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    Today, 08:56 PM
    Greece Sends 50 Naval Vessels & Commandos To Block Refugee Wave Out Of Turkey
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    Today, 08:48 PM
    One week ago, ahead of today's Chinese data release which would for the first time capture the devastation from the coronavirus pandemic, we wrote that "to those who have been following our series of high-frequency, daily indicators of China's economy, it will probably not come as a surprise that the world's second biggest economy has ground to a halt, its GDP set to post the first negative print in modern history. To everyone else who is just now catching up, we have some news: it's going to be bad." Specifically, we said that ahead of official Chinese economic data which will soon start capturing the period when the coronavirus crippled the country's economy, Nomura's Chief China economist Ting Lu pointed out that China’s Emerging Industries PMI (EPMI), which gauges momentum in the country’s high-tech industries and is closely correlated with official manufacturing PMI, slumped to 29.9 in February (from 50.1 in January!), its lowest-print on record, which was a "pure reflection of the devastating impact of the COVID-19 outbreak." What would this mean for the closely followed China manufacturing PMI? As Nomura added, "even adjusting for seasonality and expected progress in business resumption in the coming week, we estimate the official manufacturing PMI could drop to a range of 30-40 in Feb." In retrospect, it turns out that Nomura's dire forecast was optimistic, because moments ago China's National Statistics Bureau reported the latest, February PMIs and they were absolutely catastrophic: Manufacturing PMI crashed to 35.7 in Feb, far below the 45.0 consensus estimate, and sharply down from 50.0 in January. A record low.
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    Today, 08:30 PM
    Amid all the carnage, a sliver of good news is that incomes jumped more than expected in January (+0.6% MoM vs +0.4% MoM) and while economists will be gravely disappointed spending rose less than expected (+0.2% MoM vs +0.3% MoM) prompting a healthy rise in the savings rate from 7.5% to 7.9%... This is the biggest jump in incomes since Dec 2018 and spending growth was the weakest since Feb 2019... On a year-over-year basis, December saw a big surge (due to Dec 2018's stocks-market-plunge-driven collapse in spending) and January saw that give back some as incomes grew at 4.0% YoY...
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    Today, 08:11 PM
    Monroe County is declared a Second Amendment sanctuary. This comes after the county board approved a resolution during a meeting Wednesday. The resolution opposes any unconstitutional changes to the 'right to bear arms.' "The people that submitted this feel that it's a protection for future laws down the road where people are very concerned about the Second Amendment--to protect their rights to bear arms,"said Pete Peterson the Monroe County board chairman. Board chairman Pete Peterson says a member of the community as well as the sheriff and district attorney were key players with the resolution. Monroe County becomes the fourth county in Wisconsin to declare itself a Second Amendment sanctuary, but more could follow. "This is a thing that's probably going to start sweeping the state," Peterson said. "We're the first counties to approve this and there's other counties that have the same issue going forth." More at:
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    Today, 05:27 PM
    I see that as a great excuse to defund liberal indoctrination centers. And it pleases his allies. Without allies he would have been removed from office and we would have someone much worse.
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    Today, 05:25 PM
    He needs allies and he has chosen them and their supporters, that means he will not make overt moves against them at this time. But the only things he has given them are things they already had. We will see if it happens, but it simply can't happen now, the entire system is rigged in her favor and it is taking time to unrig it. Ending the mandate gutted it. And Congress refused to do its job and repeal it, he isn't a dictator. But his DoJ is going to get it declared unconstitutional.
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    Today, 05:18 PM
    ^^^THIS^^^ And you can't be a platform and a publisher at the same time. Plus SCOTUS ruled that states can't bar sexual predators from social media because it is the public square, if it's the public square then they can't censor.
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    Today, 05:07 PM
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    Today, 05:06 PM
    Russia's military has denied it is responsible for airstrikes that killed dozens of Turkish soldiers on Thursday night in the Syrian province of Idlib, in an incident which threatens to cause a major escalation in Syria's civil war. More at:
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    Today, 04:23 PM
    O'Bummer was too busy getting us into Syria (which Trump is getting out of) and destroying Libya among lots of other things. He was also busy selling out to Iran so he wasn't going to start a war with them. Trump has been prompted to start a war with Iran multiple times and has refused and he has given Israel very little other than things Israel already had.
