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    Today, 12:54 AM
    President Donald Trump's administration on Thursday for a second time asked the U.S. Supreme Court to put the brakes on a lawsuit filed by young activists who have accused the U.S. government of ignoring the perils of climate change. On July 30, the high court rejected an earlier application by the Trump administration, saying it was premature. Eugene, Oregon-based federal judge Ann Aiken on Monday issued another ruling allowing the case to move forward to trial on Oct. 29 if either the high court or the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals do not intervene. More at: https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-administration-asks-high-court-halt-climate-change-160412066.html
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    Today, 12:51 AM
    A former Communist general turned prominent politician has been killed by a Taliban bomb hidden in his sofa as he campaigned for this weekend's parliamentary election in Afghanistan. Abdul Jabar Qahraman became the 10th election candidate to die ahead of Saturday's polls when the blast tore through his campaign office. The Taliban took responsibility for the attack, which also killed three of Mr Qahraman's companions in the capital of Helmand province. A Taliban statement said they had killed “a renowned communist". The dead candidate had been a key figure in the dying days of Afghanistan's Soviet-backed government, holding military power in the south of the country until he fled into exile in 1993. After the fall of the Taliban he return to Afghanistan and was elected as an MP, recently advising President Ashraf Ghani on security in the south of the country. His assassination came amid final preparations for Saturday's poll where nearly nine million registered voters have a chance to choose MPs for 250 seats in parliament. The Taliban have ordered a boycott of the election and threatened to attack anyone involved in what they call a bogus American vote.
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    Today, 12:49 AM
    European Union leaders agreed Thursday to pursue the cooperation of countries in North Africa and to beef up the bloc's external borders to stop large numbers of migrants from entering Europe.A statement from an EU summit in Brussels where the leaders of member countries discussed migration emphasized the need to work with the countries that Europe-bound migrants depart from or travel through. Working with those countries on "investigating, apprehending and prosecuting" smugglers and traffickers that take refugees and economic migrants on dangerous journeys by land and sea should be intensified," the leaders said. The EU leaders also called for an improvement in external border surveillance, without going into details. "We're recommending that instead of mandatory quotas that we go the way of solidarity. This means that each country will provide a contribution where it is possible and where it makes sense," Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, said. European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said such a strategy might work. "It's possible, no refugees but more money," Tajani told reporters, adding that it must be substantial funds, "not nothing, not peanuts." But German Chancellor Angela Merkel questioned the idea of "solidarity commitments."
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    Today, 12:45 AM
    An American student who was barred from entering Israel under a law against foreign activists who support boycotts of the state over its Palestinian policies was given permission to stay in the country by the Supreme Court on Thursday.In its ruling, the court criticized Israeli authorities for denying entry to Lara Alqasem, 22, saying their decision gave "the unavoidable impression" that she was barred for her political opinions. If so, the justices said, it represented "a radical and dangerous step that could lead to the crumbling of the foundations upon which Israel's democracy is built". Alqasem was refused entry when she flew to Israel on a study visa on Oct. 2. Security officials cited her role as president of a small local chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Florida. Her case touched off a debate in Israel over whether democratic values had been compromised by a 2017 law that bars the entry of foreigners who publicly support boycotts over Israel's policies toward the Palestinians. Thursday's ruling, seen by Reuters, overturned a lower court decision that had backed the decision by Israeli authorities. Alqasem said she was relieved by the court's decision and would speak more later. Her lawyers called the ruling "a victory for free speech, academic freedom, and the rule of law". Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who had denied Alqasem entry, said the government would look into the implications of the ruling. "We will examine the legal criteria in order to ensure that the original intent of the law is maintained," he said. "The principle that whoever acts to harm the State of Israel and its citizens should be refused entry must be preserved." More at: https://www.yahoo.com/news/lawyers-u-student-israeli-boycott-case-claim-victory-161141819.html?.tsrc=jtc_news_index
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    Today, 12:39 AM
    Just a random thought: What if after waiting for everyone to climb far enough out on a limb the Saudis produce him alive and well?
