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    Yesterday, 11:38 PM
    ha..I said the same thing earlier today. The person I was talking to had never even heard about that. Glad I brought it up. Sort of a 2-for-1 red pill deal.
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    Yesterday, 10:29 PM
    Wrong title. It should be: Trump’s Syrian Maneuver Works – President Erdogan Asks for Negotiations With Kurds in Syria Thanks.
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    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
    President Trump has played this out perfectly. By isolating Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and effectively leaving him naked to an alliance of his enemies, Erdogan is now urgently asking for the U.S. to mediate peace negotiations with Kurdish forces. This request happens immediately after President Trump signed an executive order See Here] triggering the sanction authority of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Erdogan called the White House requesting an urgent phone call with President Trump. After President Trump talked to Kurdish General Mazloum Kobani Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, President Trump then discussed the options available to President Erdogan. As a result of that conversation, Erdogan requested the U.S. mediate negotiations. Vice-President Mike Pence announces he will be traveling to the region with National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien to lead that effort. More at: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/10/14/trumps-syrian-maneuver-works-president-erdogan-asks-for-negotiations-with-kurds-insyria/ So much for the idea that Trump was "abandoning" the Kurds to be slaughtered.
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    Yesterday, 09:08 PM
    You keep posting things like that cartoon to promote the victim status of the Kurds and the idea that Trump "abandoning" them is bad instead of being a reduction in intervention that lets Assad cut a deal with them as should have been the case without or interference. You still haven't answered my question about why you posted Erdogan's tweet because the answer was obvious.
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    Yesterday, 09:04 PM
    LOL That's total nonsense.
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    Yesterday, 09:02 PM
    That's all nonsense. And if you really wanted us to withdraw from the wars you wouldn't be spewing attacks on Trump's move. And the Kurds have worked with the enemy multiple times, Trump "abandoning" them is like "abandoning" a tick that had latched onto you.
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    Yesterday, 08:58 PM
    LOL Your mind is warped. I am not cheering on anyone or anything in the whole region, they are all bad with Syria possibly being one of the least bad. The Kurds have been trying to conquer and subjugate territory that never belonged to them and they will work with anyone stupid enough to work with them including ISIS and all the other terrorists to do it. We must just leave and let them all kill eachother until somebody wins.
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    Yesterday, 08:48 PM
    Of course Demoncrats and their fellow travelers would rather vote for a random slob from the phone book than Trump, what else is new? The rest of us would prefer someone random to any of the demons the Demoncrats are running.
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    Yesterday, 08:45 PM
    China's producer prices deflated for the 3rd straight month, slumping 1.2% YoY - the biggest deflationary impulse since July 2016 - but, thanks to the explosion in pork prices (as 'pig ebola' spreads), Chinese consumers are facing the worst inflation since 2013. China Sept CPI +3.0% YoY (2.9% exp and 2.9% prior) China Sept PPI -1.2% YoY (-1.2% exp and -0.8% prior)
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    Yesterday, 08:44 PM
    The media are the ones covering for them and pitching them as gallant victims instead of the craven predators they are. We are leaving and this is just the beginning.
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    Yesterday, 08:34 PM
    What's their flag? A lowercase r on a field of grass?
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    Yesterday, 08:32 PM
    Then join them if you like but don't ask the rest of us pay to defend them or our soldier to die for them. And they aren't exactly admirable either.
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    Yesterday, 08:25 PM
    South Korea is deploying snipers to the Demilitarised Zone with orders to shoot any wild boar that are seen in the buffer zone with North Korea before they can bring more cases of African swine fever into the South. Sharpshooters from the military will be sent to the border on Tuesday, supported by civilian hunters and drones fitted with thermal imaging equipment to locate and track boar. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/south-korea-deploys-snipers-thermal-104325741.html
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    Yesterday, 08:08 PM
    Three years ago, South Korea’s Moon Jae-in was among the masses in the streets of Seoul seeking to oust a president accused of ignoring the people’s will. Now, his own presidency is facing a similar crisis.Moon was forced to issue a public apology Monday after his justice minister and political ally, Cho Kuk, bowed to a series of mass protests and resigned. The departure represented a stunning setback to Moon, who had only five weeks ago ignored corruption probes swirling around Cho and his family to put him in charge of the country’s justice system. The demonstrations and investigations have only intensified in the intervening weeks, with Cho’s home raided by prosecutors and lawmakers shaving their heads to protest the appointment. The conservative opposition -- struggling since Moon helped impeach former President Park Geun-hye in 2016 -- has climbed level with the ruling Democratic Party in opinion polls. “The circumstances that brought down former President Park Geun-hye and started Moon’s administration are now bringing him down,” said Hong Sung-gul, a professor with Kookmin University’s Department of Public Administration. Moon and Cho “thought that pushing the criticism to the side would somehow make this go away, but it didn’t and it developed an even stronger opposition,” Hong said. The shift has increased the political peril for Moon just as he begins to prepare for nationwide parliamentary elections in April. The episode shows that Moon, a former civil rights lawyer, hasn’t broken the boom-and-bust cycle of South Korean presidents, who often see scandals mount and agendas stall in the second half of their single five-year term. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/south-korea-moon-faces-crisis-200000159.html
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    Yesterday, 07:44 PM
    I'm not going to continue debating with someone who just makes things up and then accuses me of doing so. You've lost the debate and now we are just down to repeating our positions.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 PM
    Yes they do and no it isn't. No, that's what you did with the claim that a murderer hasn't given up his right to life, criminals clearly give up rights or you wouldn't support incarceration but you just announced that the right to life was different. When a man steals a dollar from another man we take a dollar from him and return it to the victim, when a man takes a life we take a life from him and it's not our fault that he doesn't still have one or that we can't return one to the victim.
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    Yesterday, 07:30 PM
    That's what you suggested, that society had to abide by the rules the murder believes in. No, it doesn't. The victim's rights were violated. Try again.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:16 PM
    Nope, murderers don't get to make the rules. It's about both as I said, rights come from GOD. :rolleyes:
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:13 PM
    Yes they do and no it isn't. You might as well claim they haven't forfeited their right to liberty either and let all criminals go completely unpunished. That's the price a weak society incurs that values life as cheaply as property, anyone can escape but not all of them committed murder. :rolleyes: There are always potential killers and you require sufficient proof before giving out the death penalty to avoid killing those who were framed.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:00 PM
    Yes they do and no it isn't. But at the cost of paying for an animal's food and housing, they don't owe him that. And he might escape. It's not murder and it is a reason because it let's all the other potential killers know they won't get to live if they murder.
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    Yesterday, 06:57 PM
    Rights are GOD given and he says that murderers don't have a right to life. And if you are an atheist then you have no place to tell me not to "play god". And even an atheist should see the logic that a murderer has given up the right to life by violating another's right to life and that the community has a right to extinguish the danger without paying to feed and house the animal.
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