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    Today, 06:55 PM
    A Chinese scientist who created what he said were the world's first "gene-edited" babies evaded oversight and broke ethical boundaries in a quest for fame and fortune, state media said on Monday, as his former university said he had been fired. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/chinese-scientist-made-gene-edited-babies-evaded-oversight-091531507.html
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    Today, 06:49 PM
    What will happen when funds from those sources run out?
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    Today, 06:47 PM
    In numbers (via DW): The birth rate in 2018 dropped to 10.94 per thousand, down from 12.43 the previous year. The number of babies born in 2018 dropped by 2 million compared to the previous year to 15.23 million. The birth rate is the lowest since 1949. China's population is nearly 1.4 billion. Commenting on China's demographic collapse, Wang Feng, a sociology professor at the University of California, Irving, said: "Decades of social and economic transformations have prepared an entirely new generation in China, for whom marriage and childbearing no longer have the importance they once did for their parents' generation."
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    Today, 06:43 PM
    The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp (PBGC) said in a Friday press release that it believes Sears Holdings Corp's "continuation of the plans is no longer possible" following the Company's October bankruptcy, after it was revealed in a Friday filing that Chairman Eddie Lampert's $5.2 billion rescue package does not include pension plans. PBGC, a government agency, covers individuals' pensions in the event a pension plan shuts down without sufficient funding to meet its obligations. The Sears pension system, meanwhile, is underfunded to the tune of approximately $1.4 billion, which the agency could attempt to recover through the bankruptcy, according to MSN. It should be noted that the PBGC is not supported by general tax revenues, rather, funding comes from four sources; insurance premiums paid by sponsors of defined benefit pension plans; assets held within the pension that PBGC takes control of; recoveries of unfunded pension liabilities from the bankruptcy estates of plan sponsors, and investment income. Sears entered into a five-year protection plan with the PBGC in 2016. Ron Olbrysh, chairman of the National Association of Retired Sears Employees, said the guarantee means retirees aren't worried about losing pensions, but they do have concerns about other benefits. "The pensions are secure through Sears or through the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.," he said. "The big impact if Sears does liquidate is that retirees will lose life insurance." The PBGC said it expects its guarantee will cover the "vast majority" of pension benefits earned under Sears' plans. Retirees who have questions about what the takeover would mean for their pensions can visit www.pbgc.gov/Sears-QA. -MSN Until Sears agrees to terminate the pensions or the court orders them to do so, the Hoffman Estates-based retail giant will remain responsible for the plans, which the agency is looking to assume control of as of January 31. Lampert - then the company's CEO, wrote in a September blog post that the company's pension obligations had become a major sticking point. In addition to the very difficult retail environment, Sears has also been significantly impacted by its long-term pension obligations. In the last five years, we contributed almost $2 billion, and since 2005 we have contributed over $4.5 billion, to fund our Pension Plans.
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    Today, 06:37 PM
    Watering the tree of liberty.
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    Today, 06:36 PM
    That's understandable, I make that mistake very often myself after listening to them talk.
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    Today, 06:30 PM
    Yes, I didn't say all of the government workers were my political enemies, just most of them Because Trump did it in order to advance political goals I agree with, PP did what it did to advance political goals that I oppose. And I don't agree with that move either by the way. Stop trying to defend PP or the government workers.
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    Today, 06:18 PM
    The executive committee of the Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates Coordination Council met Jan. 19 in Abu Dhabi and agreed on seven points of cooperation, including the launch of a joint cryptocurrency to test cross-border transactions and other applications of distributed ledger technology, The National reported. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/saudi-arabia-uae-bilateral-council-agrees-launch-joint-cryptocurrency
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    Today, 06:13 PM
    Paypal who is a political enemy of mine is helping government workers who are almost all my political enemies because they want to advance their common goals that are bad, Trump helped some poor people some of whom are my political enemies and some of whom are not in order advance good goals that I agree with. I don't approve of either action but I would think that even you could see why I am more upset by the first than the second.
