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    Today, 09:58 PM
    Judge tentatively finds uninsulated PG&E power lines sparked 2017-2018 wildfires
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    Today, 09:57 PM
    PG&E Corp. is so cash-starved that it won’t commit to paying settlements reached with people who lost their homes in a 2015 wildfire caused by a tree falling on a power line.The disclosure by a lawyer for the utility giant was greeted warily by a state judge at a hearing Thursday in Sacramento. He declined to grant PG&E’s request, in light of its plan to file for bankruptcy this month, to put off an April trial over damages from the Butte Fire that torched 70,000 acres and destroyed almost 500 homes. The September 2015 fire in the Sierra Nevada foothills did modest damage compared with Northern California blazes in PG&E’s service area in 2017 and 2018 that, taken together, killed more than 100 people, razed tens of thousands of homes and burned hundreds of thousands of acres. Financial uncertainty over as much as $30 billion in liabilities from the 2017 and 2018 wildfires has created a state of “limbo” in which PG&E can’t commit to previously reached settlements, said Kristin Bird, a lawyer for the company. More at: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pg-e-won-apos-t-230845190.html But finding bonus money for their executives isn't a problem.
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    Today, 09:54 PM
    The German government is reportedly exploring whether it can exclude Chinese technology company Huawei from future mobile infrastructure, apparently due to concerns over security. German newspaper Handelsblatt, citing government sources, said Berlin was discussing setting security standards Huawei currently cannot achieve, effectively blocking its participation in the rollout of fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks. Changes to the German telecommunications law were also under consideration as a last resort, the paper said. The deliberations would mark a shift from the German government's position back in October 2018, when it told politicians it saw no legal basis to exclude any vendors from an upcoming 5G auction, despite warnings from Washington. The government said in a more recent response the security of 5G networks was "extremely relevant", and would guide its upcoming decisions, Handelsblatt reported. More at: https://news.yahoo.com/germany-planning-exclude-huawei-5g-140409412.html
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    Today, 09:45 PM
    It reduces that problem to far less than would happen without it.
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    Today, 09:29 PM
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    Today, 09:18 PM
    I didn't see any, all I see is a snarky "have you stopped beating your wife" thread, I therefore responded in kind. Get a life. I see you are a denier but I expected that, it goes well with your other leftarian loony positions.
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    Today, 09:08 PM
    Self-destructive impulses?
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    Today, 08:46 PM
    Or the people who believe everything the MSM tells them.
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    Today, 08:32 PM
    RBG will make a great start for the year.
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    Today, 08:13 PM
    What's not masculine about Risk-taking, Ferociousness, and Independence?
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    Today, 08:04 PM
    Gillette has been accused of hypocrisy over its new advert tackling toxic masculinity, with some complaining the brand is itself guilty of sexism. It relates to the issue known as the “pink tax” where products advertised towards women cost more than similar products marketed towards men. “I could have sworn Gillette just told us to stop treating women poorly. Look how they treat their female customers though,” one person tweeted alongside photos of identical razors advertised towards men and women, with the women’s version costing $3 more.Another person also shared photos of the brand’s razors sold on Amazon, where a price discrepancy is evident. “Me: The new Gillette ad is great. Also me: “Gillette why is an eight-pack of women’s blades $3-4 more than men’s?” they asked. “OK so I’m all for the ideas in the Gillette commercial, I think it’s wonderful in theory, but a company can’t charge a pink tax and then use media to say they encourage gender equality and awareness, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t get both,” someone else tweeted. Look, I like the @Gillette ad. It sends a great message that a lot of men obviously need to hear. But the message rings a little hollow when coming from a company that profits from the #PinkTax. It’s time for Gillette to put their money where their mouth is and end the pink tax. — Ryanne Allison (@TheGirlRyanne) January 16, 2019
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    Today, 08:00 PM
