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    12-03-2023, 08:22 PM
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsEJTJO9yJs Looks... AMAZING! Tech Demo is one thing, if its supposed to be a game, thats a whole different story...
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-28-2023, 03:31 PM
    Your unnecessary derogatory comments display your grade level. You should be proud you actually made it to the fourth grade.
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-28-2023, 03:24 PM
    Thank you very much for the intelligent and objective reply osan. I fully understand your position on all the points. I too have had my own suspicions about Trump (the hero Musk also), they both could be wearing a coat of many colors and are a rope a dope for the Globalists. But Trump did prove himself to be somewhat useful the in right direction by wanting to make the economy better and getting us out of the wars. Which I suspect is why the MIC had to get him out at all costs. But he has the numbers and if only by a miracle, the only one who can beat the Democrats. He might just hold off the storm for another four years if he plays his cards right. But again the odds of him even making it to election day and winning are now astronomical. I'm not at all suggesting we emulate the Chinese, I'm suggesting that based on our new reality that we study how they do make their lives a little easier and adapt them into our own situation. I'm sure they have written the book on how to duck their oppressive government "as best as possible". Point is, although we arrogantly think we are not going to need this knowledge and experience, we really will soon like it or not, it is coming way sooner than anyone is figuring. It really is time to wake up and realize how grave our present situation really is and act accordingly to make the blow coming less painful. Far too many are not, they are in denial, and they are going to take the rest of us down with them. Thank you again for the great reply. I haven't been here much the last few years but I always enjoyed dialog with you osan. Your reply was what I was hoping for and why I posted this here also.
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 03:36 PM
    Oh no, it is not new to me at all. Having lived in Ca at the time, I saw all this coming since the early 70s. Been preaching it with no avail in efforts to nip it in the bud ever since. But now we are to the point where we can't think in terms of if or when. We snoozed and it is too late, it is now here, irreversible, and locked in. Time to recognize this perspective and adapt accordingly.
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 02:47 PM
    You are thinking far far too small here. It was not at all about basic survival skills. It is about the bigger picture and the real perspective everyone is denying. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of the oppressed in communist cultures because that is our new reality. Until we do, we are just going to be deer in the headlights.
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 01:34 PM
    You are just attempting to drag the thread off topic with your personal hangups about trump and I am not following. Read again, I clearly stated Trump is NOT going to be able to do any good like many are hoping he will. Now back to the bigger philosophical picture.
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-27-2023, 09:46 AM
    Please link me to the "Our Lord for President" PAC...
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  • ATruepatriot's Avatar
    11-25-2023, 04:57 PM
    Listen... They are trying to add the final straws that will break the Camel's back. And no matter what we do they will win. We are trying to save a sinking ship and it is just not going to happen. It is absolutely stupid to believe the denial response that we have them on the run. The whirlpool is just to large to escape and they are counting on sucking us in easier with our own arrogance and refusal to see reality for what it really is. Martial law will be declared before election day. And the reasoning will be a new virus, or the immigration crisis they themselves created. Or a global shortage of food. Or a national terrorism false flag. Or all four. They are going to make sure Trump can't even run. If by some accident he does win his hands will be tied. Electing any other Republican will be electing another communist. They are setting up the perfect storm and I strongly predict it will come this winter. So we can keep trying to bullshit ourselves and debate semantics that are going to absolutely make no difference. Or we can wake up and start being proactive and productive about how we can best batten down the hatches and weather the storm. But that storm is coming, and anyone who doesn't think so is totally inept. We are now oppressed citizens of china as far as reality goes. We would be doing ourselves a huge favor by studying how they have survived their storm. We need to study how they black market and use practical trade for labor and barter with alternative methods that keeps them off the radar and prevents a bad social credit score. As much as we hate the Chinese system, their own subjects just might be our new gurus in how to survive a communist system. Because we have one now, and it is just going to get worse from this point on. I have seen it in a vision. And it will come to pass sooner than we want or like. I am sharing this because I will not be around much longer.
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