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    Today, 12:14 AM
    Tens of thousands of Teamsters members earlier this month rejected a five-year contract agreement with United Parcel Service, unhappy with a proposal to create a new class of drivers with lower pay.But after less than half of the eligible union members cast ballots, one of the largest collective bargaining contracts in the nation has been ratified. Fifty-four percent of the ballots were "no" votes, but under a Teamster rule, a rejection requires two-thirds of the voters to vote down the contract when less than half of eligible members participate. Now, many Teamsters members are angry, divided and feel like their union leaders have betrayed them. "This destroys unions," said Sean Mason, a UPS driver in the Orlando, Florida area. "They had 54 percent of the people vote no and they ignored the vote." Atlanta-based UPS has one of the nation's largest unionized workforces, with the Teamsters representing around 240,000 UPS drivers, package sorters, loaders and clerks. UPS workers represent the largest share of members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, whose president, James Hoffa, is the son of the legendary Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa, whose 1975 disappearance is an enduring mystery. During the Oct. 5 UPS vote, 44 percent of eligible Teamsters members cast ballots for the national contract. Under a rule in the Teamster's constitution, in cases where less than half of eligible members vote, at least two-thirds of voters must oppose the contract for it to be rejected. Another contract for about 12,000 UPS freight workers also was rejected earlier this month, but two-thirds of eligible members cast ballots. In a message to members on the Teamsters website for UPS workers, union leaders said their hands were tied. "And as we saw in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, winning the popular vote does not necessarily win the election when the Constitution requires you to win the Electoral College vote," the message said. "As Teamsters, we too must abide by the rules in our Constitution." The contract won't be implemented until side agreements with regional and local Teamster groups are done being negotiated.
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    Yesterday, 11:52 PM
    The U.S. Gulf of Mexico is making a comeback and its total production has been rising over the past year. Total U.S. crude oil production in the Federal Gulf of Mexico increased slightly in 2017 to reach 1.65 million bpd, the highest annual level on record, the EIA said in April, adding that production is expected to continue growing this year and next, accounting for 16 percent of total U.S. crude oil production. According to the EIA, a total of 10 deepwater Gulf of Mexico field starts are expected in 2018 and 2019. More at: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/BP-Starts-Up-Gulf-Of-Mexico-Expansion-Project-Earlier-Than-Planned.html
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    Yesterday, 11:36 PM
    Chinese macro data has been serially disappointing for almost five straight months, and tonight - as Yuan tests down to cycle lows - all eyes are on the heavily 'managed' macro data to reasssure the masses that despite a 25-35% collapse in its stock market this year, all is well in the land of hidden debt. China's regulator already offered up some reassurance tonight that "China's financial market volatility is not in line with the healthy status of the economy..." adding that "financial risks are controllable." Before tonight's main meal of government-sponsored data is served up, we remind you, as we reported two weeks ago, an indicator produced by a Beijing-based business school in the style of the closely-watched purchasing managers index plunged last month, adding to concerns about the slowing economy and raising the question of whether business conditions may be worse than official statistics show. The index is based on a survey of CKGSB students and graduates who are executives at companies operating in China. The respondents represent around 300 privately-owned small and mid-sized enterprises across several sectors of the economy. "Most surveyed companies are now experiencing unprecedented difficulties and have become increasingly pessimistic about business prospects for the next six months," Li Wei, the economics professor at CKGSB who oversees the survey, said in a commentary accompanying the September survey results. "For most, business has never been worse." In fact, one look at the 'real' economic data in China and it is evident that it has been disappointing for the longest period since 2015...
