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    Today, 12:44 AM
    Harvard Law School is currently offering a class dedicated to the “impeachment and removal by other means” of President Trump. “Constitutional Law 3.0: The Trump Trajectory” is currently being taught by Laurence Tribe, a high-ranking professor at Harvard Law School who has appeared in numerous TV and print interviews calling for Trump’s impeachment. Enrollment was capped at just 12 students, each of whom had to submit a CV along with a statement of interest for Tribe’s consideration when they applied to enroll in the two-credit course. Students are learning about “how we might expect the Constitution to constrain Trump’s execution of his powers and duties, and what #impeachment and removal by other means might resemble in the Trump era,” the course description explains. More at: https://www.infowars.com/harvard-law-offering-class-on-trump-impeachment-and-removal/
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    Today, 12:39 AM
    Essential oils are often marketed as a way to soothe your mind, rejuvenate your skin or alleviate pain. But according to researchers, these products have some unwanted side effects — at least for young boys. New research by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) shows how some essential oils — specifically lavender and tea tree — could disrupt hormones and lead to abnormal breast growth in pre-pubescent boys. The findings were presented on Saturday by scientists Jeffrey Tyler Ramsey and Dr. Kenneth Korach at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Chicago. What did they find? Ramsey and Korach studied eight chemicals found in both lavender and tea tree oil that are also found in at least 65 other essential oils. They tested these chemicals on human cells in the laboratory to see how they affected estrogen and testosterone receptors. The duo found the chemicals affected the cells in a way that would encourage prepubertal gynecomastia — breast growth in pre-pubescent males. “Our society deems essential oils as safe, however they possess a diverse amount of chemicals and should be used with caution because some of these chemicals are potential (hormone) disruptors,” Ramsey said in a statement. Is this the first time essential oils have been linked to breast growth? Researchers at NIEHS first found evidence of this phenomenon in 2007. The team studied three young boys who had started to develop breasts prior to puberty. The boys didn’t have any underlying medical conditions, but they all had one thing in common: each used topical over-the-counter products that contained lavender oil and tea tree oil. When the boys were instructed to stop using the products, their breast growth halted. The hypothesis was that chemicals found in these essential oils were disrupting hormones — specifically increasing levels of estrogen and lowering levels of testosterone, thereby promoting breast growth. More at: http://nationalpost.com/health/health-and-wellness/new-research-suggests-lavender-and-tea-tree-oil-may-be-making-young-boys-grow-breasts
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    Today, 12:33 AM
    Bryant has now signed a law that makes his state the most difficult state in the country to get an abortion. It is called the Gestational Age Act, and it bans abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, except in the case of a medical emergency or a severe fetal abnormality. The law does not make exceptions in cases of rape or incest. The Mississippi House passed the measure on March 8, and Bryant signed it into law on Monday. More at: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/03/19/595045249/mississippi-governor-signs-nations-toughest-abortion-ban-into-law
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    Today, 12:27 AM
    Samsung has launched a website promising to wipe your favorite TV series from your memory so you can watch it again seemingly for the first time. The creepy concept, known as Unspoil me, was apparently launched in January and is available through the company’s Swedish site. The technique was developed by certified hypnotists Ulf Sandström and Frederik Praesto, who narrates the video. The 23-minute procedure is a guided hypnosis which tells you to focus on the show you want to erase from your memory, as it shows a hypnotic pattern and walks you through a series of instructions. The process is billed as a way to experience all of your favorite shows for the first time using Samsung’s QLED TV. More at: https://www.infowars.com/mind-control-samsung-site-wipes-your-memory-so-you-can-re-watch-tv-shows/ NO THANKS.