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    Today, 06:09 PM
    China's People's Liberation Army is close to completing a 12-kilometer stretch of road in the northern part of the Doklam Plateau, News18 reported Jan. 17. The construction of a Chinese road on the Doklam Plateau triggered a military standoff between China and India in 2017. Beijing and New Delhi managed to improve bilateral relations following the incident, but the latest road construction could provoke an Indian response. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/china-india-beijing-close-completing-road-doklam-plateau
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    Today, 06:07 PM
    French data regulator CNIL has fined Google 50 million euros ($57 million) after finding that it violated the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), BBC reported Jan. 21. CNIL specifically cited Google's "lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding ads personalisation" in imposing the penalty. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/france-google-fined-57-million-data-privacy-breach
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    Today, 05:58 PM
    The Vatican received information in 2015 and 2017 that an Argentine bishop close to Pope Francis had taken naked selfies, exhibited “obscene” behavior and had been accused of misconduct with seminarians, his former vicar general told The Associated Press, undermining Vatican claims that allegations of sexual abuse were only made a few months ago. Francis accepted Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta’s resignation in August 2017, after priests in the remote northern Argentine diocese of Oran complained about his authoritarian rule and a former vicar, seminary rector and another prelate provided reports to the Vatican alleging abuses of power, inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment of adult seminarians, said the former vicar, the Rev. Juan Jose Manzano. The pope’s decision to allow Zanchetta to resign quietly, and then promote him to the No. 2 position in one of the Vatican’s most sensitive offices, has raised questions again about whether Francis turned a blind eye to misconduct of his allies and dismissed allegations against them as ideological attacks. Manzano, Oran’s vicar general under Zanchetta who is now a parish priest, said he was one of the diocesan officials who raised the alarm about his boss in 2015 and sent the digital selfies to the Vatican. In an interview with AP in the pews of his St. Cayetano parish in Oran, Manzano said he was one of the three current and former diocesan officials who made a second complaint to the Vatican’s embassy in Buenos Aires in May or June of 2017 “when the situation was much more serious, not just because there had been a question about sexual abuses, but because the diocese was increasingly heading into the abyss.” “In 2015, we just sent a ‘digital support’ with selfie photos of the previous bishop in obscene or out of place behavior that seemed inappropriate and dangerous,” he told AP in a follow-up email. “It was an alarm that we made to the Holy See via some friendly bishops. The nunciature didn’t intervene directly, but the Holy Father summoned Zanchetta and he justified himself saying that his cellphone had been hacked, and that there were people who were out to damage the image of the pope.” Francis had named Zanchetta to Oran, a humble city some 1,650 kilometers (1,025 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires in Salta province, in 2013 in one of his first Argentine bishop appointments as pope. He knew Zanchetta well; Zanchetta had been the executive undersecretary of the Argentine bishops conference, which the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio headed for two successive terms, from 2005-2011. And by all indications, they were close. Manzano said Bergoglio had been Zanchetta’s confessor and treated him as a “spiritual son.” All of which could explain why Francis named him to Oran despite complaints about alleged abuses of power when Zanchetta was in charge of economic affairs in his home diocese of Quilmes, which is in the ecclesial province of Buenos Aires which Bergoglio headed.
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    Today, 05:53 PM
    Maryland has certified a socialist party to run candidates in the next two election cycles, in what is being described as the country's first new socialist party in four decades. The party, called Bread and Roses, identifies itself as an alternative to the two-party system. With the certification, that alternative can now put up candidates for local, state and national elections -- including the presidential race -- in 2020 and 2022. “It’s a new kind of socialism,” the founder, University of Maryland professor Jerome Segal, told Fox News. Segal last year ran unsuccessfully as a socialist in the Democratic Party’s primary against incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin. He lost, left the Democratic Party -- and won certification from the state Board of Elections for this new effort after submitting a petition with more than 10,000 signatures. “It is believed that the new party is the first democratic socialist party to be established in the United States in the last four decades,” a Bread and Roses press release said. Though their press release stresses Democratic socialism, Segal said the Bread and Roses Party does not follow its tenets chapter and verse. Its website says: "An Electoral Party for both New Socialists and Non-Socialists, A Party with a Strong Utopian and International Orientation, One in Pursuit of a New American Dream."
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    Today, 05:48 PM
    A former top FBI lawyer acknowledged he was personally involved in the warrant application to surveil then-Trump campaign aide Carter Page and confirmed other "unusual" steps taken in the FBI’s Russia probe in 2016, during a closed-door congressional interview. “I was aware of the investigation,” James Baker told House investigators in October. Fox News has confirmed details of the transcript which is still under government review before its public release. Baker said he was briefed on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant “as time went by” and recalled how he got involved early in the process. The warrant relied heavily on the unverified anti-Trump dossier, which was financed by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign via the law firm Perkins Coie. “I don't want to see it at the end, like when it is about to go to the director certification, because then it is hard to make changes then," Baker told House investigators when Republicans controlled the chamber. "So I wanted to see it when it was gelled enough but before it went through the process and before it went to the director. I wanted to see it and I wanted to read it because I knew it was sensitive." Fox News confirmed the Baker transcript also includes the following exchange with investigators regarding his involvement in the surveillance application: Question: "So that is why you took the abnormal or unusual step in this particular situation because it was sensitive?" Baker: "Yes." Question: "So you actually got involved because you want to make sure that, what?" Baker: "I wanted to make sure that we were filing something that would adhere to the law and stand up over time."