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    Yesterday, 11:16 PM
    Despite the slightly unorthodox fact that he is dead, infamous brothel owner Dennis Hof will remain on the ballot (since officials in the Silver State say it’s too late to change the printed ballots since they’ve already been mailed out for early voting) and is expected to win by a landslide in the forthcoming Nevada state legislature elections. The so-called "Trump from Pahrump," who appeared in the HBO documentary series Cathouse, owned a strip club and five legal brothels in Nevada including the Bunny Ranch, was found dead on Tuesday, hours after his 72nd birthday party (attended by such varied guests as porn star Ron Jeremy, the controversial sheriff and Trump ally Joe Arpaio, and the anti-tax activist Grover Norquist). Just arrived on-scene at Love Ranch Vegas. Dennis died quietly in his sleep. Ron Jeremy found him this morning when he went to wake him to go to a meeting in Pahrump. Investigation still going on. — Chuck Muth (@ChuckMuth) October 16, 2018 As The Guardian reports, Hof was running for a seat in a heavily Republican district and had been favored to win... “I feel very comfortable predicting that he is still going to win the election on 6 November,” his campaign manager, Chuck Muth, said in an interview, adding that Republicans had a 2-to-1 advantage over Democrats in the state assembly district in terms of voter registration. In a June interview from one of his brothels, Hof said his political fortunes had parallels with those of the US president. “This really is the Trump movement,” Hof said in the interview at Moonlite Bunny Ranch, his brothel near his home in Pahrump. “People will set aside for a moment their moral beliefs, their religious beliefs, to get somebody that is honest in office.”
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    Yesterday, 11:13 PM
    For all the concerns that Trump's trade war and tariff increases could jeopardize corporate capital spending plans, resulting in a broader economic slump, a Special Question posed by this month's Philly Fed survey found that this is not the case; in fact when taking into account Trump's tax relief/fiscal stimulus just the opposite picture emerges. In Special Question #3 in the October Philly Fed survey, the regional Fed asks "How have each of the two factors, tax relief and trade policy (including tariffs), affected your expected capital spending for 2019 compared with 2018?" What it found was that while some 40% of respondents would increase CapEx as a result of Tax Relief, only ~23% would cut capital spending plans due to the adverse consequences and unpredictability resulting from tariff increases and trade policy. In other words, as long as positive impulse from Trump's tax relief permeates the economy, the president has little to worry about when it comes to adverse consequences from the ongoing trade war with China or other nations. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-18/philly-fed-finds-trump-tax-relief-more-offsets-adverse-effect-trade-war
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    Yesterday, 11:12 PM
    A new Daily Beast investigation has revealed that Obama's first National Security Adviser, James L. Jones, now works for the Saudis — and despite a growing public movement of Western companies and media organizations to divest and distance themselves from their previous close relationship with the kingdom and events sponsored by crown prince MbS — Jones is refusing to budge. As The Daily Beast concludes in its report, "It’s another sign of the deep reach of Saudi money into the Washington elite." While noting the heat that Trump-connected individuals have lately taken over their close ties with the Saudis, The Daily Beast uncovers Obama-era officials' continuing deep ties: But Obama World isn’t without close connections to the Kingdom. A company helmed by Jim Jones, then-President Barack Obama’s first National Security Adviser, has a contract with the Saudi government to advise on industrial matters, The Daily Beast has learned. Jones’ company, Jones Group International, had, until March of this year, a second contract with the Kingdom related to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s military overhaul. It’s another sign of the deep reach of Saudi money into the Washington elite. As Jones was also longtime Commandant of the Marine Corps prior to being Obama's first National Security Advisor, it also underscores the military-industrial complex's closeness to Saudi rulers spanning decades, and the way this has served to continually shield Riyadh from the scrutiny of Washington and the American public. Gen. Jones heads Jones Group International, whose subsidiary Ironhand Security has a contract with the Saudi government to advise on domestic industrial expansion and infrastructure. And previously Ironhand Security advised on military transformation efforts, according to the report. The relationship was further confirmed by Pentagon-approved contract documents obtained by FOIA — one contract is still in place while another has expired. In response to probes into the relationship, a spokesperson for Ironhand Security told The Daily Beast: “Ironhand Security had a contract with the Saudi government to provide advice on its military transformation efforts, a key component of the 2030 vision and reform agenda strongly supported by the United States.” And the statement further noted, “This was particularly important given the significance of the military-to-military relationship.” "Another sign of the deep reach of Saudi money into the Washington elite.... Long-time lobbyists told The Daily Beast that the Kingdom’s ample wealth would still open doors on K Street." https://t.co/iIOBevwnVo — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 18, 2018 The current contract between Jones' company and the Saudi involves “advisory services on the development of a domestic industrial base.” But interestingly, at a time when a number of companies are publicly distancing themselves from the kingdom over Khashoggi's brutal murder in the Istanbul consulate — among the most recent include lobbying firms BGR Group and Glover Park Group — Jones has indicated he's not yet ready to cut business ties with the Saudis. “General Jones is disturbed about this matter and horrified at the reports,” the Ironhand Security statement said. “He wants to know precisely what happened to Mr. Khashoggi and eagerly awaits disclosure of the full facts produced by the investigations, which must be thorough, objective, transparent and verifiable.”
