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    Today, 01:45 AM
    Brian4Liberty USAfree is a sockpuppet of dcliberty.
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    Today, 01:23 AM
    If I was India I would want Pakistan to go to war with Iran and either let them tear eachother apart or hit Pakistan on a second front, Balochistan would look irresistable for that purpose.
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    Today, 01:12 AM
    There are parts that are good for liberty that should be kept and parts that are bad for liberty that should be changed but when we have taken power and repaired most of the damage we will need to play by the rules to change the parts that need to change, playing by the rules is very important for liberty, we just can't afford to play by all of the rules while the enemies of liberty break them at their whim.
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    Today, 01:10 AM
    I hope you don't take the official story at face value, there is zero possibility it is truthful.
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    Today, 01:08 AM
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    Yesterday, 09:29 PM
    DamianTV replied to a thread The Last Buick in Open Discussion
    Corporatists have murdered American Culture. Theyve slowly and systematically replaced both our culture and counter culture with cheap garbage that does not represent a reflection of a persons identity. Its very similar to School Uniforms stripping students of their individuality. The natural groups that we used to form, such as family or even a group of friends that enjoyed certain activities have been replaced with cheap corporate garbage making us the product for sale.
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    Yesterday, 09:26 PM
    I doubt it. On the surface, it will look like Congress is opposing FB's actions, but its behind closed doors where they both have Privacy from you and I that the Real Damage is done. Imagine it this way. Credit Card companies used to determine your credit score based on how much money you made, how far in debt you were, and how well you made your payments. Trouble there is that was all the data they had access to. Today, they have access to a lot more data. And they have a financial incentive to find reasons to increase your interest rate. So today, if you make posts about drinking, have any distrust of Authoritarian Govt that now wants to execute you for selling drugs, or more minor infractions, they now have "probable cause" to jack up your interest rate / not hire you / fire you / imprison you / kick you out of your church / shun you / shame you / discredit you. All of which represents a persons only value to other people under the mindset of group think is how much money you are worth to them, and have ZERO value as a human being. Digital Slavery. -- Also, enhanced_deficit, should most definitely post that as its own thread...
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    Yesterday, 07:44 PM
    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., vowed Sunday to investigate alleged discussions at the Department of Justice about invoking the 25th Amendment as a way to oust President Trump from office and threatened to subpoena former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe if he refused to testify on the matter before the Senate. "We're going to find out what happened here and the only way I know to find out is to call the people in under oath and find out, through questioning, who's telling the truth because the underlying accusation is beyond stunning," Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said on CBS News’ "Face the Nation." Graham added that he also plans to subpoena both McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if they won’t voluntarily agree to testify before the committee. "There is no organization beyond scrutiny," Graham said. "There is no organization that can't withstand scrutiny. And the FBI will come out stronger." He said: "But we've got to get to the bottom of it. What are people to think after they watch "60 Minutes" when they hear this accusation by the acting deputy — acting FBI director that the deputy attorney general encouraged him to try to find ways to count votes to replace the president? That can't go unaddressed." More at: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/graham-calls-mccabe-comments-beyond-stunning-as-he-threatens-to-subpoena-former-fbi-chief
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    Yesterday, 07:32 PM
    The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) have been accused of relying on information from the far-left extremist Antifa movement to build their case for surveilling the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The BfV, Germany’s domestic intelligence service, used Antifa sources and information at least six times in its analysis of the youth wing of the AfD, the Junge Alternative (JA), Süddeutsche Zeitung reports. The report, which links the JA to right-wing fraternity organisations, uses a source from the website “antifa-berlin.info” along with several other Antifa sources. While many of the quotes in the report are sourced directly from videos or from statements made on social media, one, from AfD MP Gottfried Curio, was entirely sourced from an Antifa outlet in which Curio allegedly said: “A birth jihad is in progress, demand the restoration of citizenship right by descent.” Another part of the report claims that two members of the far-right “Pro Germany Citizens’ Movement” which was disbanded in November of 2017 were active in the Berlin branch of the AfD, again citing Antifa as the source of the claim. The research presented by the BfV has led to them considering using agents to infiltrate the JA as well as potentially monitor their communications. German Government Puts Populist AfD Party Under Surveillance https://t.co/p4uRSNquOM — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) January 17, 2019 The report is not the first time the German establishment has been linked with Antifa. In the city of Halle, local left-wing politicians were accused of giving 150,000 euros of taxpayer money to Antifa-linked “Kubultuburebel e.V” who run a squatter building, with the money used to renovate the building’s electrical system.