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    Today, 05:45 PM
    Current and former California Democratic Party staffers have filed a lawsuit against the party and its former chairman, Eric Bauman, alleging a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. The suit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court describes an atmosphere of workplace drinking, inappropriate comments and retaliation by top officials against those who reported allegations of harassment, reports said. Bauman, who had been engulfed in sexual harassment allegations, stepped down from his post in November in the "best interest" of everyone. He declined to comment on the lawsuit through his attorney. "Mr. Bauman has not been served with any lawsuit and has no further comment at this time,” his lawyer Neal Zaslavsky told the Los Angeles Times.
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    Today, 05:40 PM
    That picture is how I want to remember her.:D
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    Today, 05:38 PM
    Senate Republicans are mulling using the "nuclear option" to change rules in an effort to speed up consideration of President Trump's nominees as soon as next week. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.), the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday that the Senate could turn to the proposed rules change after they try to take up Trump's proposal to reopen the federal government, which is likely to be blocked by Democrats. "I support the move, because Democrats have been in an ahistorical fashion violating precedence about the number of hours in which one debates noncontroversial nominees that have been reported out of different committees of jurisdiction," Young said, when asked about using the "nuclear option." He added that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had made the argument to Republicans that without a rules change, "there will be no way for this president or for future presidents … to populate their administration with their own people." Asked about when the rules change proposal would be brought to the Senate floor, a spokesman for McConnell said that members "are discussing, but no announcements have been made." Republicans have floated cutting down on the amount of time it takes to clear a nominee for years but faced pushback from Democrats and even some members of their own party.
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    Today, 05:32 PM
    Taibbi: Has The Government Legalized Secret Defense Spending? Started by Swordsmyth, 01-18-2019
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    Today, 05:24 PM
    I'm sure you are right but I was pointing out that even if we accept his assertion it doesn't mean that trannies aren't stark raving mad.
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    Today, 05:22 PM
    Everybody punches zippy, you don't have any credibility here if you don't. Show me where you attack Influenza or TheCount or any of the other leftists that aren't as clumsy as zippy. Correction: Ender tries to defend zippy and therefore loses all credibility.
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    Today, 05:08 PM
    The judge sorting out the Puerto Rican bankruptcy got it right. Said Judge Laura Taylor Swain (appointed to the position by Chief Justice John Roberts back in 2017): “There is no decision that can perfectly reconcile all concerns.” That’s an understatement. The primary revenue source to pay interest on Puerto Rico’s $74 billion in debt is the island’s sales tax. There are barely three million citizens living on the island, and almost 85 percent of them live in poverty. So the sales tax revenue stream comes primarily from tourists. It turns out that that revenue stream has been overcommitted, some of it illegally, in order to support the government’s profligate spending. All Swain has to do is approve the agreement cobbled together since the island’s government declared bankruptcy in 2017. Some 8,000 bondholders, negotiating with the board established by Congress under the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMISA), would reward senior bondholders with a return of 93 percent of their original investment, while junior bondholders (arranged by Goldman Sachs and Santander Securities and then sold to their investors) would get just 56 percent. Some $6 billion of that debt will be canceled altogether, leaving those investors with nothing. Brian Chappatta, writing at Bloomberg, had little sympathy for Wall Street: “Wall Street played a big role in Puerto Rico’s spiral toward bankruptcy. Banks were happy to collect juicy fees for underwriting debt sales and encouraging the use of new revenue streams to back securities…. Mutual funds and high-net-worth individuals, for their part, snapped up the bonds because their interest payments were exempt from federal, state and local government taxes. And, of course, local politicians were all too willing to borrow into an eager market.” Those investors weren’t concerned about the safety of their investments in Puerto Rico’s rickety economy, thinking that since the island is a U.S. “commonwealth” where its citizens hold U.S. citizenship (although they cannot vote), Congress would, if worse came to worst, bail them out. Enter The Donald. Appearing on the Sean Hannity Show in October of 2017, Trump said, “They owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street. We’re going to have to wipe that out. That’s going to have to be — you know, you can say goodbye to that.” Now those investors are being forced to consider the first rule of investing in bonds: “More important than the return on your money is the return of your money.” Judge Swain took testimony over the proposed agreement for two days last week, and will make a decision shortly. It’s likely to involve issuing more tax-exempt bonds to cover the shortfall, with payments to continue to 2058. Her decision leaves in limbo the remainder of the $74 billion in indebtedness and says nothing about the $49 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.