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    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
    As the Russia-West standoff continues unabated over Ukraine, a lesser-known — yet no less intense — competition is playing out between Moscow and the West over next-door Moldova. While it pales in comparison to the size and population of Ukraine (Moldova has roughly 3.3 million people in a territory the size of Maryland), its small stature belies its significance. Now, parliamentary polls in February could do much to shift the balance in this standoff in favor of Russia. The country's location in the lowlands of Eastern Europe between the Black Sea and the Carpathian Mountains has made it a strategic attraction to larger powers and empires over the years, including the Russians, the Ottomans and the Germans. The area that Moldova inhabits, known as the Bessarabian gap, has been used as an invasion route from Russia into Southeastern Europe and vice versa. In modern times, Moldova has largely fallen into Russia's sphere of influence. The territory was incorporated into the Russian Empire in the early 19th century and spent most of the 20th as the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR. In the post-Soviet era, Moldova has been swinging between the East and the West, oscillating between Russia and the European Union (particularly Romania, which has close ethnic, linguistic and historical ties to the area). The country aligned with Russia under the Communist Party in the initial post-Soviet years, but a pro-European coalition came into power in 2009. The Euromaidan uprising in Ukraine in 2014 pushed Moldova deeper toward the pro-EU camp, but corruption scandals have weakened the pro-EU coalition, facilitating the rise of the Socialist Party, whose leader Igor Dodon won the presidential elections in 2016. As it stands now, Moldova is divided between a pro-Russian president and a pro-European Parliament. Now, another election is looming in Moldova. After 10 years of parliamentary rule under a pro-European coalition, Dodon and the Socialists are poised to consolidate their power in the Feb. 24, 2019, polls. Indeed, surveys from early September give the Socialists a hefty lead at 36.6 percent, while the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) trails in a distant second at 11.9 percent. The ruling pro-European Democratic Party has fallen to 11.2 percent, while another Westward-looking party, Dignity and Truth, sits at 10.6 percent. The polls reflect a roughly even split between the pro-Russian Socialists and three pro-European parties, but there is more than meets the eye. Though the Democratic Party trails far behind the Socialists, its leader is oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who wields considerable power behind the scenes in the capital, Chisinau. Plahotniuc and the Democrats are nominally pro-European, but a corruption scandal and several political maneuvers have alienated the Democrats from other pro-European parties in the country, as well as the bloc itself. Those incidents include the theft of $1 billion from Moldova's largest banks and political maneuverings to revamp the electoral system, as well as the freezing of EU funding for the country after Moldovan authorities invalidated the winner of Chisinau's mayoral elections on a technicality.