    The University of Oxford said on Thursday it has stopped accepting funding from China's Huawei Technologies , the leading global supplier of telecoms network equipment, after scrutiny over the company's relationship with China’s government."Oxford University decided on January 8 this year that it will not pursue new funding opportunities with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd or its related group companies at present," the university said in a statement. "The decision has been taken in the light of public concerns raised in recent months surrounding UK partnerships with Huawei. We hope these matters can be resolved shortly." A Huawei spokesman said they had not been informed of the Oxford decision and only found out when it was reported in the media. https://news.yahoo.com/oxford-university-suspends-funding-chinas-huawei-183715965--sector.html
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    Today, 07:41 PM
    Huawei’s troubles continue to gather pace. In recent months the telecoms giant has had its CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in Canada, been barred from the construction of 5G networks in the U.K, Australia, and New Zealand, and had a sales director arrested in Poland on suspicion of espionage (Poland is also considering a ban on the use of Huawei products). Now, suspicion has spread to the Chinese firm’s sideline in solar panels. U.S. tariffs already posed a barrier to Huawei’s entry into the country’s growing solar market, but American politicians now claim the firm’s panels could be sleeper agents for disrupting the U.S. electrical grid. Democratic congressmen Tom Marino and Jerry McNerny and Republican congressman Bob Latta wrote to U.S. energy secretary Rick Perry about their concerns, stating Huawei’s cheaper solar panel technology “may pose a threat to our nation’s infrastructure.” On top of this, legislators introduced bills on Wednesday that would restrict sales of U.S. technology to Chinese telecoms companies in violation of sanctions or export control laws. More at: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/more-trouble-huawei-u-lawmakers-124459931.html
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    Today, 07:38 PM
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    Today, 07:36 PM
    You answered mine.
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    Today, 07:31 PM
    Are TDS victims insane or just stupid?
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    Today, 07:22 PM
    After President Donald J. Trump’s epic cancellation of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s trip abroad, he appears to have had her luggage, along with that of the Congessional delegation that was supposed to travel with her, delivered to her office in Congress. “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s luggage has been returned to the halls of congress by cart, according to a picture sent to the Washington Free Beacon by a snap-happy tipster,” Free Beacon said. Here is the photo: More at: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/photo-pelosis-luggage-returned-to-her-office/
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    Today, 07:16 PM
    OPEC has decided to hold an extraordinary full ministerial meeting on April 17 in Vienna to discuss the state of the oil market and the production cut deal, while the cartel’s non-OPEC partners will join for a full OPEC+ meeting on the following day, April 18, an OPEC official told S&P Global Platts on Thursday. OPEC could still hold its regular full ministerial meeting in June, as it usually does, the official with the organization told Platts. Announcing the new OPEC+ production deal, the cartel said in early December that the next OPEC/non-OPEC ministerial meeting would be held in April in Vienna, but no details about the date were revealed. It would make sense for OPEC and allies to hold a full meeting in mid-April, considering that they could decide whether or not to extend the production cuts which currently expire in June. The other reason for a mid-April meeting would be that the U.S. waivers for eight Iranian oil customers expire in early May, and the U.S. Administration has not yet given a clear signal whether it would be extending some waivers or push for zero Iranian oil exports. Meanwhile, in its latest Monthly Oil Market Report published today, OPEC’s secondary sources—the ones the cartel uses to calculate compliance levels—showed that OPEC’s production declined by 751,000 bpd in December from November. The cartel’s total crude oil production dropped to 31.578 million bpd last month, from 32.328 million bpd in November. More at: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/OPEC-To-Hold-Extraordinary-Meeting-On-April-17-18-In-Vienna.html
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    Today, 07:15 PM
    Immediate can mean many things besides literally instantaneous. It can also be necessary to make some minor modifications in order to avoid impeachment by the lunatics in D.C. We are leaving so you can go cry your heart out that you are losing one of your TDS talking points.