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    Today, 05:04 PM
    Tulsa only punches right, he is either blind on his left side or he is part of team troll. He isn't the only one around here who acts that way either.
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    Today, 05:03 PM
    President Donald Trump has the opportunity to turn the Ninth Circuit from blue to red before the end of his first term. In October, after months of fruitless negotiating with California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, the president finally gave up and nominated three conservative judges from the Federalist Society to fill three of the six vacancies on the court. Not only is the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals the largest in the country, covering nine states including Hawaii and Alaska, it is arguably the most liberal in its rulings. More than 80 percent of them, when reviewed by the Supreme Court, are reversed. Of its 29 judgeships, 16 were nominated by Democrat presidents, while only seven by Republicans. But Trump has already filled two open slots, with three more pending Senate approval, leaving three still to be filled. The White House honored the two senators from California when they failed to return their “blue slips” supporting his nominees by attempting to find a middle ground. But there was, not surprisingly, no middle ground. The day after the president announced his candidates, Senator Feinstein groused that “the White House moved forward without consulting me, picking controversial candidates from its initial list and another individual with no judicial experience who had not previously been suggested.” A spokesman for Senator Harris also denied any interaction with the White House on the nominees, complaining, “Instead of working with our office to identify consensus nominees for the 9th Circuit, the White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the President’s agenda.” As of January 17, the U.S. Senate has confirmed 85 “Article III” (Supreme Court and other lower federal courts) judges, including two associate justices of the Supreme Court. The Senate has also confirmed 30 judges for U.S. Courts of Appeals and 53 judges for the U.S. District Court. At present there are 12 vacancies on U.S. Courts of Appeal and 120 vacancies on the U.S. District Courts. All of this gives great hope and comfort to the First Liberty Institute (FLI), a non-profit legal group focused on religious freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment whose enemies characterize as having a Christian-right and/or religious-right position with “a strong anti-LGBT agenda.” It did the nominational mathematics on the Ninth Circuit and concluded that the president is within shouting distance of turning it back to “originalist” or “textualist” jurisprudence. All that needs to happen is for the Senate to confirm three more of Trump’s nominees, and for one or two of those appointed by Democrats to retire or pass away. And, according to FLI, not just the Ninth Circuit is in jeopardy of losing its cobalt stance, but also the Second, the Third, the Fourth, and the 11th Circuits as well. The Second Circuit has seven Democrat appointees and four Republican appointees, with two vacancies. To change it (or “flip it” as FLI expresses it) would require filling those two vacancies with Republican nominees and replacing one Democrat with a Republican nominee. In the Third Circuit, there are six Democratic appointees and six Republican appointees, with two vacancies. Fill those open slots the right way and it’s done, the report from FLI said.
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    Today, 04:57 PM
    It’s that time of year again. Today, Americans “celebrate” the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday. Schools are closed. The mail won’t come. The obligatory hosannas have begun. And in 11 days, we’ll have Black History Month, which used to be called February, as the late columnist Sam Francis often quipped. Bad as it is to turn over a perfectly good month to an affirmation of racialist collectivism, it’s not as bad as the annual holy day for a man who was not holy at all. He was a Marxist, if not a communist. He was an enthusiastic participant in orgies. He plagiarized a large portion of his Ph.D dissertation. And he was not, as many believe, in a theological sense, a believing Christian. That last might be the most significant and unfortunate truth about King, an ordained Baptist clergyman. Plagiarism, Communism, Perversion If King was accomplished at anything, he was an accomplished and prodigious literary thief.
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    Today, 04:50 PM
    It has long been known that there is a fine line between genius and insanity
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    Today, 04:48 PM
    They always move on to advocating for everyone else to be forced to join them in their abominations. Leftist French Website Calls For Heterosexuality to be Banned
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
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    Today, 04:39 PM
    Bunk, tolerance has limits, not all of the old societal rules were right but many were and they shouldn't have been done away with. Nobody but you is calling for government intervention, make your own society or grow up and deal with the fact that others don't have to accept your insanity.
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    Today, 04:04 PM
    Corporations are groups of people and money to buy speech is speech, allowing government to control who is allowed to speak makes the oligarchs stronger because they always have access to the politicians.
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