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    Today, 12:07 AM
    The source article is paywalled at Court News UK: Plot to Abuse Children for ‘Top Political People’: A paedophile told an undercover police officer that they could make millions of pounds raping children on camera for ‘top political people,’ a court heard. Gihan Muthukumarana, 28, claimed they could sell the film for £10m if they ‘got rid’ of the young girls afterwards by dissolving them in barrels of acid, it is claimed. He was reported to the police after he told escort about his plans while regularly meeting her for sex at the Master Robert Hotel… Via: Breitbart: Gihan Muthukumarana told undercover police they could make £10 million raping children on video for “top political people”, a court has heard. The 28-year-old, who appeared in court this week accused of plotting to kidnap, rape, and beat young girls, allegedly claimed that footage of the abuse could be sold for “ridiculously big” sums of money if they “got rid” of the victims by dissolving their bodies in a vat of acid afterwards, Court News UK reports. http://www.cryptogon.com/?p=52544
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    Yesterday, 11:57 PM
    The last few days have seen CDS rise across the middle-east, as Saudi Arabia’s domestic crises which prompted the reform drive will continue to stifle Riyadh’s progress in the Vision 2030 project launched by Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, according to the Financial Times. For the first time since July 2017, Saudi credit risk is higher than Qatar credit risk... More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-20/saudi-cds-jump-economic-crises-continue-loom
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    Yesterday, 11:52 PM
    Just when you thought it was the first day of spring... Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Vallee Weather Consulting LLC., warns of the fourth nor’easter this month — expected to slam into the North East on Wednesday: “Another coastal storm will take shape Tuesday off the eastern seaboard. Intermittent snow and mixed precipitation will impact the Mid-Atlantic Tuesday then spread into New England Wednesday. Snow will be heavy at times Wednesday into Wednesday night, allowing it to periodically accumulate on roadways despite the higher March sun angle. Snow may impact morning commutes in Baltimore and DC, then impact evening commutes from Philadelphia to Boston Wednesday with low visibility and snow covered roads. Coastal flooding, gusty winds, and heavy, wet snow is expected which, in tandem, may lead to power outages in some locations. Snowfall will wind down from southwest to northeast Wednesday night.” The National Weather Service (NWS) issued winter storm advisories, warnings, and watches for most of the Ohio-Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and North East up to Boston, Massachusetts (as of Tue, Mar. 20, 2018 at 7:50:08 am EDT) for Wednesday into Thursday. “The fourth NorEaster for this month is expected to bring up to a foot of snow along the spine of the Appalachians, across northern New Jersey, and into the lower Hudson Valley of New York during the next couple of days,” said NWS.
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    Yesterday, 11:50 PM
    Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was arrested on Tuesday morning in connection with a probe into the financing of his successful 2007 presidential run which allegedly included funding from late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Sarkozy - who was president of France from 2007 until 2012 - is said to have accepted €50MM from Gaddafi's regime, claims which have been repeated by the late Libyan dictator's son and French businessman Ziad Takieddine, SkyNews reported. That amount would be more than double the legal spending limit in French elections at that time, which was €21MM. Alleged payments would also violate French laws on foreign financing and declaring the source of campaign funds. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-20/former-french-president-sarkozy-arrested-over-campaign-financing
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    Yesterday, 11:36 PM
    In a blockbuster report published Tuesday in the Intercept, reporter Sam Biddle cited several documents included in the massive cache of stolen NSA documents that showed that the agency has been tracking bitcoin users since 2013, and has potentially been funneling some of this information to other federal agencies. Or, as Biddle puts it, maybe the conspiracy theorists were right. It turns out the conspiracy theorists were onto something. Classified documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden show that the National Security Agency indeed worked urgently to target Bitcoin users around the world - and wielded at least one mysterious source of information to "help track down senders and receivers of Bitcoins," according to a top-secret passage in an internal NSA report dating to March 2013. The data source appears to have leveraged the NSA’s ability to harvest and analyze raw, global internet traffic while also exploiting an unnamed software program that purported to offer anonymity to users, according to other documents. Using its ability to siphon data directly from the fiber-optic cables, the NSA managed to develop a system for tracing transactions that went well beyond simple blockchain analysis. The agency relied on a program called MONKEYROCKET, a sham Internet-anonymizing service that, according to the documents, was primarily deployed in Asia, Africa and South America with the intention of thwarting terrorists. The documents indicate that "tracking down" Bitcoin users went well beyond closely examining Bitcoin’s public transaction ledger, known as the Blockchain, where users are typically referred to through anonymous identifiers; the tracking may also have involved gathering intimate details of these users’ computers. The NSA collected some Bitcoin users’ password information, internet activity, and a type of unique device identification number known as a MAC address, a March 29, 2013 NSA memo suggested. In the same document, analysts also discussed tracking internet users’ internet addresses, network ports, and timestamps to identify "BITCOIN Targets." ... The NSA’s budding Bitcoin spy operation looks to have been enabled by its unparalleled ability to siphon traffic from the physical cable connections that form the internet and ferry its traffic around the planet. As of 2013, the NSA’s Bitcoin tracking was achieved through program code-named OAKSTAR, a collection of covert corporate partnerships enabling the agency to monitor communications, including by harvesting internet data as it traveled along fiber optic cables that undergird the internet. ... Specifically, the NSA targeted Bitcoin through MONKEYROCKET, a sub-program of OAKSTAR, which tapped network equipment to gather data from the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Asia, according to classified descriptions. As of spring 2013, MONKEYROCKET was “the sole source of SIGDEV for the BITCOIN Targets,” the March 29, 2013 NSA report stated, using the term for signals intelligence development, “SIGDEV,” to indicate the agency had no other way to surveil Bitcoin users. The data obtained through MONKEYROCKET is described in the documents as “full take” surveillance, meaning the entirety of data passing through a network was examined and at least some entire data sessions were stored for later analysis. Naturally, once the NSA got involved, the notion of anonymity - whether with bitcoin, or even some of the privacy-oriented coins like Zcash - was completely crushed.