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    Today, 07:12 PM
    Due to weather and geological conditions in the cold Russian winter, Russia cannot cut its oil production too quickly, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Thursday, reiterating Moscow's commitment to stick to the new OPEC+ deal and to gradually reduce production. Russia will try to cut its oil production faster, Novak noted. More at: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Energy-Minister-Russia-Cant-Cut-Oil-Production-Quickly.html
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    Today, 07:08 PM
    Let’s be clear: My pronouns are “he,” “his,” and “stop being creepy weirdos.” Okay, maybe the last one isn’t a pronoun, but then again, I’m a man and if I want an insulting string of words directed at the nattering nabobs of gender neutrality to be a pronoun, it is a pronoun. And if you don’t like it, fight me. We need more masculinity, and the more toxic the social justice warriors think it is, the better. Bizarrely, now shaving companies are allying with the SJWs in an Axis of Irritants. Gillette is channeling campus gender studies dorks to try to sell you razors. They all think you should soften up, get in touch with your feelings, and submit. I say tighten up, let your righteous fury flow through you, and tell them all to kiss your Schumer. Much as I advocate global warming, I am a strong proponent of toxic masculinity. It’s also known as “masculinity.” Risk-taking. Ferociousness.
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    Today, 06:50 PM
    President Trump on Thursday scrapped a scheduled delegation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, citing the partial government shutdown. Several cabinet officials were slated to attend the trip headed up by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Deputy Chiief of Staff Chris Liddell. "Out of consideration for the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay and to ensure his team can assist as needed, President Trump has canceled his delegation’s trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland," White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. The Davos cancellation follows an initial scaling back of the US delegation to the gathering of political elites which will run from Jan. 22-25. More at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-17/trump-cancels-davos-delegation-amid-shutdown
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    Today, 06:45 PM
    In a surprisingly candid admission, two former Federal Reserve chairs have stated that the Federal Reserve alone is responsible for creating all recessions in the United States. First, former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke said that Expansions don’t die of old age. They get murdered. MarketWatch To clarify this statement, former Chair Janet Yellen placed the murder weapon in the Fed’s hands: Two things usually end them…. One is financial imbalances, and the other is the Fed. Think that through, and you quickly realize that both of those things are the Fed. Is there anyone left standing who would not say the Fed’s quantitative easing in the past decade was the biggest cause of financial imbalances all over the world in history? Moreover, whose profligate monetary policies led to the Great Financial Crisis that gave us the Great Recession? So, the Fed loads the gun with financial causes and then pulls the trigger. In fact, I think it would be hard to find a major financial imbalance in the US that the Fed did not have a hand in creating or, at least, enabling. Therefore, if those are the only two causes, then it is always the Federal Reserve that causes recessions by its own admission. And, yet, those Fed dons look so pleased with themselves. Yellen went on to say that when the Fed is the culprit, it is generally because the central bank is forced to tighten policy to curtail inflation and ends up overplaying its hand. (She didn’t mention that the Fed’s monetary policy may have a hand in creating financial imbalances.)
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    Today, 06:40 PM
    The leader of the British House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, has announced that the British government will present a new Brexit plan to Parliament on Jan. 21, to be followed by a debate and a vote on Jan. 29, The Guardian reported Jan. 17. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/uk-parliament-vote-new-brexit-plan-jan-29
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    Today, 06:38 PM
    Greece's government survived a no-confidence vote in the country's parliament on Jan. 16, winning by a narrow margin of 151 to 148 votes, Ekathimerini reported. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/greece-government-survives-no-confidence-motion-parliament
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    Today, 06:36 PM
    Andrea Thompson, the U.S. undersecretary of state for arms control, has reaffirmed Washington's intention to begin withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) by Feb. 2 after a U.S.-Russia meeting in Geneva failed to provide any solutions to save the deal, The Guardian reported Jan. 16. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/russia-us-official-reaffirms-us-decision-begin-inf-treaty-withdrawal-feb-2
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    Today, 06:35 PM
    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has abandoned its demand for a recount in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's contentious presidential election, Bloomberg reported Jan. 17. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/congo-sadc-withdraws-call-election-recount
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    Today, 06:33 PM
    The Turkish parliament has voted to grant President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emergency powers to take action in response to negative economic developments, Bloomberg reported Jan. 17. More at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/situation-report/turkey-parliament-grants-erdogan-emergency-powers-over-economy
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