  • Firestarter's Avatar
    03-03-2021, 02:51 AM
    I've searched really, really hard for Bill Gates wearing a face mask. If Gates is so terrified for COVID-19 and these masks prevent infection, he should wear them all the time. These are the only photos I've found of Gates wearing a mask (2 in total). Walking with journalist Anderson Cooper. This is supposedly masked Gates getting the COVID jab in January. He looks very "different", no glasses and this mask really obscures his face (is it even Gates?). https://twitter.com/BillGates/status/1352662770416664577/photo/1
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    03-02-2021, 02:01 PM
    Isn't peculiar that the same "reputable" Forbes that has reported that Donald's wealth decreased during his years as president, is also reporting that during the first 3 years of his presidency Donald made a profit of $470 million in a blatant example of self-enrichment? The following not very flattering article insinuates that Donald used campaign donations for personal profit. If this is true, we can be sure that Trump will run again for president in 2024, even if his campaign is incidental to the fundraising! One of the campaign's joint-fundraising committees, also moved an estimated $4.3 million of donor money into Trump's private business. Even after lying Donald had lost the election to sleepy Joe, he continued to pay campaign money to the Trump Organization. The postelection payments from the campaign and its joint-fundraising committee to Donald are at least $413,000. On November 5, the joint-fundraising committee paid $11,000 to Trump’s hotel empire. A week later, when even "Trump media" Fox News had already declared Biden the winner, the same committee paid another $294,000 to Trump’s hotel business. On November 20, one of Trump’s joint-fundraising committees paid $20,000 to his hotel outfit. Less than a week later, the campaign paid another $3,000 in rent to Trump Restaurants LLC.
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    03-02-2021, 12:21 PM
    I've done another simple internet search for "COVID outbreaks" (in Dutch: "COVID uitbraak"). Our wonderful media are reporting tremendous success from the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccines, and that they can really notice the effects in the care homes. For some reason, the articles forget to mention whether the deceased residents had been vaccinated or not. I guess that if they really want the vaccination campaign to work for depopulation purposes, they would keep it a secret if residents would suddenly die after vaccination. I've read that the COVID-vaccination campaign in nursing homes in the Kingdom of the Netherlands started in January. So with every recent "COVID outbreak" in nursing homes I read about, I'm thinking deadly vaccines. Shortly after vaccination, the residents in nursing home Hoppesteyn in Rotterdam-Crooswijk got ill of which 62 tested positive for COVID and 17 have already died.
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    03-02-2021, 12:00 PM
    Maybe you should learn to read, before you make silly comments... In retrospect I think that the Chinese links are more interesting (Hunter Biden haha)!
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MKULTRA/Manchurian candidates
An excellent book about the experiments of the CIA to hypnotise people, mainly by hallucinatory drugs, including psychiatry is John Marks’ “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control” (1979): http://www.wanttoknow.info/mk/search...-candidate.pdf

The CIA injected “public enemies” with hallucinatory drugs to induce a psychosis, because after they have suffered from a psychotic episode nobody will take the seriously.

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