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    Yesterday, 10:45 PM
    The #MeToo movement was supposed to increase awareness of the supposed danger and oppression American women face constantly. Instead, the movement, which demands men be ruined on mere allegations alone and suggests no allegation is false or exaggerated, seems to have made Americans more skeptical of accusations. A survey from YouGov and the Economist shows after a year of the hashtag, Americans are shifting toward those accused without due process. “When it came to questions about the consequences of sexual assault and misconduct, there was a small but clear shift against victims,” the Economist wrote. As always, “victims” stands in for “accusers.” The numbers are still clearly in accusers’ favor, but have shifted over the past year. In November 2017, 28% of American adults said “men who sexually harassed women 20 years ago should not lose their jobs today.” As of September 2018, 36% now say the same. Men, women, and Trump voters have all seen increases in their responses, while fewer Clinton voters feel the same. On the question of whether “false accusations of sexual assault are a bigger problem than unreported assaults,” a larger percentage of each of the above four categories now agree. Women and Trump supporters in particular now see false accusations as more of a problem. In November 2017, 10% of women and 20% of Trump supporters said false accusations were a bigger problem. Now, 15% of women and 35% of Trump supporters say the same. When asked if “women who complain about sexual harassment cause more problems than they solve,” men actually showed no change, with about 31% agreeing now and in November 2017. More women, Trump supporters, and even Clinton supporters, agree with the statement. More at: https://www.dailywire.com/news/37264/fail-americans-now-more-skeptical-women-claiming-ashe-schow
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    Yesterday, 10:43 PM
    Likely American voters are vastly more interested in putting new tariffs on foreign countries than implementing new free trade deals. A new poll by Public Opinion Strategies reveals likely voters’ lack of excitement for the free trade apparatus of Washington, D.C. that has prevailed for decades. Instead, likely voters find implementing new trade restrictions more important to securing a booming U.S. economy that benefits American workers. When asked to rank a number of policies that would be considered “most important” for Congress and President Trump, likely voters say slapping tariffs or other trade restrictions on foreign countries who violate trade agreements is much more important to them than the U.S. entering new free trade deals. A majority of nearly 60 percent of likely voters say it is important for Trump and Congress to “place trade restrictions on countries that violate trade agreements” to create more American jobs. Meanwhile, only 38 percent of likely voters said entering new free trade deals is the most important means to creating U.S. jobs. About 63 percent say it is very important for Trump and Congress to mandate that “all taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects use American made goods whenever possible,” in order to add to the number of U.S. jobs in the economy. Likewise, 80 percent of likely voters say taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects should be built by American workers and American-made products, rather than by the lowest bidder. The poll comes as economic nationalism has swept across the American electorate, with a similar poll revealing last month that 6-in-10 midterm voters support Trump’s tariffs on foreign imports, designed to protect American jobs and industry while forcing multinational corporations to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.
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    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    The near-total silence from on-the-record investigators, government officials, and reliable sources on the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi led much of the mainstream media to rely on the government-allied Turkish media and anonymous Turkish sources for this week’s news. Turkish anonymous sources have delivered blood, gore, and very little evidence to back up their claims – typical for a government that often uses false charges of terrorism to imprison journalists or dismiss government employees. Yet the American journalists relying on the steady trickle of gossip from Ankara have done little to highlight the poor reputation of the Turkish legal system and Turkey’s status as the world’s most prolific jailer of journalists. This latter point is of particular concern in a case involving the disappearance of a journalist critical of his home government. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has near complete control over the information reported on the Khashoggi case, as the sources for the known details so far are either (alleged) Turkish government investigators or Erdogan-friendly Turkish newspapers that, after years of Ankara persecuting antagonistic outlets, have overrun the Turkish media landscape. An analysis of the most prominent, and salacious, of the claims surrounding Khashoggi’s disappearance indicate that Turkey has maintained unparalleled control over the information disseminated in the media. Yet while many in media highlight the long history of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, and some manage to find blame for President Donald Trump in this affair, Turkey’s own dire reputation of fabricating claims against political enemies and wantonly abusing its journalists has been relegated to the background of the affair. Just two weeks ago, when Khashoggi’s location was still a guaranteed known, much of the international human rights community and the free world was united in condemning Erdogan’s government for making the exercise of the press impossible without political retribution. As the PEN International group notes on its website, Erdogan has shut down over 180 media outlets since July 2016, when he claimed supporters of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen attempted a coup d’etat against him. Similarly, over 150 journalists are currently in prison in Turkey for crimes ranging from “insulting the president” to “terrorism,” most falsely accused of ties to Gülen or terrorist groups such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). More at: https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/10/18/media-turns-turkey-worlds-top-jailer-journalists-clarity-khashoggi-case/