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    Yesterday, 07:30 PM
    Germany's Bundeswehr has suspended a lieutenant colonel in the elite Special Forces Command (KSK) commando unit on suspicion of right-wing extremism, according to the military's counterintelligence service MAD. "The person is already known by the MAD," a spokesperson said. "The responsible authorities have already taken disciplinary measures." The commando, named Daniel K., has received a service and uniform ban. The suspension was first reported by Bild newspaper, which said the lieutenant colonel was being investigated by the MAD for the spread of right-wing extremism on social media." According to German news magazine Der Spiegel, Daniel K. posted opinions in a closed Facebook group that reflected the ideas of the so-called "Reichsbürger" (Citizens of the Reich), a extremist movement in Germany that rejects the Federal Republic as a state and does not recognize the government. He allegedly demanded in a post that the Federal Presidential Office be abolished. Read more: Germany's Reichsbürger movement out to 'delegitimize the state' Der Spiegel said that Daniel K. was flagged by the MAD in 2007 as a KSK captain after he sent a hate letter to a comrade, for which he received disciplinary sanctions. Extremism in the Bundeswehr The KSK, a unit of about 70 soldiers, made headlines last year after a farewell party for a company commander featured a soldier demonstrating the Hitler salute and right-wing rock music. In January, the accused soldier, Patrick D., accepted a fine amounting to 40 days' pay, or €4,000 ($4,500), after a lengthy trial. He had also been suspended in November 2018. The MAD said a few weeks ago that it would be screening the Bundeswehr more closely for supporters of the Reichsbürger movement and the doomsday prepper scene. According to MAD, the number of right-wing extremist cases in 2018 was 270, down from 379 the year before. However, suspected cases of references to Islam in the Bundeswehr increased from 46 to 50 last year, and references to foreign extremism rose from 22 to 35.
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    Yesterday, 07:24 PM
    That is why I want to means test it as part of a phase-out plan, it was never an investment program and the first step to eliminate it is to stop paying out to people who don't need it. We can do things about Social Security and Medicare/ Medicaid, we can shred the debt held by the Fed and start paying off the rest. And 25% is not a bad start.
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    Yesterday, 07:18 PM
    Maybe we should rename this place "Zippyjuan Forums".
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    Yesterday, 07:17 PM
    They can do that and take massive cuts to their budget, we would just have to pack up and leave the rest of the world. You didn't even address everything I said: And I said it was just a start.
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    Yesterday, 07:10 PM
    The Italian authorities have discovered the Nigerian mafia luring young women to Italy and using a combination of threats and voodoo rituals to force them into sexual slavery. Italian authorities busted the Nigerian mafia operation in the city of Catania, Sicily this week, arresting five leading members including two sisters, Susan Elaho and Naomi Ikponwmasa, Il Giornale reports. Investigators say that the organisation’s downfall came after a Nigerian girl who had been trafficked by them revealed the extent of their illegal activities, which included luring women from Nigeria and forcing them into street prostitution. The two sisters were not the only women arrested in the operation. Helen-Susan Ikponwmasa was also taken into custody in Rome, where she also worked for organised crime. Italian Criminologist Says Ruthless Nigerian Mafia Is ‘Colonising Italy’ https://t.co/zSj8QoA90s — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) February 15, 2018 According to the authorities, the group acted in co-ordination with other mafia groups both in Nigeria and in Libya, from which many of the girls would then be trafficked into Italy. Often the girls were simply told they would become prostitutes when they arrived in Italy, but in some cases the gangsters also used voodoo rituals to force the young girls to co-operate with them. The use of voodoo rituals has been seen in African sexual slavery operations across different countries in Europe since the onset of the migrant crisis, including in Sweden where court documents described a ritual where one girl “was forced to eat a raw chicken heart and was cut over the chest with razor blades, after which the priest rubbed animal blood in the wounds.”
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    Yesterday, 07:06 PM
    We can start with cuts to the military and the bureaucracy and then eliminate all federal education spending and foreign aid. Then we can means test Social Security as part of a plan to phase it out entirely. And that's just a start.