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    Yesterday, 11:26 PM
    The U.S. Department of the Interior is auctioning on Tuesday, March 20, a total of 43 parcels in southeast Utah for oil and gas development, despite protests from environmentalists that the lease sales are near archaeological monuments and spectacular redrock wilderness. The auction of 51,400 acres today is part of the U.S. Administration’s plans to open up wider areas for oil and gas drilling in the country—a campaign pledge that President Donald Trump has been following since taking office. The auction includes areas that are near the boundaries of the former Bears Ears National Monument that President Trump modified at the end of 2017 to “the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of important objects of historic and scientific interest.” Local Utah officials welcome the lease sale as they believe that oil and gas extraction and mining could improve the economy of areas such as one of Utah’s poorest counties, San Juan. More at: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/US-Holds-Utah-Oil-Lease-Sale-Despite-Protests.html
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    Yesterday, 11:15 PM
    CPUd posted frivolous trash, I post things Trump actually does both good and bad.
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    Yesterday, 10:41 PM
    When he does good things he deserves praise, when he is subject to false charges he deserves defense and when he does wrong things he deserves condemnation. It is possible to not have TDS or lick Trump's boots.
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    Yesterday, 10:36 PM
    Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed a bill Tuesday ordering that a statue of a Confederate general at the U.S. Capitol be removed and replaced with one of an African-American woman. The statue of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith will be removed from Statuary Hall and replaced with a monument to Mary McLeod Bethune, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. More at: http://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/379360-florida-will-replace-confederate-statue-in-us-capitol-with-one-of
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    Yesterday, 10:11 PM
    We should take a retract the empire non-intervention anywhere position, it is accurate and avoids the charges of antisemitism.
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    Yesterday, 10:05 PM
    They will someday mandate corfam, it's more expensive but think of the animals.
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    Yesterday, 09:52 PM
    After WWII the Brits changed their tune and tried to stop the creation of Israel. In any case the whole problem was that the British let the Jews move in and take over instead of restricting immigration (their later attempt was too little too late) so that the natives weren't overwhelmed and ejected from their land.
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    Yesterday, 08:30 PM
    You mean the declaration the Brits didn't live up too when they tried to keep Jews out? In any case if the Brits are to blame it is because THEY LET IN THE JEWS WHO TOOK OVER THE TERRITORY AND NOW THE PALESTINIANS HAVE BEEN PAYING THE PRICE. The state of Israel is the problem and it wouldn't have existed if the Jews didn't emigrate from Europe and Immigrate into the Holy Land, if they had been kept out the Palestinians would be much better off.
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    Yesterday, 08:25 PM
    There aren't ANY "good" Dem politicians.
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    Yesterday, 08:23 PM
    Did the Jews move in on 15 DECEMBER 1917? It is the Zionist Jews that are a problem for the Palestinians the British aren't even there anymore, they may have caused some problems but nothing like what the state of Israel has. (The Palestinians aren't angels either but it is the Jews that were immigrants that took over so they are the ones under discussion.)
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    Yesterday, 07:58 PM
    The British didn't let in the Jews, they tried to keep them out, the Ottomans had kept them out but some of the British secretly helped them to come in. Hitler did more to send the Jews to Palestine than the British did. Israel isn't a British state it is a Jewish state and most of them didn't come from Britain.
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    Yesterday, 07:24 PM
    So did he release this info? If so, where?
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    Yesterday, 02:41 PM
    Watch out or tulsa will label you a troll. Anyone who disagrees with tulsa is a troll
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