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    Yesterday, 10:34 PM
    Joe Arpaio, the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona suggested the deployment of the United States military deep inside Mexico to stop the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants from reaching the U.S. Arpaio was specifically addressing the caravan of several thousand reportedly transiting through Central America and heading toward the U.S. border. He posited that the Trump administration could coordinate with Mexico and Central American countries regarding the potential deployment of U.S. forces to aid as far as Mexico’s border with Guatemala. “You get in touch with the Mexican government and say that we are willing to help you with the U.S. Army across the border,” Arpaio told Breitbart News in an interview. “Let’s work together. You have the army everywhere else working in foreign countries. What is wrong with (sending the military to) Mexico? I mean they should work with us.” “They should be locking them up as they enter Mexico from these Central American countries. Now if they would like the U.S. Army on the border of Central America and Mexico I am sure the government will help.” “Send the military deep into Mexico,” he added. More at: https://www.breitbart.com/border/2018/10/18/exclusive-former-sheriff-joe-arpaio-send-u-s-military-deep-inside-mexico-stop-migrant-caravans/
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    Yesterday, 10:28 PM
    After North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign publicly named some women as victims of domestic violence without the women’s consent or knowledge, some of the women have announced they are getting ready to sue the campaign. CNN reported, “The misstep has led some women misidentified in the ad to decry the Democratic candidate and question how their names landed on the list, with one group of women saying they are seeking ‘a lawyer who will take our case’ because the ad has ‘interfered with, or downright ruined, our lives.’” Three of the women, Shylah Forde, Megan Stoltz and Alexandria Delzer, gave a statement to CNN from a group of over one dozen women who were named by the campaign. The statement read: Heidi Heitkamp's political agenda has interfered with, or downright ruined, our lives. Survivors of assault who had taken care to avoid the subject were suddenly bombarded by questions asking them to explain to their loved ones why their name appeared on this list. Women who have never been assaulted spent the day reassuring loved ones of their safety. The women added that their "privacy was violated on this day" so they have started a "search for a lawyer who will take our case." More at: https://www.dailywire.com/news/37228/women-outed-heitkamp-campaign-domestic-violence-hank-berrien
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    Yesterday, 10:25 PM
    President Trump is smashing the record for appointing judges to the powerful federal appeals courts with 29 picks confirmed, helping him put his stamp on the judiciary well beyond the Supreme Court. He has had less of an impact on the lower district courts, where he ranks near the middle with his predecessors of the past few decades. He also has had two Supreme Court nominations confirmed. For conservatives, the pace of action is a major victory, particularly in the face of overwhelming opposition from liberal activists and Senate Democrats, who have used extreme delaying tactics to try to limit Mr. Trump’s influence on the shape of the courts. President George H.W. Bush, the only other president to have broken the 20-judge mark at this point in his first term, had seven fewer than Mr. Trump in 1990. “For the most part, they have prioritized appeals court nominees, and that is the right strategy,” said Curt Levey, president of the conservative Committee for Justice. The 13 circuit courts of appeals, which have 179 judgeships, are the key middle ground between the district and the Supreme Court. With the justices hearing oral arguments in perhaps only 80 cases a year, that leaves much of the heavy legal lifting in the circuit courts, where rulings set precedent on issues such as gun rights and immigration in their respective parts of the country. District courts are the front lines, and there Mr. Trump has been slower in winning confirmations. His 53 district judges place him well behind President Clinton, with 107, and President Kennedy, with 99. He also is behind Presidents Reagan and George W. Bush — though well ahead of President Obama’s 30 district judges at this point in his term.
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    Yesterday, 09:42 PM
    A direct descendant of Pocahontas, the famed 17th-century Powhatan princess, is calling on Sen. Elizabeth Warren to apologize for wrongly claiming to be Native American — just for political gain. Debbie White Dove Porreco, appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday, derided the Massachusetts Democrat after Warren released results of a DNA test that showed she had between 1.5% and .09% Native American blood. "It did prove that she wasn't the Cherokee Indian that she was claiming to be for so long," Porreco said. "I think she's guilty of claiming she's an American Indian but has no proof — and then using it for applications for college and for political reasons." "She needs to ... apologize to everybody for what she has done," Porreco said, adding that Native Americans "feel betrayed, they feel disappointed." More at: https://www.dailywire.com/news/37255/pocahontas-descendant-lambastes-elizabeth-warren-joseph-curl
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    Yesterday, 09:30 PM
    Johns Hopkins Researchers Say "Magic Mushrooms" Should Be Decriminalized Yup, but nobody has even suggested opium.