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    Yesterday, 06:57 PM
    Four people have been left injured after they were hit by a driver who went through crowds taking part in demonstrations in Avenue du Mont-Riboudet, in the northern city of Rouen, according to local reports. An eyewitness told journalist Julien Bouteiller: "The car was in the middle of the protest. The passenger opened the door to yell at these #GiletsJaunes, then the driver sped up..." Three people were taken to hospital in a critical condition, while another person has been left with minor injuries following the incident at 4.30pm (local time). More at: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1088229/yellow-vest-protest-car-hits-protestors-france-terror-Rouen
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    Yesterday, 06:54 PM
    The UN has turned on Macron now
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    Yesterday, 06:48 PM
    More than 100 days after Constantinos "Danny" Filippidis went missing from Whiteface Mountain, State Police and Filippidis’ family are no closer to understanding what led the skier to end up in a rental car section of the Sacramento Airport. State Police said Thursday they considered the case still open but had no new information on Filippidis’ disappearance. Filippidis was on a ski trip with some fellow Toronto firefighters. At around 2 p.m. Feb. 7, he decided to go on one last ski run while his friends returned to the lodge. When he still hadn’t returned by 4 p.m., they began to look for him. Searchers eventually found his identification in his car but no sign of him. The disappearance sparked a massive search effort, involving more than 130 members. Six days later, Filippidis’ wife received a call from a number she didn’t know. On the other line was Filippidis. He called her by a nickname he used for her but sounded lost and confused. After calling him back, she was able to convince him to call 911.
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    Yesterday, 06:44 PM
    Draconian “education” legislation to further erode parental rights and gather all sorts of “mental health” data on children, among other controversial elements, is making its way through the Indiana legislature now. Activists are in an uproar about the privacy-shredding bill. But as of now, it seems the scheme may pass. Under the state's plan, a non-elected “Commission” will be established to set up a “social, emotional, and behavioral” plan for Indiana children. The commission will also define normal, with those outside of the norm being targeted for government “interventions.” There will also be “ongoing needs assessments” to determine what “services” to foist on children and families. The legislation, dubbed SB 266, also furthers government meddling in the lives of children from birth through age 22. All children will be routinely screened for “mental-health” issues, with schools becoming de facto mental-health institutions. Indiana activists slammed the provisions as another step toward government control from cradle to grave. Privacy and freedom are in the cross hairs, too. Even free will and individuality are under threat. Indeed, the broader intent behind the legislation is more indoctrination and even “behavior modification” of children, analysts who examined the bill concluded. “This bill puts the ownership of children in the hands of government schools through the guise of mental health and safety,” warned veteran educator and Indiana education activist Mary Black, who spent four decades teaching children in the classroom. “The mandated mental health clinics in the schools will be used to indoctrinate children with the government-established right and wrong.”
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    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    He would only need 1/3 +1 of either the House or the Senate to prevent an override but I doubt he would have had that either. Everything else you said is correct however.
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    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    In what would be one of the Trump administration’s most far-reaching moves regarding race relations, top White House officials are planning a sharp pullback from federal efforts to correct imbalances in outcomes for minorities in everything from housing to hiring. On the table: a ban on the use of a controversial numbers-focused racial-bias theory known as “disparate impact.” Federal regulators and lobbyists familiar with the change say the White House management and budget office is reviewing a proposed executive order, originally drafted by two conservative Washington think tanks, that would prohibit the use of “the disparate-impact approach in the enforcement or application of any civil-rights law.” A catalyst for the move is White House budget director Mick Mulvaney, who is currently also serving as interim White House chief of staff and who, while serving in Congress, was a longtime critic of disparate impact. It is not clear whether President Trump has decided to issue the executive order, which would repudiate the underlying rationale for scores of regulations and thousands of government lawsuits alleging racial discrimination, resulting in billions of dollars in fines. Doing away with it would engender fierce opposition from Democrats. The White House press office did not respond to a request for comment. Championed by liberals and civil-rights activists, and aggressively enforced by the Obama administration, disparate-impact doctrine holds that policies or practices that are set forth and applied neutrally can be discriminatory if they have an unequal impact on specific groups. Aimed at rooting out subtle forms of bias, the theory asserts that statistical disparities can be proof of discrimination even when no intention is clear. Although the Supreme Court first approved use of the approach in 1971 and reaffirmed its use most recently in 2015, conservative opponents of the doctrine believe the currently constituted high court would uphold an executive order doing away with it. The Obama administration used disparate impact to sue hundreds of school districts for civil rights violations because they disciplined black students at higher rates than whites. It also used the theory to allege bias in consumer credit reporting, employee background checks, student loans, criminal court fines, traffic stops and arrests, and home and auto lending, among other things. Conservative critics argue liberal politicians and bureaucrats have long misused the theory to find racial bias where it does not exist. They see it as a social-engineering weapon aimed at equalizing outcomes and extending the government’s power over the private sector.
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