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    Today, 03:16 PM
    Trump is already taking a beating by Dems for already cutting and/or plans for cutting SNAP, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Combine that with a trashed economy due to Coronavirus and add proposed cuts in a down economy, in the debates, in an election year, not good. What happened to fixing health care? Meanwhile he is boasting about increases to military spending. This is the opposite of what he ran on. He sounds more like an establishment Republican protecting and doing the bidding for the very top and MIC, the very thing much of his base voted against and for him in the first place. Normally the people would reject Bernie but with Coronavirus and Trump not sticking to what he ran on he could lose to Bernie. The benefits that will come from the return of manufacturing and the supply chain to the US will likely not be realized in time for the debates and the general election. If Coronavirus happened a few years ago Sanders would not stand a chance. None of this may matter if the DNC screws Sanders from winning the nomination. I suspect he will go to third party (perhaps Green Party) after being screwed and riots at the convention. This will split off more of the Democrat vote than Republican. So much so I think Trump would beat Bloomberg because of it which will again depend on how bad or good economic conditions are in November. If we see mass layoffs due to Coronavirus, the economy totally tanks and we have Trump proclaiming everything is fantastic then he is toast. The decision by voters might be which candidate is offering the best plan for middle class and poor bailouts. It will depend on Trump's actions or inactions whether he gets re-elected and what his opponent is offering.
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    Today, 02:05 PM
    I'm sick of hearing about the "coronavirus".
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    Today, 02:02 PM
    I view all President since FDR as socialists. But Bernie sanders is not a Socialist. He is a hardcore Communist!
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    Today, 01:53 PM
    Yes he is for open borders!
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    Today, 01:51 PM
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    Today, 08:16 AM
    Bernie said that a one state solution would be the end of israel. So he cares about Demographics. But when white people care about Demographics we are called " racists" "White supremacists" "Neo-Nazis". God I hate this hypocrites so much:mad:!
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    Today, 06:09 AM
    Tucker is right. Communist Bernie sanders has a chance to win.
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    Today, 05:37 AM
    1)Bernie is not a Non Interventionist. He is pro Foreign Aid & he supports Israel. He only hates Bibi because he hates all "Right wingers". 2)FDR was a communist who destroyed our nation.His presidency moved the Republican Party to the left. If Bernie sanders gets his programs, We will never repeal them & the Republican Party will move even further left.
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    Today, 01:38 AM
    Disney Bought A Second Private Island In The Bahamas For Disney Cruise Line Passengers To Visit
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    Today, 01:15 AM
    Nigerian police have rescued 24 babies and four expectant mothers from an illegal maternity home in the southern oil city of Port Harcourt, a spokesman said Thursday."In a covert operation on Tuesday, our men burst a child trafficking syndicate at Woji in Port Harcourt where 24 babies between the ages of one and two, and four pregnant teenagers were rescued," Nnamdi Omoni told AFP. He said the victims were looking "frail and malnourished" and had been hospitalised while investigations were ongoing to find those responsible for the facility. Police raids on illegal maternity units -- dubbed "baby factories" -- have been relatively common in Nigeria, especially in the south. The "factories" are usually small facilities parading as private medical clinics that house pregnant women and offer their babies for sale. In some cases, young women have allegedly been held against their will and raped, with their newborns sold on the black market. More at:
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    Today, 01:10 AM
    The European Union blacklisted two Turkish nationals as retaliation over Ankara’s energy drilling off Cyprus in a move that has more political symbolism than economic punch.The EU asset freezes and travel bans on two employees of Turkish Petroleum Corp. make good on the bloc’s months-long vow to counter Turkey’s oil and natural-gas exploration in waters that are part of the exclusive economic zone of member country Cyprus. The sanctions also are the first of their kind in response to the actions of a nation seeking to join the EU. At the same time, the decision by EU governments in Brussels stops short of targeting any Turkish companies. This reflects a desire to avoid antagonizing a key ally in the fight to prevent Middle East migration, particularly from war-torn Syria. “Hanging in the balance is a possible influx of Syrian refugees into Europe,” said Michael Emerson of the CEPS think tank in the Belgian capital. “It’s a highly sensitive political issue in the EU.” The two people sanctioned by the EU on Thursday are Mehmet Ferruh Akalin, vice-president of Turkish Petroleum, and Ali Coscun Namoglu, the deputy director of the company’s exploration department, the bloc said in its decision. More at:
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    Yesterday, 11:12 PM
    Erdogan is crazy enough.
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    Yesterday, 10:41 PM
    It would be headline news if he supported Trump. That's the only important part right now.
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