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    Yesterday, 09:16 PM
    The Texas Democratic Party is asking noncitizens to register to vote and is even sending out applications to immigrants with the citizenship checkbox marked “Yes,” according to legal complaints filed Thursday. The Texas secretary of state’s office has received “a pretty large number” of reports from immigrants and from relatives of dead people who were mailed applicants asking them to register, the Washington Times reported. Additionally, the Public Interest Legal Foundation warned district attorneys and the Justice Dept. about the mailings. “This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle,” said Logan Churchwell of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. Many of the mailings were apparently sent to Hidalgo and Starr counties, both of which are border counties that typically lean left. “The foundation said the origin of noncitizen voting is usually motor vehicle bureaus, where people are encouraged to register and often ignore or miss the admonition that they must be citizens,” the Washington Times also reported. “In this case, though, the invitations were sent directly by a political party.” The Washington Times said the state Democratic Party has yet to respond to its inquiries. https://www.infowars.com/breaking-live-texas-dems-ask-noncitizens-to-vote-according-to-reports/
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    Yesterday, 09:13 PM
    Retail giant Walmart has caused confusion by appearing to encourage the bizarre ‘Furry’ subculture. A twitter user called BlondeFoxy (a furry) tweeted a picture of themselves wearing a ‘Walmart head’ as a part of their “fursuit”. These Walmart heads are so cute and super affordable. I'm going to modify this one to kinda show some of my younger followers the potential these things really have #furryfandom #fursuit pic.twitter.com/Ul9hx6PAE5 — Lucky Coyote(@BlondeFoxy) October 18, 2018 Walmart responded, saying: “mentoring fursuiters for the next generation? Nicely done, Lucky.” Mentoring fursuiters for the next generation? Nicely done, Lucky. — Walmart (@Walmart) October 18, 2018 Many reacted with mock horror at the weird juxtaposition of a glorified supermarket interacting with a human pretending to be an animal:
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    Yesterday, 09:04 PM
    Italy has turned out to be more Euroskeptic than previously imagined after a new survey revealed that a majority of Italians want to see their country crashing out of the 28-member bloc. According to an opinion poll commissioned by Brussels’ Eurobarometer, only 44 percent of Italians would vote to remain in the EU, compared to the member states’ average of 66 percent. The figure is lower even than Britain, where a majority (53 percent) would today vote Remain if they had another EU referendum, while 35 percent would vote Leave. Britain announced that it was withdrawing from the bloc in 2016 after 51 percent of Britons voted for Brexit. Italy was also the only country in the bloc where a majority (45 percent to 43 percent) thought the nation hadn’t benefited from its membership of the EU, Euronews reports. The findings contrast with those published in June following an Ipsos poll commissioned by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, which found that 55 percent would still vote to remain in the bloc, despite declining faith in the EU. More at: https://www.infowars.com/majority-of-italians-want-to-leave-eu/
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    Yesterday, 08:54 PM
    NIGEL Farage revealed the EU is offering an alternative to an extended transition period that would avoid the UK becoming a rule-taker and a vassal state but would keep Britain shackled to the EU for longer. The former Ukip leader told Sky News there is a possibility he will stand for re-election to the European Parliament as a suspension of Article 50 could be agreed as an alternative to an extension to the Brexit transition period. The British MEP argued the alternative would give Britain an extended seat at the table but would inevitably mean the UK extending its membership to the EU indefinitely. He said: “The gossip is at the European Parliament, oh Nigel you’ll be coming back here again next spring. “Well, the argument is if we’re going to have three years plus transition that would mean - and you’ve heard the term vassal state being used over and over - we’d be a rule taker without having any say. “One way around that from the other side’s perspective is you suspend Article 50, the UK contests the next European election. “It’s a possibility.” Asked if in that case, he would be standing for re-election at the European Parliament election next May, he replied: “I don’t want to but it’s a possibility.”
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    Yesterday, 08:34 PM
    Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.
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    Yesterday, 08:32 PM
    I'm sorry but things could get much worse if we just let the invasion continue, we can stop the things you are worried about but we must also stop the invasion. :rolleyes:
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